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Los Angeles Based Radio Station Is Looking For Music Artists To Join The Team

KGUP FM Emerge Radio is now accepting submissions to select 8 up-and-coming Music Artists to perform during Summer/Fall 2016 on stage during one of four live events this coming Summer and Fall in Top venues in Los Angeles. (The specific dates are contingent on each venue location and Artist availability. Dates and locations will be disclosed to the public at a later time).

During Spring 2016, KGUP FM will launch a Crowd Funding campaign on Kickstarter. Funds collected from the campaign will be used to help off-set the cost of:
- upgraded performance royalty license
- upgrade broadcasting equipment
- develop and maintain a native stand-alone mobile app for fans to download and listen to KGUP FM Emerge Radio exclusively
- pay for a trip to New York to meet with executives at SiriusXM radio to propose adding KGUP FM Emerge Radio as a channel to their existing line up to broadcast high quality Independent music and entertaining freeform programming

Other expenses include:
- video production to prepare a visual presentation geared for investors to invest in making KGUP FM Emerge Radio a terrestrial FM station.
- Compensation to artists: KGUP FM is committed to pay the 8 artists 15% of the net proceeds collected through the Kickstarter campaign as compensation for their live performance and promotional efforts.

Unlike its competitors, KGUP FM pledges to not take advantage of independent artists' willingness to play for free in exchange for "exposure" and will NOT require artists to pre-sale tickets. KGUP FM wants to help eliminate this practice and set an example of what ‘community' is by giving artists a share of what they collect.

Once the Artist/band signs into agreement and joins the KGUP FM Emerge Radio team, the promotional period throughout all of 2016 will begin. During the campaign period between April through May 2016, the Artist/Band is required to promote the KGUP FM Kickstarter campaign as if it is their own in order to earn the percentage split. Artists represented by PR agencies and Management company's must agree to the terms for this agreement to be valid. In turn, KGUP FM will promote all 8 artists throughout 2016 on all of KGUP FM's social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Reverbnation. In addition, Artist/Band's music will be heard on rotation at KGUP FM Emerge Radio.

All Artists will retain all copyrights, publishing rights, and royalties. KGUP FM simply wants to promote good artists in exchange for promoting a good radio station.

Submission Requirements:
- To share the KGUP FM vision and believe in what we're doing. The Artist/Band will reap the benefits of KGUP FM's success, which relies on its artists and listeners.
- Commit to helping KGUP FM promote its Kickstarter campaign coming this Spring.
- List of dates you are available and are on tour in the Los Angeles area during Summer/Fall 2016
- Provide artist/band website address
- Social media links (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
- Include Management/PR agent contact information
- Please include one live performance video and one professional video (if available)
- Attach one mp3 for additional consideration

For more information about KGUP FM Emerge Radio, please visit

Direct Contact
KGUP FM Emerge Radio

MusicDishTV Review: "The Human Element" by Robert Kramer

Robert Kramer's music video "The Human Element" is a beautiful example of giving human spirit we should all have inside us. Showing the human elements of love, happiness, generosity and strength, Kramer tries to heal his listeners of the great tragedies the world has faced of late, including the Paris attacks.

His lyrics and melody are triumphant and up lifting suggesting to listeners to use the good in our human elements not the bad. He says that his song and music video is a 'musical vaccine to heal heart and minds."

Through close up photos of people of all different races, ages, cultures and communities, his video exposes a global community that has been unfortunately torn apart by violence. The faces and eyes he closes in on can be interpreted as the endless victims of this violence or the further generations left to deal with this hate.

Although a small video, Kramer is doing great good for the music community and the world. It is a bold statement and it would be joyous if the song could turn into a ballad of showing human kindness.

He says we create the 'human element' when we work together and actively reach out to one another. The photos of happy communities and the mixing of dark and light shades in other images shows this.

We should all take some of Kramer's wisdom and start working on the human element he signs of and visually shows in this lovely and powerful video.

