Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SHMNS announces breakup // Jonas Makai Release Secret Shores Remix


SHMNS announced their breakup on November 11, 2014. They formed in 2012 and released their debut EP 'Somewhere Between Here and There' on May 14, 2013 via Justin's record label, Think Thought Records. The four pieced announced they had actually broken up back in June but haven't made an official announcement until November 11. The front man Justin Romanos was quoted saying "We are all still very good friends but after me (justin) and Isaac graduated college it was hard to keep things together." He also added that he has begun working on a solo album, but didn't go into any detail.

The announcement was made in part with a link to the soundcloud of Jonas Makai who remixed SHMNS' debut single 'Secret Shores'. The song can be streamed here - https://soundcloud.com/jonasmakai/secret-shores-jonasmakai-remix

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