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Andy Scott 'ANGELS' featuring; Cyrus Chestnut, Dezron Douglas and Evan Sherman

Andy Scott is a jazz singer…but that's like saying Al Pacino is an "actor" and Julia Childs a "cook." Scott comes from the tradition of the classic ballad/American Songbook style but he's not "retro"-like the best singers he melds the best of the past with the immediacy of the Eternal Now, with an eye on the horizon. Born 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio to Terry and Al Rosen-the latter a slugger for the Cleveland Indians-Andy Scott grew up in a home where the sweet science of running the bases, art, and music-and the player piano at his grandparents' house-fueled his imagination. He found music more to his temperament-"I was good at sports but didn't like coaches," Scott admits.

No knock against Cleveland, but Scott felt the call of that mythic Big Apple to pursue his musical ambitions. He got to know music from not only the inside-out but the outside-in as well. Moving to NYC in 1978, Scott ran sound at the Village music club Kenny's Castaways. A chance meeting with rock & roll songwriting legend Otis Blackwell (several of Elvis Presley's monumental ‘50s hits) at Kenny's led to Scott working with and being mentored by Blackwell, the two becoming friends. Andy Scott's early musical path started like many of his generation. He grew up on hip hop and a few varieties of pop and rock. Blending them, he recorded as Goatboy for Interscope in 1996 and as Goat for Ruffhouse 1997, and these songs were featured in TV commercials and films: "Great Life" for Kia TV ad and I Know What You Did Last Summer. But he was never that far from jazz singing-it had been insinuated into his DNA as a lad. "My mother listened to Billie Holiday and [Antonio Carlos] Jobim, Bessie Smith and Chet Baker…and of course we listened to Sinatra! I even shared a thanksgiving dinner with Sinatra once upon a time." Working at Power Station Studios, he met jazz legends Dizzy Gillespie and Jon Faddis, and meeting ace jazz chanteuse Madeleine Peyroux virtually sealed the new deal. "I was totally influenced by her artistry," Scott affirms. In 2007 he opened shows for Peyroux and that was a game-changer-her approach to jazz singing, combining the traditional and the modern decided Scott's path. Late in '08, Shelly Bay Music released Don't Tempt Fate, his debut under the Andy Scott moniker, has Ms. Peyroux dueting with him on the title tune, and backed by such swells as drummer Victor Lewis and fellow keyboardist, Sam Yahel.

Angels finds Scott collaborating with jazz piano heavyweight Cyrus Chestnut, one of the finest Jazz & Gospel pianists on the planet who also co-wrote the title tune. Whereas some jazz singers perform/record many done-to-death standards, Scott ups the ante by writing (or co-writing) nearly all of the songs on Angels-like they say in the movies, this time it's personal. The opener "Somebody Like You" sets the tone for Angels. Scott swings from the beginning-the band lays down an old school groove and Scott glides in, part starry-eyed romantic, part sophisticate, expressing himself with easy, adjusting to the fickle winds of romance with each syllable. The influence of the classy, jazz-based crooners is there-Nat "King" Cole and Johnny Hartman-but Scott doesn't attempt to "sound like" them. He's absorbed their styles and adapted them to his own singular approach, adding a bit of grit, a touch of irreverence, and a lot of heart. Scott makes his way down Lonely Avenue, a street of dreams where the blues are kept at bay by "Valium & Soda"-he's a nightclub philosopher in the manner of Jimmy Scott and Bob Dorough, singing in a sly, worldly drawl. Chestnut's piano is luminous in a spare, funky manner and Freddie Hendrix's trumpet provides a sweet balm for Scott's condition.

"Bye, Bye Blackbird" is a generations-old standard but Scott finds and sings the truth inside of it and his eloquent yet matter-of-fact delivery make it sound like it was written last month. THAT, Dear Reader, is the mark of a great interpretive singer-Sinatra, Holiday, and George Jones had it, the ability to make a song, recent or old, their own. Andrew Scott has it too. "What Magic is This," a duet with Abelita Mateus, finds two distinctive voices in a dance that's as elegant as it is impish-Sinatra sang, "What else is dancing but making love set to music playing?" This track is proof Ol' Blue Eyes knew what he was talking about. Mixing bossa nova and cha-cha-cha with très) chic swing, this is akin to an affair set into a song, the syllables gently bursting on your eardrum as a summer raindrop landing on warm pavement.

Released on the estimable Jazz Legacy Productions label, Angels is more than an album that beats the dreaded Sophomore Curse. With this release, Andy Scott joins the ranks of singers such as Lizz Wright, Jamie Cullum, and Diana Krall--all take the art of jazz singing into the 21ST century. Make no mistake-Scott has his own voice, with roots in the tradition but with the moxie to enrich the tradition, to take it forward…and he has fun doing it. Come along, get experienced.

Andy is one of those hardworking unsung heroes of American songwriting, rich in historical influence, contemporary approach, and timeless stories." - Madeleine Peyroux

Nika 'She Is Me' A Strong Statement, Yes, But Nikia Has The Voice To Back It Up

Performers come and go, but singers, it can be argued, are forever. The power of Song is not easily forgotten-Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, and Denise Williams are voices that linger in the memory. That kind of heartfelt singing is what Nikia aspires to. "These two [Whitney and Patti] inspired me the most you know they were real vocalists. My uncle, Charlie Wilson, pushed me to practice and become a great vocalist. You know, practice, practice, practice! He is a singer he was the lead singer of The Gap Band."

Nikia was born in East Meadow, NY. She began singing at the age of three, singing professionally at age 13. Many outstanding singers begin their journey in vocal groups-Beyoncé Knowles with Destiny's Child, Patti LaBelle with the Bluebells-and Nikia is no exception. At 14, the group Something Serious was the beginning, where she honed her performing skills, how to put a song over to an audience, and writing most of the group's repertoire as well. As a teenager Nikia released the album Out of My Mind on the independent Swooper label.

Her new release 'She Is Me' features material penned by her, including "Missing You," a slightly different side of Nikia. With a sparkling, funk-flavored guitar intro, "Missing You" has a lilt that slightly suggests reggae rhythms. Nikia's voice is romantic longing personified, her clear, honey-toned voice (evoking the classy old-school soul of Denise Williams and the Philly soul of Gamble & Huff) riding the melody with easy, bittersweet poise. The production of Shawn Keys of Shawn Keys Ink is sparse, putting the spotlight on the song and the singer (instead of drawing attention to the production itself). "Missing You" has a bittersweet pull to it that's hard to resist, sweet as a brand-new romance, and slightly stinging like a heartache that's beginning to heal. Love is the drug and Nikia scores with a confidently, sweetly seductively I-need-you vocal and an undulating, slightly techno-tinged electronic cradle of rhythm.

Nikia's singing has two distinctive tones herein: The coolly passionate in the body of the song and the crisp, commanding refrain/hook "Just awesome"-both distinctive, both Nikia.

"I see myself as a part of tradition because i know my music will be around forever." A strong statement, yes, but Nikia has the voice and the commitment to back it up. You got to watch.

Killer Tracks Launches BLOCK and Sound Pocket Labels in the U.S.

Killer Tracks, one of the world's leading producers of pre-cleared production music, is introducing two new labels to the U.S. production market featuring the work of some of the best up-and-coming music talent from the UK and beyond.

BLOCK, created in partnership with renowned urban and hip-hop management firm London Boy Entertainment and launched in the UK by Universal Publishing Production Music, draws on the urban scenes in England and the United States to produce hip-hop flavored tracks crafted for television, film, radio and advertising. The label's initial plans are for a series of releases featuring work from artists on the LBE roster including Tiago, Alan Sampson, ADB and Charles Drew.

Sound Pocket Music was created by a team of top British music supervisors with deep experience in television, independent film and advertising. Its releases feature specially commissioned tracks spanning a range of genres and styles including orchestral, cinematic, acoustic, pop, electronica and emotional. Soundtrack composers/producers on its roster include Aaron Wheeler (Being Human), Louise Dowd (The Chatroom), Sam Hooper (The Fallen), Ben Parsons (Kings of the Wild), Lennert Busch (Room 8) and Stephen McKeon (The Clinic).

"We are very excited to bring these two labels to the U.S. as each represents a slate of artists who are pushing boundaries and creating new sounds," said Andrew Donahue, Killer Tracks Director of Marketing. "BLOCK is a great source for authentic, high quality urban beats. Their writers are working with high profile recording artists and labels around the world. Sound Pocket represents talented, young British music supervisors and composers who bring fresh energy, and know how to write for the screen."

LBE Managing Director Sef Naqui calls the partnership with Killer Tracks an opportunity to introduce the label's artists to storytellers worldwide. "It creates the potential for great media coverage for our incredible artists," he says. "And for Killer Tracks clients, it means access to music from the next big urban artists before they break."

Killer Tracks has enjoyed tremendous success in introducing independent labels to the U.S. production music market. Last year, it launched Volta Music, a boutique trailer music label that has generated music placements in the Showtime series Billions, ads for ICON Motorsports, Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights, and the video game WWE2K.

Killer Tracks will be showcasing new releases from BLOCK, Sound Pocket Music and the rest of its premium catalog at NAB (Booth SL 7616) April 18-21 in Las Vegas. On April 20 at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., Blue-eyed soul singer Luke McMaster will also give a special live performance at the Killer Tracks booth showcasing songs from his album, I Feel Alive, the latest release in Killer Tracks' groundbreaking Artists Series.

About Killer Tracks
Killer Tracks is a global source for pre-cleared music for film, television, advertising and interactive media. With more than 2,700 active albums from 37 global libraries, the Killer Tracks catalog spans every genre and features original works from some of the music industry's most innovative composers, artists and producers. The premium catalog is continuously enhanced with exclusive recordings and new music updates. Friendly, knowledgeable support is always available through a dedicated team of music search specialists and licensing experts. When music matters, rely on the production music experts at Killer Tracks.

For more information, visit or follow @killertracks on Twitter and Instagram.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lynne Taylor Donovan Releases New Single

Lynne Taylor Donovan (LTD) released her new single "Strong One" to radio in the U.K., Europe, and parts of Australia on April 2. Penned by renowned songwriters Cyril Rawson and Byron Hill, this much anticipated new single is a more traditional sound for Lynne and features violin, steel guitar and piano.

The song was recorded on tape and mastered to digital by Craig Waddell at Gotham City studios in Vancouver. The vocals were produced by Juno award winner Geoff Eyre with additional production by Juno nominee Al Rodger.

"(The) Strong One" is the first new single for Lynne since "Sugar Lake" and is something Lynne has wanted to do for some time. It has virtually no added effects or over-dubs and captures a moment in the studio when all the parts came together to create a very special moment. The song is featured as the first premiere track on the new Hotdisc distribution from the UK. and will begin arriving at radio this week.

Pre-release reaction from presenters/DJs is very positive with comments ranging from ..."may be her best" ..."brilliant"...and...."very very good...Lynne's vocals are excellent".

Rasha Jay "Cicada" Echoes The Timeless Sound Of The Alternative Rock Scene

Raised in the tiny town of Owings, Maryland, Rasha Jay was raised on a mix of R&B and pop, but immediately drawn to the alternative and grunge male voices of the 1990s, alongside a steady diet of classic rock. "I loved raw, gritty voices with a wide vocal range," she says. "It was all about the power." Early influences: Pearl Jam, Jack White, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys and Blues legend, Big Mama Thornton.

"Cicada" echoes the timeless sound of the alternative rock scene: think the energy of Foo Fighters combined with the melodies of Arctic Monkeys and the earnest lyricism of Pearl Jam. Then, take this vision and add an incredibly soulful vocal style, in the wake of influential R&B masters such as James Brown or Etta James, just to mention a few.

Written by Rasha Jay and co-produced by Todd Stevenson, "Cicada's" lead track is the passion-packed "Rubbish." Alongside rock, blues and a touch of soul, the song features grimacing guitars and fist-pumping tempo, as she taunts, "I give you these arms but they ain't open wide, Who said that you could come home?/We could have reached the top and looked down… and you ran before the dark became the light."

Rasha Jay explains, "The song was written quickly after a disastrous phone call with someone I was supposed to be working with on music. I had the guitar riff from my producer, Todd and instead of getting angry, I started singing to the riff—and the lyrics and melody poured out. I like to think the song has bite."

The overall theme of "Cicada" is observation. "I watch and listen well," she says. "I wrote the songs while walking outside or in my apartment at 3 in the morning." An example is EP track "She Sleeps Wild", which was written after a discussion with her mother about her sister's sleeping habits, "It grew into something more symbolic and deeper than her alone."

Rasha Jay seeks to reach audiences with the energy of this EP, memorable hooks and a distinctive, raw voice that soars into the fray of modern female rock artists.

Hydra Management Records Artist Conceptz Releases "Certified EP"

Hydra Management artist Conceptz once again delivers a project that will one day be considered legendary. The group delivers an impromptu compilation of an eclectic variety. This masterpiece is undoubtedly CERTIFIED. This EP introduces the Rap stylings of Lucid and Nomads who are long time friends of the group. Together they delivered 8 up-tempo, Raw Rap tracks that clearly demonstrate their ability to appeal to every music demographic. The lyrics and styling is captivating and the sound is unlike anything you've heard from Conceptz in the past. They continue to demonstrate the ability to think outside the box, push the envelope and remain consistent to having every song be centered on a "Concept". The EP demonstrates the diversity of the group and their ability to collaborate seamlessly with anyone. Each track continues to deliver a profound message.

Conceptz is a Rap Duo hailing from Orange County New York. Highrowglyfix and Short Fuze combine their diverse style and creativity together to bring you what they call Conceptual Rap. Their hard work has earned them three Billboard Hot Single chartings in a row. In addition their last single "Funky 5" was on the ballot for consideration for Best Video in the 58th Grammy Awards.

Unprecedented for an Indie Artist and Label. In 2015 Conceptz were among the elite in the industry. Their videos are airing internationally on MTV, Centric, Music Choice, Aspire, VH1, etc. and their new single Multiply is currently in rotation on over 200 FM radio stations worldwide. Conceptz shows no sign of slowing down. It's full steam ahead for this sibling duo.

Follow Conceptz on twitter, facebook, soundcloud at darealconceptz.

For more information, press and booking:
Charles Brown

POWERMIX Is The New Free Industry Networking Event In Hollywood For Music - Film - TV - Touring - Tech & Entertainment Industries

POWERMIX is the new bi-monthly Free Industry Networking Event held in Hollywood. Launching Wednesday May 18, POWERMIX features an opportunity for people from all facets of the music & entertainment industries, to get together, gain vital info, make new connections, see top curated live performers, explore new products/services & witness a special 'Icon Interview' with an industry leader.

Created by industry veterans Jay Warsinske and Sydney Alston, is designed to build comradery,communication, collaborations in the fast moving and evolving entertainment marketplace. Warsinske is the 40+ year industry veteran, CEO/Founder of marketing powerhouse INDIEPOWER & the global conference/festival IES: INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT. Alston is longtime music creator/exec & management at industry leader DISCMAKERS. Jay is also creator of INDIEPOWER TV, with over 1000 in-depth interviews with a 'Who's Who' in the industry, & will be conducting the 'Icon Interview' every POWERMIX, as a segment for the vital new TV series 'INDIE POWERMOVES' (The Ultimate Mix of Creativity & Entrepreneurship!).

Pulling attendees from Music, Film, TV, Touring, Tech and other areas of the business, POWERMIX aims to 'build bridges' to new collaborations and synergies among parties. "POWERMIX is a fantastic time being in the middle of the week & month to exchanges ideas," states Warsinske, "& complement & lead up to more comprehensive, significant events like IES August 10-13 in the L.A.'s NoHo Arts District & CD Baby Conference on Sept 30 in Chicago." "Always great to connect & spread good info and energy," tells Alston "& have drinks, see great live performances, in a cool Hollywood club, making new connects & it's FREE, can't beat that!"


Free to attend if on RSVP list, by emailing : or calling 818-505-0669. Facebook: PowerMixEvent Twitter: @PowerMixBiz SponsorOpportunities!

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New Pop Compilation Series 'Wanna Party!', ala Now! Series, Open To Indie Artists With Uptempo Pop Music, From Rock To R&B/Funk To Country To Club Sounds

At a major Hollywood Press Conference today it was announced that a new Pop Music compilation series, called WANNA PARTY!, that introduces new Pop Artists & Songs to a Worldwide audience is launching. Patterned after the hugely successful NOW! Series, WANNA PARTY! is giving independent artists a chance to be heard & seen by a Worldwide audience that has an insatiable craving for more great Pop artists and uptempo catchy songs to be loved.

Created & spearheaded by legendary Music Executive Jay Warsinske, who has assembled a network of top execs and talent scouts including Peter Rafelson & Rhonda Bedekian, to find and develop amazing collections of goodtime, uptempo songs by exceptional new artists. Warsinske, affectionately called by industry leaders the 'Indie Icon', has a stellar 40+ years of helping to introduce and break legendary artists including MADONNA, U2, JANET JACKSON, BLACK EYED PEAS, EMINEM, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, THE FUGEES, GUNS 'n ROSES, LIL WAYNE, PARAMORE, ALL AMERICAN REJECTS, SNOOP DOGG, BLINK-182, LIL JON & countless others over five decades of hits. Rafelson, son of Hollywood 'royalty' & creator of THE MONKEES, is a Hit Pop Songwriter of over 30 #1 hits (including MADONNA's classic "Open Your Heart", that closed the 2015 GRAMMYS with MADONNA & MACKLEMORE singing it, as 300 couples married in front of them) and Producer/Remixer (whom his studio credits include LADY GAGA, BEYONCE, WILL I AM, BEIBER, ARIANA GRANDE, BRUNO MARS & hundreds of top stars). Bedekian, with a stellar 30+ year history of discovering & nurturing acts, included being the publisher/exec of legendary pop group HANSON, as they became the #1 Pop Group in the World with #1 BILLBOARD & MTV hit "MmmBop!" and over 20 million selling worldwide career exploded.

Released by ACTIVATE ENTERTAINMENT, the global label based in Hollywood-Las Vegas-NYC-London-Tokyo, and marketed by industry marketing powerhouse INDIEPOWER, the WANNA PARTY! Series will debut Memorial Day 2016 ('the Official start of Summer') and plans for 3 releases per year to follow. WANNA PARTY! THE TOUR, featuring top artists from the series, is being assembled for Summer & Fall dates across America, booked by ABA : ACCESS BOOKING AGENCY and agent Steve Eggleston. Special Superstar guest appearances to be announced. A Special WANNA PARTY! TOUR Performance has been announced for August 13 at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Hollywood & August 14 at PHAROAHS SPLASH KINGDOM Inland Empire California, as part of the global entertainment conference & festival IES : the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT in N.Hollwood. This acclaimed 4 day entertainment extravaganza that brings in indie Artists, Managers, Video/Film Makers & more from across the Country & around the World, is the brainchild of WANNA PARTY! Series creator Jay Warsinske, giving independent talent a chance to be empowered by the knowledge, expertise & access that hit artists have.The LINE-UP for WANNA PARTY!- Volume 1 will be announced in Hollywood at the hottest Industry Networking Event POWERMIX May 18 at a Top Hollywood Nightclub! (

"I saw THE BEATLES on ED SULLIVAN Show in '64 & moved to the UK in the heat of THE BRITISH INVASION & birth of modern Pop Music", exclaims Jay, "& fell in LOVE with fun, good time, infectious Pop Music ever since! The WANNA PARTY! Series, & Tours and Artist Development platform, is a lifelong dream to bring the World more positive energies & great classic songs, & artists a chance to be heard, seen & embraced by a Worldwide audience!" Seeing Pop artists like BRUNO MARS, COLDPLAY, SHAKIRA, BLACK EYED PEAS & BEYONCE dominate at the World's biggest events like the SUPERBOWL & WORLD CUP inspired the launch of WANNA PARTY! "Knowing that there are millions of talented people out there in the World", Warsinske continues, "& that the majors only concentrate on a handful (Bruno,Brittney,Beyonce,Rhianna) of artists, leaving a World of talent and Pop Music lovers unsatisfied – no fear, here comes WANNA PARTY to the rescue, let's get The PARTY STARTED!"

Interested artists can submit to: ; Media to interview WANNA PARTY! Creator Jay Warsinske: & other sponsor/business inquiries, call 818-505-0669. Venues interested in booking dates on WANNA PARTY! THE TOUR: . Music lovers get on the mailing list for updates, shows & more: .

Bongo Boy Records Proudly Presents Compilations Volume Eight - A New Release With Ten International Recording Artists

Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Eight is a digital release in the popular series of open genre music releases on Bongo Boy Records. This release includes 10 international recording artists. The genres various from Pop, Dance EDM, Folk and Hop Hip; a true picture of today's talent. This digital album is released in Asia with Bongo Boy Records Asia. Available for downloads and streaming with online retail sites like KKBox, Omusic and others.

Meet the talents on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Eight.

1. Movin On (Electrosoul Mix) - Steve Ryan. Steve has released 3 full length albums, 1 EP, authored 4 books, co-written 5 books, narrated over 100 audiobook projects for publishing companies and authors and has other various acting credits. He is a voting member in NARAS (Grammy™ Recording Academy) and as a songwriter. He is also a member of the Audio Publisher's Association. He is also a SAG/AFTRA eligible actor.