Get Loose "Wiggle"

Big Mike Clemons new anticipated single entitled "WIGGLE" shows what versatility, creativity, originality truly is. During Mike's tenure in the Industry, Mike has been known by many for his undeniable skills on drums and his chart trending productions for such artist as, Mary J. Blige, SWV, Dru Hill, Coko, and Tyrese and many others.

After hitting the Industry in 1994 with being on the road with R&B Legend, Aaron Hall, Mike Clemons is embarking upon his artistry and showing the world there is more to him than what meets the eye.

Mike has proving that his creativity and talent is that of unlimited potential and his time is now to step to the forefront.

"WIGGLE" drops 1/29/2016. So prepare to download your copy and enjoy the sounds of the one and only Big Mike Clemons.

Friday, January 29, 2016

KickShark launches groundbreaking SoloAmp Personal Sound Column stage amplification system at the 2016 NAMM Show

KickShark, Inc. announces SoloAmp, a modular portable line array stage amplification system for musicians, bands, public speakers, or anyone needing highly accurate, extremely powerful sound amplification in a live event. The first SoloAmp products are the SoloAmp Personal Sound Column and its companion SoloAmp Sub bass module, both products on display at the 2016 NAMM Show in Anaheim California, in booth #2193.

Also announced is an online pre-order campaign on the SoloAmp web site where products from the first production run in March 2016 can be pre-purchased at a substantial discount.

"Everybody in the music industry needs to mark today as when the ground shifted in live sound amplification technology," says Forrest Lee Jr., endorsing artist and business development manager for SoloAmp. "While small powered speaker column systems have been gaining in popularity for over a decade, the new technology introduced in SoloAmp instantly takes the entire category up to a whole new level — and frankly, obsoletes the existing products. SoloAmp totally changes the game in this product category."

SoloAmp uses an all-new SoloDriver loudspeaker that puts its eight sound radiating speaker diaphragms only 5mm apart, truly delivering on the small line array promise of making the sound on stage that the musician hears the same as the sound heard by the audience. None of the existing portable line array products from any brand accomplishe this feat, as they use traditional speakers with rubber surrounds and frame structures around the diaphragms that put significant space between the sound producing elements of their speakers.

Where competing products, such as the Bose L1 series and the Fishman SA220 resolve or partly resolve a line array sound wave 2 meters or more in front of the speakers, the SoloAmp emits true line array sound dispersion at only a half meter. That makes SoloAmp sound the same to the musician as to the audience, and makes SoloAmp the only product at any price in this category to do so.

Because SoloAmp has been engineered over a 12-year period to deliver extremely linear, highly detailed sound reproduction, it is equally useful for electric or acoustic guitar, vocals, or other similar sound sources. And, when paired with one or more SoloAmp Sub bass modules, the system is just as effective with keyboards, electric or acoustic bass, and any full range music source, such as house music, backing tracks, or full bands of any genre.

Despite delivering superior sound accuracy, dispersion, and projection to any existing portable line array system of any price, at $699 SoloAmp is also the most affordable portable line array system. Its companion Sub bass module is only $399. Or, both products can be bundled for only $999.

SoloAmp and the SoloAmp Sub will begin shipping in March 2016. But the products can be pre-ordered now at at significantly reduced pricing. The first 100 SoloAmp or Sub units pre-ordered are only $499 and $299 respectively. Thereafter, pre-orders will be $549 for the SoloAmp and $349 for the SoloAmp Sub. Pre-orders can be placed at

SoloAmp can be pre-ordered at The SoloAmp and SoloAmp Sub can also be seen and experienced in person at the following select music stores in Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles:

Corner Music
c/o J.D. Williamson, Mgr.
2705 12th Ave S.
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone:(615) 297-9559

McCabe's Guitar Shop
c/o Louis Galper, Mgr.
3101 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone:(310) 828-4497

Main Drag Music
c/o Karl Myers, Founder
330 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 388-6365

Full product information about the SoloAmp and the SoloAmp Sub can be found at the brand’s web site at

SoloAmp is a product of KickShark, a Nashville, Tennessee benefit corporation whose mission is to bring amazing products to life, and to support and educate the maker community in the skills required to successfully design, manufacture, and market amazing products.

