Friday, October 2, 2015

New book on music market contestability from global publisher Palgrave Macmillan: The Pop Music idol and the Spirit of Charisma

Trajce Cvetkovski makes a case for the synergetic union between reality TV and the music industry. The author delves into technological change in popular music, and the role of music reality TV and social media in the pop production process. He challenges the current scholarship which does not adequately distinguish the economic significance of these developments.

The Pop Music Idol and the Spirit of Charisma is concerned with the political economy of the music industry. The sale of recorded music resides in a contestable digital landscape as the centralised industry organisational model is no longer viable. This century of streaming, downloading and social networking is vastly different to the previous century where the only formats on offer were provided by the music majors along with a strict set of terms. In this decentralised environment, the majors have desperately set out to seek commercial synergies as emerging technologies bring new threats. One of the positive outcomes for the majors in this shake-up has been the union with music reality TV. Music contests such as Idol, X Factor, and The Voice have become the rainmaking dream machines in a pop cultural marketplace. The majors have, for the time being, a successful business model for re-organisation. This book is a call for further examination of this specialised form of reality TV.

Jack Phillips To Perform with Caleb Quaye at The Duplex

Jack Phillips will be performing at The Duplex in Greenwich Village (NYC) on November 5th at 9:30pm.

He will be joined by legendary guitarist Caleb Quaye and they will be playing brand new original blues rock songs about New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta among others.

The second half will be wonderful classic and original standards about New York City and he'll be joined by Cafe Carlyle musicians who have worked with Woody Allen and Bobby Short.

Tickets are available online ($20 in advance, $25 at the door) at


Jack Phillips Cafe Nights in New York is available on iTunes at
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Legendary Graffiti Writer/Artist RISK Partners With Regime Management's Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel & Howard Spunt and Bryan Spunt To Open New Buckshot Art Gallery

Graffiti Artist and innovator/icon RISK has announced his new partnership with Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel from Regime Management, and local entrepreneurs/philanthropists Howard Spunt and Bryan Spunt, for the grand opening of the Buckshot Art Gallery in Santa Monica. The art gallery will feature a mixture of urban and fine art, and is set to have its first exhibition on October 17th, 2015. In the conjunction with the launch of the gallery, Buckshot has also launched an online E-Commerce site to sell prints and original works of art online at

Kelly Graval, the multi-talented Fine Artist, Illustrator, and Graffiti artist known as RISK, has been synonymous with the Los Angeles art community for decades. With a career spanning 30 years, RISK has solidified his place in the history books as a world-renowned graffiti legend. He has come a long way since he pioneered the painting of freeway overpasses, signs and billboards, dubbed "heavens." Although RISK loves aerosol art, he sees it as merely just one genre in his life's work. From his days as a student at the USC School of Fine Arts togallery and museum showings around the world; RISK has transformed from a street artist to a respected icon in the contemporary art world.

RISK recently released a 350 page retrospective book "Old Habits Die Hard" via Detroit based publisher 1xRUN. The book was put together with the help of prolific writer and curator Roger Gastman, who worked with RISK to recount a career spanning over four decades and detail his history, failures, success and of course the many brushes with the law.

Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel are Co-Founders of The Regime. A management and entertainment services company with over 25 cutting edge clients that include multi-platinum artists, producers and talent from diverse genres of music and entertainment fields. They also co-own and partner in several media companies and independent record labels distributed by Universal / INgrooves Music and Sony Music including Suburban Noize Records, Battle Axe Records, Island Empire Records, and The Empire Agency; an international talent agency.

Howard Spunt, a resident of Malibu, is a real estate entrepreneur with almost 30-years in the shopping center industry. Spunt who is also an artist, discovered his passion for art when he stumbled into a small art store while wandering through Europe. Last year Spunt opened an art gallery in the artsy, urban neighborhood around Pico and 32nd street in Santa Monica. The gallery will be expanded and become the new home of Buckshot.

