Friday, October 29, 2010

Robert Lauri's New Album, New Face, Is Now Available

All 16 songs create a special ambiance in a variety of musical genres that span the range from a dreamy and highly imaginative universe, to a universe filled with excitement and emotion.

However, there is one common theme all his creations have in common. They all create a sense of fantasy and a really relaxed feeling.

"Robert Lauri is a versatile composer, a master whose music spans a wide range of genres. The many sides of his musical creativity truly characterize this artist. From the depths of his soul, Robert Lauri conjures up just as many original melodies as there are pages in a best seller novel. His music is always compelling, and it always surprises those who listen to it for the first time.

"For the New Face album I wanted to embark upon a musical journey into different cultures, where I could mix and match all the different harmonies, picking out the different influences and blending them together into a single song, on a single album," explains Robert Lauri.

As an experienced musician, he knows how to create a melody that intertwines a background full of diversity and nuances, without ever losing sight of the harmony. Lauri's unique ability to bring different cultures together into a melting pot takes the listener on an unprecedented musical journey to all ends of the earth, a journey listeners have never experienced before. One such journey is Origin, a mix of oriental music and Indian flute.

The first people to listen to this album have all commented that the music speaks to their imagination: As they listen to the New Face songs, they all "see" images of their own stories in the melodies and the moods. Some listeners even say that they can hear one of Robert Lauri's melodies in their dreams at night, or that they start their day by listening to their favorite songs.

The special images in Lauri's video clips have been created by Anna Clara Passarelli, an Italian artist. She has been passionate about movie and dance ever since she was very young. Passarelli is a dance teacher and has had her own school, "Save the Last Dance," in Foggia, Italy for the past twenty years. Whenever she creates a dance for her dance school, she immerses herself completely in the music she chooses. She takes in each and every note while letting her emotions flow, and then she comes up with a dance move for each note. The music cannot hide any secrets from her. Passarelli uses the same method to create video clips. She crafts the images based on the emotions she is experiencing at that moment and to the sensations created by the music. Then she blends everything together to match the ambiance created by the music. This results in stunning images that are in perfect harmony with the melody.

The New Face album by Robert Lauri is now available for download from the download websites. The CD is also for sale at More information about distribution is located on the artist's official website

Each song has its own video clip. Go to Robert Lauri's channel on YouTube and Vimeo to check out his New Face album:

Robert Lauri - Life :

Thursday, October 28, 2010

FINALLY! The GBOB Hong Kong Final Is On Friday 5th November!

Over 50 bands entered the 2010 Global Battle of the Bands in Hong Kong and competition has been fierce - rumours of bass guitars at 20 paces and drummers clashing symbols are just part of Hong Kong's competitive nature - but friendly. New bands and talented musicians have emerged while old favourites have upped their acts as the quality of performance and original songs gets white hot in the heats of GBOB.

So who will be the last band standing? Who will carry Hong Kong's flag over the barricades into the world final, and we hope onto global superstardom...?

The winning Hong Kong band will walk away with a Les Paul Gibson junior guitar, HK$5000 Tom Lee Vouchers and a guest appearance on The Underground compilation CD4 as well as the opportunity to represent Hong Kong in the China Final on 21 November 2010.

Each band performs two original songs within 8 minutes and the changeover is quick so its fast paced competition all the way.

Hong Kong GBOB Finalists:

9 Maps (classic rock & classical in acoustic indie sauce)

F.B.I. (explosive high-energy rock)

Misery (Thrash inspired 'monster-rock')

OneLastFall (heavy, melodic alt-rock & hardcore & punk)

OperatoR (classic rock revisited)

Senseless (Energetic power pop and Canto punk)

Summer Junkiez (indie-rock with hints of ska)

The Bonkers (Indie-rock with shoegaze overtones)

& the winning band from Heat 7 (happening on 29 Oct)

There will be great prizes from Edifier and SkullCandy to give away to the audience.

Hong Kong Final Event information.

