Friday, June 1, 2012

Tony Adamo's Miles Of Blu Featuring Mike Clark & Tim Ouimette

Tony Adamo's 9 Miles of Blu single has been reissued as Miles of Blu. It features legendary drummer Mike Clark and trumpet player, music arranger, Tim Ouimette. Mike Clark is producing Adamo's new CD and Tim Ouimette is mixing and arranging the horns for all of Adamo's new music. Release date will be in early summer. MIKE CLARK gained worldwide recognition as one of America’s foremost jazz and funk drummers while playing with Herbie Hancock’s group in the early 1970’s. Mike became known as a major innovator through his incisive playing on Hancock’s Thrust album, which garnered him an international cult following. Mike has performed with jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock, Chet Baker, Tony Bennett, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, Bobby Hutcherson, Woody Shaw, Larry Coryell, Jack Wilkins, Wallace Roney, Geri Allen, Billy Childs, James Genus, Bob Hurst, Chris Potter, Onaje Allan Gumbs, Bobby McFerrin, Al Jarreau, Tim Ouimette has played trumpet for The Count Basie Orchestra, Keith Richard, Kenwood Dennard's Jaco-Fest, Ray Charles, They Might Be Gants, Judy Collins, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Cab Calloway Orchestra, Machito, Ray Barretto, Mario Bauza, Chico O'Farill, The 4 Tops, The Temptations and the National Tour of "Fosse" and can be heard on the soundtrack of the movie "Ray".

Thursday, May 31, 2012

After "Chillin" At Coachella, And Meetings On The Paramount Lot MarilynMusic Heads Back To NYC To Work On Their Ever Expanding Catalogue

MarilynMusic's Michael Gaines and Casey Conrad braved crowds of over one hundred thousand people and one hundred seven degree desert sun to experience the unique three day music marathon, known as Coachella 2012. "We felt right at home during the entire 3 days, surrounded by nonstop music and an endless parade of partying people." said Gaines. "It's was like an amusement park but instead of rides there's great music," observed Conrad, who flew in from New York. Conrad's trip also included meetings on the Paramount lot with legendary producer Gene Kirkwood, ("Rocky," "Pope of Greenwich Village,") to discuss an upcoming film project with MarilynMusic. "It's great to be involved with Gene again whom I've learned a great deal from having worked on several of his pictures. Gene understands the crucial link between music and film, and has expressed great confidence in what MarilynMusic has to offer the movie business." said Gaines. Back at MarilynMusic's NYC studio The Vertical Room, Conrad is busy finishing the mix on a new track titled "Be My Muse" featuring singer songwriter Zane Carney. He's also lead guitarist for the broadway show "Spiderman Turn Off The Dark", as well as the band "Carney" with his brother Reeve who happens to also star as Spiderman. "Zane is a great guitar player and singer we've worked with before and we're excited to feature his voice on our tunes," commented Conrad. MarilynMusic's Casey Conrad is also in the middle of producing an album for singer/songwriter Joanne Perica. A close friend and collaborator on numerous tunes, Perica recently completed the song "Bones" with Sony/ATV artist Thom Crawford, produced by Sacha Skarbek, (Adele,Train, Jason Mraz) and featured in an upcoming film Called "For No Good Reason" with Johnny Depp. "Joanne's record is a strong emotional statement, we're taking our time exploring several musical genres and it will be well worth the wait," said Conrad." There are some very talented musicians on this record including Gary Haase, Karen Cole, Jeff Mironov, Zane Carney, Phil Hamilton... There may also be some truly great guest stars featured. Names discussed include singer/songwriting juggernaut Sera Burus, (recently signed to Sony by L.A. Reid). Perica's record is due out in the fall. MarilynMusic's Michael Gaines is back in NYC to continue his collaboration with Conrad on their ever expanding song catalogue. They also recently got together with good friend and colleague, well respected writer/prod Gary Haase and made a licensing agreement to offer a significant selection of tracks from Haase's catalogue on "We're excited to have a talent of Gary's caliber associated with MarilynMusic." Gaines concluded.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The 1st Annual NoDa Summer Musicfest Promises To Bring A Plethora Of Live Music, Food, Drinks And Fun

