Friday, February 26, 2016

MusicDish Review: "Back Slider" By Young Fortune

"Back Slider" by Fortune Empire Records founder and rap/hip hop/pop artist Young Fortune is a catchy and dance inducing hip hop song.

Full of heart, emotion and passion, this song could easily be played in both trendy, intimate bars and pumping clubs.

A song about the hardships of life, it tells of how life can go from good to bad. However, that you've always gotta get back to the grind and hustle through what you don't like to achieve success again. it is about being at the top of one's game then crashing down to the old flow of life, the "grind again"!

The song has a beat where you quickly become immersed in the world of Young Fortune. It makes you forgot your own personal dilemmas as you listen to the struggles of another.

Listen to this song when you need a pick me up. When you need some inspiration. And when you need a heart felt hip hop dance session!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

IES 16 - the latest Edition of the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT, the Global Music & Entertainment Conference & Festival

What is being called by Industry & Worldwide Attendees "the Greatest Event in the World for Artists, Producers, Writers, Managers, Companies, Creative & Tech Entrepreneurs", I E S - the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT announces the special Fifth Anniversary edition of the acclaimed four day Music-Entertainment-Tech Conference & Festival August 10-13, 2016 in Los Angeles.

Held in the vibrant NoHo Arts District, in the Entertainment Capital of the World, IES - commonly referred to as 'the Indie Summit' is on the cutting edge of the music-film-video-TV-tech industries exploding evolution into a more independent, entrepreneurial & tech driven creative world. Led by longtime industry innovator Jay Warsinske & team of visionaries, IES features four days of impactful & cutting edge seminars, panels, workshops, keynotes, showcases, world premieres & networking events. Attendees have called the comprehensive & immersive experience 'like completing a Masters Degree in the modern Entertainment industry in 4 days!' & a 'career & life changing experience!'.

Covering all vital topics from cutting edge Social Media, Viral Video Marketing, Touring & Merchandising, Creating Hit Content, Driving Global Business, Endorsements & Sponsorships, Fan Funding & Innovative Platforms for Exposure, Financing, Artist & Business Development, & more - led by leaders in their respective areas of the business. IES features a staggering array of panelists & industry pros, including top CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents, VPs, COOs, Managers & Founders of leading companies in the National & International marketplaces.

In addition to the world renowned educational & informative curriculums, IES has an amazing history of the IES HONORS & World Premieres. IES HONORS inducts industry Trailblazers & Icons who have left a lasting impact on the creative & business sides of the industry. Past inductees, with members present or involved, at IES editions have included such Rock, Urban, Tech & Industry Innovators as TECH N9NE, PINK FLOYD, N.W.A, GUNS 'n ROSES, 2PAC, METALLICA, EARTH WIND & FIRE, OZZY, BONE THUGS 'n HARMONY, SAM COOKE, JANES ADDICTION, JIMI HENDRIX, EAZY-E, DEEP PURPLE, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, EMERSON LAKE & PALMER, THE WHO, ICONIC LABELS, FOUNDERS, INVENTORS, INNOVATORS & much more! Last year's IES ROCK HONORS inducted on their 40th Anniversaries the icons THE RAMONES, MOTORHEAD (in Lemmy's last months), & THE RUNAWAYS (with Cherie Curie, Joan Jett, Lita Ford & Kim Fowley's widow) - to the very day 40 years prior that they formed in the very area where IES is held! GUNS 'n ROSES' icon SLASH was also inducted & helped induct the others, all of whom helped shape his iconic career, on the eve of their long awaited reunion announcement!

Speakers, Panels, Keynotes, Honorees & more will be announced in the coming weeks on the website - registrations is now open with a special limited edition rate & an Interactive Pass for those unable to travel to & attend in person, enabling participants to watch the sessions from anywhere in the World, & even submit questions to panels & 'showcase' remotely via streaming video technologies. Key sponsors & supporting companies will be announced. For info on becoming a sponsors, email: & all other inquiries and to register call 818-505-9537 or email:

From IES' voluminous testimonials & raves, a few examples of the impact & importance of IES :

"I'm at I E S, the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT here in L.A., the entertainment capital of the world, & this is one of many years to come! It's 5 days of incredible speakers, many of the top leaders of the industry are freely giving serious knowledge, their trade secrets, & a ton of opportunities! There are so many interesting people & movers & shakers here at I E S, you can't afford not to be here! - " VIOLET BROWN - legendary Music & Entertainment exec; earned over 600 Gold & Platinum plaques, Top Exec with TECH N9NE/STRANGE MUSIC; credits include breaking DR.DRE, SNOOP DOGG, WU TANG, JAY-Z, JANET JACKSON, ICE CUBE, EMINEM & countless others.

