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Sundown EXp - 'Never Giving Up' Featuring Rasharn Powell

**PRESS RELEASE** Sundown eXp unveil their brand new summer single 'Never Giving Up' featuring Rasharn Powell

Introducing Sundown eXp and their brand new single 'Never Giving Up' featuring Rasharn Powell - the ultimate summer record and now available for digital download at BeatPort and free to stream on their official SoundCloud page.

Released by BBG Records, 'Never Giving Up' is the latest single from South London based production team Sundown eXp and features 18-year-old up and coming Essex singer-songwriter Rasharn Powell. Alongside Rasharn's intoxicating vocals the track takes in elements of deep house and garage fusions intertwined with layers of R&B and soul, making it the perfect summer anthem.

Already receiving DJ support and amassing nearly 10,000 plays on SoundCloud, the single now includes a remix package that includes British house legends Hoxton Whores and their 'Vocal and Dub' remix, as well as DJ Kissteria's bass driven 'Future House' remix, DJ DaVisions 'Liquid' drum and bass remix, and a remix by Solid State 101. Both the single and remix versions are now available for download at BeatPort and free to stream on their official SoundCloud page.

Twitter: @BBGRecords




Signed to London Deep House label Music Women Money, newcomer May presents her atmospheric debut EP, IL MARE. Born in France, May currently resides in Córdoba (Argentina) a lifestyle experience that has only enhanced her artistry and splendid sound.

Effortlessly fusing musical influences experienced throughout her time spent in Europe and South America for an optimal take on Deep House.

Providing club friendly music, the talented May delivers a unique luxurious sound that’s soft yet potent.

If that wasn't enough, Argentinian producer Franco Cinelli provides a magnificent remix, to complete the EP.

May’s Socials

Big Fuss Records To Continue Helpful Music Artist Program In 2015

Big Fuss Records Inc. announces it will continue releasing the successful "Artists To Watch" Compilation series in 2015. The program is basically free to participate, and even pays royalties when opportunities are matched, along with when songs are sold and streamed. There is a small submission fee of $10.00 for artists to submit a track.

Kristin Pedderson, is the owner of Big Fuss Records and at the helm of the program that helps indie music artists with added exposure. Kristin states; "The changing landscape of the music industry, now calls for new ways of navigating and exposing great music. I love helping people and anything I can do to give another a leg up or a helping hand, well, I give my all." Kristin goes on to say; "I felt the program was a win/win and good idea and way to spotlight artists while watching them develop further, to distinguish ways to lift and share the journey of great music with the public in a digital age."

The Company is seeking exceptional artists to feature one song. Up to ten artists will be selected for 2015 and Big Fuss Records Inc. will be distributing the collection to radio and retail digital partners, as well as online and print magazines, blogs and music supervisors. Pertinent press releases are created and distributed with each music artist spotlight, and each music artist selected receives ongoing promotion for the entire year. Artists are also included in the new and well-liked "Hot-Trax.Com Radio Show" hosted by Scott Ebright being distributed world-wide.

"Artists To Watch" 2015, will be a digital only release where selected artists will also be presented for consideration toward signing and future label promotion. Artists retain all rights to their song.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New White Mic Music Single "Cheers" Brings The Party To You!

The new uptempo glass-clinker "Cheers" was released July 15, 2014 as a follow-up to the dank digital domination of "We Smoke Blunts" which sold over 2,000 copies in 21 countries.

White Mic Music in-house audio engineer J-Sin provides the backdrop for the "glass-half-full" anthem.

Unlike previous releases, Cheers will be available at no cost. Anyone can listen straight from the White Mic Music website (, and if you like it, all we ask is a simple tweet or Facebook post about Cheers & you'll get a free download immediately!

This summer, White Mic Music is literally handing the party to you - all you have to do is grab it!

