Friday, March 23, 2012

"The World's First Gay Rapper" Sissy Rich Invites Us To "Party" / Profits LGBT Center

Sissy Rich is one rapper who is not hiding in hip hop. He's sayin' it loud - he's gay and he's proud. And to his burgeoning fan base, fueled by his YouTube postings and iTunes downloads, he is emerging as a hero of sorts. Unabashedly announcing himself as the "World's First Gay Rapper," Sissy Rich is the bold new face of what he calls 'homo hip hop.' With lyrics that echo the hype and bravado of everyday rap, Sissy Rich doesn't rap gay though. He just is gay, and proud about it - and therein lies his power. The 21-year-old is defiantly unapologetic about who he is and his lifestyle. His winning appeal is the fact that he is proving that talent is genderless. With the mainstream release of his new digital single, "Party (I Just Wanna)" Sissy Rich is inviting everyone, gay and straight to the festivities! "Party (I Just Wanna)" is a bangin', boisterous, and bodacious celebration of life, riddled with his spitfire flow! It was a freestyle video submission on that first brought Sissy Rich to the masses. The video post yielded him more than 100,000 fans on his Facebook fan page, more than 170,000 followers on Twitter and over one million views on his YouTube channel, all within two months ! His viral notoriety even garnered rap queen Trina's attention. The raptress was so impressed with his style and delivery, she allowed her artist, Nisha Rockstarr, on the remix of his single, "I'm a Different Breed." "My mission and goal is to prove to the world that the rap game isn't just made for heterosexuals and that talent is talent regardless of who and how you love!" asserts Sissy Rich. "I'm keeping it real with my name, yes - they call me 'sissy' and yes - I'm gonna be rich! But it shouldn't matter about race or sexuality. Music is for everybody!" A native of Miami, now residing between Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL, Sissy Rich, like so many same gender loving individuals, suffered shame, discrimination and abuse while growing up. He was ridiculed in school and almost didn't finish high school. With the support of his mother, he transferred locations several times before successfully securing his degree with honors. "So many of us are in pain," reveals Sissy Rich. "I am bombarded with Facebook messages and tweets of support literally from around the world. I never realized I was a voice for so many. They listen to my music and thank me for being brave enough to honor who I am! But this is just the beginning! I am a Gay Rapper for real! It is not a marketing ploy or just the name of new CD! I am a Gay Rapper and I'm plan to blow up the hip hop game! It is our time!" In a show of commitment, Sissy Rich has pledged to donate 40% of the proceeds from the sale of the single to The Center - The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center of Central Florida. The Center, located in Orlando, FL, will celebrate 35 years as an organizing force within the LGBT community. It is a crucial source for information, education, advocacy and support and offers a variety of support and social programs including AA, AL-Anon, NA, HIV+ and transgender support groups along with counseling for individuals and couples. Over 30 various social/support groups meet at The Center each month, of which seven are 12 Step programs. The Center serves more than 15,000 individuals a year through its doors and over 8,000 a month online. "In the hip hop world, it takes both extraordinary talent and confidence to succeed...Sissy Rich possesses both and The Center is honored to be the recipient of his generosity," states Randy Stephens, executive director of The Center. "We applaud Sissy Rich in his gallant effort to bring attention to our community and cause." Get to know Sissy Rich at then contribute to a good cause while downloading "Party (I Just Wanna)" at For more information on The Center, go to

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Singer Hayla Reveals She Wrote Billboard Dance Hit "I'm Free" In Response To Catching Boyfriend Cheating On Her With Another Man

