Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tom Wylde Joins Infernal Rock Radio At 4th Year Anniversary

Producer and programming director Tom Wylde, formerly host of the Metal Nation show at Hard Rock Radio Live, has joined Infernal Rock Radio as host of Wylde Radio, now on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights. Originating in Chicago, Wylde Radio features independent label and underground hard rock/metal bands. Also celebrating his 4th year in the underground rock industry, Tom Wylde states he's "proud to join the crew" at Infernal Rock Radio, (

Wylde has recently been named one of the Top 5 Shoutcast hosts in the world, according to, the agency in charge of radio ratings.

Debut Album "One Life" By Sean Murphy In August 28, 2009

August 28 usually signifies the end of summer, but it is just the beginning for pop-rock artist Sean Murphy. August 28 is the day of his highly-anticipated debut album release of "One life"; and this album could not be more appropriately titled.

Sean Murphy is definitely someone who lives life to the fullest, and continually reinforces the concept of "having one life to live, so we better live life to its fullest". And Sean Murphy really does live his life with that proclaimed passion, for he is an avid surfer and grew up in a literal paradise- Hawaii. That passion, zeal, and love for adventure is truly reflected in the lyrics of his songs. They invoke a carefree existence, where a person can live with a happy abandon, but is still able to experience human pain on the deepest level.

Sean Murphy's vocal and writing ability, and over-all amazing talent, has rewarded him with a huge following. His myspace has over 4 million hits to date, and well-seasoned artists in the industry are beginning to take notice. One of these artists is singer Bryan Adams.

Sean Murphy is also gaining high visibility in Japan where he is currently number 5 on the Japanese pop charts. He also is gaining recognition in Canada, and the Netherlands, as well as Australia. He has also piqued the interest of well-known music producer David Foster. Mr. Foster is quoted as saying," During the years, I have seen a great number of incredible talents and worked with a lot of superb artists, but rarely will you find such raw talent and passion in someone that seems to elevate music to a higher standard". It appears that Mr. Foster is not alone in his opinion however, since others in the industry are expressing this same feeling. It was this same recognition of Sean Murphy’s abilities and talent, which impressed Mike Jean and Salvatore Basil of Moonlight Entertainment Records, and eventually led to his signing with their label, and his first record deal.

Sean Murphy's style is a culmination of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and Bob Dylan. Though it does seem, that he is surely in a league of his own He is sure to strike a chord within his listeners ‘hearts, and that chord should resonate for a long time- long after the music fades. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you ...Sean Murphy. Get ready for the performance of a lifetime.

Article by: Amanda Rose

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Soundwrx Gets Into The 'Groove'

Soundwrx is delighted to welcome Gregory J Bennett, aka 'Groove Generator'© into the Soundwrx family. He brings with him an established catalogue of music and has an impressive list of credits to his name.

Gregory, who lives in Louisiana USA, is an award-winning innovator of 'funkafied' and hard driving rock music with a pop under-current. He has already released CD's that demonstrate his versatility and the urban dance grooves that he is known for. His musical apprenticeship began in a New Orleans school band that lead to performing with local bands and his first taste of the big time came with an invite as opening act for a Chaka Khan concert. His self-imposed education into every style of music from R&B to pop, jazz to hip-hop and easy-listening to orchestral is evident in his very individual musical style. Gregory describes this as "a delightful synthesis of sensual, seductive and provocative gumbo!" A 'Listen & Exchange Award' as one of the Top 20 Indie Composer/Producers in 2003 affirms this.

His commercial credits include music for mobile music licensing and distribution, TV advertising and U.S. cable TV soundtracks for VH-1, MTV, E! and HBO among others. He has also enjoyed success with film soundtracks, most notably 'Cain & Abel' (released by MercuryRising Films 2005 & to DVD 2007).

Soundwrx Creative Director, Craig Hopkinson: "Gregory approached us recently as another avenue to distribute his material. On auditioning his tracks it was an easy decision to invite him to join us. The music he brings both complements and expands the Soundwrx range. The power and production quality behind rock tracks such as 'Anticipate me' can't fail to evoke a response!

"Our further research informed us that he had lost most of his possessions in the wake of the Katrina hurricane, not least his music equipment. Anyone who can bounce straight back into work & production after that experience as he did, shows great strength of character – a trait that will only serve to bolster his future success.