Longreef, Friend Movement And Abijack Management Join Forces For Launch Of Powerful "Battle Plan" Single And Video

AbiJack Management, leader in partnership development, sponsorship, artist relations and tour activation, today announced that the company has been tapped by popular Australian band LONGREEF to promote the release of the group's powerful "Battle Plan" single and video, which depicts the struggle of those being bullied across the globe. In an effort to help promote the song and video release, as well as raise awareness of the ongoing bullying epidemic, AbiJack has arranged a partnership between LONGREEF and Friend Movement, the influential national anti-bullying organization that is dedicated to celebrating friendship, building confidence and preventing bullying through art, music and education. As part of the new partnership, the song and video for "Battle Plan" will be available exclusively for download on the Friend Movement website and will also be the centerpiece of a national student contest in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month (October) and future songwriting workshops. To listen and watch "Battle Plan," visit

Beginning in September 2014, in support of National Bullying Prevention Month, students will be encouraged to use music and the arts to create their own "Battle Plans," sharing how they will help to prevent bullying, build confidence and celebrate friendship. Entries will be submitted and showcased via Friend Movement's website and Facebook page and will also be featured at an upcoming Friend Movement event in October.

Additionally, Friend Movement and LONGREEF will also host songwriting workshops, where the band will share their creative process and moving story behind "Battle Plan" and help students write their own songs highlighting the core values of Friend Movement – Forgiveness, Respect, Inspiration, Education, Nurturing and Dreaming. Visit for updates on upcoming events with Friend Movement and LONGREEF.

"Throughout school, I was bullied and tormented, both physically and psychologically by other kids, and it stays with you. There are kids out there who need to know they can get help, and I want this song to inspire them to believe in themselves, so they can put an end to any bullying in their lives," said Josh Barker, singer of LONGREEF. "LONGREEF's partnership with Friend Movement will help kids realize that they are not alone. It will give us a chance to reach out to people who are being bullied and help create awareness of this serious and ongoing problem."

"My passion for education and change that yield a world of understanding and acceptance motivates me daily. Sharing this passion, and bridging a union with LONGREEF and AbiJack has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences for me," said Ronnie Kroell, CEO and founder of Friend Movement. "Being part of the launch of the band's new video ‘Battle Plan,' and coming together for a mutual goal is so meaningful and exciting. Alone we can only move pebbles, but together we can move boulders. As one, we are the ‘Battle Plan.'"
"We're really proud of the partnership we've created between LONGREEF and Friend Movement," said Brett Palmer, CEO of AbiJack Management. "LONGREEF has such a strong fan base and powerful story to tell, and Friend Movement is the perfect organization to help communicate the influential message of ‘Battle Plan.' We're truly excited to be working with them and know that this partnership can help change lives."

About "Battle Plan"
Everyone has been affected by bullying at some stage in their life. Singer Josh Barker writes from personal experience being bullied all through high school and has a scar on his upper lip reminding him of the experience every time he looks in the mirror. Band members Nick Miller, Jim Wark and Tristan Davies all witnessed bullying at their schools and in their neighborhoods growing up. While the video for "Battle Plan" features kids of all ages, members of LONGREEF feel strongly about any situation where people use unfair and unbalanced ways of intimidating, harassing, attacking or isolating someone. Whether it's bullying in the classroom, on the playground, in the workplace, or even out in public, it's the same thing and it's never okay. Physical size, social status, race, disability or being a little different should never be a reason for someone to be targeted for physical or emotional attack. To view the "Battle Plan" video, visit

The members of LONGREEF have come from "Down Under" to conquer the U.S.A. Having relocated to America from their native Sydney in 2010, the band has taken to their adopted land by storm, tirelessly touring around the country with the likes of Seether, Sevendust, Papa Roach, Fuel, Hoobastank and have even showed their versatility with a special acoustic opening set on a tour with Gary Allan. Add to this prime time sets on the main stage at the Virginia Beach's massive Verizon Music Fest and East Coast Surf Contest, CPR Fest and Gulfport Music Fest in Biloxi MS, the boys from LONGREEF have been winning fans over on stages small and stadium-sized. They've had crowds upwards of 10,000 singing the words to their Active Rock radio hits "She Likes The Ladies" and "Dirty Motel" and were ranked the 10th hardest working band in the USA by DeliRadio. For more information, visit

About Friend Movement
Friend Movement inspires people to prevent bullying by enabling them to be a better friend; providing entertaining and educational resources, cultivating global partnerships, and leveraging the latest social media technology. 2014 proves to be a spectacular year for Friend Movement as it continues to climb to be one of the solid forms of education and understanding in a world full of fear and judgment. Friend Movement continues to create an array of services geared towards bullying and motivational self- empowerment thru the use of social media and the arts. For more information, visit

