Friday, June 29, 2012

Hip Hop + Electronica + Indie Rock = Record Producer JDVisionquest3000

Los Angeles based record producer Joe Dancsak, a.k.a. JDVisionquest3000 has been making his mark in hip hop and electronic music lately, both on the west coast and in the Midwest.

By releasing a string of singles by Ohio rapper Nate Sylak through, and using free social media sites such as Reverbnation, Dancsak has begun making a name for himself. Dancsak is currently ranked high in the Reverbnation Electronica charts for L.A. coming in at #44, and building an audience numbering over 100,000 in the process.

Dancsak has released 3 singles by Sylak, “Janie’s Song”, “One By One”, and “Superhigh”, all available at his website and Sylak‘s social media sites. Dancsak uses elements of electronica and indie rock music in his hip hop productions, lending a unique style to his sound.

The singles follow closely an appearance by Sylak, who is signed to Dancsak’s soon to be launched 3000 Music, on the Dr. Dre tribute album “The Chronic: A Millennium Tribute to the Songs of Dr. Dre”. Dan Hyman of the L.A. Weekly blog sited Sylak as the “…lone hero of the album…. This Sylak dude kills it, and he’s definitely worth a listen.” Hyman also wrote, “This Nate Sylak dude is easily the breakout artist of the album." The album was subsequently streamed off Dre’s Aftermath website, affording Sylak wide exposure.

In addition, Dancsak was quoted in Buzzbin Magazine’s feature on Sylak, “Nate Sylak Makes His Own Noise,” a story about Sylak’s increasing popularity in the Ohio region and the state of the music industry. Dancsak is quoted as Sylak’s producer and as an informative source in the music trade. Journalist Chris Wig writes “…His L.A. based producer, Dancsak, believes that this latest development in Sylak’s career is indicative of larger structural changes within the music industry. While the producer of an emerging artist can provide beats, production, and guidance, the artist provides the hard work..” In that regard, Nate doesn’t stop,” Dancsak said. “The gun slinging aspect of rap has turned into how much product can an artist put out and keep the quality level high while they do it….”

For more information and complete press articles please follow links included below:
Follow on Twitter: @jdvisionquest

Article: “Nate Sylak Makes His Own Noise” by Chris Wig for Buzzbin Magazine

Contact: Joe Dancsak a.k.a. JDVisionquest3000
1149 N. Gower St.
Los Angeles, CA, 90048, Ste. 273
Ph: 818-601-6255

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jamaican Hip Hop Artist Nomad Carlos Releases New Single "Live Good"

Helping bring Jamaican Hip Hop into the limelight, Nomad Carlos has just dropped his new single “Live Good” as a free download this week in preparation for the fall release of his new mixtape, “Me Against the Grain.”

Raised in Kingston from the age of 5, Nomad worked his way up through Jamaica's Reggae and Dancehall dominated music industry to become one of the frontrunners in an effort to bring Hip Hop to the mainstream of Jamaica. “This is an ongoing struggle I go through in my own country. Gatekeepers to the music industry turn a blind eye to the local Hip Hop community,” expresses Nomad. “A lot of Hip Hop artists aren't getting any recognition or exposure… the masses don't even know about the scene...I'm part of a committee where we put on our own shows once a month called #PayAttention. We as Hip Hop artists, producers and people of interest had to come together and make it happen. It's a place for the scene to gather and vibe with our local following and supporters. It's been successful so far and is definitely helping to propel the scene.”

When asked about the difference between an album and a mixtape, Nomad explained, “The difference between a mixtape and a CD really is that a mixtape is a free release of music while a CD is an official release that you will have to pay for. Nowadays the market is becoming over saturated with mixtapes. Good mixtapes are the ones that sound like actual albums. I prefer to go hard on all my projects even if it's a free mixtape so that people can know what to expect from me when I drop a CD (album).”

The new single “Live Good” was produced by DJ King Flow from France. He hopes to widen his international exposure by releasing the single online for free before the fall release of his new mixtape, “Me Against the Grain.”

“I want to introduce myself to the market. I want to grab the attention of listeners who would be interested in my music so they can look forward to the progression of my career.”

“Live Good” can be downloaded for free on SoundCloud:

For more on Nomad Carlos please visit:

For more media inquires please contact Laurena Marrone at Grit PR,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

hooyoosay's New Single "My Obsession": How Shall We Tag This One?

