Saturday, August 4, 2012

LGBT R&B/Pop Artist Tony Enos Brings "The Heat" With New CD Offering

Like a hot knife through butter, international R&B/pop recording artist Tony Enos continues to melt us down as he brings "The Heat," his latest CD offering from lil' T Entertainment LLC. As one of the first openly gay recording artists to hit the scenes years before it was 'trendy,' Enos has always blazed his own fiery way with vocals, choreography, fashion and gender bending music videos that truly set it off ! "The Heat" his second CD release, finds him broadening his range with tracks that take hip hop to pop's blistering edge!

"Hot Knife Through Butter," the debut single release from "The Heat," scorches a trail for Enos' "no holds barred" style. The accompanying video packs the punch that keeps club mongers yearning for more. Stimulating visuals, engaging rhythms and teasing lyrics continue to define the essence of Enos' sensual appeal. "The Heat" keeps the temperature pumping with tracks like "Be My Boyfriend" which flows with the innocence and fun of physical attraction while ditties like "Maneater" are layered with more serious club rocking intentions!

"With 'The Heat,' I was basically dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century by my amazing producer Phil "iNSANE P" Cason," shares Enos. "Though this is a new sound for me, I've stayed true to my self in my writing, composition and co-production. We were able to deliver a really current pop record and cohesive body of work. Once I heard the first single, 'Hot Knife Through Butter,' I committed to the idea of keeping the sound current with a more pop edge. I've tried some new things on this album both musically and vocally but it is still classic Tony Enos at the heart."

Adds Phil "iSANE P" Cason, who is known for his work with India Arie, Justin Timberlake and Timberland, ""This album is really an awesome rebirth for Tony Enos. He really takes it to the edge! Every song on 'The Heat" is my favorite!"

Since his debut CD, "Did It Rite," Enos, a choreographer turned performer, has added activist to his endeavors. As an anti-bully advocate, Enos is an official spokesperson for Philadelphia's Education Justice Coalition, a non-profit organization that focuses on the educational and academic achievements of LGBTQ youth. Enos draws from his past school days experiences of bullying and hardships to show youth that dreams can become a reality. He is also a national advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and education. Utilizing his music, performances and videos as a platform for pride, self worth and self preservation, Enos is a beacon of boldness in the LGBT community and beyond.

Tony Enos will celebrate an official album release party on August 6 at Philadelphia's Woody's Night Club and is also planning promotional tour dates for "The Heat." Meltdown with him at and simmer like a "Hot Knife Through Butter" at

To see Tony Enos heat it up, check the video at


Harmonica Ace SUGAR BLUE Famed For Blazing Harp Solo On The Rolling Stones' Smash Hit "Miss You", Unleashes RAW SUGAR

Harvested like the sweet sap from the cane fields Raw Sugar serves up a double dose of Sugar Blue on a 2-CD set, roughly two hours of music the excitement of a live recording with a "you are there" feel throughout.

Recorded during their 2011 US Tour RAW SUGAR captures Sugar Blue & band scaling the heights, stretching the boundaries of the genre and showcasing virtuoso power and passion.

The band delivers eclectic live renditions from their previous studio releases "Code Blue” and "Threshold" as well as some hot revamps with a combination of technique, style, and soulfulness.

The ensemble work is stunning throughout the disc, featuring stellar performances by a seasoned rhythm section featuring Rico McFarland on guitar (Albert King, Lucky Peterson); James Knowles on drums (Tyrone Davis, R. Kelly), Ilaria Lantieri on bass (co-writer on most originals), Damiano Della Torre on keyboards, (Terence Trent D’Arby, Miriam Makeba), the very same musicians that lit the fires under Code Blue and Threshold: at the heart of the inferno, is Sugar Blue singing and blowing like a firestorm.

Red Hot Mama, a fiery original opens the show wailing like a banshee, Bluesman rocks like a ship in a maelstrom with a power hook, while the mellow Cotton Tree is a jazzy homage to harp great James Cotton.

Cover tunes include an electrifying reworking of Junior Wells’ masterpiece Messin’ With The Kid and Hoochie Coochie Man a nod to Sugar Blue's mentor Willie Dixon.

At the climax of the performance a real crowd pleaser: an extended jamming version of Miss You, the breakout tune from The Rolling Stones’ Some Girls album that is defined by Sugar Blue’s unmistakable harmonica riff at the heart of the song.
Also included is the traditional chain gang song “Another Man Done Gone”: a gem and all time fan favorite solo performance whose previous live version at Montreux Jazz Festival garnered a Grammy for Sugar Blue.

“I love the energy of this band, I love performing on stage” says Sugar Blue whose career started in the Greenwich Village - “and I think this live project will make you feel like we do”.

