Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SHMNS announces breakup // Jonas Makai Release Secret Shores Remix


SHMNS announced their breakup on November 11, 2014. They formed in 2012 and released their debut EP 'Somewhere Between Here and There' on May 14, 2013 via Justin's record label, Think Thought Records. The four pieced announced they had actually broken up back in June but haven't made an official announcement until November 11. The front man Justin Romanos was quoted saying "We are all still very good friends but after me (justin) and Isaac graduated college it was hard to keep things together." He also added that he has begun working on a solo album, but didn't go into any detail.

The announcement was made in part with a link to the soundcloud of Jonas Makai who remixed SHMNS' debut single 'Secret Shores'. The song can be streamed here - https://soundcloud.com/jonasmakai/secret-shores-jonasmakai-remix

Luna Sopor Releases Second Album - Cobalt - Rock


Luna Sopor has just completed the release of their second full length studio album entitled ‘Cobalt'. This latest release was recorded and mixed with Zack Phillips at FreqLab Recording in Motor Studio, San Francisco. It consists of eleven hard rocking songs. Jeff Janow, lead guitarist and primary songwriter & producer says of the new release, "Cobalt is a bit harder sounding musically than our last Album. It is hard rocking stuff, and I think that the smoking hot tracks "Future" "Cake" and "Candy Crush" is taking it up to a level in that the new music has totally eclipsed our last album. However, we were also able to bring up the dynamics to include a few commercially approachable songs such as "City of Lights" and "North Star". Bassist Troy Szabo added "With this album, as with our last, we have a deep desire to share positive conscious messages. Luna Sopor is both excited and proud to finally be able to share their new album's music with Rock Fans globally. For the latest news, releases, and concert dates, please connect with us on the web or on our social networks.

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Contact: press@lunasopor.com

Monday, December 1, 2014

"The Young Lioness of Africa" Releases Debut Album


Wiyaala, the young lioness, leads the pride towards peace and unity with her new self-titled album, out worldwide on November 24th.

Following success with her singles "Make Me Dance", "Rock My Body", "Africa", and the World Cup anthem "Go Go Black Stars..Goal!", Wiyaala announces her self-titled album. The new LP, "Wiyaala", is distributed on the Djimba World Records label under exclusive license to JTV Digital. It is officially released worldwide on November 24th through all major digital retailers: http://wiyaala.lnk.to/lp

The album, sung in a mix of English and local tribal dialects of Sissali and Wale is an update on the "clash of civilizations" between the cultural traditions, social order and practices of West Africa and the impact of the "West". Wiyaala does not seek confrontation. She has a positive message.

In the songs Siiko, Bunsun and Sun & Moon, Wiyaala gently chides, that in the haste to acquire the benefits of the digital life, her people should not forget their roots: "Come, lets go back! Embrace the things we left behind, and add them to what we have now."

Wiyaala, from the Upper West of Ghana, is a personification of modern Africa: creative, brave, strong and beautiful. Her name, literally translates to "the doer" in Sissala, her tribal language and perfectly describes her approach to life. Frequently compared to Angelique Kidjo and Grace Jones, Wiyaala’s music is truly Afro-Pop fusing her African roots with contemporary world Pop music.

Wiyaala has four nominations at the 2014 All Africa Music Awards (AFIMA), Revelation of the African Continent, Best Reggae, Ragga, Dancehall Song for Rock My Body, Best Female Artist West Africa and Most Promising African Artist of the Continent. The ceremony is expected to take place in Lagos in December.

• http://wiyaala.lnk.to/lp
• http://wiyaala.com
• http://www.facebook.com/wiyaala
• http://www.youtube.com/noellawiyaala
• http://twitter.com/wiyaala