Mainstream indie-pop seventies-rock with a post-punk twist: hooyoosay's new single "My obsession" cannot easily be labeled with a simple one-word tag.

Their rendition of the song brings a fresh and innovative, catchy and intriguing approach of a rather obscure 1967 Rolling Stones track.

Contrary to the coarse and roaring Rolling Stones signature original, hooyoosay's whispery and sensual lead vocal interprets the song lyrics in such a way that a slightly humorous but definitely light-hearted undertone is added.

The overall sound is reminiscent of late seventies rock, a good dose of Ian Dury-like characteristics being injected.
At the same time the continuously pounding drum beats give the track enough of a contemporary dance-feel to possibly also appeal to listeners of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and the likes.

Still the whole package breathes a gentle softness, clearing it from the fatiguing impact that some stellar productions occasionally might impose.

For the so-called b-side, hooyoosay chose to record Allen Toussaint's "Pain in my heart" in a modest arrangement, as an intimate, melancholic, acoustic jazzy blues ballad.
A video for both songs can be watched on YouTube
Or visit hooyoosay's brand new artist website
where the single can be streamed and downloaded, and where many more recordings, artwork and videos by hooyoosay can be found.

If you'd have missed to notice their full album "In dekay" before, this new single, combining the verve of "My obsession" and the gloominess of "Pain in my heart", makes for a compelling introduction to hooyoosay.

Review: "Finally Without You" By Nomy

Nomy is a high octane performer who has something to say for sure, and that is definitely reflected in his lyrics. The single, "Finally Without You" is the debut release from his new album, "Verity, Denial & Remorse," which was released June 13th. "Finally Without You" comes at you strong with in your face lyrics that are presented in a clever and catchy way. His band is really good, and meshes well with his own unique style and persona. There's a strong guitar and drum leading the way on the song, along with a great vocal performance by Nomy. This sentiments expressed in this "anti-love" song are those that almost all men feel at the end of a relationship, and most will identify with it easily. Nomy conveys his message with humor and good music. The hard driving song with the slow breaks make you really listen to the lyrics even more. Metal punk drives the music and Nomy really shines on this one. His voice is interesting and the way he uses it to his point across is quite commendable. Great lyrics, great music, great song, great job!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Uncontrolled TV Show Wants Your Music Video

In order to make it in the entertainment industry you need to have a place where your talent can be discovered and appreciated. The Uncontrolled TV Show is the place for you. This show can help turn your aspirations and dreams into a reality. At the Uncontrolled TV Show, we feel that it doesn’t matter where great music or talent comes from. If it’s something that people will like, we want our audience to see it.

The Uncontrolled TV Show is not your average music video show. For one, there is no annoying host to distract the viewers from the music. Another great thing about not having a host is that it allows for more videos to be played. That means we get to select more videos for our playlist and can make sure that our audience has nothing but great music to watch. We want to make sure to give as much exposure of our unsigned artists as possible.

If you are an independent artist, or if you have been struggling to have your voice heard, we want to hear from you. We know it is not easy to found with all the other aspiring singers and artists out there, and that is why we make it our job to do the wade through the best of the best. If you have talent and if we think you can give the audience what they are looking for, we want you on our show.

If you believe you have what it takes to steal the spotlight, and if we like what we see, we’ll add your music video to our playlist for the world to see. All you have to do is send the following information for our review:

· A YouTube video link to your best music video – Only (1) one link – Sending more than one will automatically disqualify you. Your video should be of high quality.

· Send us your biography, name, contact information, and any other information you want us to know about you.

Submitting your high quality YouTube video is very easy and we have a huge playlist to make, so make sure you give us your best. If we like your video you will get a response from our management, so cross your fingers and keep a look out for an email in your inbox!

Italy's The Medullary Paralysis Live In Hong Kong June 30, 2012

It's gonna be dark, bleak, desperate, intense and far-out.
It also just so happens that it's gonna sound bloody great and gonna be tonnes of fun.
What's this you ask?

The Medullary Paralysis are coming to HK all the way from Italy once again, and they're making a stop with the Underground. With their deep, dark yet handsome music they'll carry you willingly into the 90s mixed with the 80s. To help them with their agenda, we have Vrank, the Manson-inspired heavy rockers, and the "Future-music" electronica of Blak.

It's gonna be lots of great music, and supplemented by lots of beer as well.
So mark 30th June down on your calendars as a night for some gothically oriented fun...

