Monday, June 29, 2009

Review of 'Love Kills' by This Is A Shakedown!

The Electro-rock band that-shakes-you-down and makes you sweat comes from Cleveland, Ohio where This is A Skakedown! has already been nominated as the hottest group in the area. Having conquered the tallest place in the local scene podium, the quartet seems determined to push on. A few days ago, I read on their myspace page that the band is ready to write another album, but I think that would be too much to enjoy, seeing as how Love Kills is taking with it a smooth fresh breeze of renovation in the rock-pop culture. The band has all the numbers to be globally recognized and to start thinking 'internationally'.

Love Kills is an album that runs at 100 mph with apparently no stops along the way, until the 10th track, which is a cover of Frank Sinatra's Funny Valentine, performed with a slow punk-metal feel. Circles, the album's opening track, already tells you from the first beats what you are about to face: a new power rock band with a strong groove and a remarkable sound. The band was born to make you move and the dance elements are prominent throughout the album. Tracks like Love Kills, Can't Stop, Oh!, and Come and Cut My Heart Out make it virtually impossible to sit still. If I had a friend who was a rock fan, I would recommend Love Kills. On some tracks, I can see 'evocations' of U2. Take for example the guitars in Electric Sound, where even the vocals reminded me of Bono Vox. 80's influences can be seen as well in the progressive sound of Radio.

Regardless of the dance elements on the album, great bands don't forget about rock. Tracks like You Make Me Wanna and The Beat show that This Is A Shakedown! hasn’t forgotten about the rock essentials. The horrible beauty of Caving In closes the scene and helps to remind you of what you have been listening to for the past 43 minutes. Again this is a great album, with lots of great tunes. This is a Shakedown! is a strong rock band supported by a fair rhythm section that rotates around a great front-man. I would give Love Kills a 10/10 because every song is a worthwhile listen, and they all contain the good elements of rock & roll.

by Nicholas Guida, MusicDish e-Journal

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