Monday, September 14, 2015

Advocate Launches Multi-Faceted 'Movie' Track Across Multi-Media Platforms To Advance The 'Right To Be Hostile' Album On Ingrooves – Universal Worldwide With Indiepower

ADVOCATE is a New Jersey MC that paints pictures with his words and content. Advocate's Expression of art through his life experiences and his peers surrounding him. Advocate celebrates the release of his song entitled 'Movie', with an exciting new deal with INDIEPOWER & their distribution network with INGROOVES-UNIVERSAL-FONTANA. Advocate's word play and conversely Advocate (ADV for short) listening to hip hop at the age of five years old and started writing and composing at the age of eleven years old and grew over time to indulge in the hip hop culture and be a part of it by the influences of 2pac, Nas, Jadakiss, Eminem, Ice Cube and many others. After putting out two underground mixtapes Advocate wanted to start his record label and contribute to the art form of hip hop with a lasting tribute through business and himself as an artist which advocate established his label may of 2013. In 2015 Advocate put out his first hit single "Movie" and ready to launch his first LP called 'The Right To Be Hostile' where Advocate is expressing the frustration of the world as a young adult in his 20's and personal conflict that he has to conquer also dealing with the outside forces of his environment.

Advocate is an open minded individual MC not scared to take risk and chances in his career and personal life. He doesn't want to just stop with music goals he also wants to cross over and become a better entrepreneur, with extensive ventures in mind.

Advocate wants to accomplish more than anything longevity through making great composing art and creating great production. Advocate also wants to help artist that he signs to be the best they can be through teaching and leading by example not just through the art form but in his personal life as well. Wants to enjoy the journey through life and career rather it be through the good, the bad, and the ugly time period of his life and career all of that awhile facing the harsh realities of the world. "ADVOCATE is a true artist", states INDIEPOWER CEO/Founder Jay Warsinske (who has been a part of launching such icons as DR.DRE, PAC, EMINEM, RAKIM, EAZY-E, KENDRICK LAMAR, ICE CUBE & many others), "he has a great song in the 'MOVIE' track & is on his way to great things!" Produced by Tyquein k.e.c.o Wright, Advocate talks about his new single, "My thoughts on writing the track "Movie" was coming from a different angle of the club perspective more from the guy/girl who wants to have fun with their friends in their own section of the club, have you ever been to the club and saw a person in VIP that no one knows? Well I came off that aspect and experience because wanted to write from the point of view of someone who works hard wants to get to the point with the female or a women wants to get to the point with the guy vice versa."

Advocate continues, "Want people to turn up and have fun. I actually capture the person who gets over looked in the club and he actuals comes out on top of the night. VIP section isn't the only section that turns up and has fun so I encourage people to create their own section were their peers and friends can have fun. I also tired of hearing wack DJs play list same old material, copying other DJs, so I touch on that as well in the song. I also wanted to capture a style of smooth but slick talking and my personality mixed with swagger and appeal." From his forthcoming album, ADVOCATE is an artist on the rise & is ready to prove his worth in the music & entertainment industry.


For More Info Contact : INDIEPOWER 818-505-1836

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