The Underground presents The Medullary Paralysis in HK 2012
Saturday, 30th June 2012
@ Backstage, 1/F Somptueux Central, 54 Wellington Road, Central
Bands: The Medullary Paralysis (Italy), Vrank, Blak
10:00pm - 1:00am
$100 (Including 1 Becks beer)

More about the bands:

The Medullary Paralysis:
The Medullary Paralysis is an idiosyncratic lifestyle. We don’t drink, we don’t take drugs, we don’t have mechanical sex. The problem is addiction. We have a new vision about how to enjoy life. We hate victimism and we practice compassion. Latex is nothing special. You don’t need to wear it 24/7 to own your life. Take the chance to be reborn.

Our ears were weaned on the eighties: through our parent’s music, the radio and the tv… then mix that subliminal background with the nineties during which we passed through our adolescence… You have an out-of-body experience when we mix The Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson and the 80s. Not-so-industrial-glam on the dance floor.
Vrank 梵姬:
A gothic industrial based in Hong Kong, started in 2008.
Gothic industrial music has always possessed the mystic power that the majority is curious to probe but dares not to enter. In Hong Kong, the city that is soaked with canto-pop, vrank presents their debut album that cares for the minority, challenges the unfair standards that are constantly raised to the weak.
Probably true to many people that music is just for entertainment, which is quite politically-correct in a sense. vrank, however, selfishly exploit the medium as a ten-year soul-searching journey - a surreal expedition that exposes the hidden side in their minds, and very likely in others too. It is all subjective emotions through the music compositions and yet, it is also all objective contradictions through the cynical lyrics.
歌德工業音樂,一向擁有著強烈的神秘力量 ,好奇心令普羅大眾欲拒還迎。梵姬的首張大碟正正填補了香港樂壇的空白,挑戰流行音樂的沉悶局面。他們的音樂更得到外國音樂界的認同,被美國唱片公司 Quickstar Productions的邀請,把單曲aggression於本年初收錄於旗下精選大碟 Industrial Underground中。
BLΛK is an electronic band consisting of Hong Kong musicians Po Kei, Jacky, Angus and Marvin. With “Destroy and Create” as the band’s motto, their ambition is to create their visionary “Future Music” by destroying the traditional rock band format.
The band originate by Jacky and Po Kei, the active musicians in Hong Kong rock scene. Po Kei is the members of an Indie Rock band Good Fellas, Jacky is a member of an Alternative Rock band Velvette Vendetta. These 2 bands are famed for their phenomenal and energetic live performances, which has led them exposures in major venues & festivals such as Venetian Arena (Macau), Clockenflap (Hong Kong), A-Fest (Manila) & Baybeats (Singapore). After some successful years of the former bands, they decided to explore their talents in electronic dance music, employing VST, synthesizers, dance beats, and catchy hooks, in their pop melodic songs.

In 2012, Marvin (drummer from In Love and Pain!) and Angus (guitarist from Good Fellas) are invited to join the band, making BLΛK a full powerful dance music act. Don’t miss the chance to feel the intensity of their live performance.
For the most updated info, visit our website:

Love your locals bands - be part of The Underground!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

42 Million Plays On Spotify - Independent Artist Nomy Releases New Album "Verity, Denial And Remorse"

Verity, denial and Remorse is the latest Nomy album to leave his home studio and be thrust into the ears of hungry fans. Available exclusively on Spotify from 13th June, the message on this album is personal and aggressive and with a stamp of “Parental advisory” on it. The title is based on true events and real relationships. It’s about people’s selfishness and how easy they betray the ones closest to them.

In this album Nomy continues to explore the darker sides of human nature drawing on a wide range of musical influences yet still maintaining the trademark Nomy sound.

“My new album will probably reduce friends but gain fans”

About Nomy

Nomy is one of the foremost success stories in the digital music age – demonstrating how the internet has leveled the playing field and enabled savvy artists to create a global platform for their music. From his home studio he has recorded and self-released music which has taken the world by storm.

Having peaked the Spotify world toplist he has to date received over 42 million plays on Spotify, while consistently selling albums from download services and his own website. His fan base is growing stronger every day – his music having an increasingly global appeal.

In 2011 he was nominated for a Grammy award. Nomy has consistently turned down major Record Labels and chosen to maintain full control over his music and career.