Spunt's community involvement includes serving on the board of the Chase Foundation and on Pepperdine University's Microenterprise Advisory Board.

Spunt is excited to be part of this great team be able to combine his passion for art and his experience as an entrepreneur to create an online mecca and portal for artists and like-minded individuals which will be supported by a physical gallery space for tastemakers, artists, and collectors to meet on a common ground.

Bryan Spunt is a Malibu resident and recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business. He is a passionate leader and entrepreneur with experience in brand management, retail distribution, and web sales. In 2014 Bryan helped launch an innovative consumer product called PopSockets; he now sits on the advisory board as a shareholder. Bryan will provide strategic oversight and manage big picture execution at Buckshot Gallery.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

So Looney shares new single "Party & BS"

Following on from her previous buoyant releases "Shut Up", "Alter Ego" and "B.A.R.S", Dallas based artist So Looney returns with more fun fuelled fun, on her latest single "Party & BS", produced by Lambeau.

The female emcee's newest track oozes authentic vibes once again, with smokey melodies swirling around Looney's combination of gently sung vocals and raw flows.

Having been releasing music for a year or so now, Looney's aura surpasses the time she's been releasing music. Creating music that breathes entertainment, she covers issues of young life and pens them into alluring songs like this one.


Music Video:

Grammy Award Winning Producer/Songwriter Robert Cutarella Launches Songwriting Workshop "Mine Your Music" In Los Angeles On October 1

Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter Robert Cutarella is launching his highly anticipated songwriting workshop "Mine Your Music" in Los Angeles on October 1 at SAE Institute of Technology. The five-week course will offer in-depth instruction on songwriting, production, and how to compete in today's musical environment. Individual One-On-One sessions are also available either in person or via Skype. Visit to sign up or for more information

Robert Cutarella is currently enjoying Billboard chart success (#23) with the dance club single "Shockwaves" which he co-wrote and co-produced with pop/dance artist DeGrazio. He is presently working on projects with several international artists slated for release later this year.

Workshop details are as follows:

Moderator: Robert Cutarella

- This workshop is designed to understand how to improve your melodic, rhythmic and lyrical sensibilities and to create songs that are competitive regardless of genre in the current musical landscape.
- Production techniques will be discussed as well as the relationship that exists between artists, writers and producers.
- One focus will be understanding how to efficiently collaborate and communicate with your co-writers.
- The writer will be encouraged to bring in whatever music he or she feels is important to explore on a weekly basis in any format they feel comfortable with. Robert and the group will provide their input with the goal of improving the song's potential.
- Feedback will range from the perspective of writing, production, artistry or any of the three.
- How to penetrate the ever changing music industry and create long term success will be part of the weekly discussions and industry experts will make guest appearances during the five week workshop.
- Mine Your Music is geared towards helping you establish long term success and achieving whatever dreams and goals you possess!

Workshop begins Thursday, October 1
Location: SAE Institute of Technology
6700 Santa Monica Blvd Classroom 3
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Price: $500 for five weeks 7-10pm weekly

The One on One offering consists of a one hour private consultation or a one hour Skype session focusing on songwriting, producing, artistry or career options. Everything from critiquing your songs to exploring your artistry or production skills will be discussed. If you need help deciding the best strategy possible for your career, Robert Cutarella will help you arrive at the most intelligent options possible.
Price: $125 for one hour consultation.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cinematica Duo Colourz Explore Mystical Forces with New Track "Orenda"

Canadian progressive house duo Colourz have released their latest track, "Orenda". Orenda is described as a mystical and magical driving force inherent to nature, people, and their environment, a force whose intensity can change the world around you.