About AbiJack
Since its founding in 2004, AbiJack Management has been establishing and maintaining successful partnerships between the corporate world and the music industry, with the ability to develop and manage sponsorship strategies. AbiJack Management is a leader in the industry for development and implementation of fully integrated marketing platforms to build sales and increase market share for both artists and corporate brands. Through years of experience, AbiJack Management has numerous relationships with artists' management agencies and corporate brands. AbiJack Management is always working to create unique marketing and branding programs for clients, and approaches each client as an individual, creating specialized programs that mutually benefit and raise the profile of the artist/product and brand together. AbiJack Management has extensive experience implementing these ideas and managing the process from inception to execution. Leading the way in corporate sponsorship, the AbiJack team brings together a solid group of professionals with extensive expertise in sponsorship marketing, artist relations and tour activation and management. For more information, please visit

Chaz DePaolo Live: One Night In IONA

Fans of authentic American rockin' blues artist Chaz DePaolo can finally purchase the much-anticipated DVD/CD of his performance, One Night Live in Iona, which has been more than a year in the making.

Reviewers and fans alike have been abuzz about DePaolo's spellbinding performance, recorded live before an overflow crowd in Lebanon, Pennsylvania in March 2013.

DePaolo's appeal stems from his guitar mastery and his "pull no punches" songwriting - gristly, edgy, energetic American anthems infused with hardship, loss, love, hope and determination.

Those lucky enough to be on hand for DePaolo's dazzling concert knew from the start they were witnessing a performance destined to become the stuff of legend. As word spread of the passion and technical feats on display that night at the Zion of Iona Methodist Church, the concert's intimate venue, so, too, did demand for the DVD/CD that was recorded that evening.

"Our goal was to make this DVD/CD as perfect as Chaz's performance itself," explains David J. Biondo, president of Smoke Tone Records, which painstakingly produced One Night Live in Iona to provide viewers and listeners an experience as close as possible to the one enjoyed by the audience in Lebanon.

"We are confident that those who appreciate genuine rock and blues artistry will feel this was well worth the wait," Biondo says.

One Night Live in Iona, now available from for only $15 plus shipping, features the unique stylings of DePaolo on 11 songs, including the new release, Slo Bite, a paean to blues guitarist Roy Buchanan (1939-1988). The DVD also offers behind-the-scenes concert footage as well as a candid Q&A with DePaolo.

Los Angeles-based reviewer Rex Bartholomew, a musician and lifelong blues fan, describes Chaz DePaolo as "a bluesman of the highest order." Writes Bartholomew of One Night Live in Iona: "Chaz has a hearty voice with obvious emotion and his guitar work is complex. His command of electric blues is undeniable, and his playing is flavored with hints of jazz and funk."

Joining DePaolo on One Night Live in Iona are the talented Rob Chaseman on saxophone, Hank Kaneshige on bass, and Cliff McComas on drums.
One Night Live in Iona is DePaolo's first DVD, building on the global fan base generated by his tours and his four previous albums, including his most recent CD, Bluestopia, released in 2009. (All five of his recordings are available from

DePaolo, a native of New Jersey, has been described as one of the hardest working musicians in show business. A consummate performer – on the road as often as he is at home – DePaolo's skills have been forged by life's many hardships, including the deaths of two teenage siblings when he was still a child. Yet he remains unbowed in his dedication to his superlative craft.

DePaolo has delighted audiences throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. He has performed on stage with Leon Hendrix, Commander Cody, Jose Feliciano, and David Maxwell, among numerous other musical legends.

Earlier in his career, DePaolo fronted the original Groundhogs Rhythm Section, consisting of Ken Pustelnik and Pete Cruickshank. The Hogs have recorded with John Lee Hooker and have backed Little Walter and Jimmy Reed.

In recognition of his career and hardcore fan base, DePaolo was inducted into the New York State Blues Hall of Fame in 2012.

Smoke Tone Records was created to serve artists, such as DePaolo, who break the mold of the homogenized, glamorized, corporatized musicians who dominate the commercial recording world these days.

Biondo, who founded Smoke Tone Records, is himself a noted solo performer who has sung and played harmonica and guitar with DePaolo and other noted independent blues and jazz entertainers.

Smoke Tone Records provides production, promotion, marketing and distribution assistance to select performers and songwriters who demonstrate a love and dedication to their craft and unwillingness to compromise.

"We are where listening, viewing and enjoyment are just the beginning of the adventure," says Biondo.