Hayla is breaking barriers few new artists are able to penetrate. The international singer-songwriter and percussionist with lush vocals is enjoying Billboard charting success with her new single “I’m Free.” Hayla divulges that “I’m Free” was written after she shockingly discovered her boyfriend of 7 years in bed with another man. Born into a musical family, Hayla was raised by two lesbian moms and is the daughter of a gay hairstylist. Experiencing the wrath of prejudice during her youth, Hayla is all about love and compassion today. She believes that everyone should be free to express themselves with honesty. “I wrote ‘I’m Free’ because I surprisingly found my boyfriend of 7 years cheating on me with another man,” explains Hayla. “But guess what? I didn't freak out at all. Everything was cool because a person needs to be true to himself first. I was just so amazed that I didn’t figure it out sooner! [Laughs] We were both freed to find our true selves.” Hayla moves into the #23* spot this week on the Billboard Dance chart with “I’m Free.” The single is gaining at radio and is currently in rotation on BPM on SiriusXM, MusicChoice,, iheartradio, and many top dance and mixshow stations. “I feel so blessed to be supported by all these immensely talented guys who remixed ‘I’m Free.’ Every mix stands on its own merit and I am so proud of this package,” states Hayla. “The clubs have always been a home to me and I am nothing but thankful for all the love we are feeling. I’m sending a big hug and smooch to each and every DJ and radio program director out there for spinning ‘I’m Free!’” Combining sultry lyrics and hypnotic melodies, Hayla has teamed up with some of the leading names in dance music to propel the “I’m Free” single into the ears and hearts of millions internationally. “The remix package contains stellar productions from Ralphi Rosario, Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda, DJ Bam Bam, DJ Riddler, Mike Rizzo, Super Stylers, Dave Matthias, Finbarr Massi & Dan De Leon, DJ Drew G, and the KlubJumpers. I’m Free” is originally co-produced by Hayla, Zarotek and Gemini. A high-fashion concept music video for “I’m Free” is currently in production and is expected to be released at the end of March. Hayla recently performed at Colony and at My House in Los Angeles to packed venues receiving rave reviews. Additional performance dates are forthcoming. The singer-songwriter is also busy readying her 2nd full-length CD, which is slated for release this June. Purchase “I’m Free” on iTunes. Follow Hayla: ABOUT HAYLA Drawing musical inspiration from a multi-cultural background that includes ancestry from Egypt, Greece, Yemen and Spain, multi-talented singer and live percussionist Hayla brings a dynamic dash of exotica to the global dance scene as she boldly declares: “I'm Free.” Hayla secured her first label deal in Israel at 17 and quickly scored a #1 chart hit. After moving to the U.S. in 2005, she lived first in Miami and then settled in Los Angeles, where she currently works with a unique array of musicians and producers. Over the past few years, Hayla has toured the U.S. with the Arabic group, the Yuval Ron Ensemble; was lead singer for the Jewish Symphony; sang at comedian Wanda Sykes' wedding; and recorded vocals for several projects by Academy Award winning composer James Horner (“Titanic,” “Avatar”). Her single “Paulina,” sung in both Spanish and English is also currently charting in clubs and on dance radio. For Media Inquiries and Materials: Media Giants Jim Strzalkowski T.: (310) 652-2283 Email:

Angelina Lavo Takes Aim At "Jealous Girls"

The mysterious Russian-born singer and entertainer, Angelina Lavo announces the release of her latest single, "Jealous Girls". Angelina playfully taunts those "Jealous Girls" and "Haters" in this party-filled song which marks a departure from her mid-tempo internet sensation, "Circus Act". Grammy-award winning music producer Omen commented that Angelina work ethic and passion is, "[T]ruly inspiring". "Jealous Girls" is the second single from Angelina's up-and-coming EP. With a single and music video with Twista in the final stages of completion 2012 will be the year that many music listeners will get hooked on Angelina Lavo. Release Date: 3/19/2012 Retailers: ITunes, Amazon and all reputable digital retailers About Angelina Lavo ================= Angelina Lavo has worked with musical heavyweights such as Twista and Grammy-award winning music producer Omen (Co-production credits include, "I'm Single" by Lil Wayne and "Shut It Down" by Drake). The US was first introduced to Angelina with her YouTube track, "Space Cowboy", reaching nearly a half-million views in just a few months, surprising even the newcomer herself. Her follow-up single, "Circus Act," seduced hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. Please visit, for more information about Angelina Lavo and her current project Follow Angelina Lavo on Twitter at, About Weerai Music Rights Management ================================== Weerai Music Rights Management is a company with a specialized roster of clients that work in the entertainment industry. Weerai Music offers various services that are customized based on the needs and strengths of our clients. Please visit, http://www.weeraimusic.com for more information about our company Follow us on Twitter at, Media Contact: Tony Hinds, Weerai Music, LLC - tonyh (at) weeraimusic (dot) com

