Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NexGen Music Group Launches New Label And Release By UK Tribe Kachina

NexGen Music Group announced the launch of a brand new House, Garage, Bass, and Dance music sub-label: Affectionate Grooves. The launch coincides with a complete revamp of NexGen's website and online store, bringing together their family of imprints: NexGen Records, Migration Recordings, and now Affectionate Grooves all under one roof. Through it's three imprints, the label showcases an wide range of musical genres and styles, with NexGen Records focusing primarily on Drum & Bass, Downtempo, Chill, Nu/Future-Jazz, and other alternative styles, while Migration Recordings has a strong focus on Dubstep and Bass music .

To celebrate the new label launch, Affectionate Grooves gets its schedule underway, releasing two fresh EP's in quick succession named 'Smile' and 'Heisenberg' by artist UK Tribe Kachina. The lead single 'Smile' features Prangman (Migration) alongside highly talented UK vocalist Afua, and sends out a strong message about the quality and creativity of the Affectionate Grooves sound. Lead by the luscious and powerful vocals from Afua, 'Smile' serves up a nice healthy platter of sunshine covered in a sauce of warm and happy-vibes. You can listen to Affectionate Grooves' 'Smile EP' at

"Based-upon the feedback we have been getting, I believe we have produced a terrific debut release from Affectionate Grooves and Kachina. The first two EP's have been receiving strong DJ support from the likes of respected DJ and radio hosts Bunzero, Jenna G and others" cites NexGen Music label boss Dan Clarke. "This is just a taste of things to come, and make sure you check out Kachina's 'Heisenberg EP' — absolute killer tunes!"

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Washington, DC. and London-based NexGen Music Group is a worldwide independent record label with more than a decade's history and recognition in delivering a distinct and pioneering sound within underground and mainstream music. Through its three labels - NexGen Music, Migration Recordings, and Affectionate Grooves - the label showcases a range of musical genres and styles such as; Downtempo, Chill, Nu/Future-Jazz, Drum & Bass, Bass Music, Dubstep, UK Garage, House, Electronica (EDM), Trap, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Leftfield, Experimental, and more.

Contact info:
Dan Clarke
NexGen Music Group

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cali Cvsh Is Truly A Genius On CAtCH ME If YOU CAn (EP)

"desire gave me fuel, i rose like jets. kinda like a jet pack, how i maneuver through the ruins. man im bout to do it BIG, born again through this music"

This EP (CAtCH ME IF YOU CAN ) by Cali Cvsh, has an abundance of gems on every record. Catch me if you Can is the 2nd installment of his EP trilogy series. This body of work represents a resilient and rebellious spirit, with the will to want more and to fight for it. Cali Cvsh unveils a new flow on the lead record "lots of paper", yet again show casing a menacing ability to captivate the hearts of the listeners; with lines like "I'm a do my best, I'm gon' make progress, I won't let no one stop me" the record is also displaying an unparalleled wit, like we haven't heard since the blue print by HOV. after the explosion which is the lead track, we ease into easily the standout song "thoughts materialized" the focus is obviously on growth, He pinpoints moments of clarity while reminiscing on advice. the unorthodox style and approach on the self produced beat, has an Erie feel. We can hear his early RZA and 4thDisciple influence.

The 3rd record "wen she looking back" sounds like Cali Cvsh traveled back in time to the NEPTUNES era and came back with a retro-futuristic banger. the hook is an attempt to reach a wider audience, but the lyrics are raw enough to keep the core listeners engaged. following that performance, We are welcomed on a journey via the mind of a criminal. On "tryina make enough" just like the title suggests, we can here schemes and plots boiling throughout the song. accompanied with a menacing hook and thought provoking content Cali Cvsh questions why some choose to imitate rather than innovate. Getting into "rolling it up" it is evident that the boy boy was extremely high while telling us this story (lol). its a fun record about reacting to rejection while encouraging self-admiration. the comedic aspect of this recording is showcasing a fearless versatile Cali Cvsh. the final record on #CAtCHMeifYOUCAN is a no nonsense, all or nothing theme song titled "aint worried". Boasting a progressive flow, cali advances the notion that even his haters love him. In closing, catch me if you can proves to be a key addition to his entire COLLECtION and as "aint worried" suggests, the anticipation for the ALTERNAtE ENDING is intolerable.!cali-intro/cxtz!catch-me-if-you-can/cvgo