MusicDishTV Presents "Big Deal" By Patrick "P.A.T." Barnett

Patrick "P.A.T." Barnett's "Big Deal" is a well-produced video and song that is clean cut and smooth at the same time. This young rapper delivers the goods in a manner that all can understand and without all of the obscenities that we've grown accustomed to in hip hop. "Big Deal" is definitely a big deal. It's a slowly paced groove that is inspirational with words that have a message with a punch behind them. Barnett spits his rhymes so clearly that even your grandmother could understand them and would be proud. The video itself is filmed in black and white, and is chock full of shots of a young rapper trying to make it - in the studios, in the streets, and wherever he can. Sometimes, inspiration comes from strange places, and Barnett encourages listeners not to give it. He uses a nice jazz and hip hop blend for the mix, adding a nice hook to complete the package. The young southern emcee has also been the recipient of many awards, and his material is increasingly sought after in the underground music scene. Email:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daniel Link Casts A Spell With Book Of Shadows

From the moment Daniel Link released his latest CD Book of Shadows (May 25, 2012 at precisely 4:48 PM) KBAC 98.1 FM, “Radio Free Santa Fe” has been playing his song “The Spell” virtually every day for four weeks. A most appropriate song for The Land of Enchantment, from what DJ Yon calls “a fabulous new Santa Fe artist.”

Book of Shadows is the first CD for independent singer songwriter Daniel Link in seven years. This latest recording endeavor finds Link at the height of his creative and expressive powers with a collection of songs that peers deeper into the artist’s soul than any previous work to date. Not to mention the most honest; Seven White Moons is Link’s first politically correct tune with the proper pronoun usage for a contemporary gay man. Although not trail blazing by today’s standards, nor is the song intended to serve as activism, but like every other song on Book of Shadows it speaks to Daniel’s geographic and fundamental internal changes.

Launching his career in Austin, Texas in the late ‘90’s, Daniel Link established himself as a regional favorite among an impressive line-up of Austin’s most formidable musicians… sharing the bill with Bob Schneider, Ruthie Foster, Jon Dee Graham, the late Steven Bruton and Sara Hickman. Link’s “almost too close for comfort” lyrics paired with his spot on pop rock melodies made him perfect for Austin…not really folk, but somewhere between alternative country and southern rock…a sophisticated songwriter with an instantly recognizable voice. His following loves him. And critical acclaim for Link’s work ranges from The Austin American Statesman: “Link is an accomplished tunesmith”, to Billboard: “The humanity displayed here is accessible to anyone who’s ever felt left of societies center. And the music is potent enough to work for those who simply want sweet melodies and memorable hooks.”

But five years after his 2005 release Color of Rain, Link and his partner Ralph Lopez relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico to care for Lopez’s elderly mother. It was in Santa Fe where Link was discovered by Grammy nominated singer songwriter Vince Bell, who invited Daniel to be his sideman. After a brief tour with Bell to Texas headlining at Houston’s Anderson Fair, Vince introduced Daniel to Jono Manson.

“I knew from the very first meeting with Jono that we would work well together” Daniel says, “we both had an intuition about each other, and pretty much decided to move forward without really knowing very much about each other’s music…it was more about the vibe we had together.” Once pre-production was underway, it was clear that Link had found the perfect producer in Jono Manson…who’s organic approach to recording was well matched with Daniel’s most expressive batch of songs and vocal performances to date.

“I started writing songs for this project shortly after arriving in Santa Fe...the first being Last Day of Winter which was written on the last day of winter in 2010 and recorded on the last day of winter in 2012...just two days after my aunt died, so the emotional power is very present on that song.” Other stand out tracks include Saving Grace, a power house rock song written for a friend of Daniel’s who is Wiccan...which informed Daniel’s decision to call the album Book of Shadows. The lead single Save Me A Place is the only track not penned by Link; it’s actually an obscure track from Fleetwood Mac’s 1979 Tusk album written by Lindsey Buckingham. “I wanted to pay homage to the band that inspired me while at the same time include Vince Bell and Catfish Hodge who are both heroes of mine. This song seemed like the perfect vehicle to honor them all. And it’s also a great companion song for The Spell.”

The focal point on Book of Shadows is lyric content and vocal performances. The traditional pop rock formula of big guitar solos is not present on the majority of the disk by design. As a musical poet, Link defines himself and his musical brand on Book of Shadows like never before...this album won’t be compared to other’s clearly Daniel Link.

Book of Shadows is available at iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon