Friday, December 19, 2008

Music Is Evolving As MP3 Turns Fully Interactive With The TronMe Software, From 3Dsolar

These tracks will be converted using the TronMe software, from 3Dsolar and will release the potential for 15 million new remixes of each song.

TronMe ( is downloadable software that allows you to control and remix your favorite music and record your own interactive visual music video to go with it. This can then be shared with the world via YouTube, broadcast via Skype or MSN, or added onto Facebook or MySpace via a widget. If you’re voted one of the most accomplished videos then you can win prizes and rewards such as free tracks or tools to use on your player.

The beta software is going from strength to strength, clocking up a hundred new users daily and, with new technology, all these users will soon be able to convert their favorite mp3 tracks into an interactive format. This new version of the track, known as .IVS, can then be used on the TronMe player.

Patrick Levy Rosenthal 3D Solar CEO said, “We expect to convert around 10 million mp3 tracks into interactive format, this will lead to a major revolution in the way people enjoy music. Each converted track has the potential for around 15 million new remixes - that's a lot of new versions for a single file roughly the same size and price as the mp3.”

Almost any track can be converted easily with the help of the player and, as more tracks are converted, the choice of songs will grow quickly.

The last release of the player allows an auto play function to operate. This turns the TronMe player into a home music system. Once the player is open, the user doesn’t need to press anything, their music plays automatically and the software will remix the tracks based on the information analyzed from the webcam with stunning visual effects. Control can be regained at any time, to select new instruments or parts, but it is not necessary. Users can move to the music and see what happens - then share it online.

Interactivity is the future of music.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Polarity/1 Raps Homelessness in "Winter In America" (MP3)

Taking a turn to rap, Polarity/1's "Winter In America (Chills To The Bone)" deals with the issue of homelessness, describing the brutally cold weather that they must endure. Proving the seriousness of the situation, Polarity/1 introduces the problem of drug addiction facing poor young people, suggesting that the country is to blame, and not parents: "You tried to raise 'em right, but before you know, they'll be suckin' on a crack pipe."

Download Polarity/1's "Winter In America (Chills To The Bone)" free MP3

WINTER IN AMERICA (Chills To The Bone)

He had time. Had the world in his pocket
You never rock it chilly chilly smooth
Never tip the tip the ship the ship
If it ain't broke, don't fix it
20 years drinkin' beers slappin' backs
One vacation one heart attack
Honest work honest pay honest town

Just an American lad and his lassie
20 years poppin' rivets in a chassis
American dream died in its sleep
Kids go hungry when you get the pink sheet
Your luck is down they closed the plant
We get laid off Bob gets paid off
Whatcha gonna say when you get home
It's winter in America chills to the bone

It's winter in America.
Chills to the bone
It's winter in America
You're on your own
The devil wants you on the phone

You walk the streets all day
3 months no job no pay
You believe the system works for you
But it's power lunch and you're the beef stew
Your wife out lookin' for a slave
4 kids sittin' home alone
You tried to raise em right
Before you know they'll be suckin' on a crack pipe
Feelin' weak like a gun at your back
Kids go hungry while Bob's kids have a Big Mac
Ok just chill
You know this won't last long
Word to the president
He says there's nothing wrong

It's winter in America.
Chills to the bone
The devil wants you on the phone

Birth to your fifth child
Her hunger screams are wild
What's 20 years in the union for?
Congratulations you're one of the poor
Pray to the lord for a friend
Empty pockets tell you to fend for yourself
Put your self respect on a shelf
It's the last of your wealth you'll get no help
Initiation to the welfare line
Emasculation complete you're beat
Broke down cryin'

It's winter in America.
Chills to the bone
It's winter in America
You're on your own
The devil wants you on the phone

Two years pass, your pride is gone
Your wife is silent, the bank took your home
Remember times when her body felt warm
Now the look in her eyes
could scare away a snow storm
Children cryin' pounds your brain
The president says, "Iraq is to blame"
You dream about politicians one night
You blast em with an Uzi
like 1,000 points of light
Wake up from the dream feelin' fine
Spend your last dollar on a nine

It's winter in America.
Chills to the bone
It's winter in America
You're on your own
It's winter in America
You lose your home
The devil wants you on the phone

There ain't no time to grieve
Your kids look crazy they tug at your sleeve
Your wife's eyes stab at your heart
You're up like a bomb, smack her down - depart
It's the first time you ever hit your girl
You think about the gun the mother of pearl
Your brain's on fire your legs can't stand
Is this really you
with a gun in your hand?