Raquel Aurilia Headed To Music City To Perform in Nashville During CRS Week

Singer-Songwriter Raquel Aurilia announced she is heading to Music City in February and will perform during CRS week. Raquel will host a songwriters round on Tuesday, February 9th performing with songwriters Jamie Meyer and Simon Reid at the Belcourt TAPS in Hillsboro Village in Nashville at 8pm.

"So excited to kick off 2016 performing in Nashville," says Raquel Aurilia. "Thrilled to be in Music City during CRS week and working on some wonderful creative collaborations!"

Besides performing, Raquel will return to the studio to record with Grammy-nominated producer Billy Smiley (Bebe and Cece Winans, Vince Gill, Johnny Cash) whom she collaborated with on her latest album "Long Way Home". Raquel and Billy will be recording at the iconic Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN.

Raquel also has a busy week of songwriting sessions with several of Nashville's top songwriters including Jennifer Adan (co-writer of Blake Shelton's #1 "She Wouldn't Be Gone") and Jonathan Hamby (keyboard player, Carrie Underwood). Plus, she is currently collaborating with record producer and world-renowned guitarist Chris Rodriguez (Keith Urban, Shania Twain, Peter Cetera, Kelly Clarkson).

Recording Artist Raquel Aurilia is a wonderful singer-songwriter who has toured opening for John Waite, B.B. King, Gin Blossoms, Eddie Money, Pat Benatar, Riders in the Sky... and has worked with Grammy Award winning producer Tony Papa (James Brown, Willie Nelson, John Denver) and Gardner Cole (Madonna, Jodi Whatley), as well as Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley. Aurilia's music has been featured on MTV's hit series "The Hills," "The City" and "Taking the Stage." Her latest music video for "Shattered" which was shot on-location at the Baker Farm in Spring Hill, TN can be viewed at


KAJ Brothers' "Way You Look Tonight" Top200 Move Up to #77

The KAJ Brothers' announced they are thrilled with the strong move of their new Sinatra100 single "The Way You Look Tonight" this week. The single has moved up to #77 on the FMQB Top200 chart, plus has been ranked #1 AC40 from fans on the National Radio Hits "By The Vote" chart.

The single continues a strong showing with solid adds in radio and moving up the charts this week including #34 AC40 Main Chart Debut on New Music Weekly (NMW), #22 AC40 Main Chart on National Radio Hits (NRH), #19 on the Independent Music Network (IMN), plus 5th "Most Added" AC40 by FMQB, (Friday Morning Quarterback).

"I'm not typically a fan of covers, but the KAJ Brothers have made 'The Way You Look Tonight' their own," says Music Director Troy House of WKKQ FM radio. "They have a unique sound with exquisite harmonies. Don't miss the chance to hear them."

The romantic classic "The Way You Look Tonight" (written by Jerome Kern with lyrics by Dorothy Fields) is part of the Sinatra100 tribute project. The single was produced by Grammy winning producer Bryan Lenox (Elton John, Garth Brooks, Amy Grant, Wynonna Judd, Sara Bareillis, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Bolton, Sir Cliff Richard, Michael W. Smith) at his recording studio in Nashville. The KAJ Brothers previously collaborated with Lenox who produced their first two singles "Hello" and "Lady".

"It's so exciting to see our new single 'The Way You Look Tonight' moving up the charts," says KAJ Brother Kyle Craichy.

"We love our fans and appreciate their strong support on this new romantic single," adds Austin Craichy of the KAJ Brothers.

"The Way You Look Tonight" is the fifth single from the popular boy band known for their mission to 'make chivalry cool again'. It follows their recently released original song "Merry Christmas To You" in November which they co-wrote with producer Gerry Williams – Orlando's renowned producer/vocal coach who helped shape the classic boy band sounds of N'SYNC and The Back Street Boys.

