Monday, October 27, 2014

“Thanks” for the LP! A New Sound for Indie Rock

What used to be an unground, cult-like following has now become a common dream musicians and fans seem to have easy access to. The term Indie Rock comes from the notion back when bands would fund their own projects independently as a substitute for post-grunge or post-whatever-was-in-style music and release it because the music had something to express, something to say. Over the years the term Indie Rock has diluted a bit with successful bands emerging from the underground scene, but now more and more “garage bands” seem to want to fit the bill of Indie Rock.

However there are those few, select bands that still carry that indie spirit; defying what’s being heard and having true messages behind their melodic songs. Hailing from Florida, the Indie Rock band “Thanks” has put together an LP that not only encompasses Indie Rock, but also pushes the limits musically with interesting soundscapes that turns the LP into a musical storybook. What’s even more impressive is the quality of work the band has created, all while still in high school.

“Thanks” tends to drift more to a Lo-Fi type of sound but separates themselves with different genre-bending styles. Their combination of Ballads, Indie Anthems, and even a little experimentation with instruments such as horns and vibes add a unique perspective to the world of Indie Rock. Songs like Reprise and Lost In My Mind push the limits of Indie music using other worldly instruments and effects to really create an atmosphere not commonly heard in Indie Rock. On the other hand, songs like Anne and 5th Season are Indie Rock standouts that can make even the casual listener become enthralled to listen to music again.

The LP perfectly exemplifies what music is all about; expression. Not being afraid to be different or going against the norm, “Thanks” effort is what really shines through with every song. A four-year project, the “Thanks” LP has a songs different theme sand different morals to their sonic story, leading music fans into a journey by just pressing play. “Thanks” is just at the beginning of what appears to be a long trajectory of excellent music to listen to and could very well be the next representatives of the Indie Rock scene.

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