Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump Helps Artist Finish Album

Despite many negative headlines, Donald Trump has been a godsend to a recording artist from Chicago who had been trying to complete his masterpiece album for seven years.

Recording artist Octathorpe's genius idea started when his Music Life Coach, Mark Desvaux, challenged him to create the ultimate incentive to complete his album within six months. Sheldon Kessel aka Octathorpe wrote a post-dated check for $250 to support Trump's Presidential Campaign Fund as a penalty if he did not complete his album by the deadline.

Octathorpe said: "My dream has always been to be a full-time musician, but life always got in the way. I realised that unless I could finish my current album, the dream would die. When Mark challenged me, he asked me to donate money to an organization that was against my beliefs and values. I became more motivated than I have ever been, and failure was not an option!"

Mark Desvaux of said: "The number one reason people approach me for coaching is they have dream in music, but trying to do things on their own is impossible. For major artists with deadlines set by their label, they have a huge incentive to deliver on time. For the indie artist however, the lack of deadlines is a huge issue. I always ask clients to set incentives to hit deadlines we agree on, and Sheldon's idea was the best I have ever heard. He delivered his album a week early!"

Octathorpe's album "In The Meantime" will be released on September 30th 2016. Listen to a sampler of the album at


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