"We are currently working on producing a compilation album for release under the Soundwrx label to include some of the 'Groove Generator' back catalogue coupled with some recently submitted material of a more ambient style that will illustrate Gregory's diversity and the continual evolution of his music."

About Soundwrx: soundwrx Limited is a new label specializing in writing music for use as stock, background music and soundtracks suitable for film, radio or television. A small independent production company working out of Portugal with connections to musicians from the UK and Europe, the United States, Russia, China and South America, their first commercial album & EP by EATcha Tribe are available on Amazon, iTunes HMV and others via their distribution partner, BFM Digital.

Polarity/1 Video: Lisbon's Quorum Ballet - Music From The Other Side

Polarity/1's Fulano De Tal is easily one of the most impressive songs in Lisbon's Quorum ballet, The Other Side. This piece allows for an aggressive, yet romantic interplay with the choreography of the dancers while keeping a dark cryptic mood for its audience. Another reassuringly exceptional piece from Polarity/1.

Watch Fulano De Tal

Land O' Debbies adds an alluring sound to the soundtrack of Lisbon's Quorum ballet, The Other Side, and highlights the song with accents of media that permeate the air. Polarity/1 takes inspiration from all forms of art to produce this unique piece of music where chaos and politics are swallowed and spat back out among unconventional electronica and extraordinary melodies.

Watch Land O' Debbies

Music From The Other Side is the soundtrack for a dance performance by Lisbon's Quorum Ballet [based on Polarity/1s music]. The Other Side's principal objective is to fuse the style and art of the dance of Lisbon and New York. The work is the collaboration of choreographers Daniel Cardoso, Jonathan Hollander and Thaddeus Davis, artistic directors of Quorum Ballet, Battery Dance Company and Wideman/Davis Dance, respectively.

The music of Polarity/1 is exactly what the name suggests: conjoined opposites -- a mash up of new: cutting edge electronica/hip hop/nu-jazz and old; roots music of America (blues, funk, country, early jazz), Brazil (samba, pagoda, etc.) and West African groove science. Polarity also describes the dual streams of Polarity/1's musical output: songs and instrumentals.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Media Player Auto Re-Mixes MP3s And Adds Video For Free

These interactive music tracks will be produced using the TronMe software from 3D Solar UK Ltd and will release the potential for millions of new remixes of each song.

TronMe media player ( is free, downloadable software that allows users to control and remix their favorite music and record an interactive music video to go with it. The latest release of the player provides an auto play function. This turns the TronMe player into a home music system. Once the player is open, users don’t need to press anything their music plays automatically and the software will remix the tracks based on the .ivs file and the information analyzed from the webcam with stunning visual effects. Control can be regained at any time, to select new instruments or parts, but it is not necessary. Users can move to the music and see what happens then share it online.

The software is growing well with a hundred new users each day. With this new technology, users are able to play their own favorite mp3 tracks with an interactive add-on file format known as .ivs. These tracks can then be used on the TronMe player.

Patrick Levy Rosenthal, 3D Solar’s CEO said, "If an mp3 file is a gem stone, then to convert it to interactive is to add loops to it so you can see new dimensions shining from it. Every time your track is remixed it is like watching your stone from a different angle showing endless possibilities, bursts of light and color."

After installation, the software will list all of the mp3 tracks on each user’s PC and will provide notice if other users already found interesting loops in a particular song. Therefore, users can decide to use the same loops for their tracks with the TronMe player. If the user subscribe with a small monthly fee he can use all of these along with plenty of new versions uploaded daily. The player can also be used for free! To do this a user needs to convert his own tracks into the interactive format and publish the position of the seamless loops he found in his tracks for other users to try and vote for.

The most common scenario, as the library starts to grow, will be that the interactive track does not already appear on the TronMe server. In this case, users will be asked to go ahead and convert the music by clicking on the icon next to the title of the song. This will open a new interface, like that of a wave editor, where the bars and measures of the track will be visible. The goal now is to detect a seamless loop within the music that can be successfully sampled. A seamless loop must have a clean start and finish it must not have any unexpected noises to detract from the loop itself. The software does help in finding the loops they are often found in measures 2,4,6,8 and 16.

