Friday, September 2, 2016

Homeschool Family Band Chibi Kodama Releases New Music Video

Chibi Kodama is the Cullimore family. A mom, dad and 5 little girls. They make high energy, all-ages indie rock designed to encourage, inspire and get families through the highs, lows and struggles of daily life. As with many other artists in the kindie rock genre, they write not only for the kids, but parents alike.

On August 23rd, Chibi Kodama is happy to announce the release of their newest music video, "Acting Like We Don't." The song represents a romping high point nearly in the middle of the concept EP, Dragons, released earlier this year on May 28th. The EP is all about finding and letting out the truest parts of ourselves that we so often try to conceal, and Acting Like We Don't is a pointed moment of clarity declaring, "We all struggle with this, so why do we try to pretend that we have it all together?"

The band feels that too often both kids and grownups alike are crippled and paralyzed within themselves, afraid to let out the beauty within. So, they took to writing an entire set of songs about that very thing. It was a project of passion that was written, recorded and completed in under 3 weeks. (and that included dad working full time as well� you can imagine, not a lot of cleaning or laundry got done during that short period of time)

The backdrop for the video was a fun day of filming in front of the Rockabilly murals of Historic Downtown Selmer, TN. These are the former stomping grounds of legends like Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and so many others. Take note of the Sun Records stage that the family is dancing on throughout the song.

The choice to add the lyrics to the video was not a passive one. The hope and goal is that the message of the lyrics wouldn't be lost in the fun of the video, but rather that upon repeated viewings the lyrics would stick out and linger with the viewer more and more.

Everything Chibi Kodama releases is written, recorded and produced at home with the whole family to weigh in on it. Learn more at


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