Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cinematica Duo Colourz Explore Mystical Forces with New Track "Orenda"

Canadian progressive house duo Colourz have released their latest track, "Orenda". Orenda is described as a mystical and magical driving force inherent to nature, people, and their environment, a force whose intensity can change the world around you.

Echoing the dizzying synth loops of their previous release "Nemodom", "Orenda" melds them with slick, cerebral melodies that promise to entrance. The track opens with orchestral beauty. Sweeping pads, sublime strings, and a subtle bass crawl towards an anthemic progressive house vibe which slides back and forth between ambient breakdowns and fired up drops throughout the track. The song can be heard at:

Colourz is composed of Taylin Simmonds and Jared Waldroff, based in Kelowna, British Columbia. "Orenda" is Colourz's fifth release, following their other releases over the summer on Blue Label Records, a record label with the goal of bringing new, innovative music to the masses, also based in Kelowna.

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