Saturday, March 28, 2009

MusicDishTV: Insurgent Inc - A Pulse for Atheistic

Remix by Le Cantin; Directed by Alexandre N. Pepin for N12 media; Comes from the original Atheistic Affidavit from Kidz.

"Insurgent Inc. never fail to create interesting and enthralling videos. In their latest video for 'A Pulse for Atheistic', there is a definite hallucinogenic feel to it. Green plasma oozes all over the screen while silhouettes of the band dance around to the music. What results is a very cool electronic remix of an already great song (and video). Highly recommended." - MusicDishTV

Friday, March 27, 2009

Andrea Plamondon - Rock Tigress Unleashed

What do you get when you take a classically trained opera singer with a zest for creativity and innovation and nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, and cross her with some of the best alternative San Francisco rock bands ever to grace the Bay Area? You get Andrea Plamondon, that's what.

With the long-awaited release of "I Still Remember", a collection of recordings from her years with various San Franciscan bands since 1989, and the accompanying single "No More Silence", Plamondon announces her arrival to the wider world.

And one listen to the amazing vocal stylings on this 14 track hour-long offering makes it clear that we are dealing with a rare musical talent.

Plamondon's voice has an incredible three octave range, and she is certainly not afraid of showing it off on this record. But there is so much more here than just a great vocal performance. Plamondon chooses for her bandmates some of the best, most inventive musicians around, and the sound they create together is that of the avant garde breaking out of its underground lair.

This is rock music, with an operatic, theatrical twist. It is little wonder, therefore, that Plamondon has been compared to luminaries such as Kate Bush, Siouxie Sioux and Toyah Wilcox. But her constant thirst for the new makes her so much more.

This is a performer who has written stage musicals, who at 22 was told her voice was good enough for the Met, who has not only achieved excellence as an opera singer, but has studied Turkish and Middle Eastern music as well. All the time, while performing with some of the most accomplished rock bands across almost every notable venue in San Francisco.

Plamondon's life and music has also been touched by tragedy. Her brother, a gifted singer and performer in his own right, committed suicide at the age of 21, and the pain is evident in much of his sister's work.

All of this is why "I Still Remember" is such an incredible, varied and surprising record. From the lament of "Chant of the Flower" to the sprawling rock opera that is "The Great Doubt", there is something here for every discerning music fan.

But the new single, "No More Silence" showcases Plamondon's talents as well as any track here. It is an incendiary call to arms, as well as a cry for help. It is stirring and life-affirming. As all Plamondon's work is, and as all great music should be.

"I Still Remember" is out now on CD Baby, and "No More Silence" is available on Itunes and Napster.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Award Winning Guitarist Vernon Neilly Featured In March Issue Of Jazz Improv Magazine

Vernon Neilly award winning guitarist and actor (Along Came Polly, Starsky And Hutch, Walk Hard) is certainly not a stranger to lots of media attention, and it seems like this trend is not going to let up anytime soon. Vernon is currently featured in one of jazz’s most respected magazines Jazz Improv Magazine, where he gives a detailed interview about his amazing new CD honoring the “Master Blaster’ Stevie Wonder, his influences musically, his mentors, and what he feels about the current state of the music and entertainment business. Vernon Neilly & Friends “A Tribute To Stevie Wonder” which features other highly respected artists from 3 continents has been reviewed as one of the most diverse works of the catalog of Mr. Wonder, as it includes hits like “Superstition” done in a heavy rock format, “Boogie On Reggae Woman” done is a rocking guitar instrumental format, “Sir Duke” in a brilliant pop vocal format, and other classic hits done musically like they have never been heard before. Vernon says “If you are one of those people who like’s to hear music that sounds the same from track to track, then this CD is not for you, because it covers a fast spectrum musically. It’s very entertaining”. Vernon was also honored recently by being asked to do an interview in India’s oldest English speaking publication “The Statesman”, which has been in circulation for 133 years to a readership of more than 500,000 per issue. This interview also talks about the Stevie Wonder project, but in more detail, Vernon also talks about the type of gear that Vernon uses for recordings, and live performances, and the companies that he endorses. When it rains it pours literally, Vernon is also featured on the front page of the world leading guitar pickup maker, the Seymour Duncan website. Vernon has proudly been a loyal Duncan endorser for many years, stating “they are family”.

