Thursday, August 2, 2012

Brent Byrd Set To Release "Evolution Of The Free"

It’s a reflection. It’s a two-eye opener. It’s a lightning bolt to the head and will lead you on a psychedelic march to cultivating harmony. It is the latest album released by military veteran turned neo-hippie folk jam infused rocker and touring musician Brent Byrd aptly titled 'The Peaceful Rebel Man’. The album is “Evolution Of The Free,” Byrd’s follow up from his first solo album “Time To Start Livin”.

The story behind the album is simple: “I want people to stop and think, even for a second, about our lives…about what’s really important and step away from selfishness. Just imagine what our society could be like if we could do that. Step away and think outside of all the conformities and pressures of society because looking back, even now, we can see our evolution and honestly… it scares me.” Byrd says.

The recording took place in Saint Augustine, FL between short breaks from Byrd’s fierce touring schedule throughout 2011 and 2012. Byrd, being a multi-instrumentalist, played and tracked all of the instruments and met up with producer Jim Stafford at Eclipse Recording Studio who has been an integral part of Byrd’s solo music career. “It’s been great working with Jim for the second time, he produced my first album and I just enjoy working with him. I am a live performer and not too comfortable in the studio but he makes it easy and always finds a way to pull out the best,” says Byrd.

His music has been described as if Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix were jammin’ at a late night party and just before sunrise Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes and Bob Dylan showed up to add the finishing touches to an unforgettable evening of musical madness. It is very obvious when listening to Byrd’s music to pinpoint not only his musical influences but his philosophical perspectives as well.

Byrd’s explosive live performances are somewhat unusual. His earthy acoustic style, combined with his tenacious vocals and easily hummable melodies, create an emotional roller coaster of energetically smooth music. He combines multiple instruments with the use of live looping which delivers the sound of a full acoustic band and competes with the likes of one-man jam master Keller Williams.

“Evolution Of The Free” is set to debut at an August 10th Album Release Show at The Top of The Roc in Charleston Illinois, Byrd’s hometown, where he will take the stage for a live performance. The event will also feature his family and friends joining in on a family jam session following his solo performance. The album will be available through various online outlets to include itunes, amazon mp3, spotify, rhapsody, emusic and more as well as local music stores throughout the US.

Byrd has also been invited to perform at The National Underground in Nashville, TN located at 105 Broadway every Thursday throughout August and September 2012. His performances there are slated to begin at 7pm. Visit to view his full tour schedule.

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