Friday, September 18, 2015

Sankarshan Das Adhikari Pursues Global Societal Change By Releasing His New Single "The Peace Formula"

Sankarshan Das Adhikari is a revolutionary singer and songwriter who is changing the world with his new hit single "The Peace Formula." His glorified single is now available for purchase on iTunes store. Sankarshan is a humble man with a fierce passion for world peace. "The Peace Formula" is an amazing song filled with truth, hope, and the answer of the long searched formula for peace.

In his new debut single "The Peace Formula" Sankarshan Das Adhikari talks about changing the world and bringing about peace through music. His original sound, inspired by Bob Dylan, is now rising from obscurity. Sankarshan uses "Peace Formula" to coolly, melodically, and rhythmically challenge the world's leaders to accept and implement a formula which will bring unparalleled peace and happiness to the entire world. He speaks directly to the world's leaders and guides them towards a path where the supreme owner is the one who has true control of the world.

About Artist:
Sankarshan Das Adhikari is a singer/songwriter/visionary who is part of the revival of the mid 60's scene. He has performed at Houston's very own, Sand Mountain. Being frustrated with the chaos and violence he saw in the world, in 1968, he hitchhiked two thousand miles to San Francisco. Here, he devoted himself to becoming a full time writer. He sang songs that brought higher consciousness to the world. Sankarshan Das Adhikari shared the stage with the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in the Polo Fields concert on May 7th, 1969.

After seeing increased violence on the West Coast, he decided to travel to Austin, Texas, in 1970, where he performed free concerts on the South Mall of the University of Texas. Due to his rising fame, an article about him was published on The Daily Texan newspaper. One of the students was quoted saying that Sankarshan Das Adhikari was "The happiest, most optimistic person I've ever heard."

Today, after gaining the knowledge needed to embrace peace, he is sharing a new genre of enlightening music with the rest of the world. He tours the world twice a year spreading his message to people in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

"The Peace Formula" is now available on iTunes.

For more information contact
Phone: 512-999-1234

Ivan Modoni Shares New Single "NUMB"

Buy single here:

Following on from his previous silky releases "Indigo" and "Desert Mantra" Ivan Modoni has shared his new emotionally charged single "NUMB"

The single oozes sophistication, with raw smokey melodies that swirl around Ivan's gently sung vocals. Ivan's soulful voice spins a heartfelt tale about love in his soothing and fragrant delivery.

"NUMB" is a love song that twists and turns with the feelings of doubt and fear in the uncertainty of break up. Fuelled by the experience, Ivan sets about carving his uniquely tripped-out sound, with shades of gritty Pop, eclectic Dance and hearty R&B.

While still a newcomer, Ivan's aura surpasses the time he's been releasing music. Creating music that breathes escapism, Ivan's cuts and bruises of young life, pens him lyrics and alluring songs to share.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Do You Believe In Magic? Brilliantly Inventive Fantasy Musical Audiobook For Tweens and "Kids at Heart!"

"Do You Believe In Magic?" (DYBIM) is a brilliant, inventive alternative Rock Opera Musical for tweens & all "kids at heart" who resonate with the fantasy genre (think Into The Woods, Once Upon A Time & Harry Potter). Creator Lisa Sniderman does not disappoint! This musical masterpiece takes listeners on a spellbinding journey to the cursed kingdom of Wonderhaven where a muse (Aoede) has a secret & enchanted books & witches break into song! Audiences will embrace the colorful characters, the compelling story, the infectious songs, danceable duets, narration & full musical score.

DYBIM? (along with What Are Dreams Made Of? (WADMO 2013) & Is Love A Fairy Tale? (2012)) was produced, engineered & orchestrated by Aoede’s chief collaborator, Scrote (who has worked with Jackson Browne, Van Dyke Parks, Daniel Johnston & The Stripminers). Stellar musicians featured include: Craig Eastman, Peter Adams, Mike Klooster, Tim Young, Isaiah Gage, David Sands, Blair Sinta, Scrote & Aoede/Lisa Sniderman. In addition to the return of narrator Kevin Ponthier (who narrated both WADMO & Is Love A Fairy Tale?) & the spirited David Yow as Luk, the collection includes San Francisco Bay Area musical theater actors, who lend their dynamic voices to the characters. Tracks were recorded in Berkeley, San Francisco & Los Angeles, California. The project was mastered by Rainer Gembalcyzk.

"I create fantasy musicals and am drawn to young adult stories, adolescent struggles and Greek mythology. My musical stories reflect them, inspiring, entertaining and connecting with young adult audiences, who are underserved musically; encouraging creativity and imaginative play. I wanted to continue Aoede’s adventures in Wonderhaven and have always been fascinated with magic. In this story, the magical Kingdom of Wonderhaven is under a malicious memory curse and rapidly losing it's magic. Aoede, the Muse of Song, believes she has no use or magic; yet she is plagued with a big secret and is the only one who can save magic and the Kingdom. It is more than mere fantasy; it is about belief in yourself."

View here:
Available for purchase here:

For more info about Aoede:
Contact Aoede/Lisa Sniderman:

For digital distribution inquiries, please contact Jerome Forney at IDCDigital, at

For more information contact: Danie Cortese @ DCE International Direct:

"Percy Jackson meets Into The Woods!"

"From concept to reality to a strong production quality-this works, and is a winner, and I "Do believe in magic"!"

"... an enticing, well written musical theater production that captivates audiences through a fantasy world, creativity and an unbelievable amount of talent that is involved with this project. 5 star rating!"

Respect Your Legacy Records Launches the Moonface Riddim

The first official riddim release from the newly formed label is available now on Band Camp and will be launched across all major digital platforms at the end of October.

The riddim is produced by Blee and features five songs from artists from all over the world. There's Singa Vytal and Halogy from Jamaica, Mani Comio out of Italy,Rudeboy Jett from St Croix and Blee from Montserrat via UK.

The Moon Face Riddim is the first in what will be a series of Dancehall and Reggae riddim EPs to come from the label.

Make It - Singa Vytal
Hunt Fi Di Money - Halogy
Street Life - Rudeboy Jett
Metropolis - Mani Comio
Next Time Around - Blee feat. ryaneye

About Respect Your Legacy Records
Founded by artist/producer Blee, Respect Your Legacy Records focuses on the promotion of artists and music from the Caribbean. As a native of the volcanic island of Montserrat himself, Blee feels it is important to focus on the nurturing and development of talent from the island as well as throughout the Caribbean where there is a wealth of talent waiting to be discovered.

New album release from Angela Predhomme: 'Will'

Singer / songwriter Angela Predhomme, whose songs have been featured in numerous TV shows, commercials and films, just released a new full-length album entitled "Will." This follow-up to Angela's much-praised 2013 album "Let It Fall" definitely delivers.

Soulful melodies and intriguing lyrics hit the spot throughout this refreshing singer-songwriter collection. Here, Predhomme's lyrics and vocal delivery show not only depth and passion, but also seem to transcend the songwriter's point of view to softly touch the listener. Through her songs, she explores a dramatic journey through cheerful optimism, sweet love, determination, pain, and self-reflection. Emotion is front and center in this compelling collection of music that spans everything from stripped down acoustic pop to full band bluesy rock, classic R & B, and jazz.

Predhomme's past work has received widespread praise, and helped to cultivate a sizeable fan base both nationally and internationally through radio play, retail music providers, and streaming sites.

Some songs on "Will," such as the bluesy "Vinyl Voodoo (featuring John E. Lawrence)," and "Natural" showcase musicians from the rich talent bed of Detroit, with its deep Motown roots. Other songs are more intimate, like the sweetly captivating simple acoustic track, "Extra Day." The album's fourth track, "Living in a Love Song," with its catchy melody and overall great vibe, has all the makings of a pop radio hit.

Credits to date for Predhomme's music include song placements in Lifetime TV's "Dance Moms," a major ING Bank ad campaign, NBC's hit show "The Voice," TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," Hallmark's original movie, "A Lesson in Romance," and many more. Songwriting awards include finalist in Adweek's advertising music contest and in Song of the Year song contest.

See Predhomme's website for upcoming tour dates.

Stream the entire album, "Will," on Soundcloud here:

Photos, bio, music, and a performance schedule are available at:, and also at

Contact: Chris Farina

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Michael Resin's Album "Emotion Sickness" in Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and more With Bongo Boy Records

On September 1, 2015 Bongo Boy Records announced the release of "Emotion Sickness"; the debut full album by Swiss recording artist Michael Resin. The 10 track album is making its way to Hong Kong with Bongo Boy Records distribution partner Kanjian. This release will be available in Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Asian countries.

