Friday, July 1, 2011

The Spirit Of Peace And Music Festival! August 19, 20 And 21, 2011, Freeport, IL America's Heartland

This summer, Scully Entertainment, LLC is holding a new event titled The Spirit of Peace and Music Festival. The Spirit of Peace & Music Festival seeks to bring together the best of the nations’ up and coming artists while giving some of the worlds’ best emerging bands a national platform and launch pad.

The three day event kicks off Friday, August 19th, 2011 with 40+ artists showcasing some of the best, hardest working indie bands from across the world, along with internationally established groups.

Chevelle, Everclear, Filter, BoDeans, Los Lonely Boys,Tonic, Joshua James, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, and Davin McCoy, with 40+ up and coming artists are rocking the stages! With artists and vendors also showcasing their wares on festival grounds, all participants are working toward a common goal: bringing back the spirit of peace and music and putting Freeport on the musical map of the world.

A grassroots project through and through, the residents of the town of Freeport, IL are intimately involved in every aspect of The Spirit of Peace and Music Festival supported by Mayor George Gaulrapp, with citizens and local businesses investing both money and product to make the event a success not only this inaugural year, but for many years to come. More than 40,000 people are expected to attend.

The setting is in Freeport, Illinois, in the midst of America’s heartland. The festival grounds are surrounded by corn fields, barns, grain silos, and grazing livestock - a pastoral setting that will temporarily be rocked by 40,000 visitors who come seeking a weekend of brotherhood and high quality music in this peaceful, rural setting.

About Scully Entertainment, LLC: Patrick Scully is an Entertainment Specialist with a flair for putting the “Wow” into corporate and special events. As Founder and Creative Director of Scully Entertainment, he has produced hundreds of bold and imaginative shows for companies across Northern Illinois and is initiating one of the hottest showcasing festivals in North America.

The Production Team - A collection of the country’s most successful festival producers form the SOPAM production team:

David Hogan: (Hogan Entertainment) is Operations Director for mutiple festivals and venues in the US including the Spirit of the Suwannee Music park Live Oak, Florida. David is one of the industry’s most well respected and successful festival operations guy and has assisted the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in becoming the Souths #1 live music venue that features well known events such as Wanee, The Suwannee River Jam & The Bearcreek Music Fest. David has more than 20 years experience in all elements of festival production. There is no detail too small, nor too complicated for David. He delivers a seamless, organized, quality production every time.

Fred Brennan: Known regionally and nationally as one of the most talented entertainment bookers of his generation, Fred is a walking encyclopaedia of music- of all genres, all decades and is a master of rock and roll trivia.

Spring boarding out of a 20-year radio career on-the-air and as a major market Program Director, Fred Brennan jumped into the deep end of directing, programming, and producing live entertainment in his hometown of Chicago. From 2001 to 2009, Fred’s portfolio included programming and producing more than 25 festivals and 4 concert series annually; booking and handling over 6,000 bands in the process.

Since that time, his “soup to nuts” ethic with talent and production has been utilized by National Touring Clients, Concerts and Festivals around the country, and with Music Placement Firms for Film & Television, where he has been brought in to assist

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Saint Anger - "Between Us"

Hip Hop/R&B artist Saint Anger’s video “Between Us” featuring J. Tait is a reminder that even in the hard core world of rap, there’s room for love. This is a video and track that you’ll want to be watching when it’s time to chill out with that special someone after a long day or right before a long night. With a smooth, swagging beat and lyrics, this is definitely one to chill by. Live shots of the artist and his lady love in various places keep the video real and the focus on the lyrics, which are tight and sweet. Sometimes when you get back from the club, you need to soften it up just a bit to get the mood right, and Saint Anger fills that void with “Between Us.” He’s is on top of his game with this one in all respects.

Saint Anger - "Between Us"

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Indie Stir-Fry Marketing

Thanks to China's Great Firewall, nearly all of the sites we rely on to connect with fans are blocked in China. Facebook, twitter, YouTube,... all blocked. Language is also a bigger barrier as chinese surfers are less accustomed to surf english-language sites than other non-english websurfers. As such, you have no digital presence in China (as opposed to India or Indonesia where Facebook is very popular). MusicDish China can help you put an anchor on China's digital shores with Indie Stir-Fry Marketing. For more information go to:

MusicDish China's got talent

We are proud to present MusicDish China's new lineup of bands! PALE [Houston : Indie Rock] Sonically compatible with bands like Dredg, Radiohead and Muse, life for the Houston-based quartet started almost a decade ago when they came together based on a common love of powerful, thought-provoking music. South Froggies [Paris : Electro Jazz] South Froggies successfully launched their unique sound through "Jazzion," the famed St Germain des Pres Cafe in 2001 compilation, and have appeared on many compilation worldwide over the years. Gubber Gun [Southampton : Alternative Rock] With influences ranging from Def Leppard, Cheap Trick and Jimmy Eat World, Goober Gun craft slabs of anthemic rock, combined with a lyrical and musical depth that has won over audiences around the UK and beyond. The Amazing Insurance Salesmen [Beijing : Post Punk Rock] Led by Zhang Si'an, one of China's most promising guitarist, 2010 GBOB China winner AIS played their melodic punk and progressive rock sound at Beijing s most famous venues and some og China's biggest festivals. Pet Conspiracy [Beijing : Electro-Punk Rock] MTV Band of the Month in 2009, Best Electro Band in China in 2010... Halfway between an art project and a punk rock show, Pet Conspiracy have become popular in China and abroad for their powerful and borderline live acts.

PlanetRox Hong Kong China FINAL

We are delighted to announce that these FIVE bands are now in the finals of Planetrox China:

Shotgun Politics
Noughts and Exes

ONE of these five bands will win this “once in a lifetime” opportunity to fly to Quebec, Canada in September 2011 to participate in Envol et Macadam Alternative Music festival. This festival has been running for over 15 years and in 2011, some of the headlining acts including Rise Against and Flogging Molly.

PlanetRox China Final 2011 Saturday 9th July 2011 Backstage, 1/F., 52-54 Wellington st. Central 10pm – 1am HK$120 (including one beer) Special guests: F.B.I.

AUDIENCE votes counts for 50% and JUDGES votes counts for 50%. Come and watch the show and choose your favourite band to win! (Judges include local media music writers as well as respected music industry professionals.)

More information, please view the facebook event:

Conscious Hip Hop Message From Artist Precise Teaches Personal Responsibility Is Not History

Chicago based lyricist Eddy "Precise" Lamarre is capturing the attention of fans old and new with his first solo project "My Life" and the inaugural single from the album, "It's On Me". Shot on location at the Du SABLE Museum of African American History in Chicago, the "It's On Me" music video is leading the charge to bring positive messages to the community and has regional media outlets like WGN and the Chicago Examiner rushing to talk about this artist.

More than just a Conscious Rap video, "It's On Me" has DJ's from around the world talking and moving on this piece. "It's a really dope record and I am ready to make something happen on my end!" says DJ D Doxx (President of Lord Gang's DJ's). "Hot Hip-Hop ish!" declares Didier "DJ Emiliot" Emile Perrot of the Core DJ's Africa/Slip-N-Slide DJ's. Hip-Hop DJ KD (Atlanta) says, "Precise single is very playful!" "It's On Me" is "Cadillac music that has a nice flow!", according to DJ Starr Child and DJ Fly-Bee certifies that "Precise's "It's On Me" is definitely a hit!"

"Precise", as Lamarre is known in the entertainment community, has been immersed in the music culture from childhood, his father was also a musician and being of Haitian descent, music was a part of his daily life. "Growing up in a Haitian household, music was always prevalent", Precise recalls.

Beginning his career as a DJ, Precise knew he wanted to rap and moved in that direction by competing in a talent events and forming a group called Nubearth with other local artists. Positive feedback and gaining an opening slot for Hip Hop legend "Common", at Northern Illinois University, led to Precise venturing into his current solo project. This type of exposure was invaluable as it helped build Precise's ability to express himself musically, lyrically and command the stage. The stage is a natural setting for him to entertain, perform and educate via messages from his life experiences.

"I would describe my rap style as lyrical substance drawing from the original blueprint of the hip-hop culture," Precise states. Precise is a Conscious rapper in the vein of real Hip Hop as put forth by the legends that have come before. Precise's influences range from hip-hop legends KRS-One, Rakim, Slick Rick, Black Thought of The Roots, Guru of Gangstar and Mos Def who were instrumental in shaping Precise's style as a lyricist. Besides Hip-Hop, Precise also attributes some of his musicality to greats like Sting, George Benson and U2. His stage name is in respect to Gangstarr and selected from their single "Precisely The Right Rhyme".

Precise's positive and spiritual energy radiates throughout the project and life. He remembers the essence of Hip-Hop and his roots that will elevate him up the musical ladder. Also, Precise's mission is to preserve this rich culture while utilizing his gift to uplift and educate his people, specifically the youth.

"My belief in God and knowing that he has given me a gift to share with the world has helped to overcome that doubt. I have no fear." - Precise

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader - "Windows Tinted Grey"

The video, "Windows Tinted Grey" by hip hop/rap master Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader jumps off with a very nice beat and the chant "Windows Tinted Grey/Rollig down the highway/." It's a smoking testimony to getting your high on in motion. The track is absolutely one that will make anyone hit the dance floor and party hard, and this groove will give you a high all by itself. The SUV/minivan that Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader is driving as he slams down very tight lyrics reminds you of the front of an airplane, but with the way this song and video take off, it's all good. This artist takes the art of making nice beats with cool lyrics to a new level, and the result is funk-tastic!

Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader - "Windows Tinted Grey"

Lloyd Banks, Fred Da Godson, & Oun-P Perform At The The Bronx Knows Concert For HIV Testing

For the first time ever, the New York City Department of Health, NYC Knows, Hot 97 and its partners, hosted one of the most talked about concerts in New York: The Bronx Knows Concert for HIV Awareness.

The message of "Stay Safe, Get Care, & Get Tested" was conveyed through a series of PSAs that appeared in the greater NYC area.

The NYC DOH offered free tickets to the concert at the Paradise Theater in Bronx, NY, in exchange for getting an HIV test on or before June 24th -- the headliner of the concert being none other than golden child Lloyd Banks, who, in this past year, has become one of the most prominent forces in much so, in fact, that none other than the NY Times named Banks (real name: Christopher Lloyd) "the most important rapper" in New York City.

And Banks, of course, kept his steady, stealthy pace at this performance: blazing through a 30 minute set in a deluge of sweat, he ran the gamut from old ("On Fire" & "I'm So Fly," both from his debut album HUNGER FOR MORE) to new ("I Don't Deserve You" & "Start it Up," both from his recent offering, HUNGER FOR MORE 2).

Banks, however, is at his best when he lets his guard down -- when he eschews the groupie-chasing "Blue Hefner" persona in favor of his true person: a wise "G" who has taken the road less traveled (which, as Robert Frost would say, makes all the difference) & has a bit of life experience to impart to the masses.

Innately aware that the masses that were listening were impressionable & expectant, he encouraged the audience to stay in school & listen to their parents -- pointing out that he would have finished the former had he done the latter -- and to, above all else, follow their dreams. Banks' words of wisdom was a nice finish to a strong concert that imparted a positive message.

Other performances included Fred Da Godson, Oun-P, & several local area artists.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Dez I's New Single "Rucktuk Girl" Making Waves On The Internet

Dezi’s highly anticipated single, “Rucktuk Girl” featuring Ms. Lady Kayne, is finally upon us. Released by Atlanta-based New Creations Records, “Rucktuk Girl” is destined to become the signature record of 2011! Dezi’s ability to fuse reggae with other musical genres like hip hop, R&B, pop, and dancehall gives him a sound that is unmistakably fresh and uniquely him.

Dezi is no stranger to the spotlight having already had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Collie Buddz, 50 Cent, Lil Boosie, and Rita Marley (wife of Bob Marley). His resume also includes appearances on BET and great success at multiple Tastee Talent Competitions. Dezi Boyd’s music is empowering, educational, entertaining, and uniquely him; no other artist can capture the best of so many musical genres like Dezi. His broad musical appeal and charismatic persona have made him an international superstar who will only continue to rise.

For booking information on Dezi Boyd, visit or contact

Blasians Unite On Yani Simone's Hit Single "After Hours"

Atlanta recording artist Yani Simone has released her much anticipated debut single "After Hours" on Outliers Music Group Label (OMG) Yani collaborated with up and coming Asian Rapper Vickz on the After Hours single.

Yani, an Atlanta native currently residing in Chicago, is the first artist signed to the OMG record label. Having been in Outliers Music Groups artist development program, Yani has transitioned into a true 360 degree performer being that she is a trained actress, songwriter and recording artist. Yanis songwriting and vocal skills are on display in her new single "After Hours."

"After Hours" was engineered by Grammy Award winning engineer Mike Wilson at Atlantas iconic Patchwerk recording studio. The song is a dance friendly, crossover Pop record with a driving, thumping beat. "After Hours" features collaboration with Vickz, and seamlessly blends Vickz Urban and Yanis Pop styles, dynamically pumping life and grit into whats sure to be a classic club banger. Outliers Music Groups CEO Lynx Lewis comments: "The Yani Simone/Vickz collaboration on After Hours is contrasting and dynamic. Its a Blasian Invasion."

Yani has international appeal. Yanis single After Hours is currently playing in rotation on Jango Radio where she has accumulated nearly 2500 Fans located throughout the world who has contributed nearly 600 comments about Yani and her music. According to Yani: "Its amazing that people in Asia, Africa and Europe like my music! I cant wait to perform concerts throughout the world!"

OMG CEO Lynx Lewis who envisioned doing a record pairing Yani and Vickz responds to working with Vickz: "Its always interesting bringing different music and cultures together in the creative process. Yanis single After Hours proves that Black & Yellow mixes very well together!"