The NoDa Summer Musicfest is a live music festival designed to promote the North Davidson, an diverse artistic area in Charlotte, NC. Known as the NODA district. This area has tremendous music and art resources which our event will assist in exposing the rich culture and opportunities to regional artists, bands and other industry related professionals. The event will host over 50 independent musical acts that span across many genres. The event will be held on 3 stages that will simultaneously crank the region’s best talent. We are also providing an international performance opportunity for a regional band. The band will perform a live simulcast during our event from the City of Fort Saskatchewan, Canada Day Celebrations July 1st in front of 10k-15k people.

The event is being hosted at The Chop Shop, 399 E. 35th St, Charlotte, NC 28205. The venue offers more than 5000 sq. feet of bar space with a spacious multi-level stage, room for over 400 patrons and an awesome atmosphere for pure enjoyment.

This event is being organized by the founders of the Midatlantic Music Conference. From 2002 – 2008, the Mid-Atlantic Music Conference solidified itself as the largest and longest running music conference in the Mid-Atlantic States. The event has hosted over 1000 performers, artists and bands from the US, Canada and around the world. Additionally, more than 450 music, film and digital entertainment industry professionals have participated in interactive panels, displays and demonstrations, making it the premier music industry networking event in the market!

Past participants in their events have included executives from major and independent record labels such as Sony/BMG, J-Records, Universal, BME, EMI Music Group, SoSoDef, Arista and Interscope Records. Other industry sponsors and participants include CD Baby, ASCAP, Electronic Musician, XM Radio, Masterwriter, Select-O-Hits, NC Bar Association as well as film and video game companies such as Southern Tip Films, Talent Link, The NC Film Commission and GRS Games, makers of the SIMS. During the 2008 conference, over 100 artists & bands crossing all genres of music performed in 5 of Charlottes hottest performance venues.

The event will take place on June 30th and July 1st from 4pm to 11pm nightly and it will be hosted at The Chop Shop NoDa at 399 35th Street, Charlotte, NC 28205.

For more information on the event please visit -

The Mod Men Of Nutty Are The "Mad Men" Of Music - Nutty's CD, Jetsetter Jazz To Be Released June 26

Now that "Mad Men" is back on TV and Mid-Century styles and architecture are the essence of hipster chic, delve into the world of NUTTY -- the band who performs Jetsetter Jazz -- a cool mash-up of renowned pop/rock vocals and melodies gliding over timeless jazz tracks. NUTTY harkens back to the time when 3-martini lunches were a staple and The Rat Pack held court at the Sands. The music was cool, and the band was hot. And these NUTTY cats play their asses off...artfully melding Sonny Moon's smooth, sassy vocals with arrangements that are seamless in their execution. It's like a crazy dream where some classic rockers named Jimi, Sting, Ray Davies and Neil Young put their words, riffs and melodies into music written by some jazz cats named Henry Mancini, Dizzy, Mingus and the Duke. NUTTY's sophomore CD release is appropriately titled Jetsetter Jazz! The Persuasive Sounds Of Nutty, consisting of 12 unbelievable cuts on one CD. Dig it...

Celebrating 12 Years; Websites, PR And Marketing For Entertainment - The Very Best And It's Affordable!

