Monday, June 25, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents "Big Deal" By Patrick "P.A.T." Barnett

Patrick "P.A.T." Barnett's "Big Deal" is a well-produced video and song that is clean cut and smooth at the same time. This young rapper delivers the goods in a manner that all can understand and without all of the obscenities that we've grown accustomed to in hip hop. "Big Deal" is definitely a big deal. It's a slowly paced groove that is inspirational with words that have a message with a punch behind them. Barnett spits his rhymes so clearly that even your grandmother could understand them and would be proud. The video itself is filmed in black and white, and is chock full of shots of a young rapper trying to make it - in the studios, in the streets, and wherever he can. Sometimes, inspiration comes from strange places, and Barnett encourages listeners not to give it. He uses a nice jazz and hip hop blend for the mix, adding a nice hook to complete the package. The young southern emcee has also been the recipient of many awards, and his material is increasingly sought after in the underground music scene. Email:

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