CHORUS: It's winter in America
Chills to the bone
It's winter in America
You're on your own
It's winter in America You lose your home
The devil wants you on the phone

Seven winds blow through the town
Seven shots and the flesh is torn
Seven people dead in the Detroit dawn
Somewhere out there's seven new people born

It's winter in America.
Chills to the bone
It's winter in America.
Chills to the bone
It's winter in America.
Chills to the bone

The music of New York City-based Polarity/1 is exactly what the name suggests: conjoined opposites -- a mash up of new: cutting edge electronica/hip hop/nu-jazz and old; roots music of America (blues, funk, country, early jazz), Brazil (samba, pagoda, etc.) and West African groove science. Polarity also describes the dual streams of Polarity/1's musical output: songs and instrumentals.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MusicDishTV: Bethany & Rufus - If I Had My Way (Spirit of Woodstock)

Excerpt from Peter, Bethany & Rufus: The Spirit of Woodstock (2008). Bethany Yarrow and Rufus Cappadocia play with "Bonga" Jean Baptiste (percussion) and Sheila Anozier (dance). Throw down dancing to a Rev. Gary Davis classic.

"'If I Had My Way' relies more on the influence of roots music than some of Bethany & Rufus’ other songs, giving it a faster, dance-tinged vibe. It’s an interesting retelling of the age-old Samson and Delilah story, bringing personal choice into the saga. The beat of the song speeds up to effectively match and emphasize the pace of the story. culminating in grooving drum solos, interspersed with Bethany’s smooth voice." - MusicDishTV

MusicDishTV is more than an online video channel; it is the place to find out what's happening in the music world and hear brilliant new talent before they hit the radio airwaves. Artists & bands can submit their videos at

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kerchoonz Live Competition To Find The Hardest Working Unsigned Acts - the much anticipated answer to the music industry's current downloading problem - is to scrap its artist sign-up fee for Christmas.

The groundbreaking new website, swamped by over 8 million hits and 80,000 unique visitors in November, is scrapping its £12.50 fee to mark the start of Kerchoonz Live - a month long competition to find the hardest working unsigned acts on the circuit.

Bands and artists have until the end of December to use to promote themselves and earn money in a bid to bag a recording session at a famous Glasgow studio. As well as being able to record three tracks at the hands of top producer Ian Morrow (Wet Wet Wet, Rod Stewart, Seal), acts will get to keep all money earned from plays and downloads on

"I can imagine it's going to be huge and why not?" says former Stereophonics star Stuart Cable. "Becoming a professional musician in a band is the hardest job in the world - so to do it this way is great."

The social media platform lets registered artists and songwriters share their music and videos with fans while getting paid for every stream and download through a combination of the ISRC and play counts by utilizing unique coding and encryption within the application. Kerchoonz pays unsigned acts half a penny for every play and up to 10p for every download - by far the largest payments available to any act choosing to give away their music online.

Artists can even earn money by recommending other musicians to the site and, with no limit on the number of people you can recommend, it's the hardest working acts that will reap the greatest rewards.

" takes the world of online music to a completely different dimension by allowing musicians to earn money from their work without being exploited" says Co-Founder, Indiana Gregg. is currently locked in talks with both independent and major record labels to bring further content to the site, providing a comprehensive music catalogue for fans.

"If bands and artists use the promotional tools we provide for them, will act just like a record company. Artists can effectively ‘sell' their music without charging their fans anything for it," says Gregg.

Kerchoonz is a place where musicians, artists, film makers, fans, business people, and technologists can meet and exchange in a free and open environment. Our mission is to provide a social platform that enables all of us to explore and create, listen and be heard, give. receive, and discover. Kerchoonz was founded by musicians who believe that artists and musicians should be encouraged and also compensated for their work.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best Of The Batch: Mobile In Motion - American Diarrhea 2

Artist: Mobile in Motion (
Track: American Diarrhea 2
Album: Shadows of Danger

"American Diarrhea 2" is absolutely mad, but in a very good way. Stock-related news clips from the likes of Maria Bartiromo run rampant overtop electronic music that experiments with a wide variety of sounds. Listening to financial news has never been so entertaining or relevant to today's madness.

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