Saturday, May 2, 2009

Groove Generator - Introducing His Album

Groove Generator, aka Gregory J. Bennett is an award-winning, multi-talented musician and producer from Lousianna. With many years of experience in the music industry ranging from touring to music production for TV/film and other media, he is an independent artist that is using his talent and business sense in a way that we from TryXo can only support!

Groove Generator, introduce yourself to the world!

I really love an enjoy being a musician who happens to be a multi-instrumentalist. As a drummer, keyboardist, lead guitarist and bassist, I've always enjoyed watching people groove to my music. Hence, the name, Groove Generator.

I am an award-winning innovator of rock and funkafied dance grooves with pop sensibilities. I've also produced ambient and orchestral tracks for recent interactive media projects. Among some of my most recent accomplishments is having a positive impact in this ever-changing entertainment industry.

How long have you been making music?

I've been making/creating music for 25 years.

How would you describe your music style?

My current album entitled "Groove's Hot Rock Mix" is in the pop/rock music genre. I'm also known for composing/producing other genres i.e. dance/electronica, funk and orchestral.

What is the inspiration behind your music?

I am blessed to have this gift of creating music and being a talented musician. I don't take it for granted. I'm inspired by life experiences and personal relationships, as in the track entitled Please Don't Leave Me.

In which cities, countries or locations have you performed?

I am currently not gigging with a touring band. Before I became a composer/producer, for a number of years I've had the pleasure of touring with funk/r&b/soul singer, Chaka Khan. For the last five years, my collaboration with my studio band, Groove Generator has been the focal point. Our music can be heard in TV/film projects, radio/podcasts, music-on-hold and Muzak applications all over the world.

Is there a dream location that you would like to perform at?

The Grammy Awards.

If you had a choice to release your music independently or with a major label - which would you prefer today?

Releasing music independently. Indie artists have more control over their career these days. As we are becoming more educated in the business-side of music, we're in control of our copyrights and masters which potentially brings us more opportunities and success.

What do you hope to achieve with your music career?

My goal is to establish a long and sustainable music career with strong online promotion/distribution of my music and through publishing/licensing deals. Since I do own the rights to all of my music masters and copyrights, I can enter into various opportunities that can generate positive revenue.

What can your fans expect from you next?

Fans can continue to hear my music in various video games, TV/film projects and other entertainment venues. Here's just a few examples of my TV placements:
Shows - Networks
My Coolest Years - VH-1
Behind the Music Episodes - VH-1
Room Raiders - MTV
Trailer Fabulous - MTV
True Life - MTV
Bill Cosby Biopic - Biography Channel
What's Your Sign - HGTV
Real Sex - HBO
The Next Food Network Star - The Food Network
R. Kelly Interview - VSpot
Hell Date - BET
Real Sex - HBO
... just to name a few.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Platinum Selling Artist Jamie Cullum To Perform At Music Matters In Hong Kong

The organisers of Music Matters - the Asia Pacific Music Forum are delighted to announce that the grand finale to this year's event at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong will feature an exclusive performance from multimillion album selling Jamie Cullum. As a part of the closing session, Jamie will be interviewed at the piano about his life and inspirations by music industry legend, Ralph Simon. Additionally, Music Matters delegates will have the unique opportunity to ask the 29-year-old singer-songwriter-pianist questions on his experiences as an artist in today's music business.

With 4 million albums sold, a Grammy, a Brit and 2 Golden Globe nominations to his name, Jamie Cullum certainly knows a lot about international success in the music industry. Rocketed to fame in his early 20's, Jamie has taken the music world by storm with a headline tour of over 40 countries, and a collection of smash hits. In Asia specifically he has gone Platinum in Singapore, and Gold in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. Jamie has toured extensively throughout Asia, including Japan at Fuji Rock, Hong Kong and Singapore.

"It is so exciting to be back in Hong Kong and I am honoured to be given the opportunity to perform at Music Matters" says Jamie. "Asia is always a highlight for me on tour; amazing food and a huge wealth of musical talent. The fans in Asia rock, they never fail to provide a warm reception"

Now in its fourth year, Music Matters continues to attract the most prominent figures in the music business to Hong Kong.

"We are delighted to showcase such an electric and exciting success story like Jamie at our event" says Jasper Donat, Director of Hong Kong-based event organisers Branded and President of Music Matters. "By using Music Matters to announce the release of his new album Jamie is clearly indicating Asia's importance on the global music map as well as recognising the incredible opportunities that lie in this region".

"This is an incredibly exciting period in the history of the music industry as new technologies are making music available to us at all times - where, when and how we want it whilst empowering the fans to communicate with and influence their heroes." said Donat. "But it all starts with great artists and their content so we are really looking forward to hearing about Jamie Cullum's influences and experiences and learning from a true master of his craft."