"I predict within 5 years or less, the Indie Entertainment Summit will be to the independent entertainment world, what the Sundance Film Festival is to the film world. New aspiring artists, as well as seasoned ones, will make deals that will change their lives forever. Hats off to the IES Team for the courage & fortitude to make this revolutionary event happen on such an explosive scale." STEVE EGGLESTON : CEO, EGGMAN GLOBAL; major worldwide entertainment company, longtime industry veteran, corporate attorney, artist manager & innovative executive.

"If you're not at I E S, you aren't going to live to be a competitive artist these days! I E S feed your mind, feed your soul, they'll teach you which way to go!" - KEVIN BLACK : ex-President WARNER Urban, SVP INTERSCOPE & DEATH ROW; broke EMINEM, 2PAC, DR.DRE, SNOOP, 50 CENT, GAME & more.

"I E S is the best entertainment conference I've ever attended! In all my years at DISCMAKERS I've been to a LOT of conferences, seminars & trade shows, & the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT is by far the most comprehensive, highest level of speakers & most innovative MUST ATTEND event, every August in L.A.. If you're not at I E S, you are way behind the curve!" SYDNEY ALSTON, Management Executive DISCMAKERS; had two major label deals previous as a professional recording artist.

"You should check out I E S, this is an annual event that we'll ALL be going to for many years to come!" KEVIN LYMAN - CEO/Founder WARPED TOUR, longest running tour in US today, co-CEO MAYHEM FESTIVAL, COUNTRY FESTIVAL.

"The overwhelming sense of good will and great energy at the IES has made a lasting impression on me. To be able to share and exchange ideas with the audience, with peers and with industry professionals is absolutely invaluable. A new community is on the rise and am grateful to participate in the future growth of IES!" PETER RAFELSON - Legendary Hit Producer /Writer; credits include LADY GAGA, BEYONCE, MADONNA & dozens Top 10 Hits all Worldwide; Father created iconic Movies/TV Shows (MONKEES,EASY RIDER)

"You think you know about the music business, you think you know about the movie business, the TV business, the entertainment business.... If you are NOT at I E S, you're NOT in it! I've been doing this for over 25 years& I'm here STILL learning, there's SO many incredible people here to grow from, pick their brains, & compare notes with. The biggest people in these industries are at I E S giving back the knowledge to you guys to grow - you GET what you put INTO it! Patience + Sacrifice = SUCCESS! So If you are NOT at I E S , you are NOT in it! With so many years to come, & so much to learn here at I E S! It is a global business & lots of evolving parts of it, & I E S covers it all! If you miss this, you are NOT serious. If you're NOT here, you're not in it. PERIOD." STEVE LOBELL, CEO A2Z ENT., Manager BONE THUGS 'n HARMONY, MANN, RUN-DMC, NIPSEY HUSSLE, & more top acts.

"I'm a partner in the largest Label Group there is - home to legends like TECH N9NE, E-40, TOO SHORT, BONE THUGS 'n HARMONY, XZIBIT, DJ QUIK & more. I'm at I E S to educate these artists, so they become more attractive to our company or the industry to do business with. You are impacted by all these incredible veterans & legends, giving straight knowledge to you. Heavyweights galore at I E S, it's an unbelievable opportunity to grow & connect. Whether you're an artist, online marketer, if you're a label, a producer..... whatever, I E S is the place you've GOT to be! It's chock full of important people, & it's something I plan to be at every year& know the attending artists are more serious & signable. There's NO way you're going to have the opportunity to meet this long list of high caliber of people in one place in the Entertainment Capital! Looking forward to meeting you at I E S, August in L.A.!" - BRIAN SHAFTON, co-owner RBC RECORDS; operates the leading indie labels - STRANGE MUSIC (TECH N9NE), E-40, TOO SHORT, BONE THUGS, XZIBIT's labels & more.

