Friday, March 4, 2016

The Max Fred Band Has Something More Just For You

Max Fred, Joshua Tate, and Keith McGeeney make up the Max Fred Band. Their debut album Something More is a trek through ten acoustic tracks with rich blends of harmonies and powerful, poignant lyrics. The trio tops it all off with their inimitable style of percussion behind an unplugged, acoustic exposé. Max Fred Band meld their style of retro-based Americana, alt-folk, and country, into soundscapes of retro-styled storytelling. They now have Something More just for you.

Within Something More, Max teams up with Joshua Tate and Keith McGeeney, to form the Max Fred Band, a trifecta of talent. Something More reflects the evolution of the band leader Max Fred's musical identity. He grew up with an unusually wide range of musical inspirations such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Marvin Gaye. Additionally, acts like Nirvana and N.W.A. helped to shape Fred's diverse musical backbone.

Something More showcases Max's lyrical, vocal, and guitar prowess. He combines this with Joshua Tate's performance on upright bass and vocals, as well as Keith McGeeney's uncanny percussion. Together these three musicians create a captivating style and sound with their vocal harmonies and instrumentation. Max defines their sound as alt-folk, and adds, "There is much more behind this music than the description suggests." Max explains, "Our vocal harmonies, strong songwriting, and driving underlying beat provide a positive message." Max Fred wrote all the music and lyrics; Joshua Tate co- wrote with Max on "Suit." Max says, "Our songs explore a wide variety of topics including politics and love."

Something More contains ten tracks which range from mid to high-tempo, all based on an alt-folk flavor. The title track "Something More" is a mid-tempo tune with passionate lyrics enhanced by Max's powerful tenor vocals. "Banks" gives a higher energy display of quick finger picking with a bluegrass appeal, while "Never Felt So Good" brings out their folky feel and storytelling with its melodic musical phrasing. Something More is set to release on March 11th. There will be two release parties, the first of which will be held on March 11th in Kansas City at Mike Kelly's Westsider. The other release show will take place at Frank's North Star Tavern on March 12th, in Lawrence, Kansas. Fans will get a chance to see their real, raw acoustic performance live, and they can expect "Something More," from the Max Fred Band.

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