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Strumming It Out On Weekends

Following 22 performances in 2011 in Germany and Austria, acoustic duo Runway 27, Left's first album 'Weekend Warriors' is set to be released. Says Runway 27, Left's Erich 'White Feather' Brandl, 'Actually, it's all in the lyrics of our new album's title track. When you're the new kid on the block on the blues scene, you're essentially strumming it out on weekends.' The harbinger of their upcoming first album, radio-only release 'Flawed & Flattened', has already gathered radio airplay in the UK, the USA, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria. March 2012 sees the album 'Weekend Warriors' available at live performances and on download platforms. The release party took place on 9 March at long-time supporter venue 'Strasshofer Kellertheater', a unique venue a few miles east of Austria's capital of Vienna well-known for superb live performances of music and high-quality stand-up comedy. The road further took the blues duo to Bierkanzlei, Vienna's intimate focus for both audience and musicians run by 'beer chancellor' Manfred. However, Runway 27, Left's German friends won't be left in the cold with their 2012 performances in Hamburg, Lüdenscheid, Bonn, Bad Nauheim and Landshut. The duo's album trail comes to full swing having them strum it out in Austria again, calling on Frohnleiten at Café meLounge and Wiener Neustadt at Hexenbräu, with additional shows throughout the year still to be confirmed. Runway 27, Left is a blues project having former Trans Am/Sun Luca/Run Riot bass player Erich 'White Feather' Brandl and My Other Brother lead vocalist Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer team up. The musicians (Erich Brandl - guitars, bass, banjo, backing vocals and Anthony Kammerhofer - lead vocals, rhythm guitars) try to reconnect with the roots of pop and rock music, calling their style 'In-Blues Entertainment'. To get your copy of their new album and to learn where Runway 27, Left will strum it out on weekends in 2012, see their schedule below: 7 Jun 2012 Mobile Blues Club - Hamburg, Germany 8 Jun 2012 Panoptikum - Lüdenscheid, Germany 4 Oct 2012 Hexenbräu – Wiener Neustadt, Austria 13 Oct 2012 Café meLounge - Frohnleiten, Austria 26 Oct 2012 Mausefalle - Bonn, Germany 27 Oct 2012 Green Island - Bad Nauheim, Germany 28 Oct 2012 Jimmy's Cafe - Landshut-Altdorf, Germany Email:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nashville Blues Band Lauren Zoeller & BLuZeLightning Is On The 'Right Track'!

Music City has a new blues band! Lauren Zoeller & BluZeLightning present their debut album, Right Track, released on T2 Music. This 11-track collection houses contemporary blues that allows Lauren to show off her impressive vocals. From the melancholy Pocket Full of Blues, rocker Long Gone, ballad Wishful Thinking and the masterful title track, the band’s dynamic live performance was captured in the studio, painting an honest picture of who they are. Early praise saw I Am Entertainment Magazine proclaim that “Lauren Zoeller and BluzeLightning is a real live band that is exactly where their album title implies: on the right track.” Drawing on her dance background, Lauren is an energetic live entertainer and she is ready to share the new music with the fans. "The band is an absolute joy to work with, we are becoming like family," Lauren says. "I can't wait to get on the road and play as many live shows as I can. We want to hit the blues circuit really hard and touch as many people's lives as possible." and the band has extensive tour plans for 2012. Lauren Zoeller & BluZeLightning is hitting the road in 2012 in support of this impressive first release. Right Track - track listing: 1. Pocket Full of Blues (Marc Fergusen) 2. I’m the Only One (Melissa Etheridge) 3. Blissful Thinking (Lauren Zoeller) 4. Long Gone (Tim Turner) 5. Angel from Montgomery (John Prine) 6. Travelin Alone (Tim Turner) 7. Jamie (Lauren Zoeller) 8. Baby of Mine (Tim Turner) 9. Wake Up (Lauren Zoeller) 10. I Can’t Make You Love Me (Mike Reid, Allen Shamblin) 11. Right Track (Tony Bianco) To connect with Lauren Zoeller & BluZeLightning, please visit: Media/Publicity: Monkey Music PR Liv Carter 615 556 8355 Label/Booking: T2 Music Tony Bianco 615 925 2663