"It takes a LOT of courage & it takes a lot of determination to be independent! To be yourself & not sound or look like anyone else. To get my IES HIP HOP HONOR award means a lot to me & my team. We are happy as f*ck, IES is a wonderful thing & I want to be the ONE that inspires the ones coming up, to do the same! You don't need to worry about what everybody else is doing, or what they think - just be yourself, independent & proud - don't EVER give up!" - TECH N9NE, the #1 independent artist in America; millions in sales, completely independent, with no airplay or mainstream support, 1000% indie.

"I came a long way to I E S to attend & speak at this event because it's a VERY important event. So do your career a favor & make sure you check out I E S & don't miss a minute of it next time! If you are SERIOUS about maximizing what you do, you gotta come to I E S, because you HAVE to learn how to do this thing right. It's a difficult & interesting business, it's a complex type of career, you can't just expect to walk in & do it at the level necessary. You gotta understand & develop everything about what you are doing & I E S is the place to do it!" - TOM JACKSON : #1 Live Show Producer / Consultant in the Industry; developed TAYLOR SWIFT into an arena superstar, & countless artists, author/expert.

"Wow, there's a LOT of GREAT PEOPLE at I E S ! - TED COHEN - New Media Guru, CEO of TAG STRATEGIC, ex-VP New Media, WARNER MUSIC, EMI, ind.leader.

"I'm proud of IES & the incredible event they put on in North Hollywood! The industry came out to support it big time which gave attendees the opportunity to be mentored and educated by notable professionals such as Peter Rafelson, Violet Brown, Brian Shafton & over 80 other top names.

I E S is an AMAZING opportunity for independent artists to propel their careers to new heights! The assembly of Entertainment Industry professionals accessible and willing to share their knowledge and experience makes this event a MUST ATTEND! The summit is a VITAL for anyone aspiring to make Entertainment their career!" - JAMES LEACH : VP, Writer/Pub Relations and West Coast Operations for SESAC, Inc., former head SONY ATV Music Publishing, running MICHAEL JACKSON, BEATLES & legendary catalogs.

"IES is symbolic of the changing of the guard from MUSIC, a spiritual entity historically controlled by massive corporations mainly concerned with their bottom lines, to Independent free thinkers who more often put the music first. The Contacts and connections we made at our very first IES have helped our management company SINNERGY, as we are launching the music career of THE EX GIRLFRIENDS, immensely. The forums and panels were made up of the proactive thinkers who are shaping the future of the way we market, sell, ingest , and consume music! IES is the ultimate connect the dots for both brand new artists and big time industry executives alike.TAKE CONTROL OF THE INDUSTRY, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE."- EVAN SEINFELD, leader legendary band BIOHAZARD, currently frontman ATTIKA 7, manager THE EX GIRLFRIENDS, CEO - Sinnergy Entertainment; legendary entertainment entrepreneur.

" I REALLY like I E S, there's a TON of bigwigs here... I REALLY believe in the independent world & all the major artists started or is back now on an independent situation they make more money, have more control & are building their own businesses, not a lowly artist who is LAST to get paid on a label, When you build your fanbase they are yours! I E S is where you HAVE to be in August to be connected to ALL the best that is available to you at I E S!" BOB HERNANDEZ, KONVICT MUSIC, Akon's label, veteran music business exec, A&R, marketing expert; INTERSCOPE, LIVE NATION.

"I'm VERY thankful to be here at I E S, had a blast, great panels, great great stuff! Had red hot debates, this I E S is REALLY important to have this kind of conference! It's just wonderful to see what's going on in the independent world, because THIS is the greatest time in history to be independent - bar none! Whether you're an artist or label or film maker, you have access to distribution, great marketing teams & tools to build an audience, now you can really start to make some money - so go get your thousand true fans, that will pay you to make music fulltime! Come to I E S, you'll get a lot out of it, have a blast with a lot of important people, ready to make big things happen - I E S !"- SCOTT PAGE, ex- member PINK FLOYD; New Media guru, CEO of MASHNET, 7th LEVEL ENT., & much more.

"Thanks to I E S to giving us opportunities to be heard, connect & make things happen without the 'suits' & big companies & the BS! I E S is real people making real deals, no talk, just doing! I'm more excited about my new indie album, indie label & the network I met at I E S than any old 'major' that was 'hot' one day & cold another. I can be me & you can do the same at I E S!"- SPICE 1, legendary artist, CEO; over 9 million sold, credits include 2PAC, E-40, BONE THUGS, TOO SHORT, ABOVE THE LAW, SNOOP DOGG & more.

"The Indie Entertainment Summit is a 'MUST ATTEND' for all those attempting to make it in the music business. I attended the recent Summit, & found it extremely informative! Every possible detail in the music industry was discussed by Pros who have been there & done that many times over. I plan on making being at I E S a yearly event, & I recommend it highly from artists to musicians, from producers to managers, & from indie labels to anyone creating entertainment!- MIKE ALBERT: Guitarist MEGADETH

"I was one of the speakers at I E S & have known principals behind I E S for many many years & they are great people. They have great intentions & support for artists, they are all about helping people grow & work their way through the system. I E S is really important, because at the independent level, it is very much about having the knowledge & developing an indie community & scene to help each other grow. I E S is all about bringing people together to learn & interact & collaborate on certain levels to become successful. I E S is all about the knowledge & being here, I've been fascinated by this one. Because you can NEVER know enough, or be TOO connected or too close to the cutting edge! It's amazing to be able to sit in the audience & see legendary veterans with 40-50 years experience, some of the top leaders in their fields & to have them all in one place! If you didn't know, you do now, future attendees need to come out to I E S & participate, it's well worth the time, money & effort to get here - it will pay dividends for many years to come!"- BEN McLANE - Prominent Music & Entertainment Attorney; credits include DMX, members of EAGLES, GUNS 'n ROSES, BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY, KEITH SWEAT, BONE THUGS 'n HARMONY, & many more top artists & labels.

"I just attended & spoke at the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT in L.A. & it was actually really cool! If you're serious you should be down here & be a part of it. There's a lot of people that have a lot of information that you don't! Next time maybe you'll learn & be here - don't miss out!"- ROB McDERMOTT : Major Artist Manager & Industry Executive; representing multi-million sellers LINKIN PARK (60 million sold), ROB ZOMBIE, PANTERA, STATIC-X, STAIND & many more top groups & artists worldwide.

"I loved EVERYTHING about I E S! If you missed this once don't ever miss it again! I'm not sure what you're thinking. You can't have enough knowledge or connections! You call yourself an 'artist', a 'manager' or a 'label' - you can't afford to miss this vital event! It's crazy good here, I don't even know where to start! The next year, & the year after, & the year after that - you better not miss this incredible avalanche of valuable information, connections & access to who you want to meet, what you want to learn & the tools to get where you wanna go. Shout out to everyone that came out & got this great array of knowledge, all the power packed panels & workshops all day, every day - WOW! If you are SERIOUS about any aspect of the entertainment business, you have GOT to be here! I'm down with I E S 1000%!"- JAZZY : Longtime Artist Manager, CEO - JAZZY MANAGEMENT

"I E S is a great music & entertainment conference! The panels and seminars were all very informative and had great people on them. If you're not at I E S next time then you're missing out on a great learning and networking opportunity!" - RITCH ESRA, Co-Founder/CEO : Music Business Registry, ex-ARISTA A&R VP

"Wow! I E S is a great event! It's right here in the entertainment capital of the world! There is a lot of great speakers here & a lot of information given out & a lot of great showcases where artists can be seen by important people! For all you artists, bands, managers & everybody else that weren't here - mark this on your calendar as a MUST ATTEND next August in L.A. - I E S !"- ALLISON SHAW : Music Manager/Marketing Expert; manager JAKPRINTS

"I E S combines the best of classic music conferences, like CMJ, BRE, Urban Network, Jack The Rapper, NMS, Impact & where the present / future events should be. I E S has it's finger on the pulse of where the music & entertainment business is & where it's going! Not the corporate side, but where the real artists, real managers, real labels & real people are. We got lots of tools, knowledge & connects at I E S, where serious people seek these advantages & can't get enough! If you are not here, you are not serious!"- NICK GREEN : Longtime Industry Veteran; Artist Management & Development

"Be a part of doing you first, & that means independent. I emplore you to go & be a part of I E S - the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT & do your thing!"- DJ QUIK : legendary Artist, Writer & Producer - hits for 25 years.

"I was excited to be a part of IES, because let's face it, everything in a way has been becoming INDIE & it's so important to LEARN how to MAXIMIZE your INDEPENDENCE, & grow from those doing big things! LONG LIVE I E S !"- BRUCE KULICK - Legendary Guitarist of KISS - One of The BIGGEST GROUPS in History, more GOLD & PLATINUM albums than THE BEATLES & ELVIS.

New Music From Billboard Winning Artist Cece Peniston

DJ Sun Junkie releases the first single "Piece Of That" off the "Dance, Love, Live" album featuring Billboard Music Award Winner Cece Peniston and new artist Daiyon. "Piece Of That" is an uptempo feel good nightclub anthem that represents those mature women that want to socialize and enjoy life to the fullest. It's drum and synth driven track will move lovers of any genre of music from House to Hip Hop and it's content is edgy yet tasteful and profanity free. This is one of those songs that your grandma will infectiously be bobbing her head to and the whole family will appreciate. Program directors and DJ's continue to give great feedback and we encourage adding "Piece Of That" to your playlist.

Visit. for updates on the release and for more info.

16: The Album Will Release on February 16

Antonio A&R Richardson, Beller and Reed Brixx closed out 2015 by releasing 16 original songs in 16 days. The trio came together on the project after inspiration struck at this year's Art Basal in Miami. This project was a challenge to them to end the year focused on their passion for creating music and working to build momentum for greater achievement into 2016. After releasing 16 songs in 16 days, they decided that an album should follow. The group came back together and created new songs to give the entire project more balance.

Beller and Brixx are brothers, and Richardson is a cousin. Their fathers are brothers who own a food truck and catering business together; Beller, Brix and Richardson see this as their way of carrying on the tradition of family business. Individually, their styles are very different. This project challenged each to grow as artists to create music they may not have on their own. "We embraced the differences in our styles and deliveries and put them together to make it a melting pot of creativity. The end result is something that all music fans can appreciate and enjoy", says Richardson of the project.

On February 19, Richardson, Beller and Brixx will host a private listening party at Shamrock's in Saint Paul. The album and merchandise will be available at the event. The 16-track album will be available for streaming and download on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Tidal on February 16.

For more about Antonio A&R Richardson, Beller or Reed Brixx, for images or music, or to set up an interview, please contact Erin Moriarty at or 651-269-2306.

Epic Proportions Tour Announces Partnership With Allegra Allergy Relief

Epic Proportions Tour (EPT) announces its new partnership with Allegra Allergy Relief, which will begin when EPT hits the U.S. for its spring, summer and fall 2016 tours. "We're more than thrilled to have Allegra Allergy Relief to be our new partner," states Artist and Tour Producer Gabe Kubanda. "After 4 years and over 400 hundred concerts, we've had success in making sure artists have the means to be able to create and bring new music to new audiences and this partnership helps propel the tour's success to greater heights."

As an on-going entity over the past four years, Epic Proportions Tour got its start by providing burgeoning artists with the opportunity to experience touring and build a fan base, while getting the financial support they need to maintain growth and creativity. EPT believes in providing opportunities to undiscovered bands in order to help them take the next step to ultimate success. This also includes a music industry education program entitled "EduMusication" - which seeds the next generation with exposure to insights about the music industry and promotes the development of music minds for tomorrow.

"Allegra Allergy Relief is proud to be involved with the Epic Proportions Tour," states Jennifer Cooper - Sr. Brand Manager of Allegra at Chattem, Inc., the US Consumer Healthcare Division of Sanofi US. "Keeping bands and fans connected is a passion point. And keeping them focused on the music, not allergies, is our job. Non-drowsy Allegra starts to work in one hour and stays strong for 24 with just one dose."

Epic Proportions Tour begins March 2016 with its spring lineup - Empra, Gabe Kubanda and Racing On The Sun - then continues with a summer tour with Captain Squeegee, Gabe Kubanda and Halocene and will round out the year in the fall of 2016 - with all dates, venues and more bands to be announced soon.

About Allegra® Allergy:
Allegra Allergy brings you powerful, non-drowsy relief of your toughest allergy symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and itchy nose or throat. Allegra starts working in one hour, and stays strong for 24, so you never have to miss out. Brought to you by Chattem, Inc., the US Consumer Healthcare Division of Sanofi US, Allegra is available without a prescription in drug, grocery, mass merchandiser and club stores nationwide. To learn more about Allegra Allergy, please visit

About Epic Proportions Tour:
The EPIC PROPORTIONS TOUR presents a wide-array of talented emerging artists on hundreds of stages across the country, captivating audiences with live performances at universities, military bases, community venues and some of the nation's largest festivals. EPT delivers a unique program incorporating fresh talent and introducing fans to these artists on the rise - in turn, filling an industry void of new artist development.