Boosweet Records will soon release the second single “Isn’t She Lovely” from the CD to commercial stations, and internet stations internationally with the corresponding video to video channels as part of the continued marketing and promotion of the album. There will be some promotional freebies surrounding this activity and those interested can contact Boosweet Records at for more information concerning the free merchandise to be given away. The CD can be purchased at select leading music retail stores, and all major online retailers, and digital download stores.

Vernon Neilly is a 2 time contemporary jazz award winning, Billboard Charts Top 10 charting artist who has worked with legendary names in the music industry such as Jr. Walker, Etta James, Teena Marie, Howard Hewitt, and many others. To hear tracks from the new CD, and view videos of his live performances, you can visit Vernon at . He is currently endorsed by Seymour Duncan, Tagima Guitars, Sony Creative Software, Calkwalk, Digitech, Xotic Effects, Morley, Levys Leathers, Giannini Guitars and Strings, Meteoro Amplifiers, Jim Dunlop, Samson, and Nady.

Epiphyte Records & Rocker-T Release Limited Edition Remix EP Featuring The Legendary Joan Baez

Rocker-T, the internationally-renowned, ground-breaking, and award-winning Reggae and World Music recording artist, in association with San Francisco's Epiphyte Records, announces the release of his EP, "Luv is the Foundation," featuring five mixes of the duet single, "The Way Life Should Be," with singer and human rights activist, Joan Baez. Legendary trumpeter Bill Ortiz, best known for his work with Santana, Tito Puente, Destiny's Child, and Tony, Toni, Toné, provides the songs captivatingly haunting and impassioned melody.

"Luv is the Foundation", is being released as a limited edition collectable EP on Epiphyte Records in advance of Rocker-T's star-studded, full length studio CD, "Rocker-T - The Hurban Warrior of Peace," scheduled for a Summer 2009 release, which also features; Baez, KRS-One and others.

Rocker-T, who originally hails from Brooklyn, New York and now resides in Oakland, California, was an integral part of the formation of the New York City Ska scene in the 1980's and is one of the founding talents in the creation of the New York City Dancehall/Ragga Hip Hop scene in the early 1990's. He is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, DJ, performer, producer, MC, and his innovative and dynamic musical style of singing and chanting Ska, Reggae, and Hip-Hop is a musical amalgamation term that has come to be known as ‘sing-jay.'

Rocker-T and Baez first met, and had discussed the idea of recording together one day, after his rousing and legendary Reggae on the River Festival performance, in Humboldt, California in the summer of 2000.

Rocker-T, who cites Joan Baez as the most influential musical artist on his own career, says, "I am deeply honored to have Joan share her voice on a project that I believe will help lead to a more peaceful world."

Continuing, Rocker-T states, "Conflict knows no discrimination in the impact it makes on all generations. Therefore, there should be no age discrimination on the call for World Peace. Through the single ‘The Way Life Should Be,' I have issued a universal and multi-generational call for World Peace to combat the rising tide of indiscriminate international conflict." "Luv is the Foundation" will appeal to all ages and musical tastes, as it features a main radio mix and four remixes of "The Way Life Should Be," in Dance, Down-Tempo, Dubstep, and, Binghipella styles. "Luv is the Foundation" was recorded in San Francisco's Pyramind Studios, both a production and training facility, which supports Bay Area independent music through its label, Epiphyte Records. "Luv is the Foundation" was engineered by Pyramind founder Gregory J. Gordon (aka: G.2), and mixed and co-produced by G.2 and Rocker-T with final mastering handled by Michael Romanowski. The Dance remix was created by G.2, the Dubstep remix was created by Rocker-T and the Down-Tempo remix was created by FROST-Raven.

Rocker-T's forthcoming full-length CD, "Rocker-T - The Hurban Warrior of Peace," will be released later this year featuring a star-studded line-up of guest performers, including, but not limited to, Joan Baez, KRS-One, Cutty Ranks, Terry Ganzie, King Django, Soul Medic, MC Seasunz, and Adrian Xavier.

Another guest artist appearing on Rocker-T's forthcoming studio CD is KRS-One, who is the 2008 BET Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for his efforts on behalf of the Stop the Violence Movement, as well as his overall pioneering contributions to hip-hop music and culture.