Thursday, April 30, 2009

E1 Entertainment Distribution U.S. (Formerly KOCH Distribution) Partners With RightsFlow For Mechanical Licensing And Royalty Services

Port Washington, NY - April 30, 2009 - E1 Entertainment Distribution U.S. (formerly KOCH Distribution), the USA's leading and fastest-growing independent music company in the U.S, and RightsFlow, a provider of bulk mechanical licensing and royalty services, announced today that E1 will offer its distributed labels the ability to utilize RightsFlow's proprietary mechanical licensing 'FLOW' system to license, account, and pay publisher royalties for DPD, interactive streams and limited downloads, including subscription and ad-supported models.

"Partnering with RightsFlow allows E1 to provide its distributed labels with access to RightsFlow's unique, cost-saving, bulk mechanical licensing program" stated Michael Rosenberg, President of E1 Entertainment Distribution U.S. "In RightsFlow, we have a proven partner who can manage this important area of our distributed labels' business. By relieving themselves of the burden of this time-consuming and increasingly complex task, our labels have more time and energy to do what they do best - produce content for E1 to distribute - and publishers and songwriters rights are properly licensed and compensated."

"RightsFlow is delighted to enter into this relationship with E1 Entertainment," adds Duncan Hutchison, Chief Content Officer of RightsFlow. "We are excited to demonstrate how RightsFlow's proven one-stop solution can provide E1's labels the cost-saving benefits of off-loading their mechanical licensing, accounting, and royalty needs."

Under U.S. Copyright Law, mechanical licenses are required for music to be distributed through online music services. The current U.S. statutory mechanical rate for permanent downloads is 9.1¢ for songs five minutes or less and 1.75¢ per minute for songs over five minutes. Limited download and interactive streaming services generally pay a mechanical royalty of 10.5 percent of revenue, less amounts owed for performance royalties. To ensure publishers and songwriters are properly compensated under U.S. law, RightsFlow's licensing service utilizes the bulk licensing system of The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA), a leading U.S. music rights licensing organization, as well as bulk licensing systems used by the thousands of publishers not represented by HFA.

About E1 Entertainment:
E1 Entertainment (AIM: ETO) is a leading independent entertainment content owner that acquires film, television and music rights and exploits these rights in all media in more than 190 countries. The company currently operates in Canada, the U.S., the UK, Holland and Belgium through its four primary businesses units: E1 Television, E1 Films, E1 Music and E1 Distribution. These businesses collectively represent E1's extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production/distribution, Kids content, Licensing and Distribution. E1's content library includes more than 3,700 feature films, 2,700 hours of original television programming and 15,000 music tracks. For more information, visit us at:

About RightsFlow:
RightsFlow offers Mechanical Licensing & Royalty Solutions for labels, distributors, and online music services. We specialize in obtaining bulk mechanical, DPD, and ringtone licenses including streaming, tethered, and limited downloads rights. Our proprietary "FLOW" system allows us to license, account, and pay royalties directly to the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) and the thousands of publishers not represented by HFA. Today, RightsFlow services over 1,500 labels for mechanical and DPD licensing. Some of the many clients we service include marquee companies such as Muzak, EMI Music, Active International, CD Baby, IODA, Audible Magic, YouLicense, Constellation Wines (Blackstone), X5 Music Group, Zebralution and Disc Makers, among others. For more information on RightsFlow's services and management team, visit

Italian-Canadian Rapper Carvelli Is Set To Introduce The Movement To The U.S.

Italian-Canadian rapper/producer Carvelli is set to release his latest EP The Movement. Included in this release is his smash single of the same name, which is a call to all rappers and hip-hop lovers of Italian heritage to band together and create their own world-wide movement. "I am proud of my Italian heritage having grown up immersed in Italian culture and customs. I'd like to put some Italian influence into this great music known as hip-hop, and bring it to the attention of the world."

This Movement that Carvelli speaks of, is in his opinion, a way for Italian artists to come together and create additional outlets for Italian musicians who are into hip-hop, and rap music. " There are many Italian rap and hip-hop artists that are never seen or heard of because there is a lack of exposure of these artists in the genre. By trying to bring more of us together, I believe that it will open doors not only for great collaborations, but a massive amount of exposure. There is a lot of Italian style and culture that is used in mainstream hip-hop today. And let's not forget the mob references and nicknames that are used all of the time", says Carvelli.

"I'm a soldier of The Movement", raps Carvelli in his explosive new track. In fact, it's best to view Carvelli as a General, seeking to recruit and rally converts to a cause he holds dear. The Movement serves as a compelling anthem for that cause.

Carvelli has come a long way since the days of hanging out at poker clubs with his father as a kid. Admitting that these clubs were no place for a kid to be, he does admit to the slight influence they had on him. "There was no way a kid should have been in there, the smoke, the cards, the money, but there I was. I guess because of that I always had a feeling it was cool to be where people said you shouldn't go", states Carvelli.

This attitude explains why he has chosen hip-hop as his art form of choice. "I love hip-hop music and it's culture, and I love Italian music and my culture. I should represent both. People talked about Eminem when he came on the scene, and how he shouldn't be in the rap game. Well, he proved them wrong. Not only is he a great MC, he is an inspiration to kid's around the world who don't fit the typical hip-hop mold", explains Carvelli.

