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"I am truly excited about this very 'cool' new relationship with Digitalpressure. Not only is their catalogue incredible, but their new releases are compelling and relevant in today's global marketplace. We are looking forward to creating, delivering and enjoying the programs and successes that are sure to follow and expand with Digitalpressure as a strategic partner." Lynda Weingartz, CEO - AirPlay Direct

Founded in 1997, Digitalpressure was the first international music company to offer digital downloads on the Internet. Ralph Peer II, CEO of Digitalpressure, started the company to explore and embrace the then-infant industry of digital distribution. As part of the online division of Peermusic, the world's largest independent music publisher, Digitalpressure has a global network of 33 offices in 27 countries. Peermusic's global reach and 75 years of history in the music industry provides Digitalpressure with access to and expansive knowledge about the international music market.

"We're happy to be working with AirPlay Direct to reach the vast market of stations who use their service. We plan to continue to provide great music in all genres - both old and new." Mary Megan, President Asia Pacific & Strategic Markets

AirPlay Direct is an artist marketing, promotion and education platform that delivers premium digital services and is the leading secure digital file transfer system for the music industry. We are a centralized, professional eco-system that connects artists, labels, radio stations, as well as equipment and services. All of our subscribers are qualified music industry participants. We have a national and international reach of 9,200+ radio station members in 90 countries with over 38,000 artist / label members. We give direct access all musical genres.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Part Time Music - Kryptic

It's 2014 and the Australia Hip Hop landscape is a brave new world.

Enter Kryptic.

The young Melbourne MC has been active on the scene for several years now, having carved a name for himself opening for Aussie Hip Hop heavyweights like Seth Sentry, The Funkoars, Chance Waters and Mind Over Matter, just to name a few. Whetting appetites with three mixtapes, Kryptic has paid his dues; he's sharpened his sword and is now ready to release his debut full-length studio album 'The Soundtrack' later this year.

'The Soundtrack' takes the listener on a complex journey through fun, soulful jams to reflective narratives and even hard-hitting anthems, all on the one disc. The lead single 'Part Time Music' delves into Kryptic's struggles to uphold a balanced lifestyle, faced with the demands of university studies, part-time work and the chase for an independent music career all at once; a struggle many musicians can relate to. 'Part Time Music' also explores the contrast between the beautiful escapism of performing live and the harsh reality of necessary soul-crushing labour, taught with an honesty rarely seen in the Hip Hop industry nowadays. The laid back, soul-moving instrumental comes courtesy of Perth producer Creed Birch, who provides the perfect platform for Kryptic to express his working class apprehensions.

As Australian Hip Hop continues its path towards ever-growing authenticity and sincerity, Kryptic is certainly one to hold a candle, if not its brightest.

Keep a look out for Kryptic!

LiLi Roquelin Is On The 57th GRAMMY Awards Ballot

Award-winning Singer-Songwriter LiLi Roquelin was approved on the Final list of the 57th Grammy Awards' Ballot with the following Entries:

• Best Arrangement, Instruments/Vocals "Thank You" (Acoustic)
• Best Pop Solo Performance: "Like A Feather"
• Record of The Year: "Thank You"
• Song of the Year: "Beautiful Sun"
• Best Rock Performance: "The Only One"
• Best Rock Song: "The Only One"
• Best Music Video: "The Only One"

One of the best things about LiLi Roquelin is that she wears her heart on her sleeve through her music, and her album “Beautiful Sun” is no exception. The record smoothly blends soft ethereal pop ballads with rock and electronic alternative that supports her unique vocals and piano performance, and the outcome is something that touches the soul.

The album is now in rotation on Pandora Radio.

LiLi Roquelin's achievements include TV&Film song placements, Awards, Radio airplay, over 60 Interviews and Press features, special Performances [such as "God Bless America" a capella in front of FOX5, NY1, and more; Opening Act for Bruce Sudano (producer for Michael Jackson Dolly Parton and his wife Donna summer)].

She can be found on Wikipedia and has reached over 1 Million views on Youtube, with 690,000 views on her official Youtube channel. for all information and electronic press-kit.

"The Only One" Music Video, Dir. by Kyle Lavore:

Thai 'Grinds' Over Lil Wayne And Drake Instrumental

Coming from humble beginnings the Birmingham born rapper has always been around music from an early age. His father who was a renown singer in the midlands areas took Thai under his wing and showed him how to write and record music. As Thai Got older his life took a turn for the worst however he one day realized that he needed to fulfill his calling in life - Music. Thai who also battles dyslexia is now embarking on journey to show the world your situation does make you. You determine your situation.

Thai Is an artists that you do not want to miss. He is blending the sounds of Hip-hop and rnb with a new spin in the hopes of taking over the world.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Greg Demirjian Teams Up With Music Legends From Muscle Shoals, Alabama On His New Album Precious Wreck Also Releases Halloween Inspired Rainy Night In New York Video

Greg Demirjian Teams Up with Music Legends from Muscle Shoals, Alabama on his New Album Precious Wreck
Also Releases Halloween Inspired Rainy Night in New York Video

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Hood, Spooner Oldham and Former Steppenwolf Band Member
Larry Byrom are a few of Many Legendary Collaborators

Contact: Greg Demirjian 561-805-9989
New York, New York, October 29, 2014:

Greg Demirjian has released his album Precious Wreck which was recorded in renowned Muscle Shoals, Alabama with a team of legendary musicians well known for working with iconic music artists.
“I was watching a documentary on Muscles Shoals and was so taken with the musicians who played there and the iconic music which was created that I decided to call the studio. Next thing I know, I am recording in the studio with some of the legends that were in the documentary. It was an extraordinary experience,” said Demirjian.

Working with Greg Demirjian on the album was Rock and Roll Hall of Famers David Hood and Spooner Oldham. Hood plays bass on the album and Oldham, who has played with Neil Young for over 27 years and well-known for his work with Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan, plays keyboards. Also on the project was Justin Holder on drums and percussion, Trinecia Hall on backing vocals, Wayne Bridge on pedal steel guitar , Billy Smart on Slide Guitar and Larry Bryon, former member of the band Steppenwolf, was the session leader and played guitar and B3 organ. “It was great to play along with these extraordinary musicians who I now consider friends.

“I decided to title the album PreciousWreck because the songs reveal life and love;sometimes it’s precious and sometimes it’s a wreck. I have written these songs over the past few years; some I play live and others I wanted to hear what the guys in Muscle Shoals would do with them and now that collaboration is part of the album,” said Demirjian.

Demirjian’s first music video and song release is Rainy Night in New York, a Halloween inspired project which can be viewed on You Tube here:

and can be purchased at all major digital retailers.

About Greg Demirjian:
Greg Demirjian is a singer and songwriter and is self-taught on harmonica, piano and guitar. He was front man for the band Streetwave and was signed to a major recording label. Demirjian has also directed music videos including Rainy Night in New York and also is a partner in Iron Fire Productions a TV and film Development Company. For more information on Greg Demirjian, go to

To hear samples of the album Precious Wreck click here:

To view the video Rainy Night in New York click here:

About Muscle Shoals:
Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and FAME studio’s special sound and contribution to music is legendary and is extraordinarily highlighted in the documentary Muscle Shoals: The Incredible True Story of a Small Town with A Big Sound from Magnolia Pictures. For more information on the documentary, go to

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

S T A R G R O V E S Celebrates Debut Album Release With Live Performance In New York City -- Actress Abigail Breslin Joins Band On Stage And Stargroves Reveals Two New Songs

The New York City based band recently celebrated this important victory at Rockwood Music Hall with a post-release concert where they performed all 11 songs on the album, plus two brand new songs: "Little Islands" and "Mechanically Round."

Academy Award nominee and singer Abigail Breslin joined the band midway through the performance, adding her voice to "Westfjords" and "Within Me a Lunatic Sings," songs in which she is also featured on Stargroves new album.

The album's inception came when lead singer and primary songwriter Teddy Watson retreated to Iceland for three months to write new music. Upon returning to the states, he formed the group that would become Stargroves and they started experimenting with sounds. The album is built on a full rhythm section that includes Teddy Watson (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo), Charlie Rauh (lead guitar, supporting vocals), Bryan Percivall (bass guitar, supporting vocals), Brad Whiteley (keyboard, synthesizer), and Max Maples (drums).

The group has been steadily gaining recognition from music critics, bloggers and others prior to the album's release. Matthew Coleman of The Music Court Blog, described Teddy Watson's voice as: "smooth, lullaby-esque, and pleasant to listen to." Here's what other are saying about Stargroves:

"Very modern Postal Service infused with a slice of Taylor Swift-esque guitar riffs… we are LOVING the complimenting tones of both Teddy and Abigail's voices. Impressive first effort, you hot young thangs!" — Perez Hilton

"Within Me a Lunatic Sings" plays like a Pinterest board of '00s indie rock greatest hits: Stars, Sigur Ros, and Freelance Whales are shot through the group's sound, revealing themselves as the track transitions from jittery boy-girl keyboard pop into a dramatic piano and string section."
— David Greenwald, MTV Buzzworthy

"This is not just pop music; this is pop music that craves for you to listen, to suck it up, to become the music" — Audio Fuzz

The band has such a uniquely original sound, even seasoned listeners have trouble pinpointing possible influences, or trying to figure out where the band got its inspiration.

When asked to describe the band's sound, band leader Teddy explained, "We can be real poppy, but we can also get very dreamy and experimental. I think our best songs are the ones that dabble in both spheres. My main focus in songwriting is making sure the tracks are melody-driven."

When asked about his idols and musical influences, he replied "Stars is my biggest personal influence, and I try my best to sound like Torquil Campbell. I'm also super into Sigur Rós, The Innocence Mission, Freelance Whales, and a lot of indie pop bands."

The success of the album release concert is a pre-launch for their fall concert schedule, performing at locations along the Eastern seaboard from Philadelphia to Maine before expanding their touring to the rest of the country.

To see video footage of Stargroves performance at Rockwood Music Hall, visit YouTube here:

Find out more about the band on the Stargroves website

Stargroves new album is available for download on iTunes here:

For any other information, press or radio inquiries, contact:

Evan Thompson

One Central Park West, Suite 23A
New York, NY 10023

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Innovative Music Tech Company FanDistro Announces Appointment Of Steve Tramposch

Darien, CT – FanDistro, the music industry leader in crowdsourced marketing, is proud to announce the appointment of Steve Tramposch as Managing Director - Strategic Partnerships. ‘This is a major coup for FanDistro that will help us to continue our rapid growth’, says CEO Michael Penfield. ‘I strongly believe that crowdsourced marketing has a big part to play in the future of the music industry, and the appointment of this respected music industry veteran will help us establish important, strategic relationships’.

Steve Tramposch has accomplished much in the music industry. He serves as Vice President of A&R at Eleven Seven Music, the independent record label, home of Mötley Crüe, Papa Roach, and Dirty Heads. Mr Tramposch has also worked for a Billboard Magazine social media start up, and is a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He is President of Launchpad Media, a music marketing company.

FanDistro is a forward-thinking website that has introduced a new business model to the music industry by introducing brands to artists’ crowdsourced marketing campaigns. The result is a revenue source for artists, labels, and managers that is not dependent on music sales, touring, licensing or any other traditional means of generating revenue.

FanDistro was a finalist at Midem 2013 for Marketing and Social Engagement, illustrating the esteem with which the company is held in the industry, and which is only likely to increase with the appointment of Steve Tramposch, whose insight in both marketing and the music industry is almost certain to bring about further innovations from FanDistro to the benefit both bands and their broadening fanbases. For more information, visit

“Thanks” for the LP! A New Sound for Indie Rock

What used to be an unground, cult-like following has now become a common dream musicians and fans seem to have easy access to. The term Indie Rock comes from the notion back when bands would fund their own projects independently as a substitute for post-grunge or post-whatever-was-in-style music and release it because the music had something to express, something to say. Over the years the term Indie Rock has diluted a bit with successful bands emerging from the underground scene, but now more and more “garage bands” seem to want to fit the bill of Indie Rock.

However there are those few, select bands that still carry that indie spirit; defying what’s being heard and having true messages behind their melodic songs. Hailing from Florida, the Indie Rock band “Thanks” has put together an LP that not only encompasses Indie Rock, but also pushes the limits musically with interesting soundscapes that turns the LP into a musical storybook. What’s even more impressive is the quality of work the band has created, all while still in high school.

“Thanks” tends to drift more to a Lo-Fi type of sound but separates themselves with different genre-bending styles. Their combination of Ballads, Indie Anthems, and even a little experimentation with instruments such as horns and vibes add a unique perspective to the world of Indie Rock. Songs like Reprise and Lost In My Mind push the limits of Indie music using other worldly instruments and effects to really create an atmosphere not commonly heard in Indie Rock. On the other hand, songs like Anne and 5th Season are Indie Rock standouts that can make even the casual listener become enthralled to listen to music again.

The LP perfectly exemplifies what music is all about; expression. Not being afraid to be different or going against the norm, “Thanks” effort is what really shines through with every song. A four-year project, the “Thanks” LP has a songs different theme sand different morals to their sonic story, leading music fans into a journey by just pressing play. “Thanks” is just at the beginning of what appears to be a long trajectory of excellent music to listen to and could very well be the next representatives of the Indie Rock scene.