At OurGig, we are giving back to our communities in ways that we hope will make their most crucial challenges better for everyone involved. While, as a result of the Internet among other things, there is increasing interconnectedness between everyone and everything around the Globe, the majority of the wealth is increasingly being concentrated in the hands of a few. This has long been true in the music business where artists and musicians have shared in the fruits of their creativity in ways that are disproportionately less than the big music companies. In response to this disparity of wealth-which more than ever today is a worldwide trend-OurGig provides valuable, Internet-based tools to artists and musicians. These are typically individuals with the least amount money who we help re-capture their professional identities, bring them closer to managing their own affairs and allow them to participate in the revenue streams being generated by all kinds of new, social media which they would otherwise be left out of. Because of the number of artists that we have been able to provide these valuable tools to, we are successfully achieving our goal of "putting the music back in the hands of artists". A "radical" philosophy? Maybe-but it is one way we can contribute to helping make, in the words of Carne Ross, the author of "A Leaderless Revolution", a "better world". THE OURGIG DIFFERENCE Because of the interconnectedness that exists today like never before, each artist with only a few clicks, can make a difference. We provide a Global artist-musician community with the tools to make the differences they intend to make-through their art, through their messages and through their music. Actions in their own communities can have global impact. The tools that we provide to support them in this way include: - Providing artists at any level or time in life the valuable tools and resources that ensure they stay connected not just to fans but to valuable revenue stream. - Connecting new artists with resources to avoid pitfalls of bad or restrictive contracts and remaining independent wherever wise and possible. - Facilitating economic recovery for older artists utilizing reputation or accomplishments to open opportunities and revenue beyond active years. - Creating and developing networks in all genres and professions where likeminded artists can share benefits far beyond their own circles or communities. For more information about what we do please visit WWW.OURGIG.COM

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adult Contemporary Band World5 Number 1 At Iheart Radio

Having released their debut album "Global Experience" May 1st of this year, the band known as World5 has been the talk of the unsigned artist category at iHeart Radio's NEW Discover and Uncover top 20 song charts in the Hit and Adult categories within its first week of its release. The first of the two songs to make it into the top 20 category was the song "You and I" which debuted at number 6, and quickly rose to the number one position within the following two weeks, and has been in the top 5 for six consecutive weeks.

The newly released "Bring Your Heart Home" debuted in the top 5 of the Hit category of unsigned artists and moved into the number one position in the Adult category. Currently, both songs are enjoying the number 2 and 3 positions respectively in the Hit category. Most recently the song "Living (Give me a Reason)" debuted at number 5 and the song "So Sincere" debuted at number 6 in the unsigned Adult category this week.

Prior to its initial album release date, the band had released the single "You and I" which reached the number one position at various online internet radio outlets, and was later accompanied by a critically acclaimed promotional video. Within 5 days of the album release date, it reached the top 10. The band also has received critical acclaim from a variety of music critics, including Amazon giving the album a 5 star rating calling it "Refreshing and clear" and "picking up more momentum."

The songs that make up "Global Experience" were produced by Randy Miller, whose credits include the likes of Burt Bacharach and Destiny's Child. "Global Experience" is digitally distributed by Island Def Jam Digital Distribution.

For more information please go to

To see chart positions go to Clear Channel's iHeart Radio NEW: "Discover and Uncover" top 20 chart and select the unsigned icon for Adult and Hit categories

Swedish World Music Artist Malou Berg Releases Highly Anticipated Album "Den Inre Vagen" (The Inner Path)