Smoke Tone Records, based in Florissant, Colorado, can be reached at 719-687-5947.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cryptic Wisdom Releases New Video "Fall From Grace" From New Album 'X's & O'z'

Cryptic Wisdom Releases New Video "Fall From Grace" From New Album 'X's & O'z'

Cryptic Wisdom has released his brand new video for the track "Fall From Grace" online at The track appears on his new album 'X's & O'z', which is set for an August 5th release date.

"I've been rapping for over eight years, but I'm constantly evolving, and have always seen myself as a musician before anything else. There's some rap on my new album 'X's & O'z' but I really did my best to do something different and get in touch with my other influences," commented Cryptic Wisdom. "I wanted to choose a single that displays my other talents, and that's why I went with "Fall From Grace." It's a metaphorical reflection of the way we obsess over a person's image, and how we get upset when we realize a person isn't exactly who we thought they were. In the video, an obsessed fan resorts to violence when this happens to her after meeting me for the first time."

Tucson, Arizona rhymesayer Cryptic Wisdom has been rising through the ranks of the hip-hop and rock scenes. Best known for his guest appearance on Hopsin's "RAW" album on the track "I'm Not Crazy", Cryptic Wisdom has been grinding with a blue collar work ethic, original flow, and powerful melodic hooks. His music utilizes the power and influence of music to tell stories and teach life lessons. He believes in the liberating freedom of being yourself and not caring about what other people think. With the release of 'X's & O'z', Cryptic Wisdom is ready to take things to a whole new level.

Country Music Is Turning Up The Heat!

What's a good way to say you're excited? Pumped? Ready for action? If you ask Grayson Rogers, the answer is "All Fired Up". And that's exactly what their debut album is called. All Fired Up hits the world on September 16, 2014 with no shortage of energetic, fun, and refreshing songs. Ten tracks have been meticulously crafted to show listeners how they should be "All Fired Up" about this album too!

"We have a blast at every show we play," says Grayson Rogers, "from a little bar to a big stage, we bring a party each and every time. I get such a rush every time we play, and I do my best to make sure the crowd experiences the same rush I do. I believe this album will provide that rush every time you hit play."

Guitarist C.J. Sutton adds, "I live and breathe music, and I know it's the same for a lot of people out there. We just want to connect with people on that basic level of loving music for what it is."

Their first album debuts a variety of country music styles, including some heavy hard-hitters like Too Loud, Outlaw, and Stomp On, some up-tempo pop tunes like Party Rocker and Blue Jean Baby, the must-have redneck rockers All Fired Up and Hillbilly Level, as well as the capable ballads Angel Girl and My Life Without You. "There's a little something on the album for everyone," says Rogers.

The title track, All Fired Up, opens the record and wastes no time getting down to business. Short and sweet, this song encapsulates what Grayson Rogers is all about. "At our shows, we crank it up loud, and we crank it up early," says Rogers. "It's a party from the ring of the first chord. We wanted that same appeal on the album right from the get-go with All Fired Up."

Early fans of the band will recognize Too Loud, an anthem about living life with attitude, partying, and playing country music ‘a little too loud' – the way it's meant to be played, according to Grayson Rogers. Outlaw is the story of a man on the run, who has been able to keep those pesky lawmen off his tail for twenty years – though his life on the lam is destined for a grisly end. Stomp On is sure to make listeners stomp along as Rogers sings about rocking at a favorite bar to the thumping beat of the music.
Party Rocker, a favorite among the band's female audience, is a dance song written about a girl who is the life of every party.

Also included in the collection is the anthemic Go Big or Go Home, which tells the listeners plainly to do everything "like you came to win." "This song hits home for me. That was my motto during my football days – that all-or-nothing attitude. I take that mindset everywhere I go and with everything I do. In my mind, it's the only way to do things."

Like most modern country, All Fired Up blends many musical styles to achieve the Grayson Rogers sound. At times, the guitars can be as heavy as any rock band, but the band is not afraid to pull back and show a softer side and it is unquestionably country, through and through. Says Rogers, "I definitely grew up on country music, like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, etc., but also on Christian rock and alternative rock. I would say Chris Daughtry is my favorite rocker out there right now. That dude's voice is insane."

"I grew up with classic and progressive rock that my dad showed me," says Sutton. "When I became a teenager, I got into hardcore and punk, and found there is a do-it-yourself mentality in that kind of music that really appealed to me. It made me realize I could make music my life, just like the bands I was listening to."