For more info about Rocker T - please visit: or Info about Epiphyte Records can be found at and more info about the professional recording, production and educational training services of Pyramind Production and Training can be found at

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lionheart International Signs With RightsFlow For Mechanical Licensing And Royalty Services

Lionheart International, one of the largest record labels in Sweden, and RightsFlow, a provider of licensing and royalty services, announced today that Lionheart International will utilize RightsFlow's proprietary mechanical licensing system ("FLOW") to license, account, and pay publisher royalties for DPD, interactive streams and limited downloads of its catalogue, including subscription and ad-supported models.

"Partnering with RightsFlow alleviates the complexity of handling publishing rights for the United States for digital downloads and now streaming services." stated Robert Olausson of Lionheart International. "In RightsFlow, we have a proven partner who can assist in remedying this area of business."

"RightsFlow is very happy to announce this latest agreement with Lionheart International," stated Duncan Hutchison, Chief Content Officer of RightsFlow. "We are excited to help further Lionheart International's goal of having a one-stop solution to handle their U.S. mechanical licensing, accounting, and royalty needs."

Under U.S. Copyright Law, mechanical licenses are required for music to be distributed through online music services. The current U.S. statutory mechanical rate for permanent downloads is 9.1¢ for songs five minutes or less and 1.75¢ per minute for songs over five minutes. Limited download and interactive streaming services generally pay a mechanical royalty of 10.5 percent of revenue, less amounts owed for performance royalties. RightsFlow's licensing service utilizes the bulk licensing system of The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA), a leading U.S. music rights licensing organization, to ensure publishers and songwriters are properly compensated under U.S. law.

About Lionheart International:
Lionheart International is one of the biggest record companies in Sweden. The company was established in 1990 and has enjoyed constant major success domestically as well as internationally. Since August 2007 we are also a part of the Universal Music family, however still working as a stand alone company. Our main target has always been to deliver good music and artists in a wide variety of styles and genres. Today, the catalogue includes some of the most exciting Swedish and Scandinavian artists.

About RightsFlow:
RightsFlow offers Mechanical Licensing & Royalty Solutions for labels, distributors, and online music services. We specialize in obtaining bulk mechanical, DPD, and ringtone licenses including streaming, tethered, and limited downloads rights. Our proprietary "FLOW" system allows us to license, account, and pay royalties directly to the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) and the thousands of publishers not represented by HFA. Today, RightsFlow services over 1,200 labels for mechanical and DPD licensing. Some of the many clients we service include marquee companies such as EMI Music, Muzak, Active International, Artspages, CD Baby, Mint Records, IODA, Pandigital, TV Land, Audible Magic, One Italia, YouLicense, Constellation Wines (Blackstone), X5 Music Group, Zebralution, 180 Music, La Cupula Music, C.A.M. Original Soundtracks, BFM Digital, and Disc Makers, among others. For more information on RightsFlow's services and management team, visit

MusicDishTV: Koko Dozo Live @ Tubway, NYC

On January 24, 2009, post-pop duo KOKO DOZO (Polarity/1 & Amy Douglas) brought their unique blend of funk/disco/dance music to Tubway in New York City.

Koko Dozo's performance of "Boomchi" has a strong disco vibe and it is the perfect fit for the Tubway stage. Amy is on fire here with some really powerful singing (in Spanish, no less). A quick glimpse of the crowd shows that they are having a great time as well.

"Spaceman" is more of that familiar post-pop funk that Koko Dozo does so well. In this live performance, Polarity/1 is rocking the guitar while Amy sings her heart out. The song has a bit of an otherworldly vibe at times, but it is without a doubt another great jam for the party at Tubway. One thing is clear from watching both videos - Koko Dozo have a definite stage presence and know how to work a crowd!

KOKO DOZO truly is music for the Space Age. It's ultra modern and it's made using the latest technology and olde skool organic matter. Are other people out there in space? Who knows? Koko Dozo believes that such beings have been sitting around for billions of years waiting for the music to start. And Koko Dozo is bringing the party to the space persons. They're beaming up sound waves that vibrate in the key of GROOVE, dipped in the house special surreal sauce. Urban organica. Celestial demonica. Yeah...Space Is The Face.