The Movement will be the second release for Carvelli. In 2006 he released the radio-friendly hit song and video Hooah Hooah which received heavy rotation on radio, and international exposure on the popular music channel, MTV. The Artists video was downloaded over 500,000 times from many popular download sites check out his NewVideo and Ep at

IMA Winner Amy Speace To Share Stories And Songs At The Home Of NPR's Selected Shorts

Great storytellers create vivid portraits that reflect the human experience and capture a moment in time; singer-songwriters shoulder the added burden of setting it all to music. Yet the inspiration for the song is often the greatest story never told.

Fittingly, recording artist and winner of the prestigious Independent Music Award Amy Speace will share her stories and songs Thursday, May 7, 8:30pm on Broadway at Symphony Space - home of the popular NPR short story series Selected Shorts. Amy will also be joined by artists Richard Julian and Kristy Kruger.

Produced by Music Resource Group, "The Independent Music Awards Presents" is the first in a series of live performances showcasing accomplished independent musicians who are recognized by the IMAs. The evening will be introduced by, Anthony DeCurtis, a Rolling Stone contributing editor and author of In Other Words: Artists Talk About Life and Work, a collection of interviews he conducted for Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and other publications. (DeCurtis is also a veteran member of the IMA selection panel). A cocktail hour will begin at 7:30p in the adjacent wine bar unWINEd Café.

Purchase tickets ($25 in advance / $30 day of show)

About Amy Speace:
Jersey City-based Wildflower Records recording artist, Amy Speace, is already receiving widespread critical acclaim for her soon to be released, The Killer In Me which mines the mystery and heartbreak of relationships gone wrong, borne largely out of the dissolution of her 10-year marriage. Written during a self-imposed retreat to an isolated cabin in upstate New York, Speace wrote the songs in between hiking and chopping wood for the stove. Blending the best parts of Lucinda Williams with Roseanne Cash, Amy sings Americana influenced pop songs for grown ups and exudes an earthy urban hipness that resonates with men and women alike.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Is A Shakedown! Debut Album Love Kills On Reversed Image Unlimited

It's dirty, decadent, delicious, and danceable. It's uncontrollable, uncontainable, and about to launch itself out of your speakers. Get ready to get catapulted into musical chaos, 'cause THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!

Barreling out of the Cleveland music scene, this fresh new music act took a plethora of influences and made a hot, steamy, gumbo of a record that is boiling out of the pot. Taking pieces of industrial, punk, metal, goth, techno, R&B, and dance music, this electro-rock band is releasing their debut album Love Kills on May 5 through Reversed Image Unlimited.

Launched in 2008, THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!'s Brandon Zano (vocals/guitar), Daniel Lee (bass/synth), Stephen Nicholson (drums), and Justin Nyilas (keyboards/programmer) blend wild electro-groove with heavy rock. Known for notoriously riotous live sets, THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!'s music gets your blood pumping, your heart pounding, and your body shaking. Tracks like "Circles," "You Make Me Wanna," and "Can't Stop" are instant sparks, electrifying dance floors and charging the psyche to remember those groovy hooks. They even took Frank Sinatra's "My Funny Valentine" and transformed it into a slinky, sexy ballad suitable for a punk rock prom.

Multi-platinum award-winning producer/engineer Michael Seifert is at the production helm on this project. Seifert tapped producer/engineer Sean Beavan (best known for mixing and producing music by Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, System of a Down, and Slayer) to mix the album. Digging into these ground-breaking roots, Seifert and Beavan bring that dark magic to THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!'s already unique sound.

All around, Love Kills is a mash-up, mind-trip album busting at the seams with energy and innovation! It's on the way to a stereo, dance hall, or punk club near you. Prepare for the SHAKEDOWN!

Track Listing:
1.) Circles
2.) Love Kills
3.) You Make Me Wanna
4.) Radio
5.) The Beat
6.) ComeAndCutMyHeartOut
7.) Electric Sound
8.) Can't Stop
9.) Oh!
10.) My Funny Valentine
11.) Caving In

Reversed Image Unlimited LLC is a non-traditional, highly innovative record label featuring indie, electronic, rock and pop artists. Keep an eye out for new releases from THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!, Chuck Mosley (formerly of Faith No More), Adam Heart, Ghost Town Trio and more.

Kerchoonz Live Episode 1 - Helicopter Girl

The fantastic 'Mercury Prize' nominated artist Helicopter Girl performs the coolest of cool sets at the House Of Rock Studios, Glasgow for Kerchoonz Live #1.

"I believe that if anyone is putting in work, they should receive compensation. At the same time, we must also be aware of things they offer that are a real plus for artists, such as the exposure. Having said that, it was lovely to receive a payment from Kerchoonz." - Helicopter Girl

About Kerchoonz, currently live in beta and scheduled for official launch in June, is a revolutionary social networking site which allows musicians to upload their music and be paid for every stream and every download of their music. Bands can opt to offer their music either for free download, or simply allow it to be heard through streaming on the site with 'buy' buttons next to every track.