Tuned Global Opens Asian HQ In Indonesia & Signs Strategic Deal With Musica Studios

Having identified key opportunities in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and Indonesia, the Australian company has hired a local team of music and digital industry experts, who have already signed a strategic deal with the biggest independent Indonesian label, Musica Studios.

Funded partly by the investment of $5.1 million from Australian venture capital firm, Exto Partners, the new Tuned Global office in Senayan, Jakarta is now the Asian headquarters for the highly disruptive digital music firm.

It plans to grow its Jakarta team by recruiting more local specialists in business development, marketing, promotions and label relations roles in 2016.

Gary Mackenzie, Director of Music Partnerships Asia, has been chose to lead Tuned Global initiatives in Indonesia because of his 10 years of experience in digital marketing and music industry in Asia. Having already led the partnership agreements with Musica, Gary believes it is important for Tuned Global to have talented local people on the ground in Indonesia in order to build relationships with the key labels and grow its local business.

Tuned Global is currently in discussions with major telecoms companies, leading ad agencies, music companies and key brands, which will help the company to achieve its ambitious growth targets.

"We're excited to have established our Asian headquarters in the highly enigmatic city of Jakarta. We completely understand that business relationships are built over time in Southeast Asia and being located here and investing in the local Indonesian market was a logical step for Tuned Global. Our Asian hub will be instrumental in achieving our goal of becoming a global digital music company," said Con Raso, Managing Director, Tuned Global.

Newly signed partner, Musica Studios has an impressive line-up of the most popular and famous local Indonesian artists, including Noah, Nidji, Geisha and d'Masiv. The vast majority of music played on Indonesia radio and television is by its own local artists, so Tuned Global believed it was important to work with a label that represented the local Indonesian music scene.

"Tuned Global develops pioneering music solutions that provide extraordinary opportunities, not only for music labels like Musica, but also to our local Indonesian artists and most importantly it allows us to stream our extensive music catalogue to the Indonesian music fans, which promotes our artists while monetising our content. As the leading independent label in Indonesia, we are very excited to be working with such an innovator in digital music, which will enable us to protect our rich local culture and generate more revenue," said Gumilang Ramadhan, Managing Director, Musica Studios.

"Tuned Global intends to get more involved in the promotion of the local Indonesian music content as the relationship develops with Musica and its artists, because we are passionate about the music industry and want to help in the fight against widespread piracy here by offering new music business models that will make music fans, music labels AND artists happy," said Gary Mackenzie, Director of Music Partnerships Asia, Tuned Global.

About Tuned Global
Tuned Global is the leading business to business provider of white label digital music streaming and downloading solutions in Asia Pacific. The Australia and South East Asia headquartered company enables brands to harness the #PowerOfMusic as a potent marketing tool in their digital strategy to acquire, retain and engage customers, and collect valuable data to better know them. Clients include McDonalds, Coca Cola, Samsung, JB Hi-Fi, Virgin Mobile and L'Oreal. For more information please see:

About Musica Studios
Musica Studios is one of the leading independent music labels in Indonesia. Based in Jakarta, the company was previously known as Metropolitan Studios in the 1960s and then Music Studios in the 1970s. Musica Studios was founded by Yamin Widjaja, the owner of an electronics store. For more information, please see:

Jake Clayton's "What Not To Do" Video Premieres On The Heartland Network

Jake Clayton's new music video, "What Not To Do," premieres tomorrow, Friday, December 11 on The Heartland Network at 11 p.m. Central. The clip and its companion "behind-the-scenes" video will air multiple times over the next week; check local listings for broadcast times. "It's a song that tells the stories of three separate people, their actions and the resulting consequences," explains the talented artist and multi-instrumentalist. "We wanted a gritty video - and we got it." Clayton co-produced the clip with Rob Daniels for Please & Thank You Motion Pictures; Dylan White directed.

