Friday, March 4, 2016

Cristo Goes Worldwide On Valentine Anthem "My Shorty Forever"

Cristo reaches out to the world of love on track "My Shorty Forever" from the forthcoming "For Player's Only" EP which lands on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2016. Cristo is a poetic MC with a very consistent and smooth lyrical flow. His rhymes and stories flesh out the gritty and nuanced. He can tell stories and create lasting memories with his rhymes. "My Shorty Forever" paints a picture of how this player views his number one.

"My Shorty Forever" is a true street romance. This track is the perfect Valentine's Day Anthem, a gift for that perfect person in your life. This explosive track is ready for the radio and will make you dance. A street love letter from Cristo to all the Valentine's lovers out there, around the world!

Being released by Cristo's own Firm$Deam Records, the "For Player's Only" EP builds on "American Crysis" and Cristo's live touring schedule. The EP explores the player's lifestyle in poetic and thought provoking lyrics held down on rugged street beats. Cristo sounds very in control and in his element relaying street tales which explore the angles around sexuality and the motivations of man.

The "For Player's Only" EP shines with Cristo's smooth vocal delivery and lyrical prowess. Cristo's gritty and realistic rhymes place him best in class for New York, representing the swagger of his city and bringing his flow to the world. Cristo may be from the Bronx but this player is ready to go international.

This Valentine's Day pick up "For Player's Only" and make sure you play "My Shorty Forever" for that number one lover bae in your life.

Gemini To Headline China's First All-Female Music Festival

China's first Sino-French rock band GEMINI will headline China's first all-female music festival on March 7 at Beijing's Yugong Yishan livehouse. Organized by YEMA Live in combination with Douban Artist, Electric Lady Festival will feature 21 other female-led bands and musicians over two days, including Xin, Li Xiaoyun, Gril Kill Girls, The Power Powders, Twinkle Star and South Acid Mimi Dance Team, making it the first time a collective presents of female artists to a Chinese audience.

Formed in 2006 by Chinese singer SUNA and French guitarist GABRYL, GEMINI's musical style is primarily electro-rock, combined with experimental sounds. Their singular artistic sense, multi-disciplinary talent and expansive musical taste has made GEMINI an iconic figure of today's Chinese youth pop culture. They've been a mainstay of high and street fashion brands such as Nike, Dior, Andre Courreges, Converse and most recently Kappa who sponsored their 2015 Psycho tour.

GEMINI released their 1st album "Personal Life" under the label ZHUSHU, earning nominations from CCTV - MTV, Channel V and BTV and Music Radio Awards. In 2009, the duo signed with Dong Music, founded by famous Chinese producer Zhang Yadong, under which they released their subsequent two albums. Now signed to one of China's biggest domestic labels Taihe Rye Music (TR Music), they've performed in over 20 major festivals and were most recently featured on CCTV3 program Sing My Song Season 2.

Light Up Your Life With New Single "Spirit for Your Love" by Tamipolysexual

Percolating synth lines announce Tamipolysexual’s new single "Spirit for Your Love", as the beat drops, it becomes clear, this track is destined to light up terraces, ignite friendships and spread positivity. Accessible while still underground informed, this soaring vocal house track has just a touch of trancey euphoria which would sound as proper on the radio, as banging in the night, arms in the air, in clubs around the world. Hypnotic and engaging this track matches proficient electronic production with a detuned vocal, the end result, is dance magic.

"Spirit for Your Love" is a future anthem, the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring and the awakening of the natural world. This track celebrates the best of life and prepares you for the same. Be prepared to move and don’t be surprised to find yourself smiling, this bouncing and rhythmic track, sure to soundtrack long summer days and nights in the months to come.

Tamipolysexual is a London based production crew comprised of Tamipolysexual, Maticah, D:Max, Mitzka and Takeru. Hot off the heels of their crossover social commentary infused "Housing Crisis" single, "Spirit for Your Love" simmers with a pop sensibility while retaining a very modern and polished deep house sound. These talented and diverse performers display their versatility, announcing themselves on the world stage, ready to entertain and invigorate. Tamipolysexual are on the rise.

