Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Paul Knopf Releases A Jazz Piano Solo Called "Pressed Flowers"

Veteran piano jazz composer and host of the Outcat Show Podcast, Paul Knopf is releasing his new piano jazz solo: "Pressed Flowers," through R. Media Inc. Pressed Flowers is a piano jazz solo that is available right now on CD Baby, ITunes and Amazon for digital download. "Pressed Flowers" by Paul Knopf is a piano jazz instrumental love song.

Paul Knopf explained the meaning of his song by saying: "The piano jazz instrumental love song, Pressed Flowers is inspired by a poem I wrote about an experience I had. Here is the poem I wrote: You return again and again, in repetition, winding, rewinding: Laura, Beatrice. I press you between the pages of the book of life, but the nectar of your presence escapes. It's like a movie. I enter the park through a half open gate as you are leaving or seated at the other end of a subway car, you are reading a book. I never approach you. What if you are not you? The girl I knew in the playgrounds of my childhood."

The Outcat, Paul Knopf is a seasoned jazz pianist with an interesting past. His career started in the 1950's, during that time he achieved critical acclaim from Playboy Magazine and Down Beat Magazine; he also appeared on a 1950's CBS program titled: "Jazz is my beat." However, he was left a casualty when the Rock and Roll takeover of 1960's came to fruition. As the entertainment business closed in on him he resorted to playing jazz piano for strip clubs and society bands; in addition, he also worked with professional dancers such as Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham. The stress of not being wanted as a jazz artist brought on a rocky road of anxiety and alcoholism, but in the 1990's he resurfaced on the Joe Franklin Show to let his fans know he was still here. Paul Knopf's discography includes vinyl releases such as Knopfian Jazz, the Outcat Comes Back and the Enigma of a Day; CD Releases such as Collage and Through it All, as well as digital download EP releases titled: Jazz You Can Feel Volume one and Jazz You Can Feel Volume 2. Paul Knopf was also a featured subject in a documentary titled Bohemia the Life of a New York City Poet. Paul Knopf will be 90 years old in a few months and he shows no signs of slowing down, he does a podcast called the Outcat Show, he performs regularly, and his new jazz piano solo single Pressed Flowers is out now.

To download Pressed Flowers on CD BABY please click here:

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For more information on Pressed Flowers by The Outcat Paul Knopf email rmediainc@hotmail or call 347 509 0355.

Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtsaLStg3jc

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