Once the user is happy with the result, loop positions can then be submitted and published on the TronMe server. The player is then able to create remixes of this track for free. The new version is made available for other users to use. On the beta version of TronMe only one solution of each track is available however; soon, there will be up to ten versions of each track. 3D Solar exists to provide a place where people can collectively determine the value of each version. These ten will be split into two halves. The top five will be permanently on the site, ranked by the votes they received. Once something new is submitted, other people will see it and vote for the version they like best. If a user’s submission is excellent and receives enough votes, it is promoted to the top five.

It goes without saying that the first users to convert the most popular tracks will reap the benefits; each time the track is used the user who converted it will receive "Trons" and these will be divided proportionally between those who converted the top five versions of that track. The more Trons a user receives, the higher his score, and with a higher score comes free tools, special effects and songs!

Interactivity is the future of music, be a part of it.

About 3D Solar -
Image -
Pdf version -

MusicDishTV Becomes Dailymotion Official Content Partner

Musicdish LLC, a music marketing PR firm, has officially become integrated within Dailymotion through its music video channel MusicDishTV. Dailymotion is a platform that enables content sharing for some of the world's largest content providers, including Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central and Hulu. MusicDishTV recently joined this elite group of record labels, film studios, news media and TV channels when Dailymotion selected it as an official content partner.

MusicDishTV videos will receive an 'OfficialContent' logo and thumbnail overlay, designated it as coming from a professional media outlet. The videos will also receive increased visibility through the Dailymotion site.

MusicDishTV has been delivering cutting edge music videos and live performances for nearly a year through a network of video sharing platforms such as Dailymotion and YouTube. Much more than an your standard music video channel, it is the place to find out what's happening in the music world and hear brilliant new talent before it hit the radio airwaves.

Since 1997, MusicDish LLC has served as the bridge between the music industry and the artist. Through its extensive online presence, MusicDish provides artists with an edge over the ever-prevalent competition the music industry entails. MusicDish gives the artist the opportunity to take advantage of several different services: a creative approach to artist development and representation; online press release distribution & marketing; publications disclosing all the latest information involving the music industry; and cutting-edge music video channel (MusicDishTV).

Monday, June 29, 2009

Paypa Boy Releases Debut Project 'Paypa Workz' EP On The Hygh Grade / Centron Sound Records

Entertainer and Rapper Paypa Boy plans to unleash upon the masses his debut effort, "Got Work," along with his single, "Best Of DA Best," via the radio waves and internet sources so everyone can listen in on his creative ways.

"Paypa Boy Came to Me Ready to roll, this kid been rocking all is life he is a natural" said Dennis "Senitor" Allen. On May 14th, Centron Sound Records released Paypa Boy debut release, a 5-song EP titled "Paypa Workz." Paypa Boy got work, musically speaking, is a debut release titled "Paypa Workz", Paypa Boy's 5-song EP feature Paypa Boy on two solo tracks, the hit song "Got Work" and "Paypa Boy" (selftitled), and the three other tracks featuring the boys from Paypa Boys' Hygh Grade label project, rolling on the song "Cold Out Here", "Stay Working", and on the Paypa Boy other hit song, "Best of DA Best" on the "Paypa Workz" EP.

Paypa Boy's musical styles range from rap and hip-hop, to dancehall, down to reggae, targeting fans of followers of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West, 50 Cent, and Nelly. Paypa Boy instantly dives right into his musical influences. Paypa Boy's lyrical work expresses the lifestyle he's dealt with all his life, whether it be drug-dealers, gangsters, alcohol, or drugs. You name it, he's likely faced it at one point or another.

Paypa Boy knows how to express himself and he does it the correct way. Musical speaking, when you listen in on his current single, "Got Work," it instantly displays the creativeness and skills he can expose musically, and details the best qualities from what he's experienced.

But not only do you get that amazing single, you automatically get even more tunes to rock out to with "Best of Da Best", a collection of debut tunes that will rock the house from every angle possible. Paypa Boy is the newest rapper and entertainer in the business, and he is by far the one that will stand out above all the other rappers and hip-hoppers in the music industry.

So make sure to check out his skills and give your proper judgment and opinions on what you think of the almighty Paypa Boy, and his creation "Got Work," once it's unleashed. Launches Free Online Community For Concert Industry

Los Angeles, CA -- Artist Rise Inc. announces the launch of beta site, a free profile based community for the concert industry. AR provides musicians, industry professionals, venues and fans with a platform to network, post content and conduct business online.