Sugar Blue is known as the Jimi Hendrix and Charlie Parker of the harmonica for his astonishing technical mastery. He found his distinctive stage name amongst some discarded 78s in a dumpster bin. “I picked one up,” he remembers, “and it said Sugar Blues by Sidney Bechet. And I went:”That’s it!”

RAW SUGAR is the naked power of a band on fire, so push the tables and chairs back, make some dancing room and crank it baby!!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Brent Byrd Set To Release "Evolution Of The Free"

It’s a reflection. It’s a two-eye opener. It’s a lightning bolt to the head and will lead you on a psychedelic march to cultivating harmony. It is the latest album released by military veteran turned neo-hippie folk jam infused rocker and touring musician Brent Byrd aptly titled 'The Peaceful Rebel Man’. The album is “Evolution Of The Free,” Byrd’s follow up from his first solo album “Time To Start Livin”.

The story behind the album is simple: “I want people to stop and think, even for a second, about our lives…about what’s really important and step away from selfishness. Just imagine what our society could be like if we could do that. Step away and think outside of all the conformities and pressures of society because looking back, even now, we can see our evolution and honestly… it scares me.” Byrd says.

The recording took place in Saint Augustine, FL between short breaks from Byrd’s fierce touring schedule throughout 2011 and 2012. Byrd, being a multi-instrumentalist, played and tracked all of the instruments and met up with producer Jim Stafford at Eclipse Recording Studio who has been an integral part of Byrd’s solo music career. “It’s been great working with Jim for the second time, he produced my first album and I just enjoy working with him. I am a live performer and not too comfortable in the studio but he makes it easy and always finds a way to pull out the best,” says Byrd.

His music has been described as if Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix were jammin’ at a late night party and just before sunrise Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes and Bob Dylan showed up to add the finishing touches to an unforgettable evening of musical madness. It is very obvious when listening to Byrd’s music to pinpoint not only his musical influences but his philosophical perspectives as well.

Byrd’s explosive live performances are somewhat unusual. His earthy acoustic style, combined with his tenacious vocals and easily hummable melodies, create an emotional roller coaster of energetically smooth music. He combines multiple instruments with the use of live looping which delivers the sound of a full acoustic band and competes with the likes of one-man jam master Keller Williams.

“Evolution Of The Free” is set to debut at an August 10th Album Release Show at The Top of The Roc in Charleston Illinois, Byrd’s hometown, where he will take the stage for a live performance. The event will also feature his family and friends joining in on a family jam session following his solo performance. The album will be available through various online outlets to include itunes, amazon mp3, spotify, rhapsody, emusic and more as well as local music stores throughout the US.

Byrd has also been invited to perform at The National Underground in Nashville, TN located at 105 Broadway every Thursday throughout August and September 2012. His performances there are slated to begin at 7pm. Visit to view his full tour schedule.

For more information, interviews and guest appearances please contact:}{}
Ph: (904) 599-5186 (904) 599-5885}

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Music Dish Reviews "Toast To The Dads" By KC Jockey

KC Jockey sings a passionate tribute to his own father and all others who are striving to do the right thing. It's a strong single with positive, heartfelt lyrics that will touch any real dad's heart, and make those who are failing for whatever reason rethink their positions and remember the honor that comes with this responsibility. This is such a great message, and like all of KC Jockey's songs, it's set to an up tempo pop/R&B beat infused with reggae that is great for dancing or just listening to. The music is excellent, and as always, I'm impressed by KC Jockey's commitment to all things positive. He doesn't just talk the talk; he walks the walk as well.


New Single DJ Babba - We Are In Love With Robot Singing

DJ Babba has released a special new dance-electronic song called "We Are In Love". A unique song with robot singing. The song is about 2 robots falling in love. The music video has also been released.


Grin City By Strawberry Nightmares

This summer, one city will witness an uprising.

Of course it's Grin City, the 5th album by UK based electronic outfit Strawberry Nightmares.
Grin City contains 13 brand new tracks, freshly slaughtered (Inhumanely obviously), gutted, sliced diced, digitized and ready for your palate.

Released digitally on August 23rd the band has delivered its Maximalist-Clowncore-Jokelectro style once again, except better, somehow.
Avid listeners will notice plenty more samples, guitars, breakdowns, builds, more madness and a much more danceable vibe overall. Although there are still a couple of more chilled pieces to put your pet iguana to sleep, or for when you are on a caffeine comedown.

Influences remain numerous and eclectic including internet sensation Leeroy Jenkins, old kung-fu movies, Rustie, Zombies, Frank Miller comics and Cartoon Networks Adventure Time. All these and more are the fuel behind the beats, bells, bleeps and “Lick My Face”s featured within.

For those who cant wait and have recently acquired a nervous tick, get your hands on some FREE music now. In the wake of another ‘rising’ Strawberry Nightmares have a Batman inspired track available for download on their official site.