Den Inre Vagen (The Inner Path) -- the latest release from Swedish World Music vocalist Malou Berg will be available on iTunes May 22nd on Malou Berg ProSongs AB. Berg's latest offering is a "modern mass" with a distinctly Gospel feel that is certain to deeply touch and amaze listeners. Den Inre Vagen (The Inner Path) was composed and arranged by Malou Berg and Anders Ekdahl. Created expressly for 3 soloists representing the tenants of Faith, Hope and Love. Berg's conviction and musical skill evoke an overwhelming musical experience, and her swelling musical suite will leave no one untouched. The piece features 20 separate, but related songs featuring vocalists Olle Persson ("Love"); Lena Maria Klingvall ("Faith") and Malou Berg ("Hope"); as well as a choir (Sacre Chouer), a band and a string quartet. "For several years I was talking about composing a piece of music with a beginning, a middle and an end," says Berg. "In the course of composing this album, I found myself writing for three individuals, three voices -- Faith, Hope and Love -- with different personalities, longings and weaknesses. They are all on the path of life, but on different distances from the final goal. They share a longing to find God, to be near, true and faithful to their heart as well as the difficulty of finding and walking their inner path and a quest to experience limitless love. Yes, Den Inre Vagen is about all of that." On the track, "Oppna Ditt Hjartas Dorr" ("Open the Door to Your Heart"), Berg offers a welcoming message of love and encouragement to start fresh and leave behind old baggage, while on "Hor Min Bon" ("Hear My Prayer") -- a choir sings of a yearning for God. The narrative weaves its compelling way through tracks like "Se Dig Om" ("Look Behind You") and "Jag Tror, Langtar Och Vill ("I Believe, I am Longing and I Want To") as the voices of Faith and Hope struggle with life's fundamental question, "How do you listen to your heart?" Ultimately, Berg's inspired narrative culminates with "Sla Hjarta Sla" ("Beat My Heart, Beat") which reminds the faithful avoid becoming mired down in bitterness and always allow hope and joy of life stay with you. A native of Stockholm, cabaret artist/composer/vocalist Malou Berg has performed on theater stages, and acted in both film and popular television series, and her songs have been covered by a variety of artists. Educated at the prestigious Adolf Fredrik Music School in Stockholm as well as the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Berg has received numerous awards including: a 1982 STIM (The Swedish equivalent of an ASCAP award) and a Certificate of Achievement in the Billboard Song Contest's Gospel category. In addition, Berg was awarded the 2009 Word-Prize at the annual WORDFESTIVAL for creating her own sensual and musical language, Pleiadian - as well as for her capability to, "inspire others to express themselves in singing the words and enjoying them." For additional information please visit:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Doug Tidstrand Releases Debut Album "Everything I Am"

Doug Tidstrand's long-awaited debut album "Everything I Am" is available everywhere May 15th through Blue Chair Music. Tidstrand's ten-track album is the culmination of years of writing and performing, and showcases this LA-based singer/songwriter's true musical talents. Tidstrand has a long musical history. He received a full music scholarship to Cal State Northridge, which afforded him the opportunity to major in voice and further hone his natural talents. Combining his classical training with his rock style vocals, Tidstrand continued to write, record and perform his original songs. In 2008, he began cultivating material for what would eventually become "Everything I Am." From title track "Everything I Am" to "I'll See You Through" and "Can't Let You Go," Tidstrand brings the listener on a journey that evokes strong emotion driven from his heartfelt lyrics. Tracks "War is Over" and "I Bleed" tackles heavier issues lyrically, but are complimented by Tidstrand's warm vocals. "Everything I Am" is a culmination of years of experience, and collaborative efforts with extremely talented and seasoned musicians and lyricists," says Tidstrand. In addition to releasing his debut, Tidstrand has scored a number of independent films and TV specials, including "Long Distance Princess," and "Empress Vampire." He has also worked with some of LA's finest and most sought-after studio session musicians. To preview "Everything I Am" visit iTunes: View the official music video for "I'll See Through You" here: For more information contact: pr(at)bfmdigital(dot)com Catch Doug Tidstrand LIVE on tour! 6/21: Los Angeles, CA @ Molly Malone's Track List: 1. Everything I Am 2. Bring It Around 3. War Is Over 4. I'll See You Through 5. Superhero 6. Can't Let You Go 7. I Bleed 8. Goodtown 9. 24 Angels 10. Praying For Myself

CDSoundMaster Releases ACTION! For PC And MAC

CDSoundMaster announces the release of the "ACTION!" Virtual Instrument and Loop/Sample Collection For Multiple Platforms.

The "ACTION!" Virtual Instrument and Loop/Sample Collection is especially tailored as an instrument for the Film Composer. “ACTION!” contains a large collection of original works from Monumental Audio, which is the Film Soundtrack and Cinematic Trailers division of CDSoundMaster. All sounds and musical works contained in the collection are professionally mixed and mastered, and are organized in instrument sound sets based upon tempo.