Taped in 115-degree heat, viewers are immediately drawn in with a sense of urgency, punctuated by blistering fiddle work, dynamic guitars and heart-pounding drums. While the video is a warning about straying from a virtuous path, and is based upon real crimes, it is related in a "by example" fashion and not in a "doom-and-gloom" way. There is nothing "preachy" about Jake's high-energy performance or ear-splitting grin, and both lighten the mood considerably. Split between performance footage shot in an abandoned barn just outside of Nashville, Tennessee and entertaining re-enactments taped in Chesapeake and Portsmouth, Virginia, the video definitely matches the single in intensity.

The radio-active track, a searing up-tempo, was released to Country radio in September. Music News Atlanta states "Clayton is in a league of his own when matched against most of the current young Country artists," and describes "What Not To Do" as a "powerful and honest song in the mold of how they used to make 'em." The tastemaker adds "Jake's on-the-money tenor... (is) definitely from deep Country roots and his delivery is filled with an energy that the genre hasn't seen in a while." The track is from Jake's current CD, BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON, for Rebel Engine Entertainment.

Jake and his band have opened for Charlie Daniels, Jon Pardi and Jerrod Niemann. He recorded and produced the theme song for The Sportsman Channel's Legacy Trails TV show and, as a musician, he has entertained crowds at Madison Square Garden, the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Fans can stay social with Jake at:


Clayton's childhood in rural Mexico, Missouri was filled with the music his parents made, and he followed their path to the spotlights at the age of 13. Gifted with his late grandfather's fiddle, Jake immediately began blazing his own musical trail; fronting his own shows at 17, and hiring on as a fiddle player with The Oak Ridge Boys at the age of 19. He moved to Music City at the age of 20 and there, his highly-recognizable tenor - and ability to play over 20 instruments - quickly came to the notice of A-list players and a new generation of Country stars. Influenced by Garth Brooks, The Eagles and The Dixie Chicks, Jake also began honing his songwriting skills, inspired by writers like Tom T. Hall, Kacey Musgraves and Bob DiPiero. Jake's instrumental CD release, BARNYARD STOMP, is filled with his own compositions. He's been a valued utility player in live bands of Tanya Tucker, Sunny Sweeney, Jimmy Wayne, Jamie O'Neal and The Oak Ridge Boys and can be heard on Thompson Square's #1, "If I Didn't Have You" and on Sunny Sweeney's critically-acclaimed album, PROVOKED. A fan of National Public Radio, Jake enjoys studying geology, ancient history, and cooking.

MusicDishTV Review: Raquel Aurilia "Shattered"

Raquel Aurilia's, "Shattered" is a powerful, raw and vulnerable song. She sings of her intense heartbreak and the way love can strip us down until we are broken. Her country aesthetic and sounds are beautiful and a soft musical delight.

With the song coming straight out of Nashville it has all the makings of great country songs. A strong love story, an inner strength and the possibility that something is just around the corner.

The video clip is what makes this song pop the most however. Only focusing on Raquel's face and upper body, the zoomed in effect really demonstrates the way she is physically and emotionally shattered from this love.

At times in the video clip, her face has been hand drawn upon to look broken up and fragile. This only adds to the power of the up close shots and the simple backdrop. Raquel's heartbreak is the main focus. It isn't a fancy video clip. However, maybe that is the point. There is nothing fancy or exciting about heartbreak. It really does shatter the soul.

Aurilia has worked with Grammy award-winner Tony Papa (Willie Nelson, John Denver), Gardner Cole (Madonna, Jody Watley), Wade Martin (Art Kelly, 50 cent) and Grammy nominee Billy Smiley (WhiteHeart). Her latest release, "Long Way Home", became available 2015.