For more information, go to:


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Missing Link Music Signs Charlie Bereal

Missing Link Music has signed a worldwide administration deal with Charlie Bereal. As a platinum-selling producer, musician and singer/songwriter, Charlie has become one of the most sought after touring guitar players in the industry.

Poised to take 2016 by storm, Bereal is a rising star, whose guitar melodies have enhanced such classic songs as "More Than a Woman" by Aliyah, "One Minute Man" by Missy Elliot, "Call Me I'll Be Around" by Cee-Lo, "Love is Like Whoa" by Mya and "Do What it Do" by Jamie Foxx.

Charlie has also accompanied many chart-topping artists in the music industry, including Jay Z, Ja Rule, P Diddy, Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Ashanti, Brandy, Mario, Tweet, Missy Elliott, Toni Braxton, Mary Mary, and many more.

Charlie explains, "I love all types of music. I love epic sounding music and you can hear that in my work. I love soul and honesty in music."

About Missing Link Music:
Missing Link is one of the leading independent music publishing and rights management companies in the U.S., offering fast, efficient and transparent licensing and royalty collection for songwriters and rights holders. Founded in 1996, Missing Link started with the vision of offering the songwriter a modern music publishing and rights management platform. Through proactive negotiation of favorable rights holder terms in its agreements and licenses, Missing Link's mission is to place the songwriter's needs first, whether through royalty collection, international administration or creative support.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016, Missing Link Music's roster boasts hundreds of Multi-Platinum songwriters and recording artists, while overseeing multiple global hits and thousands of major label-released songs. "From our genesis in 1996, it continues to be an exciting ride and we're very proud of our clients' achievements over the last two decades", says J.D. Dallam, Missing Link Music President.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Granati Brothers new album The Show

It's time to go to The Show. Let's Go. Over their four decade performing career the Granati Brothers have wiled audiences at thousands of shows with their instrumental prowess, dexterous energetic jamming and tight three party harmonies. Working with Grammy winning producer Jimmy Hoyson and renowned drummer Gregg Bissonette the brothers strove to bring out their live show sound and jamming chops on this album of 10 original tunes. Throughout the songs David shoots out a blast of fiery guitar riffs, Hermie flies over the keys with his percussive funky jams, and Joey punches out melodic driving syncopated bass beats. Influenced by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and the Who the band paints a rich sonic atmosphere with creative chord patterns, joyful melodies and rhythmic hooks. With this album the Granati Brothers welcome you to their Show on The Atomic Records.

Grammy Award-winning drummer Gregg Bissonette joined with the Granati Brothers to record all of the drum tracks on the single and album. Gregg has recorded and toured with Ringo Starr, Santana, James Taylor, Toto, Linda Ronstadt, Brian Wilson, David Lee Roth and more.

The album was produced, recorded and mixed at David Granati's Maplewood Studios by six time Grammy winner Jimmy Hoyson who has worked with Iggy Pop, Ben Harper, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, B. B. King and many others.

The Granati Brothers for four decades have performed and recorded rock and roll to get your head banging, heart pounding, toes tapping, and spirit soaring! A&M Records released their debut album G-Force in 1979. Billboard Magazine named it a "Top Pick" and major rock FM stations throughout America, including WMMS, WMMR, KROQ, WNEW, and WDVE gave airplay to their music. Trouser Press exclaimed "the Granatis are just spunky popsters with a fine sense of what's catchy. Their blend of genuine cool and uncynical enthusiasm gives the Bros. the charm of a modern Young Rascals (or Badfinger)".

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honoree Frank Barcelona signed the Granatis to his Premiere Talent agency and put them on tour. They rocked the nation performing at 78 sold out arena concerts on two tours with Van Halen in the 80s. The brothers also appeared with Heart, Def Leppard, Sammy Haggar, Boston, the Doobie Brothers, J. Geils, Southside Johnny, Ian Hunter, Gentle Giant, Dionne Warwick, and more.

Fortune Empire Records is proud to announce The Akademia Music Award winning EP, Recession Proof 2 Diamond by Young Fortune

His name derived from his overall presentation, stage presence and being the total package.With his style of music he will be a powerful force to recon with. That will have the listener tuned in and turned up.