Our Time's 6/23 'listen' CD Features Carly Simon, Daryl Hall, More

Giving Voice to a Group of Children Often Ridiculed or Silenced By Stuttering

Carly Simon, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Duncan Sheik, John Forte and Others From the Worlds of Pop, Rock, Broadway, Hip-Hop and R&B to Appear on a Remarkable CD, 'LISTEN'

Songs Written By Children Who Stutter Bring Artists Together in a Calling for Compassion

June 23rd Album to Benefit 'Our Time' Organization


On June 23rd, a remarkable album, eight years in the making, will be released. 'LISTEN' is a collection of 15 original songs, written by children who stutter, and recorded by iconic artists including Carly Simon, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Duncan Sheik, John Forte, Mandy Patinkin and many others. In addition, Jon Bon Jovi donated the use of his studio, so that his state-of-the-art facility could support the recording process. Superstars from the worlds of pop, rock, R&B, Broadway, hip-hop and more joined together to contribute their time and talents to a cause bigger than stuttering – a call for compassion and acceptance, and for respect of one-another's differences.

In a world where everything -- from news to conversations to decision-making -- happens so fast that we can hardly catch our breath, 'LISTEN' implores us to stop and do just that. Children who stutter are often ridiculed or ignored for not being able to express themselves quickly enough. They've finally been given a safe haven via 'Our Time'.

Our Time is a non-profit organization centered on a one-of-a-kind Arts program that provides children who stutter with an environment of unconditional acceptance…a creative forum, where they can express themselves through art, music, writing and theater, slowly and without risk of being shamed. Founded by Taro Alexander (who has stuttered since he was five years old,) and fueled by the incomparable energy of Musical Director Everett Bradley, Our Time Theatre Company is a free resource for these children and their families. There is no place quite like Our Time.

Their 'LISTEN' album will be released on Sh-K-Boom Records, and proceeds will benefit Our Time. Featuring songs written by Our Time Kids aged 8-18 under the stewardship of Everett Bradley and Associate Musical Director Carl Danielsen, 'LISTEN' is inspiring proof that these children simply need a few good people in their lives, and they can flourish. It's also evidence that kids who stutter are eloquent, brilliant, creative young minds, if they're given a chance to articulate themselves at their own pace. On June 23rd, this CD will give voice to a group of kids who usually don't get listened to.

The album includes 'Magical Place,' a stunning reverie written by Our Time's pre-teens, aged 8-12, and sung by Our Time kid Julianna Padilla. The lyrics say everything you need to know about the shame these children feel, and the newfound hope they get from being a part of Taro Alexander's organization: "There is a magical place called Our Time, when you step right in, you will be loved. There's freedom here in this place…no one makes fun of you. You will be loved."

From the anthemic 'You Don't Know Hurt', performed by Carly Simon, to the soulful 'Nothing In This World', sung by Daryl Hall and John Oates…from John Forte's rap on 'Perfect Place' to Duncan Sheik's pop groove (featuring Holly Brook) on 'All I Want Is Love', to Mandy Patinkin's 'Breathe In', the album delivers an astonishingly polished and diverse array of songs and styles, performed by artists who care. Though these are not 'kids' songs', the fact that the tracks were written by young children makes the achievement of 'LISTEN' all the more impressive. Check out a five-song sampler here:

Other artists who recorded for 'LISTEN' include Blue Man Group, Ann Hampton Callaway, Michael Cerveris, Amanda Kravat, Adriane Lenox, Norm Lewis, Kelli O'Hara, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Nicki Richards, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Sherie Rene Scott, Stomp, Mary Testa, Michelle Weeks, Lucy Woodward, Cast Members from Spring Awakening, and the youth of Our Time. Our Time's Taro Alexander and Everett Bradley provide vocals as well.

Here is USA TODAY's Exclusive preview from the cover of today's LIFE section:

'Listen' Aims to Help Stutterers
By Elysa Gardner
A variety of pop and musical-theater artists have joined with Our Time Theatre Company, a non-profit group devoted to helping young people who stutter, on Listen, due June 23.
Recorded at Jon Bon Jovi's studio, the album features 15 songs written by such teens and pre-teens. Performers include Carly Simon, Duncan Sheik and Daryl Hall and John Oates, alongside Mandy Patinkin and other Broadway stars such as Kelli O'Hara, Adam Pascal, Michael Cerveris and Sherie Rene Scott. Simon, who "had a debilitating stammer for most of my life," was inspired by group founder Taro Alexander, who "has contributed his gifts (so that) having a stammer or a stutter has grace and originality, and does not have to be hidden in the dark chambers of shame."