Follow on twitter now @SBnightmares

Grin City will be available for download from Amazon,iTunes, Spotify and more from August 23rd 2012.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Courtney Rau Releases Playful "New Pair Of Shoes" On ITunes

Courtney Rau is a versatile young artist who has the attention of the music industry. Her music transcends genres, at times being pop, country or rock-indie/folk-indie. Creating music that somehow manages to be both youthful and lighthearted while holding a sophisticated tone and meaningful message, Courtney Rau is a promising new star and her debut iTunes release, "New Pair of Shoes," is a perfect musical summation of Courtney's talents and potential. The tune has just been released and is now available on iTunes.

"New Pair of Shoes" is a playful, pop-driven song that is simply charming. It has an innocent vibe that gives it a sound that seems fit for a commercial, but yet is not trite or bland - rather, it is catchy and engaging. This song manages to transcend genres and unite listeners with all different tastes of music. "New Pair of Shoes" is a fitting example of Courtney's versatility and strong musical ability. Now on iTunes, "New Pair of Shoes" really sets Courtney apart from her musical peers, defining her as an artist worthy of career longevity and recognition.

Don't miss this hit release from the singer that has everyone talking. "New Pair of Shoes" by Courtney Rau is now on iTunes.

For more information on Courtney Rau, check out:

Courtney Rau's Official Website

Courtney Rau's Official YouTube Channel

Courtney Rau's Official Facebook

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Alternative Rock Favorite Chelsea Sinking Performing EP Release Party

Taking the alternative music scene by storm is fan-favorite Chelsea Sinking, a talented bunch of newcomers that proves their talent is worthy of recognition. Continuing to win over fans and critics from all over as they keep busy with playing shows and making new music, Chelsea Sinking is now celebrating the release of their new EP with fans with a concert on July 13th at the World Famous Beach Club Spinnaker.

Chelsea Sinking stands apart from other alternative rock bands by maintaining a driving youthful energy and contagious passion while delivering relatable messages through their lyrics. Being a new band in the music scene, Chelsea Sinking has already been making their mark and being compared to seasoned musicians with reputable credits.

For their growing fan-base, it will be a treat and undoubtedly an exciting event when Chelsea Sinking performs for their official EP release event. "We are really excited about our new EP release. We are looking forward to meeting all our fans and sharing these songs with them," said Lead Singer/Guitarist Blake Tallent. Those who plan to attend should be there by 9, as the band goes on around 9:45. The Concert is sponsored by Island 106 Radio, who will be debuting Chelsea Sinking's single "Stand" on the morning show the day of the concert, July 13th.

If you're in the Panama City Beach area in Florida, don't miss the Chelsea Sinking EP Release Concert, held on July 13th at the World Famous Beach Club Spinnaker in the Rock Arena. It's sure to be a concert that delivers!

Country Pop Musician Courtney Rau Launches Official Website

Charming audiences from all over with her fresh take on country pop music is young artist Courtney Rau, a down-to-earth singer that makes catchy, engaging music. As the new girl that has everyone in the industry talking, Courtney is a voice worthy of attention. With an increasing number of fans lending their devoted support, Courtney has now launched her official website!

The launch of Courtney Rau's official website gives listeners the opportunity to get to know this young singer more, getting a taste of her music and personality. Courtney may be one of the newest additions to country pop music, but this talented musician is a gifted girl with the ambition and charisma that gives her true potential to be a star. For lovers of quality country pop, Courtney Rau is an exciting find and is quickly proving herself as a serious artist.

Courtney Rau is one to look out for, as this artist is quickly moving forward and gaining much-deserved recognition. Courtney will be releasing her debut single, “New Pair of Shoes” on iTunes soon! Be sure to check out Courtney's newly launched official website to learn more about what this country pop darling has to offer!

For more information on Courtney Rau, check out:

Courtney Rau's Official Website

Courtney Rau's Official YouTube Channel

Courtney Rau's Official Facebook

Follow Courtney on Twitter

Alternative Newcomers Chelsea Sinking Releases Debut EP

New to the alternative music scene is band Chelsea Sinking, stirring interest with their unique sound and catchy original music. Pulling influence from multiple music genres and various significant bands, Chelsea Sinking's debut EP now available on iTunes is sure to grab the attention of passionate music fans and propel the band into the spotlight.

Chelsea Sinking's self-entitled EP showcases the band's strong musical sense and cohesive sound, giving listeners a taste of what the band is capable of and has in store for the future. The band is driven by a desire to create music that inspires and enlivens audiences while delivering potent messages. The music of their EP is fun, catchy and meaningful.

Chelsea Sinking is a promising new find in alternative music. Be on the lookout for the EP "Chelsea Sinking," now available on iTunes!

For more information on Chelsea Sinking check out: