Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: "Finally Without You" By Nomy

Nomy is a high octane performer who has something to say for sure, and that is definitely reflected in his lyrics. The single, "Finally Without You" is the debut release from his new album, "Verity, Denial & Remorse," which was released June 13th. "Finally Without You" comes at you strong with in your face lyrics that are presented in a clever and catchy way. His band is really good, and meshes well with his own unique style and persona. There's a strong guitar and drum leading the way on the song, along with a great vocal performance by Nomy. This sentiments expressed in this "anti-love" song are those that almost all men feel at the end of a relationship, and most will identify with it easily. Nomy conveys his message with humor and good music. The hard driving song with the slow breaks make you really listen to the lyrics even more. Metal punk drives the music and Nomy really shines on this one. His voice is interesting and the way he uses it to his point across is quite commendable. Great lyrics, great music, great song, great job!


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