Track listing (subject to change,) is as follows:

All I Want Is Love (written by Our Time member Andre Gillyard, age 16)
Lead vocals - Holly Brook, Duncan Sheik
Background vocals – Original cast members from Spring Awakening

You Don't Know Hurt (written by Our Time member Linda Gjonbalaj, age 15)
Lead vocals - Carly Simon
Background vocals – Lucy Woodward

Nothing In This World (written by Our Time member Dashawn Taylor, age 12)
Lead and background vocals - Daryl Hall and John Oates

Breathe In (written by Our Time member Naudia Jones, age 17)
Lead Vocals - Mandy Patinkin

When I Am Loved (written by Our Time member Dashawn Taylor, age 14)
Lead vocals - Nicki Richards

Perfect Place (written by Our Time member Keith Russell, age 16 / rap solo written by John Forte)
Lead and background vocals - Adam Pascal, John Forte, Carly Simon

Proud Of You (written by Our Time member Isaiah Fletcher, age 15)
Lead Vocals - Isaiah Fletcher, Michelle Weeks

Flaunt It (written by Our Time member Naudia Jones, age 17)
Lead vocals - Adriane Lenox, Mary Testa

Our Time Made Us Loud (written by Our Time members Andre
Gillyard, age 18, Jonathan Greig, age 17, and Keith Russell, age 17)
Lead Vocals - Jonathan Greig, Andre Gillyard, Keith Russell
Special appearance – Stomp

What We Have To Say (written by Our Time members Linda
Gjonbalaj, age 15, Yoni Messing, age 15)
Lead vocals - Anthony Rapp

Let Go Of The Past (written by Our Time members Nina Hersher,
age 16, Alison Williams, age 15)
Lead Vocals - Daphne Rubin-Vega

Carry On (written by Our Time teens, ages 13-18)
Lead vocals - Sherie Rene Scott, Norm Lewis

Booyaland (written by Our Time members Julianna Padilla, age 10,
Victoria Perlman, age 11)
Lead vocals - Ann Hampton Callaway; Special appearance - Blue Man Group

Listen To Your Heart (written by Our Time member Lindsay
Campbell, age 18)
Lead Vocals - Michael Cerveris, Kelli O'Hara

Magical Place (written by Our Time pre-teens, ages 8-12)
Lead vocals - Julianna Padilla; Special appearance - William Gallison

More about Our Time's Founder and Director Taro Alexander:
Taro Alexander is an accomplished performer, teacher, and director who has stuttered since the age of five. His artistic impulses were encouraged by his parents at an early age and his interest in contributing to social change was influenced greatly by the work of his father, the late Bobby Alexander, who founded the legendary Living Stage Theatre Company in Washington, DC. Taro graduated from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and went on to be cast in his first professional role at the age of nineteen in the National Tour of Neil Simon's Lost in Yonkers. After years of building a successful performing career, including four years in the cast of the Off-Broadway smash STOMP and appearances on NBC's Law & Order, Taro decided that it was time to realize his lifelong dream of utilizing art to transform the lives of people who stutter. He founded Our Time in the Fall of 2001. Mr. Alexander has been widely recognized for his work with people who stutter and has led workshops, master classes, and performances around the world from Dublin to Montreal to Glasgow to Chicago to San Francisco to New Orleans. In March 2002, he was honored by the National Council on Communicative Disorders at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, where he received the Charles Van Riper Award. In July 2005, he gave the keynote address at the National Association of Young People Who Stutter (Friends) Conference in Cleveland. Taro and Our Time have been featured on NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams, NPR's All Things Considered, The Today Show, WNBC, as well as in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post. He would like to thank the young people of Our Time for their courage and trust. He is honored to be married to the amazing Leigh Pennebaker. They are the proud parents of one son, with another baby due in late Summer, 2009.

Here's what Taro says about 'LISTEN':
This album gives voice to a group of children who are too-often not listened to. By validating the artistic spirit of children who have been marginalized by society, this album provides inspiration to us all, empowering everyone to have courage and recognize the value of their own unique voice. At the same time it celebrates the amazing power of listening, acceptance, and love.

We live in a fast-paced society that encourages conformity and is often unkind to those of us who are different, whether we stutter or not. "Listen" is about the voice of incredible value that lies within each of us, regardless of fluency. It is also about the miracles that happen when we slow down long enough to really pay attention to our fellow human beings. There is profound and transformative beauty to be found in the simple act of listening.

The young people of Our Time have shown me personally how to live out of courage instead of fear, determination instead of defeat, and kindness instead of selfishness. These are universal themes that I think will resonate with people all over the world. I hope "Listen" will encourage all of us to love ourselves, and each other, and embrace life to the fullest. As 17-year-old Our Time member Naudia Jones wrote in Breathe In, "breathe in the life you're living, reach out and take a chance, breathe in the life you're given, don't be afraid to dance."