Released on POLYROCK STUDIOS LTD and available on Itunes, Beatport and Spotify, the "Spirit for Your Love" single is the perfect way to celebrate. Music to make you move, feel alive and inspired by the magic of life, this is one electronic departure, you won’t want to miss. The perfect track for everyone who loves uplifting, positive dance music; "Spirit for your Love" will have you moving and smiling, a reminder of sweet it is.

Tamipolysexual will continue to balance their production inspiration with their live performing schedule. Be sure to check out these dynamic artists at festivals and clubs across Europe and around the world in 2016. Be sure to pick up the "Spirit for Your Love" single and celebrate in style, you deserve it!

The Max Fred Band Has Something More Just For You

Max Fred, Joshua Tate, and Keith McGeeney make up the Max Fred Band. Their debut album Something More is a trek through ten acoustic tracks with rich blends of harmonies and powerful, poignant lyrics. The trio tops it all off with their inimitable style of percussion behind an unplugged, acoustic exposé. Max Fred Band meld their style of retro-based Americana, alt-folk, and country, into soundscapes of retro-styled storytelling. They now have Something More just for you.

Within Something More, Max teams up with Joshua Tate and Keith McGeeney, to form the Max Fred Band, a trifecta of talent. Something More reflects the evolution of the band leader Max Fred's musical identity. He grew up with an unusually wide range of musical inspirations such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Marvin Gaye. Additionally, acts like Nirvana and N.W.A. helped to shape Fred's diverse musical backbone.

Something More showcases Max's lyrical, vocal, and guitar prowess. He combines this with Joshua Tate's performance on upright bass and vocals, as well as Keith McGeeney's uncanny percussion. Together these three musicians create a captivating style and sound with their vocal harmonies and instrumentation. Max defines their sound as alt-folk, and adds, "There is much more behind this music than the description suggests." Max explains, "Our vocal harmonies, strong songwriting, and driving underlying beat provide a positive message." Max Fred wrote all the music and lyrics; Joshua Tate co- wrote with Max on "Suit." Max says, "Our songs explore a wide variety of topics including politics and love."

Something More contains ten tracks which range from mid to high-tempo, all based on an alt-folk flavor. The title track "Something More" is a mid-tempo tune with passionate lyrics enhanced by Max's powerful tenor vocals. "Banks" gives a higher energy display of quick finger picking with a bluegrass appeal, while "Never Felt So Good" brings out their folky feel and storytelling with its melodic musical phrasing. Something More is set to release on March 11th. There will be two release parties, the first of which will be held on March 11th in Kansas City at Mike Kelly's Westsider. The other release show will take place at Frank's North Star Tavern on March 12th, in Lawrence, Kansas. Fans will get a chance to see their real, raw acoustic performance live, and they can expect "Something More," from the Max Fred Band.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Forsaken Veteran Of The Drug Wars - Folk Rap Fusion

The Folk/Rap version of Forsaken Veteran Of The Drug Wars a collaboration between U.S. Hip Hop Rap artist J. Smo and Australian based Folk Rocker Bob Crain. The "fusion" is the brainchild of J. Smo, who determined that Bob's Folk Song and his Rap Production were the perfect mates to deliver the message to young and old that the longest running war in history was still being fought.

J. remixed, produced, recorded and mastered the finished Folk Rap Fusion using Bob's original recording. Released by MPC Recording Company it will be available on iTunes on February 26th along with the original Folk Rock Version as an old school single featuring an A and a B Side. The YouTube video - the song and the story.

For further information, interview appointments, release details, or live events contact...
B Sharp Music Mgt - or
Ultimate Sounds -

DJ_E.S.S. Drops That 'Bad Chic'

Damon J Snellgrove AKA DJ_E.S.S.

Indiana was the place of his birth. A young kid with a passion for music who had already acquired skills on the piano before he'd decided to pick up the Baritone Sax by the time he'd reached middle school, then later the Trombone before hitting the Tenor Sax and joining the school band. Much has been said about young people getting schooled in the Art of Music from a young age and how that sets the scene for a good grounding for a career in the industry as an artist. Well, DJ_E.S.S. has those credentials.

After locating to Orlando, he was mentored in the art of the Disc Jockey by a seasoned friend he was introduced to in 1998. This friend taught him the ropes in the woodshed for six months teaching him the necessary skills he needed to help him to secure a residency at Club 600 North in Daytona Beach and the rest as they say, is history...

Let me introduce you to a pulsating piece of up to date EDM.' This guy knows what's hot and current and makes no mistake letting you know that he does! We imagine 'Bad Chic' being pumped through Heavy Sound Systems across the Globe, driving clubbers into a frenzy with its no-nonsense, get-on-the-floor attitude. The lush female vocal is tight, with a really infectious lyric that just sticks in your head and won't let you loose and as you know, that's a good first sign of a track that has hit potential!

See for yourself...


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pop-Rock Singer Brooke Adams to Release Solo Single on dubb Records

dubb Records is excited to announce the first single of newly signed pop-rock singer Brooke Adams. The stunning, Texas-born artist was tapped by Michael Jackson as having an "extraordinary talent touched by God."

Adams is set to release her debut single, "Still Fighting", written by dubb Records Founder/Executive Producer Anthony West and songwriter Alma Goodman in the next few weeks.

Why did you choose "Still Fighting" as your debut song?

Brooke Adams: While there wasn't an exact plan to come up with a song like "Still Fighting" when we started writing for the album, the topics are hard to miss with everything going on (hunger, poverty, war, discrimination, sickness). I like to write songs about what I feel strongly about and these are topics that weigh heavily on my mind. "Still Fighting" delivers a message I strongly believe in and will stand behind always.

Why is it the right time for this song?

Brooke Adams: Social media has made it so much easier to find people who share your viewpoint and create a movement. It's easier to find out what is going on all over the world. It's time for us to speak out and make some real changes.

What do you hope people will learn / be inspired to do, when they hear it?

Brooke Adams: I'm hoping for the song to inspire people to think, talk to others, and do something to make things better. Something small can create a movement that grows into something that can change lives.

Anthony West, dubb Records Founder/Executive Producer and "Still Fighting" co-writer said of Brooke, "We are incredibly proud to have signed Brooke. She is pure grace and power – not only in her talent and work ethic, but also her energy and commitment to humanity. "Still Fighting" is an ideal representation of those things… to remember that no matter what the world deals you, keep on; when you see injustice, stand up and defend those who cannot stand for themselves; don't only speak your mind when there is a tragedy happening in the world, speak up always. Only then is when we can make a change."

Watch for Brooke Adams debut single "Still Fighting" on all platforms, as well as her dynamic music video!

Don't miss a moment… join Brooke online at and follow her on all socials @LoveBrookeAdams.

For more on dubb Records, visit

Bandzoogle Artists Earn Over $20M In Online Music And Merch Sales

Bandzoogle, a website builder for bands and musicians, has announced that independent artists using their music e-commerce tools have sold over $20 million in music downloads, merchandise and tickets directly to fans.

Bandzoogle launched e-commerce tools in 2010 with features designed specifically for musicians. They allow members to easily add an online music store to their band website and manage their own sales. Artists who sell music and merch using Bandzoogle pay no commission and keep 100% of their sales.

"Bandzoogle empowers musicians to successfully manage their own careers, which includes helping them to make more money from their own hard work" said Bandzoogle founder Chris Vinson. "Hitting twenty million dollars in member sales is a milestone we're very proud of, because it went straight into the pockets of independent musicians."

The top 20 earning members each sold over $100,000 to-date from their websites. 80% of all sales were physical merchandise, including vinyl and CD. Digital album and single track downloads each accounted for just under 10%. Ticket sales, an e-commerce feature added to Bandzoogle in 2015, accounted for $200,000 of member earnings to-date.

Bandzoogle makes it easy for musicians to build a professional website and store for their music. Designed by a musician for the needs of musicians, Bandzoogle combines a simple drag+drop website editor with powerful e-commerce and promotional tools. Founded in 2003, Bandzoogle powers 25,000 band websites. Plans start at $10/month including a .com domain and friendly live support. Sign up for a 30-day free trial at