"It's been a cool ride so far," says Rogers, "blending our different influences into something new and exciting. I'm just pumped to see where it goes from here!"

It's safe to say that Grayson Rogers is ‘all fired up' about the debut album! You can preorder it at (along with plenty of other surprises), and you can get your copy September 16th when it is released to the public.

Jamaican Jazz Singer Releases Debut EP

Susan Andrea Warmington, is a Jamaican born, U.S. based Jazz Singer.
Her debut EP entitled "Jazzmaican" released this month displays sparkling renditions of American Jazz standards and one Jazzy and emotional interpretation of Jamaican Pop song "How Could I Live?" originally sung by Jamaica's crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Brown.
Susan's special guest on "Jazzmaican" is Jamaican Jazz Guitar legend Ernest Ranglin, and together they deliver a lovely rendition of Peggy Lee's "I Don't Know Enough About You"
The songs were recorded at the famed Tuff Gong studios in Kingston, Jamaica and B-Rich Studios also in Kingston Jamaica.
The EP was produced by Susan Andrea Warmington and Richard "Shams" Browne

Kate Loves Bryan: A Night Of Kate Bush And Roxy Music

Kate Loves Bryan: A Night of Kate Bush and Roxy Music
July 26, 8pm
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery at 2nd Ave, NY NY 10003

Members of the venerable downtown NYC tribute series the Losers Lounge, Shudder to Think, Michael T and the Vanities, the We Ours, Hey! Hello! and more have banded together to present singular night that will chart the catalogue of two highly-influential musical pioneers, Kate Bush and Roxy Music. A love letter of sorts from one artist to another and back again. Boy meets girl in our rock and pop world. Date night for two giants.

Why these two?

Both draw from the same English tradition—one steeped in gothic romance, sonic experimentation, wit, and whimsy.

Both revel in the creation of worlds, tapping into subconscious (sometimes taboo) desires.

Both worship at the altar of sensuality, and have an absolute dedication to the art of presentation.

And of course, both do not shy away from off-the-charts camera mugging.

Two sets, 23 songs.

Your band for the evening:
Jesse Krakow
Julian Maile
Anton Sword
Jesse Kranzler
Clement J. Waldmann III
Steve Honoshowsky
Maria Christina Eisen
Blythe Gruda
Victoria Expensive Crystals Liedtke
Seth Berkowitz
Michael T
Joanna Choy

Your dancers:
Oscar Trujillo
Paige Martin


Missing Link Music congratulates songwriter Conesha "Monet" Owens for her placement on the new Ed Sheeran album "X"! The album debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top 200.

"X" was an international success from its first week on sale, charting at number one in twelve countries and reaching the Top 5 in nine other countries.

Already a crowd favorite, Sheeran has performed the track “Don’t” (co-written by Conesha) on NBC’s “Today Show” and on “Saturday Night Live”.
The hit album is even breaking streaming records across the world. Following its release, the album scored the biggest ‘week one’ of album streams in Spotify history with 23,792,476 streams, beating Eminem’s 22,780,154 streams for The Marshall Mathers LP 2. "X" was also the most streamed UK album on Spotify in a single week, with 6,248,130 streams beating Daft Punk’s existing record of 6,181,583 streams for Random Access Memories. "X" even smashed the UK record for the most streams of an album in a single week so far in 2014, beating Lana Del Ray’s record of 2,064,297 streams.
"Don't" interpolates the Lucy Pearl hit "Don't Mess with My Man", co-written by Monet. "Don't Mess With My Man" originally appeared on Lucy Pearl's self-titled album released in May 23, 2000.

Be sure to show your support and pick up your copy of "X" today!
Missing Link Music, LLC is a full service rights management company representing an elite roster of songwriters and producers, writing and producing songs for Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Amy Winehouse, Prince, Drake, Lil Wayne and Usher, among many others.

Recent hits administered by Missing Link Music include “Don't” by Ed Sheeran, “Best Of Me” by Anthony Hamilton, “Love & Sex, Part 2" by Joe Featuring Kelly Rowland, "Street Love" by UK Group Rough Copy, “What Happened to U” by Usher, and “Capitol” by Curren$y featuring 2 Chainz.

Be sure to check out Missing Link online for all the latest news and updates at:
Follow us on Twitter: @MLMusicPub