2. My Dreams - Valerie West. 13 year old singer aspiring to someday to touch people around the world with her music. She started singing at the age of 7 in a competition called Delco Idol Jr. Among Delco Idol she has competed in many other vocal competitions. Such as Sea Isle City's got Talent, Yachstock Rising Stars, and My Three Roses in Medford, NJ. Winning overall in each of them. She has had the pleasure to perform at venues such as The Hard Rock Cafe, Ardmore Music Hall, World Cafe, The Apollo Theater, The Trump Plaza, and many other stages. She made her debut at Bongo Boy Records 5th year anniversary party last November.

3. My Kind Of Party – OnPlanetZu. "One day, it was decided that dub step needed to express its insane, danceable, funkable, thrashable alter ego." OnPlanetZu, an original and self-contained entity where creativity manifests itself in the form of rhythm, sound, and performance. OnPlanetZu are an anomaly whose music crosses into an electronic, genre-confused, hip-hop/reggae/rock/you-name-it maelstrom of bass, beat and energy. Their original self-created sounds and 'no pre-recorded samples' approach to production presents a fun, fresh, high-energy blast compared to the follow-suit trend in today's music. OPZ tracks contain an element of unpredictability; changing flow at any given turn.

4. & 8 - Wheya and Parfois J'Ai Envie De Crier - Yona Pax. From France Yona Pax is back on Volume Eight with two powerful songs. "Wheya" and "Parfois J'Ai Envie De Crier" both are bringing a welcoming international flavor to this powerful line up presented on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Eight. At Bongo Boy Records we have heard that Yona Pax has been compared to Celine Dion by music reviewers.

5. Stay Strong - Madison Charnigo. Madison is a 13 year old talented, intelligent, driven and strong-willed teen from Bucks County, PA. Madison is an original singer/songwriter. She has played the acoustic guitar since the age of 7. Madison also plays the electric guitar and piano. Madison's music is influenced by both country and pop. Her original songs are up beat and inspirational and meant to connect to people of all ages. Her 3rd original song "Stay Strong" was produced by Mark Bolger and won Semi Finalist in The Song of the Year 2015. Bongo Boy Records welcomes Madison Charnigo to Volume Eight.

6. Multiply – Conceptz. A hip-hop based duo from Orange County, New York. The duo consists of Short Fuze and Highrowglyphfix. They're both brothers and although people confused them as twins, they're actually 10 years apart. Their Billboard Single "Funky 5" was on the 58th Grammys® ballot. Their music career was captured in their own TV Episode Broadcast and was broadcast on 54 TV channels in Jan. 2016. Bongo Boy Records welcomes back Conceptz.

7. Calling - Deborah Henriksson. Sweden based celtic/pop/folk singer and songwriter. "Her diction is distinct with simple beauty. She uses her voice like an instrument which is both a loyal subordinate to the songs but which also lifts them to heavenly heights in a clear eloquence of purity, beauty and exquisite expressiveness..."- Swedish Rootsy Magazine. Deborah music video for the song "Calling" was featured on USA Television in 2015 through Bongo Boy TV syndicated distribution on cable TV.

8. Parfois J'Ai Envie De Crier – Yona Pax
(see 4 above)

9. Knock (Remix) – Megs. At the age of 20 Mags is a songwriter finalist in the John Lennon songwriter International competition. Mags is recording her fourth album at International Acclaimed Dark Horse Studios in Nashville, TN (the studio which produced artists like Taylor Swift, Martina McBride, Neil Diamond and many other) with producer Billy Smiley.

10. Levitating (Remix) - Eye'z. From Oakland, California Eye'z is back on another Bongo Boy Records compilation release. Previous featured with "Go For It" on Volume Two. Eye's is a talented singer and songwriter. Her song new song "Levitation" Remix shows her strong piano talents and uniqueness style that she can truly call her own. With talented pipers and great arrangements Bongo Boy Records welcomes Eye'z on Volume Eight with her song "Lavitation" Remix.

11. Knight In Shining Armor - Allie Carroll. A freshman at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Carroll has been writing and performing since she was 16. Carroll's warm, gorgeous voice and elegant songwriting balances strength and frailty the way classic country singers Loretta Lynn can and Patsy Cline would, tempered with the sound of artists like Taylor Swift and Maroon Five.

Bongo Boy Records

Cultural Ambassador To The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE has signed a deal with Metal Music Bookings - UK for artist representation worldwide

Cultural Ambassador To The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE has signed a deal with Metal Music Bookings - UK for artist representation worldwide.