"This single and this album is very much a result of my love and passion for music," said Young Fortune, founder of Fortune Empire Records . "We've worked really hard on this music, and to date it's my best yet. I can't wait to get it out there and see our fans reaction!"

"Recession Proof 2 Diamond" is dedicated to Young Fortune daughter Tonje' Moore. A promise that he made to her that he would be successful. She is shown on the official album back cover holding her. The lions on the album artwork represent his drive for this album.

For more information about Young Fortune view press-kit 

Award Winning EP: Recession Proof 2 Diamond.

Recession Proof 2 Diamond HTML:
Akademia Music Awards

New single Back Slider by Young Fortune will start to air on the following major radio stations worldwide. Tune in and listen on February 5th as Young Fortune expands his brand to an international audience.

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA

Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Song and Video By Makana - "Fire Is Ours" - Takes the 'Bern' to the Next Level

Ever since we humans first learned how to express ourselves in song, we've used our voices and instruments to communicate with others how we feel about the state of our world. For Hawaiian singer-songwriter and musician Makana-called "a dynamic voice" by the New York Times and "the greatest living player of slack key guitar music" by Esquire magazine-among its many functions music should "give voice to viewpoints that corporate media largely attempts to ignore and even silence." With that in mind Makana has written and recorded "Fire Is Ours," a new song and video that he hopes will serve as something of an unofficial anthem for the presidential candidacy of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

"Bernie has the ideas, values, integrity and drive to lead a people's movement that creates our best future. Let's make that spark our fire," Makana says. "Before anything, he's a humanitarian. He lifts people; he humanizes them; he cares. He wants to level the playing field and we need that."

In "Fire Is Ours," written entirely by Makana and produced by Rubi Reeves and Satch Romero, the artist sings, "The love of power is a puppet string/But can't control the love we bring/The fire is ours/The hour is now/The tide is set to turn/And I feel the burn/To cast aside the chains/And salvage what remains/Of a dream worth defending."

Makana recently spoke about the song and video on Hawaii News Now:

and the generally Sanders-averse Fox News:

"I was inspired to write 'Fire Is Ours' as a response to mainstream media's attempt to distract voters from issues of real importance," Makana explains. "The music video" - which can be viewed at -"is bookended by a scene in a voting booth, something everyone in American relate to. The entire story takes place in the voter's imagination, that timeless moment when we look at the ballot and review our options."

Although "Fire Is Ours" was written specifically with Bernie Sanders' run for the White House in mind, Makana is quick to point out that there is also a larger significance embedded within, that the song could be applied easily to any agent of change whose concern is the greater good. "Fire Is Ours" speaks to freedom of speech, artistic expression and who we are and want to become as a people.

"Thomas Mapfumo, the famous Zimbabwean musician, talked about the responsibility we as artists have to sing about what is happening in the lives of people," says Makana. "I agree. It's not about politics, but rather, relevance. Very few artists are singing about that thing, I wonder why. I see a void, I see a responsibility, and I act by creating art."

The "Fire Is Ours" video was directed, shot and edited by Zac Heileson. Says Makana, "The two of us found a used piano in the classifieds that some guy was trying to give away, borrowed Zac's dad's truck and spent an hour struggling to lift the 700-pound beast into the truck bed. Then we drove out to a campsite and filmed in icy, snowing conditions. I was freezing until we lit the piano, then I was cooking! We only had a brief eight minutes or so before the smoke and flames completely engulfed the piano so we had to move fast. Luckily we got what we needed on the first take. I'll never forget that day. We didn't have any crew but somehow we managed to pull it off."

Makana has spent his entire career challenging himself and the various boxes into which music is often placed. On such acclaimed albums as Different Game (2006), Ripe (2013) and 25 (2014), he has fused indigenous Hawaiian slack key guitar virtuosity with elements of rock, folk, bluegrass, jazz and blues - all within poignant, original message songs - to create a brand new genre of music. His fans include musicians within all genres, among them guitar great Joe Satriani, who calls Makana "absolutely amazing," and Metallica's Kirk Hammett.

Makana's name, in Hawaiian, means "a gift given freely." That description can just as easily apply to "Fire Is Ours," a song that so perfectly illustrates the passion and poignancy behind the burgeoning movement to free the American political system and corporate media from its chains and point us toward that "best future" we so desperately need.