The KAJ Brothers are a unique trio of pop, rock, and R&B voices known for their sophisticated harmonies as well as their reinvention of old time romance, infused with orchestral sounds. The multi-talented Orlando based trio consists of siblings Kyle Craichy and Austin Craichy; plus Johnny Atys, who rounds out the group. Kyle and Austin were born in Tampa and raised in Orlando, while Johnny is originally from Paris, France.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The tables are turning again with Microgrooves (HD, Digital & Green T) vinyl record formats

Inventor Andre Gray is turning the tables again with the launch of Microgrooves HD, Microgrooves Digital and Microgrooves Green T vinyl record formats nomenclature.

Launched exactly at 12:00 AM, January 1st, 2016 EST, it is symbolic of an epochal change, complete with a New Years Eve party on Gray's Twitter account with a theme that said it all: The Vinyl Countdown. Whether casual vinyl fans, serious record collectors or the elitist audiophiles, the three levels of the Microgrooves nomenclature will appeal to everyone through its various high sound quality levels. Invented by Andre Gray in 2007 and awarded patents in 2010, this is the biggest improvement in the sound quality of the vinyl record format in years. To achieve this, Gray focused upon five aspects of the record pressing process: Height, Weight, Closer Microgrooves, Deeper Microgrooves, Fish Oil, and, for Microgrooves Green T, green tea liquid extract. These three vinyl formats covers the 7" and 12" vinyl formats.

At the top level of the three newly introduced vinyl formats is Microgrooves HD, which is pressed from virgin vinyl and weighs in at 220 grams for 12" format and 60 grams for the 7" format. It also boasts closer and slightly deeper microgrooves, which, according to Gray, is what really improves sound quality. Microgrooves HD is also approximately ten percent thinner than other vinyl formats currently on the market. The slightly added ingredient of fish oil can be found in the Microgrooves HD and Microgrooves Digital formats in the nomenclature. The resulting sound quality of this format is rather similar to Japanese Pressing.

At the second level of the nomenclature is the Microgrooves Digital format. Much like Microgrooves HD, it has pretty the same ingredients except that it weighs in at 200 grams for the 12" format and 50 grams for the 7" format. The final sound quality of the format is a bit better than 180 grams pressing but not as good as Microgrooves HD or Japanese Pressing.

Microgrooves Green T, as the name suggests, is actually made from green tea liquid extracts and recycled vinyl. The green tea liquid extract is mixed with the other liquids used in the record pressing process according to formula. Weighing in at 200 grams for the 12" format and 50 grams for the 7" format, it has a sound quality that is impressive, but not as good Microgrooves HD and Digital. In keeping with the green theme, Gray recommends that record pressing plants press Microgrooves Green T only in the color of green. For those who are a part of the green revolution but still want to enjoy great sounding vinyl, this is for them.

In terms of intellectual property rights, Gray is giving away the Microgrooves vinyl record nomenclature absolutely free to anyone and everyone who wants to use it and make whatever changes they want. Because of his desire for uniformity, he will make public everything regarding the manufacturing process and the simple requests of including the sticker logo (also designed by Gray) on the record sleeve indicating which of the three Microgrooves nomenclature was used to manufacture the record. These three formats join Microgrooves Electronic, or Microgrooves-E, the world's very first mobile phone music player that was invented by Andre Gray and introduced to the public on July 16th, 1998 at the Jupiter Communications Plug.In Digital Music conference in New York City.

Andre Gray is an inventor of Belizean extraction who widely known as the sole inventor of the Electronic Ticket (1991), Ringtones & Ringbacks (SYNC Programming Language) 1994, Electronic Press Kit (1995), Microgrooves Electronic (world's first mobile phone music player) 1998, Online Music Sales Certifications (1999), Microgrooves HD (2007), Microgrooves Digital (2007), Microgrooves Green T (2007) and many more inventions & innovations. He is also known for uploading the very first complete song on the Internet on August 8, 1988 titled, "Internet Killed The Video Star", a song he composed in the MIDI format.