Echoing the dizzying synth loops of their previous release "Nemodom", "Orenda" melds them with slick, cerebral melodies that promise to entrance. The track opens with orchestral beauty. Sweeping pads, sublime strings, and a subtle bass crawl towards an anthemic progressive house vibe which slides back and forth between ambient breakdowns and fired up drops throughout the track. The song can be heard at:

Colourz is composed of Taylin Simmonds and Jared Waldroff, based in Kelowna, British Columbia. "Orenda" is Colourz's fifth release, following their other releases over the summer on Blue Label Records, a record label with the goal of bringing new, innovative music to the masses, also based in Kelowna.

STORMIN ft. MC NEAT "Bad Bassline"


Signed to Rhythm Rollers

Stormin has shared the first single, "Bad Bassline", from his upcoming new album Heart N Soul.

Needing no introduction, the Londoner is a major name in the UK dnb scene, having captured the attention of many once again more recently, while embarking on tour with his Drum & Bass collective SASASAS.

Today's attention however is turned to Stormin's new single "Bad Bassline", which features the ever-enigmatic MC NEAT.

Merging sounds of UKG, House, Drum & Bass and Grime, the single tells the story of how emcees have transformed since the Pure Garage days of the 90s. Today, most emcees are modern day storytellers in their own right, and Stormin's latest single is testimony to that. Stormin's career just keeps on giving!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brig Feltus - The Hungry Beast Sessions

Today, we present you with the latest offering from Los Angeles-based rising star Brig Feltus. The fierce indie singer/songwriter possesses quite a knack for fiery lyricism and unchartered productions and her latest EP: The Hungry Beast Sessions is another fine example of that. The eccentric sound and provocative lyrics make it remarkably distinctive and undeniably engaging.

Let Brig take you on an enriching audio journey, with a sound that infuses elements of House, EDM and Soul music for the ultimate rattling sound.

Get ready to come deep into the depths of Brig Feltus' soundboard, as the end of summer approaches, new atmospheres and energies are called for. Released via DropSqaud Ent, The Hungry Beast Sessions serves as the perfect introduction to this quite exceptional talent. A special talent, with a potent originality and craft.

Socials: Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Website | Instagram

Alternative/Pop Duo The Fame Riot Announce Debut EP Entitled "Dust Funk"

Seattle based, alternative / pop duo THE FAME RIOT announced today the release of their debut EP entitled "DUST FUNK" on Tuesday October 13, 2015. This extended EP will feature nine original tacks, and was produced by Rob Daiker [Katy Perry]. The first single off the new record, "Heart Stray" will debut on iTunes on Tuesday September 22, 2015 and will also hit radio nationwide. THE FAME RIOT recently performed at Bumbershoot Festival over Labor Day weekend, sharing the stage with notable artists including: Ellie Goulding, Hozier, Social Distortion and Zedd.

The two brothers Liz Scarlett (19) and Shazam Watkins (21) formed THE FAME RIOT in 2012. Liz and Shazam began experimenting together, gathering their many inspirations from traveling worldwide with their mother and father. At a very early age Liz and Shazam had learned to inspire themselves by listening to anything they could get their hands on. While secular music was outlawed in their own home, the brothers recorded their favorite songs off the radio on to cassettes, and stashed records anywhere possible! Soon, something much more came to life. Together, the two brothers have created a unique soundscape that is on the forefront of a shift in musical style and culture, drawing influence from the last four decades of rock, pop, electronica, disco, and everything in-and-between.

Liz and Shazam on their upcoming EP: "DUST FUNK is just the beginning. The beginning of the beginning. The alpha conception of the eternal idea we intend on revealing. It is only a fragment of what we plan to unleash upon this world. Three years of strenuous effort, passionate depths, low lows, and high highs, and DUST FUNK is the result. It shall be a window for listeners to peer into, showing the infinite aspects to our philosophy, sonic sensualism, and visual chemical stimulation. It's taking all the old stories and telling them in a new way."

In addition to the EP, THE FAME RIOT is slated to release a music video for their single "Heart Stray" in early October 2015, and will soon announce their winter 2015-16 tour. For more information on THE FAME RIOT please visit For press inquiries please contact Persona PR at 310- 358-3090.