"The ACTION! Sampler is from CDSoundMaster’s “Cinematic Expressions” line of Virtual Instruments and Sample Collections. Michael Angel, CDSoundMaster, states that "ACTION! is designed with the Film Composer in mind, providing genre-specific sounds and musical themes for creating original music."

“ACTION!” is available for Windows PC as a VSTi Virtual Instrument in 32 bit and 64 bit versions, and is available for Macintosh OS as a VSTi and AU. Both platforms contain a ‘free’ version for unlimited evaluation and testing with the user’s system.

“ACTION!” is available at a special introductory price for a limited time.

"ACTION!" Virtual Instrument and Loop/Sample Collection Product Page:




BamaJam 2012 Adds HERRICK To All-Star Line-Up

Herrick has been added to the roster of stellar performers for the 2012 edition of BamaJam, arguably the South's most spectacular outdoor entertainment extravaganza. The Nashville based band recently pocketed the prestigious Country Song Award in the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards (IMA) for "Cry Memphis" from the band's 2012 debut album NEW DANCE. Herrick makes a triumphant return to BamaJam with the dynamic musicianship and intricate harmonies that proved to be a winning combination in the 2010 Jim Beam Battle of the Bands at the famed Alabama music festival. Fresh off their IMA win, the band returns to BamaJam 2012 joining a star-studded roster that includes Tim McGraw, Zac Brown Band, Kid Rock, Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, Sheryl Crow, Jamey Johnson, Eric Church and Gov't Mule, to name a few. Herrick is set to perform on June 14th at the fest. From the BamaJam Music Festival to the Grand Ole Opry, Herrick continues to grip music fans and industry professionals alike with a dynamic live show combined with compelling songwriting and comprehensive instrumentation, posing a triple threat affair that has established the band with a stronghold on the touring circuit with an average 125 shows a year. NEW DANCE is produced by Herrick with Buddy Cannon and Michael Bonagura and released on Breakaway Entertainment. The forthcoming single "Do You Love Me" will hit radio this summer. Herrick is comprised of Donna Herrick (mandolin/lead vocals), Kerry Herrick (bass/vocals), Zach Ballard (drums/percussion), and Jefferson Rogers (lead guitar/lap steel/acoustic guitar). Check out for show dates and ticket information. BamaJam 2012 is a production of BamaJam Productions, LLC. For more information about BamaJam, please visit

Sunday, May 27, 2012

iWantJam Wants Your Band To Join Its Ranks

Cairo-based entrepreneurs and bothers Moataz El-Gohary and Moe Gohary announced the upcoming beta launch of iWantJam, a brand new type of music site that aims to connect musicians and fans worldwide through live shows, video streaming and social media. In anticipation of the launch, musicians and bands worldwide are invited to enter for consideration to be an 'iWantJam Endorsed Musicians' at

IWantJam will be selecting a very limited number of endorsed acts, each receiving prominent exposure through the website such as their music exclusively streamed on the homepage, enhanced artist profile as well as promotion through iWantJam social media sites. Artists and bands will be selected based on a set of criteria reflecting iWantJam's mission: focused on live music and touring and connecting with fans worldwide through social media.

The functionality of IWantJam allows artists to perform at venues anywhere in the world and stream the video in real time to an international audience through the website. This is a major development for bands who want to increase their following, and also benefits venues as they too enjoy the benefits of a significantly expanded audience. Fans benefit by being able to view live concerts anywhere in the world that are streamed via IWantJam, and they can also provide immediate feedback to the performers. IWantJam takes the interaction between fans, artists, and venues to a whole new level. It's the next best thing to being there, and maybe even better as you're sure to avoid the nightmare traffic jams, long walks, and crowds that we've all experienced, which are all too commonplace at concerts. More choices, live performances, and greater interaction between artists and fans: Welcome to IWantJam.