Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Inches From Sin Brings Their Latest Release "Bridgewater Triangle" to Bongo Boy Records for Worldwide Distribution and Promotions on Television and Radio

Inches From Sin is a duo originated in New England & New York - formed by Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway Brewer. Their music covers many genres from Rock, Pop, Rap, Blues, Blue Grass, Funk, New Age, Country, Americana, and Folk. Their songs reflect current world events, from looming race wars, true love and everything in between.

Inches From Sin's first video, "Raised In The Hills" was filmed in Lincoln, RI and Directed by William Hayes in CA. The song has an old time Blue Grass feel. It was picked up by Bongo Boy TV for broadcast on Television in January 2015 (Season 4 Ep1038 & Ep1039).

In March 2015, their video "Laid My Heart Out" was filmed in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida and Directed by Amanda VanSandt, Nashville, Tennessee. This music video received Television broadcast with Bongo Boy TV (Season 4 Ep1065 & Ep1066).

In October 2015 their video "Murder" was filmed at Showtime in Belvidere, New Jersey and New Rochelle, New York, Directed by Amanda VanSandt, Nashville, Tennessee.

In December 2015 Inches From Sin video "I've Seen Better Day" was filmed in their hometown, Elmira, New York, Directed by Ronald Deaver from New York City.

Inches From Sin's album "Bridgewater Triangle" was released in Asia in October 2015 through Bongo Boy Records Asia. The albums is streaming in Asia with 3 tracks being tagged by Asian fans are hot.

You can find Inches From Sin on Bongo Boy TV, Bongo Boy Records, Inches From Sin's YouTube Channel, Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday January 24, 2016 Tune In To Gypsy Poet Radio at 5:00pm CST for an exclusive Talk Radio with Robert and Karen aka Inches From Sin hosted by Sophia - The Gypsy Poet


Inches From Sin "Bridgewater Triangle"

By Dana Saravia – Life-long rock & roller, current music critic and Girl From Baltimore | Steel Notes Magazine

Inches From Sin first got my attention last summer with their song "Laid My Heart Out". The song's blend of Americana and R&B combined with strong vocal harmonies stood out as unique and natural. Their album "Bridgewater Triangle" builds on that foundation as the band fuses genres and styles into a sound all their own.

"See You Again" is the album's opener. A mid-tempo song of post-breakup heartache, it's a fine introduction to the layered instrumentation and rich vocal harmonies to be found throughout the set. The second song, "Murder", features a near disco sound backing a strong vocal melody. This number also showcases the gorgeous harmonizing of singers Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway as well as allows each to shine individually by trading lead on the verses. The next song, "Out Of Reach", pairs a faster paced rock sound with socially aware lyrics regarding the media's fanning the flames of racism to incite fear while urging listeners to look past that and work together for a better world. "Move On" adds a pleasant mid 70s radio rock sound to lyrics about moving on to a new life from the ashes of heartbreak. "Hold On" is a slower, acoustic song that has a bit of a campfire feel to it with encouraging lyrics about relying on friends to get through life's tougher times. Karen Holloway sings lead on "Weight Of The World". A lovely song with a bluegrass bent and lyrics such as "Fighting all the rich man's wars" and "Breaks my heart/Breaks my back/All the weight of the world/Keeps coming back" that aptly describe the heaviness of realizing that people continue to allow petty differences to divide them instead of pulling together to create a better society. A strong message in a gentle song, both of the moment and timeless in both music and lyrics. "Laid My Heart Out" , a down-home, folk rock number about finding the bravery to be vulnerable and open with deeper feelings, is next. It also spotlights the band's fantastic vocal harmonies, as does "Be Good To Yourself" which immediately follows. The rougher edged "Suffering" is next. Though it doesn't quite gel as neatly as the other songs here, the ambition and willingness to push boundaries and blend varied musical styles the band shows is refreshing. "This Ring", the song that follows, shows the band at their experimental and original best. Robert Brewer sings lead on this bluesy folk rock blend with richly detailed lyrics about being emotionally, though not physically, unfaithful. The line "This ring burns a hole in my finger tonight" is sung with a depth of feeling and longing and helps make this song one of the best of the album. "Hit It One Time" starts out as a song with an alternative rock feel, unexpectedly grabs a stronger beat, then adds a slick, sexy rap to become something that wouldn't be out of place in a club or on modern urban radio. "Come Get Me" continues the hip hop feel and combines rapped verses with a sung chorus. With lyrics like "I've been waiting/Been waiting for you", this is a memorable and moving song about a father who longs to reconnect with his faraway child who has always remained close in his heart and mind. Strong rock guitar opens "14 Daughters", the edgiest song of this album. With its water and storm imagery and lyrics that refer to karma and nature, the music and lyrics create a strong blend that's reminiscent of Hendrix. A daring track that hits the mark and leaves a memorable impression. "I've Seen Better Days" pairs an acoustic alternative sound with lyrics about reconnecting with an old friend and finding emotional support in that bond. A sweet song and an appropriate way to close out this album.

Inches From Sin have a true gift for vocal harmony, as well as a unique sound and style that set them apart. "Bridgewater Triangle" showcases these elements throughout the album and even on the songs that don't quite gel, their passion and willingness to experiment shine through and mark them as a talented band to keep an eye on. Inches From Sin are bold, distinctive and unafraid to blaze their own musical path—it will be exciting to see where that journey takes them next.

**Available as a digital download via Bongo Boy Records and all other online outlets **


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