More About Our Time's Musical Director Everett Bradley:
Everett Bradley is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, producer, actor, dancer and has shared his multi-flavored art with New York City and the world, for over 20 years. He has done everything from touring and performing, in and out of the studio, with musical giants like Bobby McFerrin, Jon Bon Jovi, Quincy Jones, Carly Simon, and recently Hall and Oates, to being the first American to lead and direct the British percussive sensation STOMP. Mr. Bradley topped the charts in Europe with his dance classic "I Luv U Baby." Everett won the prestigious Theatre World Award for co-writing, co-arranging, and starring in the hit Broadway musical "SWING," which was nominated for the 2000 Tony Award for Best Musical and also received a Grammy nomination for best Broadway Cast Recording. Everett's first full-length CD, "AS IT EVER IS," received rave reviews from both Billboard and People magazines. His haunting ballad "Whadify" was featured in the closing episode of Dawson's Creek. His original holiday CD entitled "TOY," is a joyous, funky collection of new Christmas tunes. This self-produced album features duets with Richie Sambora (guitarist with the Jon Bon Jovi Band), song siren Ann Hampton Callaway, and trumpet great Chris Botti. This accomplishment has received rave reviews from the Washington Post, USA Today, and He has since created Envision Music Design with long time friend and colleague Gregg Parratto. Both Indiana University School of Music graduates are now actively producing artists recordings, TV and film, and advertisements as well as Our Time's "Listen" album. This summer, Mr. Bradley will be honoring an awarded invitation from the Civitella Ranieri Center where gifted artists from different disciplines and countries come together to pursue their work and exchange ideas. Everett will work on his one-man show "Ev/OLUTION in a 15th century castle in the Umbria region of Italy. Everett feels extremely fortunate to be working with Our Time Theatre Company for the past 7 years.

Details About the One-of-a-Kind CAMP OUR TIME:

Camp Our Time is an extension of Our Time Theatre Company, and is the first of its kind: an arts camp uniquely tailored for kids who stutter, their young family members, and friends, ages 8-18. This groundbreaking program infuses traditional camp recreation with Our Time's distinctive arts programming to build confidence that is vital for their developing years. Camp Our Time can have a lifetime impact on kids who have longed for sustained interaction with others who understand their struggle to express themselves. Camp Our Time takes place August 9-16, 2009 at Iroquois Springs, an American Camp Association accredited camp facility located in Rock Hill, NY, 90 minutes north of New York City. Camp Our Time offers an outstanding counselor-to-camper ratio, affordable all-inclusive tuition, and financial aid to all youth in need. Camp Our Time welcomes youth from all over the world. For more information or to register for Camp Our Time, visit , or Email: , or call: 212-414-9696

The History and Mission of Our Time:
Our Time Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been improving the lives of kids who stutter since 2001. It is estimated that more than 60 million people in the world stutter, and this commonly misunderstood speech disorder causes extreme emotional distress in kids who struggle not only with verbal communication but also shame, discrimination, and social isolation. At Our Time, kids who stutter transform this fear and shame associated with stuttering into confidence and self-esteem.

Through a summer camp that welcomes kids from all over the world as well as local New York City programming, Our Time is the only organization that uses the performing arts to turn stuttering inside out. Our Time serves young people who stutter, their young family members, and friends, ages 8 to 18, from a wide diversity of backgrounds. There is no audition for prospective participants and no performance experience necessary. The company is committed to offering its NYC-based programming free of charge and providing financial aid to all youth in need for Camp Our Time.

Our Time provides a creative community that fosters unconditional acceptance and allows youth who stutter to feel respected and validated. Youth collaborate with others who also struggle to be heard in the everyday world. Our Time participants are assured that what they have to say is important, and they will have as much time as needed to express their unique and valuable voices, free from judgment and ridicule.

One of the tragedies of stuttering is that those who are afflicted often come to believe that voicing their thoughts, feelings, and dreams is not as important as hiding their disorder from the world. The arts brilliantly combat this notion, providing a vehicle for expression for those who have been silenced.

Through Our Time's artistic programming, youth gain the courage and strength to not let their speech disorders limit their life experiences or quell their dreams.

More on Sh-K-Boom Records:
The Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight label has emerged as the standard bearer on the Broadway music scene. Their recent releases of the OCRs for Tony winners In The Heights and Passing Strange, as well as their single release featuring the winner of MTV's Legally Blonde The Musical competition, have brought them acclaim for their innovative marketing techniques and their efforts to reach the next generation of Broadway music fans via iTunes, music videos and more. The label (and President Kurt Deutsch) recently earned their first ever GRAMMY AWARD for In The Heights. Coverage has ranged from Rolling Stone to USA TODAY to The New York Times, from Blender Magazine to Playbill to Billboard, from AP Radio to Entertainment Weekly, from New York Magazine to Variety to NY-1 TV, from Time Out NY to Paper Magazine to The Advocate and much more. Other current releases include the OCR for '13 – The New Broadway Musical,' and a double CD collector's edition of 'Reefer Madness.' Their release of 'Patti LuPone at Les Mouches' received expansive and wildly favorable media overage. They recently released Sutton Foster's solo CD, 'Wish', and coverage included two USA TODAY 'Listen Up Music Picks', an appearance on NBC-TV Weekend Today Show, and a debut on Billboard's Heatseekers Chart. They recently released the OCR for Next To Normal, and will soon release the OCR for HAIR. Visit

Learn more about Our Time here:

Watch the Our Time video here:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Music Xray Recently Quietly Delivered Tracks By Rob Thomas And Godhead To The Industry & Beyond

Yesterday was the official release date for Rob Thomas' new single called Her Diamonds and Music Xray showcased and delivered the song within the industry. The password protected download module prevented any downloading of the song except by those given the code. All others were able to stream the high quality audio.