Friday 5 November 2010
HYDE, 2/F., 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Dress code = Smart Casual
8pm to 11pm.
Music starts at 8:30pm promptly.
HK$100 (advance tickets) Tom Lee branches (Tsim Sha Tsui, Shatin & Wanchai)
HK$120 (walk-in)
All tickets include a San Miguel Light

Special guest performer: Wu So Lui


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minh - These Blinds Shut

With "These Blinds Shut", Minh presents a groove that has just the right basics and he adds all the right elements to that foundation. The track has a solid Kick and Snare groove that resonates throughout the entire song. "These Blinds Shut" begins with nice electric piano bell tones, then Minh drops a cool down tempo trance on you. The vocals are soulful R&B, with overdubbed ad libs that swirl around this jam. The Phrase, "Nothing Matters 'Til We Really Try", builds with Minh's great harmonized background vocal layers. The Trance groove and the skillful riffs showcase his talents as both a producer and singer.

More information on Minh can be found on his official website,

Streaming: Minh - These Blinds Shut at

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow Releases New Soundtrack "The American Way"

As grassroots America confronts the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression, "The American Way" by Country Music Association Artist H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow relays a message of hope and revival of the spirit that drove our founding fathers. Reflections on U.S. and international advocacy initiatives include exhausted efforts to prevent the devastation that today touches all of our lives:

-- Timeline: The Decade from Hell: Humanitarian Resource Institute, 17 October 2010. Url:

Six weeks out of surgery and and two weeks into chemotherapy/radiation for tonsillar cancer, the recording and production of the soundtrack "The American Way" moved ahead on schedule, thanks to the extraordinary care of the physicians and staff at the Yale Cancer Center.

The soundtrack is accessible for digital download for radio and television stations through AirPlay Direct:


Special thanks for your thoughts, prayers and action initiatives that have been advanced accross the United States to address the needs presented. Please be sure to contact your local radio station with a request for "The American Way."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Manila-based Singer/Songwriter Julien Drolon Debuts 2nd Video Release "No More Divisions"

Manila-based French pop singer/songwriter Julien Drolon announced the release of the video "No More Divisions" today. "No More Divisions" follows the release of "Peace Through Music," the debut single and video from Julien's upcoming EP album "Free To Love" which is expected to be released in December 2010.

Commenting on the video, Drolon said, "Music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. It doesn't matter whether people are from different geographic, political, economic, spiritual or ideological backgrounds - music has the universal power to transcend and unite us as one human race."

The message of hope, peace and love for humankind and the fact that life is a gift that must be treasured in Julien Drolon's "No More Divisions" is emphasized by the accompanying video which features Julien singing and playing guitar among dancing, smiling kids of Childhope Asia Philippines. Aside from these adorable boys and girls, the video also includes shots of Julien and his band mates performing in the streets of Manila, as well as beautiful sunset scenes that add to the tone and ambiance of the song. Julien captures your attention with the song as the acoustic guitar strums into a catchy percussion groove with hand drums. A positive vibe pop tune that's fun to listen to, "No More Divisions" has clever tempo changes, solid playing, and meaningful lyrics. "No More Divisions" is an inspiring track on its own, made even more amazing with the endearing content and exceptional quality of what Julien describes as "the first chapter in our musical adventure." Picturesque, positive and filled with joyful children, our future, the song and video speak to the hope of better days to come.

Drolon plays guitar and sings in English, French, Portuguese, Tagalog (the native language of the Philippines), and his musical style is pop influenced by reggae, funk and rock. His Filipino band, which records and plays with him on the road, consists of Enzo Queyquep on lead guitar, Joseph Duenas on bass, drummer Joven Palencia, and keyboardist Leal Nanca.

The video "No More Divisions" can be viewed at:

About Julien Drolon
Julien Drolon is a singer, songwriter, and former International Reporter, but the native Frenchman who now resides and records his album in the Philippines is on a musical mission for peace. Through a series of performances at the Peace Festival and Earth Dance in the Philippines, and the release of his debut single Peace Through Music" from the upcoming album "Time For Peace" which is slated for release at the beginning of 2011, Drolon is hard at work to make the world a better place for everyone. Drolon performed at the Asian music conference, Music Matters Festival, which was held in Hong Kong in May 2010 and at the opening of the China Music Industry Park - Shanghai in July, 2010.

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