By: Stephanie Howard

Nick Caster with his Hot New Single "Ride ALL Night"

Nick Caster was born on July 10th 1983 in Detroit, Michigan. At 14 Nick picked up a guitar with influences of Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, 3 Doors Down, and Chris Daughtry.

After years of writing, composing, singing and struggling, he blasted the Reverbnation Charts in November 2014 with his debut hit song "The Way I Am." It reached #1 Nationally in Rock and #4 globally. In addition, he was added to the Top Hits of iHeartRADIO in June 2015.

Keeping with his humble belief to remain "who he is" and for the LOVE of music, Nick decided to hit the road and seek out the most talented musicians to join his team. Once Nick's band came together they began taking their music to the next level. Shows have been selling out, with record-breaking attendance at some venues. Nick's fans are begging for more, and these guys are bringing it. Without a doubt, Nick Caster will take his music career to the top, the sky's the limit

WTFest Music Festival Announces 2016 Lineup Featuring Billy Talent, Monster Truck, Saint Asonia on June 25th in Brantford

Brantford's biggest music festival, WTFest returns on June 25th, 2016 at Lions Park. The second year festival is set to feature an incredible onsite event headlined by Canadian hard rock outfit Billy Talent with support from Hamilton rockers Monster Truck. The WTFest main stage will also feature performances by Saint Asonia, the rock supergroup featuring ex-¬Three Days Grace vocalist Adam Gontier, as well as The Standstills who have previously won the coveted 97.7 HTZ-FM Rock search contest. The festival will expand to include a second stage featuring some of the best up and coming bands from across southern Ontario. WTFest will kick off on June 24th, 2016 with a free show at Harmony Square in Downtown Brantford with a headliner to be announced at a later date. Tickets for the show are now available for $39.99 online at with ticket selling locations coming soon.

WTFest is launching their second battle of the bands competition with select shows planned in spring 2016 across the region. The winner from each regional competition will perform at the June 24th show at Harmony Square, and one winner earning them an opening slot on the festival main stage the following day.

"We had an amazing fan reaction last year when we launched WTFest in Brantford. We continuously asked the fans who they would want to see this year, and our two most requested bands were Billy Talent and Monster Truck," said WTFest president Jamie Stephens. "We heard loud and clear from fans that they wanted a big rock show, so we brought in Billy Talent, Monster Truck and Saint Asonia to give them the biggest rock show in southern Ontario this summer."

Billy Talent is a Juno Award¬ winning Canadian rock band formed in 1993. The band has released four studio albums and is gearing up for the release of their fifth album in the summer of 2016. Equipped with countless awards (such as multiple MuchMusic Awards, JUNO Awards, and MTV Awards) and having played the biggest festival stages worldwide, Billy Talent are ready to take on their next mission: to complete their world domination.

Canadian rockers Monster Truck came roaring out of Hamilton, Ontario, a couple of years ago with their 2013 full¬ length debut "Furiosity". The album debuted at #13 on the Top 200 SoundScan chart, and earned the band two #1 singles at Canadian rock radio. The crushing first single "Sweet Mountain River" became the #1 most¬ played song at Canadian Active Rock Radio in 2013, held the #1 spot at Active Rock, Rock and Mainstream Rock radio for eight weeks. Now they're back with "Sittin' Heavy", their sophomore effort, which will be released on February 19th on Dine Alone Records in North America.

Saint Asonia, which also features Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, former Finger Eleven drummer Rich Beddoe, and bassist Corey Lowery (Eye Empire, Stereomud, Dark New Day), released their self-titled effort on RCA Records. The album was recorded with producer Johnny K at his Groovemaster Studios in Chicago and has produced the monster rock radio hit "Better Place".

WTFest launched in 2015, as a two-day outdoor music festival in Brantford, Ontario headlined by Big Wreck, Hedley and featured performances by The Trews, I Mother Earth, and USS. The festival is the brainchild of Jamie Stephens from JSE Events, and Lance and Mark Calbeck from Calbeck Investments, who launched WTFest in an effort to bring a major music festival back to the "Telephone City". The first year festival attracted a crowd of over 7,000 fans and fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement 2016 lineup.