That's just one of the ways both major and indie artists are finding Music Xray useful. Music Xray provides a sleek enhanced digital package that is not only an embeddable song player, rather it comes with a number of modules, each of which can be public or hidden and that each show information about a song. For instance, song owners can track in real time how many times their song has been mentioned in blogs, on Twitter, traded on the P2P networks, the traction they are getting on MySpace and how many times their song has been played from the Music Xray itself.

There is a module that encases the lyrics, songwriter notes, a video and even a module that generates a computer-based score that predicts the market demand a song will likely have.

Additionally, Music Xray provides artist with a platform to help them get their song from creation to the mass exposure opportunities that are available.

For artists who may be unsure what to do with their next song, they can create a music xray for it. Then they fully populate all the modules and upload a slick image that best represents their song. They check their market demand scores (more information here) and obtain a few reviews (right here) from qualified music and music business experts. Simultaneously they may email their unique music xray URL to a few knowledgeable (about music) friends and associates. They ask their friends to leave brief and honest remarks in the comments module. Within a few days, they are able to determine if they want to submit their song to legitimate industry opportunities (right here also), and/or if they should add or subtract something (more cowbell?) to improve their song. Or, perhaps they reach the conclusion nobody's opinion matters but their own, which may be true?

In every case, their song now sits within the coolest song packaging around, which they can blast all over the industry and throughout the entire world if you choose. Market traction stats "magically" appear within their stats modules, and best of all, all the interaction data (stats, reviews, scores, ratings, tags, comments, etc.) stick to their song like velcro, and all this stickiness will ultimately make the song easier to filter and find (note: intelligent filters for industry professionals are coming soon).

Currently, artists invest thousands of dollars and years of their lives promoting their music within the industry seeking their big break or to only get some professional advice or critiques. Music Xray strives to cut the costs to a fraction of what is currently required and to reduce the time it takes to achieve that from years to days and even potentially minutes.

Bobby Runk Debut Release: Good Company

BRIEF BIO ... The gist of the story:

* Bobby Runk, a musician since he was 8, spends career in insurance brokerage business (just like Tom Clancy!), but is gripped always by his creative impulses:

o First, Bobby writes and publishes (under penname Bobby Rusher) successful golf humor book in 1990 called HOW TO LINE UP YOUR FOURTH PUTT. Sells 55,000 on his own. In 2007, Expanded & Revised edition is published by Random House.

o In 2006, discovers Pro Tools, which allows him to capture and arrange his song ideas. Decides to get serious about his interest in music and, in particular, songwriting.

* Discovered! -- at the tender age of 59 -- by Gary Katz, the record producer particularly well-known for his Steely Dan work. They produce Runk's debut album, Bobby Runk: GOOD COMPANY


"Bobby, I'm pretty cynical most of the time, been doing this soooooo long in every aspect of the industry, so I've gotten picky about needing better songs to enjoy -- I just get bored with most radio stuff these days, it's so formula. BUT THIS SONG IS REALLY COOL. It reflects the best of early Motown in feeling & melody, but it is so original, contemporary. Eternally cool, Bob" - From Gary Earls, Nashville record producer, about the song, YOU WON'T SUFFER

"Bob, I emphasize that our planning how to maintain and enhance the unique quality of the music -- the vibe that already exists in those wonderful demos -- AND make it be a great record -- is a wonderful challenge, because the music is as honest and cool as it is." - From Steely Dan Producer, Gary Katz


Q: Where did you grow up?

A: In a small town in CT.

Q: What made you realize that music was your path?

A: My dad was a great musician (piano), and he played with his band, The 7-City Seven, every Saturday night for years. The house would shake with rhythm on the nights they practiced at our house. It was exciting. He was an excellent classical pianist, as well as a jazz musician. I think he did some arranging for the Dorsey Band early on, but I can't confirm this. It was inevitable that I study the keyboard, and for seven years I studied classical piano -- then my dad taught me Boogie Woogie. Game over, essentially. I found I had a good ear, and I was a natural improviser. From High School on, I was always in a band.

Q: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

A: That is a very difficult question for me. Easier to describe what it is not. But I love songwriting, so the structure and lyrics and the musicality of the project are very important to me. I think I successfully create in a broad range of styles, but people say my music reminds them of Buffet, the Beatles, Eagles, Willie Nelson, Moody Blues, Tracy Chapman, I don't know. Please listen and tell me how to categorize my stuff!

Q: Who are your biggest musical influences?

