Friday, January 29, 2016

KickShark launches groundbreaking SoloAmp Personal Sound Column stage amplification system at the 2016 NAMM Show

KickShark, Inc. announces SoloAmp, a modular portable line array stage amplification system for musicians, bands, public speakers, or anyone needing highly accurate, extremely powerful sound amplification in a live event. The first SoloAmp products are the SoloAmp Personal Sound Column and its companion SoloAmp Sub bass module, both products on display at the 2016 NAMM Show in Anaheim California, in booth #2193.

Also announced is an online pre-order campaign on the SoloAmp web site where products from the first production run in March 2016 can be pre-purchased at a substantial discount.

"Everybody in the music industry needs to mark today as when the ground shifted in live sound amplification technology," says Forrest Lee Jr., endorsing artist and business development manager for SoloAmp. "While small powered speaker column systems have been gaining in popularity for over a decade, the new technology introduced in SoloAmp instantly takes the entire category up to a whole new level — and frankly, obsoletes the existing products. SoloAmp totally changes the game in this product category."

SoloAmp uses an all-new SoloDriver loudspeaker that puts its eight sound radiating speaker diaphragms only 5mm apart, truly delivering on the small line array promise of making the sound on stage that the musician hears the same as the sound heard by the audience. None of the existing portable line array products from any brand accomplishe this feat, as they use traditional speakers with rubber surrounds and frame structures around the diaphragms that put significant space between the sound producing elements of their speakers.

Where competing products, such as the Bose L1 series and the Fishman SA220 resolve or partly resolve a line array sound wave 2 meters or more in front of the speakers, the SoloAmp emits true line array sound dispersion at only a half meter. That makes SoloAmp sound the same to the musician as to the audience, and makes SoloAmp the only product at any price in this category to do so.

Because SoloAmp has been engineered over a 12-year period to deliver extremely linear, highly detailed sound reproduction, it is equally useful for electric or acoustic guitar, vocals, or other similar sound sources. And, when paired with one or more SoloAmp Sub bass modules, the system is just as effective with keyboards, electric or acoustic bass, and any full range music source, such as house music, backing tracks, or full bands of any genre.

Despite delivering superior sound accuracy, dispersion, and projection to any existing portable line array system of any price, at $699 SoloAmp is also the most affordable portable line array system. Its companion Sub bass module is only $399. Or, both products can be bundled for only $999.

SoloAmp and the SoloAmp Sub will begin shipping in March 2016. But the products can be pre-ordered now at at significantly reduced pricing. The first 100 SoloAmp or Sub units pre-ordered are only $499 and $299 respectively. Thereafter, pre-orders will be $549 for the SoloAmp and $349 for the SoloAmp Sub. Pre-orders can be placed at

SoloAmp can be pre-ordered at The SoloAmp and SoloAmp Sub can also be seen and experienced in person at the following select music stores in Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles:

Corner Music
c/o J.D. Williamson, Mgr.
2705 12th Ave S.
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone:(615) 297-9559

McCabe's Guitar Shop
c/o Louis Galper, Mgr.
3101 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone:(310) 828-4497

Main Drag Music
c/o Karl Myers, Founder
330 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 388-6365

Full product information about the SoloAmp and the SoloAmp Sub can be found at the brand’s web site at

SoloAmp is a product of KickShark, a Nashville, Tennessee benefit corporation whose mission is to bring amazing products to life, and to support and educate the maker community in the skills required to successfully design, manufacture, and market amazing products.

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