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hip-Hop Artist/Producer TrakBoss Says "Act Like You Want It" With New Digital Release

When you come from a city with a musical legacy as vast as Chicago's ( think Common, think Kanye, think Kelly, hell - think Buddy Guy even - ok! ) - you got to bring it! You got to act like you want it! Enter TrakBoss - the smoldering Windy City talent who is primed for the challenge. The sexy, young heartbreaker knows actions speak louder than words - but that the right words make way for the action. With his new digital release, "Act Like You Want It" TrakBoss makes it clear; not only does he want it, he has claimed it as his! "Act Like You Want It" rocks with bold bravado, rolls with smooth defiance and rhymes with audacious declaration. An artist and producer, TrakBoss is not only riding the Chicago hip hop legacy, but also taking it to new heights. "One of the better producers you've never heard of" is how tagged him - that is - until now! Raised on the South East side of Chicago, Trakboss has been 'schooled' by the best. Under the tutelage of his uncle, platinum-selling artist/producer Marcus Darc, who formed his first group R-Kelly & MGM as a teenager; and Tyrone "Hurt 'M Badd" Wrice, the producer of some of Tupac's greatest hits, including "Hail Mary" and "Me and My Girlfriend," TrakBoss is perfectly poised to aim and release fire! Music has always run through his veins. He was just 14 when he entered and won his high school's annual talent show. That's when he knew he was born to perform. Now at 24, he is ready for the world. Self-described as the "coolest nerd you've ever met," TrakBoss delivers with a fervor and intensity that reflects his dedication and passion to his craft. "Act Like You Want It" is not just a club banger but also an acknowledgement of the cool agility that sizzles right below his surface. No newcomer to the game, TrakBoss dropped his debut mixed tape, "Whether You Like It Or Not," in 2010 with the sophomoric follow up "Call It What You Want To" in June of last year. His tracks have received radio play on several popular urban internet radio stations including the SEA Award winning Dirty South Radio Online, Swurv Radio, Coast 2 Coast Radio and WBMZ Chicago. Act like you want it and check out boss man TrakBoss at . Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tony Adamo in Top 50 Downloads at Allaboutjazz

Tony Adamo's exuberant jazzy take on Tower of Power's funk classic 'What is Hip?" gives it a more sinewy vibe, elasticizing the vocals and the bass, while crackling up the song's more timpanic elements. This exuberantly self-assured remake recalls the Acid Jazz insouciance of the early 90s while harkening back to the Big Band era and the Vegas-y stylings of suave masters of self-confidence such as Tom Jones and Al Jarreau. Adamo has a brash self-assuredness and a sense of showmanship that's neither unearned nor in your face. You can almost picture him taking a drag from an unfiltered or sipping from a martini in between some of his spoken-word lines. And the arrangements are crisp, solid and spicy--punctuating Adamo's vocals and his been-there sung-that attitude. Devon Jackson, Magazine Editor - A freelance Music Journalist, he has written about music and film for a variety of publications--from Entertainment Weekly and The Village Voice to Rolling Stone and Details Website Music