A: As a kid of course I studied all the classics and I love Beethoven and Chopin and Mozart. And my dad played piano most like Art Tatum. And I grew up listening to Count Basie, Richard Rogers (and other American Musical composers), and the Big Band folks. Although I don't write in that style of course, I would have to point to this as an influence, at least a subliminal one. But: Chuck Berry -- whoops! What's up with that?? That sent me over the moon. When I first heard that stuff? Wow! Where did that come from? Of course, I love great songwriting, and my influences include The Beatles (who is not influenced by them?), Carol King, Dylan, Jagger, Bon Jovi, Jason Mraz, to name a few.

Q: What makes your music unique?

A: I sat down a couple of years ago and I said to myself, "Bobby, today you're going to write a Stones song." And guess what happened? I wrote a Runk song! But to quote my producer after our first meeting a year ago: "As I mentioned I think as interesting a project as it is, it also is a complicated one, in thinking and planning about how to maintain and achieve the unique quality of the music, the vibe that already exists in those wonderful demos, AND make it be a great record. It is a wonderful challenge, because the music is as honest and cool as it is." And another professional musician friend said: "Bob, your songs are both lyrically interesting and refreshingly melodious. Also, no small feat, while speaking to adult issues and concerns, the music is in no way awkward, or cumbersome; and your voice sounds ageless. Right on!"

Q: Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you're most proud of?

A: Yes, when my wife first heard YOU WON'T SUFFER, she said "Bobby, what is that!? That is terrific! How did you come up with that?" I told her an angel came to me in the night. And, in a spiritual/symbolic way, I do think that is what happens when a good song gets "out." There is a muse, and you hope he or she stays with you forever. But the honest surprise and pleasure she expressed made me proud of the effort on that song. I am obsessed with songwriting now, so I hope the future will generate a bunch of Proud Moments.

Q: What's next for you?

A: I am working my second album – I have over 140 song projects now.


From Chris Frantz, Talking Heads: "Your songs are both lyrically interesting and refreshingly melodious. Also -- no small feat! -- while speaking to adult issues and concerns, the music is in no way awkward, or cumbersome; and your voice sounds ageless. Right on!"

From Gary Earls, Nashville record producer, about the song, YOU WON'T SUFFER: "Really, I'm pretty cynical most of the time, been doing this soooooo long and worked in every aspect of the industry, so I've gotten picky about needing better songs to enjoy -- I just get bored with most radio stuff these days, it's so formula. BUT THIS IS REALLY COOL. It reflects the best of early Motown in feeling & melody, but it is so original, contemporary. Eternally cool, Bob"

From award-winning recording artist, Tad Robinson: "Just now listening to the new disc. Wonderful! Congrats. It sounds great. The songs hang together so well. And the sounds are incredible. Great vocals, harmonies. Melody after melody. This is a real triumph, Bob"

From William F. Machen, lead guitarist for The Five Moons, Bobby's first band: "A potpourri of fresh and original songs for the New Millennium. A deft blend of the old, the new, and the blue, this collection evokes memories of better times in the music business. It was my privilege to play with the well kept secret that is Bob Runk. Don't miss it!"

From Producer - Gary Katz: "Bob, I emphasize that our planning how to maintain and enhance the unique quality of the music -- the vibe that already exists in those wonderful demos -- AND make it be a great record -- is a wonderful challenge, because the music is as honest and cool as it is."

From UNISONG -- comments on Runk's HAVE A HEART:

This melody is classic and modern at the same time - smoothly balancing between the two. Your range is not too difficult for a great many folks to sing, yet SOUNDS that way because of your clever chord choices. The verses are familiar, yet fresh sounding, and are very easy to sing along to; and the bridges really kick it up a notch, while still not straining the average voice. We really liked this recording and the arrangement -- including that great electric guitar solo-- and the Wurlitzer electric piano sounds great on this, too. Solid melody!

Does the lyric say something in a new and interesting way? Yes
Does the lyric work well with the melody? Exceptionally

Lyrically, we're pleased to say that we can understand every bit of this clearly, and it all rhymes nicely and makes a lot of sense. We also really like some of the fresh-sounding lines here. The ones we feel are unique include: "I am a violin that has no string" -- a nice new way to say "I'm nothing without you", and "Let's not start. There's nowhere to go, baby" -- an impassioned plea to keep things calm in their relationship!

Smoothly accomplished lyrics, Robert.

This is an A A B A type song - so this song is without a chorus. As it is, it works really well, especially by introducing a hearty solo to add another section element into it, so that when all is said and done - it sounds FRESH at every section change! Good job on this structure.

Although not PLACED traditionally, this unusually placed title works well, allowing the listener to recognize it AS the song's title, which is the first test for a proper title to pass.

Great song craft on this song, Robert!

From Craig Bickhardt, hit songwriter, on Runk's OVER & OVER:

Hi Robert. Ah, I miss Harry Nilsson. That's who I hear inside this song. I really like this one. I doesn't follow formula, and it's just quirky enough to sound genuinely inspired. The words are playful and instinctive. There's no point picking it apart for logic and stuff that makes no difference when a song just flows smoothly and entertains us in a consistent mood. This isn't rocket science, but it IS just as hard to write a great simple song as it is to write a great complicated one. Good work on this song.

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