The digital age of music has sparked the creation of countless social media websites. But, few if any, have focused on the most lucrative areas of the music business... concerts.

"As record labels struggle to find a new bottom line, we're left with corporate branded creativity, misdirected talent and in many cases bad taste," said Ken Ashley, Founder, Artist Rise Inc.

"Our goal is to build a community that heightens the experience of live music, not digital music, to develop unique site culture and provide cutting edge features that help young bands gain exposure and book shows."

The Artist Rise homepage serves as a "living" industry resource by featuring content contributed by members. Members can easily submit news, events, reviews and rants for publication via a one-click system. The goal is to post fresh content daily and build an intelligent, interactive community. Members have access to unique features including: custom profiles, multi-media, messaging, contact befriending, calendar scheduling for shows and a booking system to exchange performance offers.

"Every band should join Artist Rise solely for the booking system," said Chongyang Luo, who leads the project development at Artist Rise Inc. "Even if a band has no representation, AR provides a means to receive performance offers. They can be as simple as house party gigs or complex as tour support bookings. Within a few clicks, the offer arrives in the band's AR profile inbox and is copied in an e-mail for the band, their manager or agent to review. It's simple, effective, and free."

The websites design provides an alternative to the commonly advertisement ridden and cluttered pages of other communities by presenting a distinct professional style. No banner advertising appears in member's profile pages or even on the homepage.

"MySpace became a default resource for the music business since it enabled bands to reach fans and industry to quickly evaluate new acts. But in reality, it's part of the Fox News Corporation umbrella and doesn't provide any business solutions," said Johnny V, a Los Angeles based music manager. "Artist Rise not only encourages bands to play live but provides the tools to do so. That's what the business should be about."

Artist Rise Inc. has initiated marketing efforts in New York and Los Angeles but membership is open to the globe.

"Artist Rise is one big grassroots experiment", said Ken Ashley. "We have no corporate funding and only volunteers working on top of their day jobs. I invite anyone who loves live music to share in our vision, submit interesting content through the homepage and spread the word to bands. Together we'll ensure live music is the future of music."

About Artist Rise:

Artist Rise Inc. founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Ken Ashley and Chongyang Luo to develop, maintain and promote Ken Ashley is a New York City native currently living in Los Angeles and works for a music booking agency. Chongyang Luo is based in Silicon Valley and focuses his work on new business models that can transform industries and lives. Artist Rise Inc. mobilizes volunteers from various segments of the music industry to help maintain and promote

Review of 'Love Kills' by This Is A Shakedown!

The Electro-rock band that-shakes-you-down and makes you sweat comes from Cleveland, Ohio where This is A Skakedown! has already been nominated as the hottest group in the area. Having conquered the tallest place in the local scene podium, the quartet seems determined to push on. A few days ago, I read on their myspace page that the band is ready to write another album, but I think that would be too much to enjoy, seeing as how Love Kills is taking with it a smooth fresh breeze of renovation in the rock-pop culture. The band has all the numbers to be globally recognized and to start thinking 'internationally'.

Love Kills is an album that runs at 100 mph with apparently no stops along the way, until the 10th track, which is a cover of Frank Sinatra's Funny Valentine, performed with a slow punk-metal feel. Circles, the album's opening track, already tells you from the first beats what you are about to face: a new power rock band with a strong groove and a remarkable sound. The band was born to make you move and the dance elements are prominent throughout the album. Tracks like Love Kills, Can't Stop, Oh!, and Come and Cut My Heart Out make it virtually impossible to sit still. If I had a friend who was a rock fan, I would recommend Love Kills. On some tracks, I can see 'evocations' of U2. Take for example the guitars in Electric Sound, where even the vocals reminded me of Bono Vox. 80's influences can be seen as well in the progressive sound of Radio.

Regardless of the dance elements on the album, great bands don't forget about rock. Tracks like You Make Me Wanna and The Beat show that This Is A Shakedown! hasn’t forgotten about the rock essentials. The horrible beauty of Caving In closes the scene and helps to remind you of what you have been listening to for the past 43 minutes. Again this is a great album, with lots of great tunes. This is a Shakedown! is a strong rock band supported by a fair rhythm section that rotates around a great front-man. I would give Love Kills a 10/10 because every song is a worthwhile listen, and they all contain the good elements of rock & roll.

by Nicholas Guida, MusicDish e-Journal