Basskidd Timmy Douglas New EP Drops Feb 18th 2016

Basskidd Timmy Doulas set to drop new EP on feb 18th 2016. Bass player Timmy Douglas is very excited to be releasing this edgy collection of heavy funk rock instrumentals the EP called Skizzywinks will be available on most must download sites such as iTunes,and CDBaby many others! So all you bass katts and loe tone enthusiast check it out!!

Basskidd Timmy Doulas has been playing bass for 27 years now. He's played Many different styles of music: death metal, jazz, funk, R&B, hip hop, rap, pop and mood music for poets. He write, arrange and record all of my music. He has played a ton of gigs from the east to the west coasts in order to promote myself and the various bands that he has been fortunate to be a part of. He has played with Belial, The Shaggy Rogers Project, Lavender Larry, The Danny White Band, The Nick Clemons Band and Mike Rocket and the Stars recently Hooked up with hip hop new cummer Omni Blaize outa Brooklyn and the kick ass band Vibe Merchants. Some of the venues include: PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ, CBGB's, The Bitter End, The Lions' Den, BB Kings, The Bottom Line all in NYC, 930 Club in DC, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH and The Whiskey A Go-Go in LA.


Bassman75 Returns With Emotive New Single

Legendary R&B artist Bassman is set to release 'Don't Judge Me', his stellar follow up to hit 'Jamaican Grind'. Although it carries on the dance tangent it is very much a personal ode.

Inspired by hardship and medical trauma Bassman felt the best way to convey his emotions was through the medium of music. After an allergic reaction to penicillin and the concept of death very much a reality Bassman decided it was time to write about his experiences. Music saved him and he is now intent on sharing his artistry with as many people as he can.

Inspired by the music and dancing of Michael Jackson but with a more modern urban sound, Bassman is already turning heads with major urban tastemakers such as The Source Magazine and Hip-Hop Weekly. And now, with new music garnering comparisons with Flo Rida, Pit Bull and Rick Ross, he's set for his latest assault on the music industry.

Bassman filmed 'Don't Judge Me' in Las Vegas and his ability to perfectly compliment music with visuals enables him to be a forerunner in the business. The video is a brilliant amalgamation of everything Bassman is and perfect representation of his life so far.

'Don't Judge Me (Fast Life)' is just the latest in a string of great, fun ideas from the artistic entrepreneur, who also works in other creative industries including clothing design, graphics design and jewellery. Music is just a part of the package, but a very impressive package it is.

Stellar new track 'Don't Judge Me (Fast Life) is out February 26th 2016

San Jose Rapper/Documentary Filmmaker Andrew Bigs Announces March 25th Release Date For New Album "Think Bigs"

San Jose rapper Andrew Bigs has announced a March 25th, 2016 national release date for his new album "Thing Bigs". The album takes inspiration from innovators that have made contributions to science and music, and molds it with Andrew Bigs socially conscious rhymes to challenge listeners.

"This new album 'Think Bigs' is my best work yet. I really took my time to craft this one and develop as an artist and a song writer," said Andrew Bigs. "This EP is an accurate reflection of myself, I feel like it shows all sides of me. I'm excited to share with the world and continue to grow. I feel like I'm going to keep evolving and I'm ready for what’s next."

Andrew Bigs has been grinding his way through the ranks of the hip-hop scene with touring and releasing record with an "do it yourself" independent mindset. After releasing his debut album "P.a.s.t. D.u.e", Andrew Bigs took to the road for a month long tour with Reef the Lost Cauze from Army of the Pharaohs, and Adlib from Battle Axe Warriors for a month long tour across the country.

Andrew Bigs is also very active at giving back within the community of San Jose working with Silicon Valley De-Bug, an organization that coordinates social justice campaigns to advance the rights of youth, workers, immigrants and those impacted by the criminal justice system. Bigs also is a documentary filmmaker having produced the feature film "Exodus From The Jungle", a film that chronicles the closing of one of the country's largest homeless encampments located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The track listing for "Think Bigs" is as follows:
1 - Never Let You Down
2 - Dollaz
3 - I L*** You
4 - Funkin' Around
5 - Sorry About That
6 - Young Love
7 - House Party
8 - A Word From Frank
9 - That's Life
10 - Think Bigs