Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Indie Act Automatik Eden Garner Rave Reviews For Both Ep And Video With Their New Release "Gold To Straw"


Produced by Sean Beavan (NIN, Gwen Stefani), Automatik Eden Follow-up Their Self-titled CD with a Strong New Video and Five Song EP

Los Angeles, CA – One doesn't have to work in the music business to know how competitive and difficult it can be navigating the constant flux of an industry that is ever-changing.

Many musicians are looking for a way to carve a path into a trade that is relentless. Of course it only makes sense that the best way to gain notoriety is to have the necessary talent to do so. Fortunately Cela Scott and David Crocco of Automatik Eden possess that rare talent.

Add to this mix the creative abilities of a top-notch producer such as Sean Beavan and you have a sensation waiting to happen!

Cela and David also have strong credentials. Cela (composer, vocalist, guitar) attended the esteemed University of Southern California's BFA Acting program and landed a spot in the coveted conservatory school.

Her acting and singing career has taken her to many a featured role including a principal part in the latest pilot for the Star Trek series, Star Trek: Renegades. It should also be noted that AE's captivating tune, "Captain of My Soul" is the title track for the project.

Besides being a gifted instrumentalist and song-writer, David (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) has also worked behind the scenes…his post-production engineering skills have been utilized by many a music icon including the likes of Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, Nickelback and System Of A Down.

Whilst listening to the beautiful lyricism of "Gold to Straw" one might be tempted to make comparisons to other impressive female performers – a little Chrissie Hynde mixed with a touch of Lana Del Rey – but make no mistake, Automatik Eden's music is distinctly their own. Just ask the well-known Los Angeles music magazine, Music Connection.

The journal stated: "In the dreamy, eerie outing, mixed by Sean Beavan (NIN), you can practically hear the song in a David Fincher soundtrack. AE seem to have the potential to exceed their influences."

The accompanying video for "Gold To Straw" is also considered somewhat of a work of art. Filmed by acclaimed director, Christopher Jelley ("La Nature Morte d'Un Flic"), the sensual and dreamy atmosphere is a throwback to the golden era of European film directors such as Bertolucci, De Sica and Fassbinder.

Cela and David sum things up well, by saying: "The common thread to the artists we love is that they found a way to be original and approach their music more as an art form than a formula. That is our tactic." states David. Cela adds, "The music and musicians we admire had a vision and expressed a way of life…a certain freedom on a higher level."

The two strive to keep an open dialogue with their audience. They make a sincere effort not only to provoke and test, but to inspire. With their strong musical foundation and great perspective, success for Automatik Eden can only be just around the corner.

Their CD is available on iTunes. Official web site: www.automatikeden.com
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