Jive64 make a 'Resolution' for 2016 we all need to hear... Let me take you back to the Electronic Age...

Resolutions' harks back to a time when synthesisers, fashion and great songs ruled the airwaves. Think Soft cell Marc Almond and the masterful Eurythmics. You can put La Roux, the love child of 80s electronic retro on the list too!

Melancholy melodies and and upbeat chorus make for a unashamedly in-your-face electro-pop smash. Rigid and proud while still being melodic and uplifting enough to stick in your head and singing along. It is a fun poppy sound with catchy melodies and breathy vocals. A beat based track, that aligns with the Casio alarm watch vamp. It features a lot of 80s sounds and goes back to the synths used in JIVE64 debut album "Goto 10".

This is how you make a great retro pop song with a head nod to the golden age when electronica and pop got it together.

After a two year hiatus, Roy and Ella, the dynamic duo that make up Jive64, are back on the scene with this track that hails the need for optimism in the world as we leave the ups and downs of 2015 and look forward to all the opportunities that 2016 will hold for us.

'Resolutions' is a self released title as they both wanted to capitalise on the heat created by their last release "Chaotic narcotic" (Redlight Media) which was remixed by many top producers and is still featured on many dance compilations. The track was written, rehearsed, recorded and mixed in both Israel, Dublin & London. They have also had a release called 'Not a Prince' on Warner Music Israel so I think you'll agree, these guys are definitely serious about their intentions in the business

So make a Resolution to get behind this great track, dust of those 2015 cobwebs and smash all that 2016 has waiting for you with Jive64!

Music Video:

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

International Crossover Artist Chop Z Dices The Competition On New E.P. Freeformed

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, LHK Recordings' Chop Z has an engaging and infectious sound which is sure to make waves internationally with all those who love urban music.

Fluent in many styles, Chop-Z's Freeformed EP spans a diverse landscape of Hip-Hop while referencing R&B, UK Grime and Trap along the way. Rooted in the art of storytelling, Chop-Z knows how to create a vivid narrative underpinned with sharply produced beats destined to soundtrack excitement around the world.

No stranger to adversity, Chop Z has truly lived the stories he raps about, speaking from the heart, with self awareness, bravado and endless charisma, he is able to craft memorable tracks that will leave a lasting impression on listeners. With unique lyrical range, Chop-Z is equally able to create harder edged street tracks like the dancehall tinged "Soundwoy Killing Pt.1" as he can create softer more melodic fare like "Miss Bedroom Eyes".

The Freeformed E.P. is comprised of 8 diverse tracks all rooted in a central theme of acceptance. Chop-Z has defined his audience as "Freeformers" and sees this E.P. as their rallying call to unite in their shared self-expressions while casting out all fears. This inclusive message is destined to heal the streets and unite dancefloors.

Within inspirations ranging from Nas, DMX, Big L, Tupac & Garnet Silk, Chop-Z has been honing his style for decades with some of his first rhymes taking place over the reggae music his uncle would play for him as a child while in Jamaica. Now fully repping Toronto, Chop-Z's sound is truly international with elements of Chicago Drill, Atlanta Trap, New York Hip Hop and UK Grime all percolating underneath his vibrant and street ready sound.

Chop-Z is battle-tested and ready for international crossover success. He is a skilled live preformer and is currently planning tours which will take him further then ever in 2016. Make sure you check out the Freeformed E.P. and be sure to check out Chop-Z when he comes to your town!

Soundbwoy Killing Video -

Official Website:

Alicia G releases her Hot New Single "Pretty Girl" Music and Lyrical Video WorldWide, Through LRT Music Group

Alicia G is getting a lot of request and is preparing to come out with another Hot Single by her Producer Lloyd Templeton of TEMP Beatz as well as another music video to show off her Fun, Flirty, and Pop Hip Hop Sound.

Music is her true passion that she loves so much. Alicia G is out of Buffalo, NY and originally started training in classical music singing opera at the age of 13 but as time went on Alicia G grew to enjoy and love POP, Rap and Hip-Hop. Alicia G loves rap the best because she can tell a fun story through her lyrics to make people SMILE and Dance ... "Everyone in this world deserves to be truly happy" Alicia G. Alicia G loves being on the stage performing and entertaining people. When she see’s someone smile after she performs She feels that she has succeeded her goal which was to entertain the audience and that is what she loves the most to put a smile on people's faces!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Inches From Sin Brings Their Latest Release "Bridgewater Triangle" to Bongo Boy Records for Worldwide Distribution and Promotions on Television and Radio

Inches From Sin is a duo originated in New England & New York - formed by Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway Brewer. Their music covers many genres from Rock, Pop, Rap, Blues, Blue Grass, Funk, New Age, Country, Americana, and Folk. Their songs reflect current world events, from looming race wars, true love and everything in between.

Inches From Sin's first video, "Raised In The Hills" was filmed in Lincoln, RI and Directed by William Hayes in CA. The song has an old time Blue Grass feel. It was picked up by Bongo Boy TV for broadcast on Television in January 2015 (Season 4 Ep1038 & Ep1039).

In March 2015, their video "Laid My Heart Out" was filmed in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida and Directed by Amanda VanSandt, Nashville, Tennessee. This music video received Television broadcast with Bongo Boy TV (Season 4 Ep1065 & Ep1066).

In October 2015 their video "Murder" was filmed at Showtime in Belvidere, New Jersey and New Rochelle, New York, Directed by Amanda VanSandt, Nashville, Tennessee.

In December 2015 Inches From Sin video "I've Seen Better Day" was filmed in their hometown, Elmira, New York, Directed by Ronald Deaver from New York City.

Inches From Sin's album "Bridgewater Triangle" was released in Asia in October 2015 through Bongo Boy Records Asia. The albums is streaming in Asia with 3 tracks being tagged by Asian fans are hot.

You can find Inches From Sin on Bongo Boy TV, Bongo Boy Records, Inches From Sin's YouTube Channel, Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday January 24, 2016 Tune In To Gypsy Poet Radio at 5:00pm CST for an exclusive Talk Radio with Robert and Karen aka Inches From Sin hosted by Sophia - The Gypsy Poet


Inches From Sin "Bridgewater Triangle"

By Dana Saravia – Life-long rock & roller, current music critic and Girl From Baltimore | Steel Notes Magazine

Inches From Sin first got my attention last summer with their song "Laid My Heart Out". The song's blend of Americana and R&B combined with strong vocal harmonies stood out as unique and natural. Their album "Bridgewater Triangle" builds on that foundation as the band fuses genres and styles into a sound all their own.

"See You Again" is the album's opener. A mid-tempo song of post-breakup heartache, it's a fine introduction to the layered instrumentation and rich vocal harmonies to be found throughout the set. The second song, "Murder", features a near disco sound backing a strong vocal melody. This number also showcases the gorgeous harmonizing of singers Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway as well as allows each to shine individually by trading lead on the verses. The next song, "Out Of Reach", pairs a faster paced rock sound with socially aware lyrics regarding the media's fanning the flames of racism to incite fear while urging listeners to look past that and work together for a better world. "Move On" adds a pleasant mid 70s radio rock sound to lyrics about moving on to a new life from the ashes of heartbreak. "Hold On" is a slower, acoustic song that has a bit of a campfire feel to it with encouraging lyrics about relying on friends to get through life's tougher times. Karen Holloway sings lead on "Weight Of The World". A lovely song with a bluegrass bent and lyrics such as "Fighting all the rich man's wars" and "Breaks my heart/Breaks my back/All the weight of the world/Keeps coming back" that aptly describe the heaviness of realizing that people continue to allow petty differences to divide them instead of pulling together to create a better society. A strong message in a gentle song, both of the moment and timeless in both music and lyrics. "Laid My Heart Out" , a down-home, folk rock number about finding the bravery to be vulnerable and open with deeper feelings, is next. It also spotlights the band's fantastic vocal harmonies, as does "Be Good To Yourself" which immediately follows. The rougher edged "Suffering" is next. Though it doesn't quite gel as neatly as the other songs here, the ambition and willingness to push boundaries and blend varied musical styles the band shows is refreshing. "This Ring", the song that follows, shows the band at their experimental and original best. Robert Brewer sings lead on this bluesy folk rock blend with richly detailed lyrics about being emotionally, though not physically, unfaithful. The line "This ring burns a hole in my finger tonight" is sung with a depth of feeling and longing and helps make this song one of the best of the album. "Hit It One Time" starts out as a song with an alternative rock feel, unexpectedly grabs a stronger beat, then adds a slick, sexy rap to become something that wouldn't be out of place in a club or on modern urban radio. "Come Get Me" continues the hip hop feel and combines rapped verses with a sung chorus. With lyrics like "I've been waiting/Been waiting for you", this is a memorable and moving song about a father who longs to reconnect with his faraway child who has always remained close in his heart and mind. Strong rock guitar opens "14 Daughters", the edgiest song of this album. With its water and storm imagery and lyrics that refer to karma and nature, the music and lyrics create a strong blend that's reminiscent of Hendrix. A daring track that hits the mark and leaves a memorable impression. "I've Seen Better Days" pairs an acoustic alternative sound with lyrics about reconnecting with an old friend and finding emotional support in that bond. A sweet song and an appropriate way to close out this album.

Inches From Sin have a true gift for vocal harmony, as well as a unique sound and style that set them apart. "Bridgewater Triangle" showcases these elements throughout the album and even on the songs that don't quite gel, their passion and willingness to experiment shine through and mark them as a talented band to keep an eye on. Inches From Sin are bold, distinctive and unafraid to blaze their own musical path—it will be exciting to see where that journey takes them next.

**Available as a digital download via Bongo Boy Records and all other online outlets **

Cannabis Club ATL "ICU" January 2016 Release Date

After coming off the successes of their #2 radio charting, indie single "Get It," and their chart climbing music video; hip-hop neophytes Cannabis Club ATL announces today, a January 18, 2016, release date of another single "ICU" available for download, on iTunes.

Top of the new year, party people will be drawn to a new but familiar Cannabis Club ATL lament. "ICU," the song's hook, is an intoxicating blend of chanted incantations backed up by an original music track, produced by Beat Monster, DJ Plugg. "ICU" is a prelude to the 2016 release of the Cannabis Club ATL's "HELLRAISER" mixtape – a 14 track compilation of songs from the Atlanta Underground movement. There has been no holiday time off for Cannabis Club ATL group members The Legendary Fruitman, Trapacana, N.I.L.E, and Manal; all who have been working in-studio preparing for Money Tree Entertainment's 2016 new music rollout. Producer DJ Plugg had this to say about the group and song. "ICU" has a mean bounce on the track. It has crossover (Urban to Pop) potential. I loved working with Cannabis Club ATL. The group has a unique blend with the 3 guys and Manal the lady member. Manal can handle her own very well among the guys. I enjoyed the freedom a producer has when working with an independent label like Money Tree Entertainment. There are no confines to their creative processes. With the release of "ICU," we're going to bring the Money Tree Entertainment, Cannabis Club ATL sound back to back."

About Cannabis Club ATL:
Cannabis Club's "ICU" new music release date is January 18, 2016. Their previous single "GET IT," held Media Base "Indie Report" #2 song in the country and was in music trade Urban/UAC "Cool New Music" chart and on the "Taking Off Report." For updates on Cannabis Club ATL, the new single "ICU" and music video go to, Like Us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter. "ICU" available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Money Tree Entertainment is celebrating its 10th., year in the music industry. The label has signed new artists to their roster (Country, Pop and R&B) that will launch their projects, in 2016.

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