Wednesday, December 3, 2008

African/Native American Hip Hop Artists Dago Braves Release "Kumeyaay Cool Guyz"

Shulaced Entertainment artists and San Diego's hottest rap twosome, Dago Braves, today announce the release their second album KUMEYAAY COOL GUYZ (Shulaced Entertainment / City Hall) on iTunes, bringing rhymes straight from the Sycuan Reservation to the world. Dago Braves' songs hit every topic of the American life from every aspect. Being both African American and Native American, the duo express the struggles and advantages of being born between races. The music of Dago Braves reflect their life experiences by fusing the original native rhythms of the Kumeyaay Band of Sycuan Indians with the distinct hip hop beats of the San Diego rap scene.

The songs on KUMEYAAY COOL GUYZ hit on every part of cousins Terence "Poodeezy" Brown and Mike "Odoe" Allen, who make up Dago Braves, lives. Tracks like FLY CASINO and IMA BRAVE give Dago Braves' perspective on the pride of the Tribe's success and the celebrity of Casino life amidst the San Diego community. "Everyone has their hustle," says Terence "Poodeezy" Brown, one half of Dago Braves, "the casino is our hustle. It's what's bringing the tribal family back together. Until we had the casino the tribal family was spread in every direction just trying to get by. Now we're together and we're doing alright." Then, songs like TOO SOON get more personal, talking about the trials and tribulations of new relationships and the need to take a step back.

Dago Braves recently won the Native American Music Award for Best Rap Hip Hop Recording for their debut album NATIVE AMERICAN HUSTLE, which was released in 2007. "Having the respect of our community means more to us than anything. It is a huge honor for us and we're so thankful for the acknowledgement," says Mike "Odeo" Allen. Dago Braves worked with local producers including Da Batkave, Grimmie Recs, Steve Vicious and Dave Moss on NATIVE AMERICAN HUSTLE. Podeezy and Odoe want to continue to create music to represent San Diego and the Sycuan proudly, which is why they have again collaborated with San Diego's top talent, including Da Batkave, DJ Rek, J. Elliot Ness and Haze Banger, for KUMEYAAY COOL GUYZ.

Dago Braves are a tight knit and enterprising duo, creating their music family and record label with Sycuan Reservation-based Shulaced Entertainment. Shulaced Entertainment is developing several artists from within and around the Sycuan Reservation and the San Diego area, bringing life and an international voice to their artists' unique perspectives.

Dago Braves have played major shows throughout 2007 and 2008, sharing the stage with rap's biggest names including Baby Bash, Lil' Wayne, N.E.R.D., Pitbull, Tech N9ne, Young Jeezy, and many others. Visit for updated tour information and news.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amy Speace Gives Tribute To Judy Collins on 'Born To The Breed'

'Born To The Breed - A Tribute to Judy Collins, Vol. I' featuring Amy Speace alongside the likes of legends Dolly Parton, Rufus Wainwright, Shawn Colvin, Chrissie Hynde, James Murdriczki, Jim Lauderdale, Leonard Cohen, Dar Williams, Bernadette Peters, Ali Eskandarian, Joan Baez, Kenny White, Jimmy Webb, and The Webb Sisters.

Take a listen to Amy Speace's remake of "Born To The Breed" on facebook and SoundCloud

"'Born to the Breed' is a splendid cover of Judy Collins' classic track. In her adaptation, Amy Speace takes a powerful folk song and adds a hint of country flair to it. Amy sings with conviction and a commanding voice, with the result being a wonderful tribute to one of the icons of folk music." - Eric Hartline, MusicDish

To purchase 'Born To The Breed - A Tribute to Judy Collins, Vol. I' , visit: amazon | iTunes

Amy Speace has already won a loyal grass-roots fan base, thanks in large part to live performances that merge warmth, humor and emotional immediacy, and to a tireless touring schedule that's already taken her across the United States. She's also won considerable critical acclaim, with The Village Voice observing that Speace is "taking her Americana away from twangy contemplation toward tangy confrontation" and noting that she's "not another of those breathy would-be child poets, but a real singing writer of songs." Time Out New York stated, "Amy Speace plays sweet, twangy folk music with a clear voice and an innocent vulnerability," while The Nashville Scene noted that she "balances wry humor with open-hearted honesty." And renowned Nashville critic Robert K. Oermann, writing in Music Row, dubbed her a "new star."

Monday, December 1, 2008

MusicDishTV: Ryan Farish - Road To You

Ryan Farish's first ever music video, filmed in scenic Hollywood and Beverly Hills locations.

"In this suspenseful video, Ryan Farish looks like a suave secret agent who is dressed to kill. A mysterious briefcase is at the center of the story with little clue given as to what is in it. Farish's soothing instrumental serves as the perfect backdrop for the ensuing developments." - MusicDishTV

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From 'Day Tripper' To One Day In A Life, Twenty-Five Year Detour Leads Bill Wren Back To Music

Bill Wren was only fourteen when The Beatles took the stage on the Ed Sullivan Show. It wasn't long before he bought a bass guitar at a local music store and learned to play. In high school, Bill and his band performed the Fab Four's "Day Tripper" to the adulation of their fanatic classmates. It was in that very moment his world changed forever. He would spend the next fifteen years playing bass in Rock bands stretching from Michigan to Texas. However, after a twenty-five year detour from music, Bill has now returned to music as much more than a bass player. His debut release, One Day in a Life, displays how his well-honed songwriting skills have evolved with his seamless ability to blend styles.

In One Day in a Life, Orchestral, Acoustic Rock, and New Age music collide to create something simply beautiful. Like a master Renaissance painter, Bill has a musical palette of Jazz, Blues, and Rock which he mixes and blends perfectly on a canvas of his life experience. Says Wren, "I endeavor to write music that moves the human heart in a positive way." One Day in a Life presents eleven tracks that are soothing, smooth and flow easily. "Heart to Heart" features acoustic piano, guitar, and bass which collide with gentle percussion and speak directly to the soul. Moody and mellow soundscapes emerge from complex and soaring melodies in "Betrayal" and "Day Break." Compositions such as "Ocean Breeze" and "Old Friend" reveal subtle melodic menageries, with a hint of his influence from the sixties.

The success of One Day in a Life started long before it was released. Many of the songs have already placed at #1 or in the Top 10 on and In fact, Bill's songs have been played over 37,000 times on Additionally, Wren's compositions have already won awards such as: The Indie International Songwriting Contest, and the UK International Songwriting Contest. Even in pre-release, this album was slated for success, but this success is due to a trio of talent, not simply Bill. The album features the masterful production and arranging work of Frank Ralls. Further arrangement was completed by the gifted musical prowess of Terry Winch and Ike Sturm. It's the professional work of these three pros that bring Wren's compositions to life with their flawless harmonic/rhythmic structure and polished production.

It's been a long trip from "Day Tripper" to One Day in a Life, but it's a ride that is well worth the wait. It has proven you can take Bill Wren out of music, but you can't take the music out of Bill Wren. Either way, Wren is back from his detour, and he is right where he belongs. The debut album is available now at as well as Bill's web site at the links below. Take time out of your day to get One Day in a Life – it will touch your heart.
Take a listen to "Old Friend" (mp3 sample)