Michaël Resin residents in Lausanne, Switzerland and took accordion and singing lessons at a very young age. Recently he released a few singles and two albums with Stéphane Resin under the group name Be-Boys. In 2015 Michaël recorded his first solo single called "Point Of No Return" of his new album "Emotion Sickness". A second single "What I Feel For You" was remixed by French recording artist and producer Benjamin Karmer. On June 6th the third single "Only Human" was released; proceed of the sale of this single goes to aid the children's of Africa. The song is a message of Peace and Freedom.

As Music Video Director (The Team Pool Label), Michael has promoted many great music videos by artists like Betty Chrys and Benjamin Karmer and others on The Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV show series; a TV show series that is filling the void that MTV once dominated on National TV (USA) produced by Grammy member Gar Francis and Monique Grimme.

In June Michael's music video "Only Human" aired on Television in New York City and went in heavy rotation Coast to Coast on 33 TV Channels later that month. This month his music video "Emotion Sickness" is airing on National Television with 10 major cable companies like Time Warner, NBCUniversal Comcast, FiOS, Charter Cable and others.

Michael is making his debut on Bongo Boy Records with his solo album "Emotion Sickness" and Bongo Boy Records is proud to add Michael to their growing International roster.

"Emotion Sickness" is available for digital downloads in Asia with Bongo Boy Records - Asia

Also with Asian online retail sites like KKBOX, Ezpeer, Omusic, Taiwan Mobile, OMusic, Xiami, China Telecom, China Unicom and many others.

1.Emotion Sickness
3.What I feel For You
4.Believe In Love
5.Point Of No Return
6.I'm Free
7.Thousand Tears (Feat Benjamin Karmer)
8.Falling of deaf Ears
9.Only Human
10.Goodbye or not (feat Betty Chrys)

Available on Amazon, iTunes later this month.
Artist official website:
Twitter @michaelresin


Media contact:
Monique Grimme (908) 455-1576
Bongo Boy Records

Monday, September 14, 2015

Swiss Recording Artist Michael Resin Receives Starlight Music Chronicles Review with Approval

Emotion Sickness | Michael Resin
Bongo Boy Records | Asia

I am a romantic, a deep romantic and when I have those 'moments' when I have the urge to watch a vintage movie, or even a modern drama, or even a play (Phantom of the Opera is my personal favourite), I know I can keep working, ignore that urge, and not waste a moment watching these films. Why? Well, Swiss-born Michael Resin has wrapped up all of these 'desires' in his brand new album (Released September 1st, 2015) by Bongo Boy Records and it is absolute magic to the ears! And all I have to do is hit the 'play' button on my laptop and I am in 'my zone'. It is just that fabulous.

Review by CA Marshall – Chief Editor | Music Reviewer| Starlight Music Chronicles -

Heart-wrenching, languid, and sincere lyrics in absolutely every track elicit something deep within and I believe that this is the Artist's goal as is suggested by the Album title: 'Emotion Sickness'. I have been privy to listen to most of Resin's tracks prior to the album release and I have to say that he has created a truly beautiful album which touches on every emotion of the human heart: sadness, desire, passion, frustration, anger, depression, and desperation. In life we all have emotions that we must face and/or conquer and the emotions derived from Love, Fear, Desperation, Desolation, and Circumstance is exactly what Resin has created: and he hits the nail on the proverbial head every single time in every single song. This is created with not only his brilliant vocal ability but also through gorgeous piano ballads that will truly pull at the heartstrings. Vocals and instrumental combined, it is truly magic.

But let's talk about the song 'Only Human' for a moment here. After all, this was my very first experience listening to Resin via Bongo Boy TV. His video for the song was included in the episode I was reviewing and I remember that when the song had ended, I hit rewind. Then I hit rewind again. Then once more. I was absolutely blown away: I had never heard anything as beautiful as that song in my lifetime. Audibly you can hear the European flair in his vocals which only lend complete candor to this hauntingly beautiful song. 'Only Human' is truly, the jewel in this albums crown.

Going deeper, there are collaborations in this release including the lovely gentle lyrics of French-born Betty Chrys in 'Goodbye or Not', a beautiful love duet (she has the vocal ability of Barbara Streisand here in 'The Way We Were') which elicits the struggles some couples face in their relationships: to go or to stay. Then there is the collaboration with Benjamin Karmer (also French), in the song 'Thousand Tears' which speaks to the heart about loss and coping with grief and Resin clearly and beautifully demonstrates in this ballad that it is perfectly okay to 'not hide' these emotions (through tears) because it is human to grieve in this way.

Other tracks in the album such as 'Paralyzed', 'What I Feel For You', 'Believe in Love, 'Point of No Return', 'I'm Free', and 'Falling of Deaf Ears' are also stunning tracks and are consistent with the albums theme.

I am pretty selective when it comes to what I put on my iPod these days (after all, they can only hold so many songs right?) and I listen to hundreds of different genres and songs and artists every week. But with all due respect, this is an album which WILL be playing on my laptop steadily as I work. It has inspired me, lifted my spirits, understood my own struggles in life, and has brought me back to the very beginning, only several months ago when I first heard the enchanting vocals of Michael Resin. And that is the point dear readers: when an Artist leaves that kind of impression, they have succeeded in their creation as a truly gifted Artist. Make no mistake about it, Michael Resin, is that Artist.

This album is Starlight Music Chronicles approved! Well Done!

Artist: Michael Resin
Record Label: Bongo Boy Records. LLC

Advocate Launches Multi-Faceted 'Movie' Track Across Multi-Media Platforms To Advance The 'Right To Be Hostile' Album On Ingrooves – Universal Worldwide With Indiepower

ADVOCATE is a New Jersey MC that paints pictures with his words and content. Advocate's Expression of art through his life experiences and his peers surrounding him. Advocate celebrates the release of his song entitled 'Movie', with an exciting new deal with INDIEPOWER & their distribution network with INGROOVES-UNIVERSAL-FONTANA. Advocate's word play and conversely Advocate (ADV for short) listening to hip hop at the age of five years old and started writing and composing at the age of eleven years old and grew over time to indulge in the hip hop culture and be a part of it by the influences of 2pac, Nas, Jadakiss, Eminem, Ice Cube and many others. After putting out two underground mixtapes Advocate wanted to start his record label and contribute to the art form of hip hop with a lasting tribute through business and himself as an artist which advocate established his label may of 2013. In 2015 Advocate put out his first hit single "Movie" and ready to launch his first LP called 'The Right To Be Hostile' where Advocate is expressing the frustration of the world as a young adult in his 20's and personal conflict that he has to conquer also dealing with the outside forces of his environment.

Advocate is an open minded individual MC not scared to take risk and chances in his career and personal life. He doesn't want to just stop with music goals he also wants to cross over and become a better entrepreneur, with extensive ventures in mind.

Advocate wants to accomplish more than anything longevity through making great composing art and creating great production. Advocate also wants to help artist that he signs to be the best they can be through teaching and leading by example not just through the art form but in his personal life as well. Wants to enjoy the journey through life and career rather it be through the good, the bad, and the ugly time period of his life and career all of that awhile facing the harsh realities of the world. "ADVOCATE is a true artist", states INDIEPOWER CEO/Founder Jay Warsinske (who has been a part of launching such icons as DR.DRE, PAC, EMINEM, RAKIM, EAZY-E, KENDRICK LAMAR, ICE CUBE & many others), "he has a great song in the 'MOVIE' track & is on his way to great things!" Produced by Tyquein k.e.c.o Wright, Advocate talks about his new single, "My thoughts on writing the track "Movie" was coming from a different angle of the club perspective more from the guy/girl who wants to have fun with their friends in their own section of the club, have you ever been to the club and saw a person in VIP that no one knows? Well I came off that aspect and experience because wanted to write from the point of view of someone who works hard wants to get to the point with the female or a women wants to get to the point with the guy vice versa."

Advocate continues, "Want people to turn up and have fun. I actually capture the person who gets over looked in the club and he actuals comes out on top of the night. VIP section isn't the only section that turns up and has fun so I encourage people to create their own section were their peers and friends can have fun. I also tired of hearing wack DJs play list same old material, copying other DJs, so I touch on that as well in the song. I also wanted to capture a style of smooth but slick talking and my personality mixed with swagger and appeal." From his forthcoming album, ADVOCATE is an artist on the rise & is ready to prove his worth in the music & entertainment industry.


For More Info Contact : INDIEPOWER 818-505-1836