Friday, September 2, 2016

Homeschool Family Band Chibi Kodama Releases New Music Video

Chibi Kodama is the Cullimore family. A mom, dad and 5 little girls. They make high energy, all-ages indie rock designed to encourage, inspire and get families through the highs, lows and struggles of daily life. As with many other artists in the kindie rock genre, they write not only for the kids, but parents alike.

On August 23rd, Chibi Kodama is happy to announce the release of their newest music video, "Acting Like We Don't." The song represents a romping high point nearly in the middle of the concept EP, Dragons, released earlier this year on May 28th. The EP is all about finding and letting out the truest parts of ourselves that we so often try to conceal, and Acting Like We Don't is a pointed moment of clarity declaring, "We all struggle with this, so why do we try to pretend that we have it all together?"

The band feels that too often both kids and grownups alike are crippled and paralyzed within themselves, afraid to let out the beauty within. So, they took to writing an entire set of songs about that very thing. It was a project of passion that was written, recorded and completed in under 3 weeks. (and that included dad working full time as well� you can imagine, not a lot of cleaning or laundry got done during that short period of time)

The backdrop for the video was a fun day of filming in front of the Rockabilly murals of Historic Downtown Selmer, TN. These are the former stomping grounds of legends like Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and so many others. Take note of the Sun Records stage that the family is dancing on throughout the song.

The choice to add the lyrics to the video was not a passive one. The hope and goal is that the message of the lyrics wouldn't be lost in the fun of the video, but rather that upon repeated viewings the lyrics would stick out and linger with the viewer more and more.

Everything Chibi Kodama releases is written, recorded and produced at home with the whole family to weigh in on it. Learn more at


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump Helps Artist Finish Album

Despite many negative headlines, Donald Trump has been a godsend to a recording artist from Chicago who had been trying to complete his masterpiece album for seven years.

Recording artist Octathorpe's genius idea started when his Music Life Coach, Mark Desvaux, challenged him to create the ultimate incentive to complete his album within six months. Sheldon Kessel aka Octathorpe wrote a post-dated check for $250 to support Trump's Presidential Campaign Fund as a penalty if he did not complete his album by the deadline.

Octathorpe said: "My dream has always been to be a full-time musician, but life always got in the way. I realised that unless I could finish my current album, the dream would die. When Mark challenged me, he asked me to donate money to an organization that was against my beliefs and values. I became more motivated than I have ever been, and failure was not an option!"

Mark Desvaux of said: "The number one reason people approach me for coaching is they have dream in music, but trying to do things on their own is impossible. For major artists with deadlines set by their label, they have a huge incentive to deliver on time. For the indie artist however, the lack of deadlines is a huge issue. I always ask clients to set incentives to hit deadlines we agree on, and Sheldon's idea was the best I have ever heard. He delivered his album a week early!"

Octathorpe's album "In The Meantime" will be released on September 30th 2016. Listen to a sampler of the album at


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Paul Knopf Releases A Jazz Piano Solo Called "Pressed Flowers"

Veteran piano jazz composer and host of the Outcat Show Podcast, Paul Knopf is releasing his new piano jazz solo: "Pressed Flowers," through R. Media Inc. Pressed Flowers is a piano jazz solo that is available right now on CD Baby, ITunes and Amazon for digital download. "Pressed Flowers" by Paul Knopf is a piano jazz instrumental love song.

Paul Knopf explained the meaning of his song by saying: "The piano jazz instrumental love song, Pressed Flowers is inspired by a poem I wrote about an experience I had. Here is the poem I wrote: You return again and again, in repetition, winding, rewinding: Laura, Beatrice. I press you between the pages of the book of life, but the nectar of your presence escapes. It's like a movie. I enter the park through a half open gate as you are leaving or seated at the other end of a subway car, you are reading a book. I never approach you. What if you are not you? The girl I knew in the playgrounds of my childhood."

The Outcat, Paul Knopf is a seasoned jazz pianist with an interesting past. His career started in the 1950's, during that time he achieved critical acclaim from Playboy Magazine and Down Beat Magazine; he also appeared on a 1950's CBS program titled: "Jazz is my beat." However, he was left a casualty when the Rock and Roll takeover of 1960's came to fruition. As the entertainment business closed in on him he resorted to playing jazz piano for strip clubs and society bands; in addition, he also worked with professional dancers such as Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham. The stress of not being wanted as a jazz artist brought on a rocky road of anxiety and alcoholism, but in the 1990's he resurfaced on the Joe Franklin Show to let his fans know he was still here. Paul Knopf's discography includes vinyl releases such as Knopfian Jazz, the Outcat Comes Back and the Enigma of a Day; CD Releases such as Collage and Through it All, as well as digital download EP releases titled: Jazz You Can Feel Volume one and Jazz You Can Feel Volume 2. Paul Knopf was also a featured subject in a documentary titled Bohemia the Life of a New York City Poet. Paul Knopf will be 90 years old in a few months and he shows no signs of slowing down, he does a podcast called the Outcat Show, he performs regularly, and his new jazz piano solo single Pressed Flowers is out now.

To download Pressed Flowers on CD BABY please click here:

To download Pressed Flowers on Itunes please click here:

For more information on Pressed Flowers by The Outcat Paul Knopf email rmediainc@hotmail or call 347 509 0355.


Tcohh.Org Launches Entertainment Education Cell Phone App

The College of Hip Launches the first ever Entertainment Education app for FREE!

The College of Hip Hop is the one stop source for entertainment education. Learn how to do your own copyrights, PRO forms, set a budget and more. TCOHH has constructed the proper team of professionals to give you insight to reach your goals in the entertainment business. Now, after years of research, planning and preparation TCOHH is offering the world their app for FREE!

The College of Hip Hop APP is available on Android (Google Play), IOS Apple (App Store), Blackberry and the Amazon app Networks. This App was created by AJ and SJ Jackson; co-founders of The twin brothers are fresh off of the release of their book "10 Steps to profit from your Passion" which was influenced by AJ and SJ Jackson leads by example giving you jewels you can live by in the entertainment business.

The College of Hip Hop APP features are incredible. Features like: Audio Seminars, Audios Streams, and A Resource Guide just to name a few. Placing the tools in your hand is powerful! You can now learn on the go! TCOHH knows that the 99.5 percent access content/information via mobile more than on a PC (Search Engine Watch). There is no way you can go wrong. Download the app now!

Google play link: (copy and paste)

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