To book WILLIE BASSE and his A/List of RockStars line up, contact METAL MUSIC BOOKINGS - UK #Hollywood #RockIcon #HitMetalMusic #Basse @MMBookings

WILLIE BASSE says, "What does Slash, James Kottak, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Andy Johns, DJ Ashba, Carlos Cavazo, Mitch Perry, Randy Castillo & Buddy Miles have in common?

They've all done intense music with WILLIE BASSE. You never know who may show up to play. My main objective right now is to get The Metal Party started again and take it worldwide - nonstop!


February 2016, Guns N Roses SLASH and DIO Drummer, VINNY APPICE showed up and played a Sold Out Concert with him at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA.

Catch WILLIE BASSE Live with:
CARLOS CAVAZO - Guitar (Quiet Riot, RATT)
SCOTT WARREN - Keys (DIO, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Dio's Disciples)
GREG D'ANGELO - Drums (White Lion, Ace Frehley, Anthrax, Stephan Pearcy)
MITCH PERRY - Guitar (Michael Schenker Group, Edgar Winter, Lita Ford)
TONY CAVAZO - Bass (Hurricane, Snow)

Current Concert Schedule:
WHISKY A GoGo - Hollywood, CA -
THE BACK BAR - Janesville, WI -
Fri APRIL 22

More TBA...
Get LOUD / Get BUSY @wbasse

Monday, April 4, 2016

Soul Music Legend Charles Wright's New Autobiography, "Up From Where We've Come," Garners Rave Reviews

New Historical Autobiography Detailing the Racism and Hardship the Wright Family Faced as Sharecroppers Near Clarksdale, Mississippi Circa The '40s and early '50s.

"Charles Wright is a gem and a real national treasure." - "Little Richard" Pennyman

"...Charles Wright gets it right in this tell all memoir. It is heartbreaking, intriguing – I was drawn in as if I was there myself. A must read for all who understand what it means to 'Express Yourself'." –- Roland Bynum, KJLH-FM Radio Personality

Among the most profound new literary entries to be released in 2016 is a bitter true to life tome from culturally conscious Rhythm & Blues legend Charles Wright, the singer/songwriter/guitarist best known for singing and composing '70s soul smash "Express Yourself" still heard daily on radio, in movies and dozens of television commercials.

The multi-talented messenger has taken up his pen to complete the first in a planned series of autobiographies that details his painful early life stories as a southern Black man that miraculously brought himself from poverty to prosperity. The inaugural installment, Up From Where We've Come, is an up close and intimate telling of the Wright family's backbreaking struggles as sharecroppers near Clarksdale, Mississippi through the '40s and early '50s. Written in the raw dialects of how Blacks and Whites communicated during that era, it's a riveting insider's glimpse into the realities of the times.

"Do we truly know the full extent of our history?" Write challenges. "I'm willing to bet that most of us do not have the slightest idea. Up From Where We've Come is the history of me as a child growing up in the cotton fields of Mississippi at a time few, except people such as myself, remember. It's an intimate slice of America's history."

Here's what people are saying about the book:

"Beautiful! A wonderful introduction to a warm and interesting man – the words took me back to a time I never experienced but I felt as though I was there." - Regina Womack (Wife of the late great Soul Music Legend Bobby Womack)

"A powerful read! It was my intention to read the book over a period of time but once I started I could not stop until I reached the final page. This brutally honest book has all of the ingredients for a compelling film." - Andrea R. Garrison, Host – Online with Andrea

"Educational yet inspiring." - David Humphrey

"His story is heartfelt and at times utterly chilling. There were times when I laughed out and others when I came close to tears. Whether you're a Wright fan or not, it shines a light on the racial injustices that continue to plague our country. Exceptionally good book!" - Andrew Davis

"The author has this unique ability to blow my mind with his great imagination and the way he skillfully paints vivid pictures. This is one book you will not want to put down!" -– Bleuocéan

An important piece of history:
Up From Where We've Come is an important piece of history which every true American should seek to experience… especially those who are seeking the truth. Through his hindsight insights as an older/wiser man, Wright imparts knowledge, culture and context in each of the tome's 56 chapters. Along with the struggle, there is the warmth of family and a love story that blossoms against all odds.

Up From Where We've Come emerges as a triumphant and highly unique literary statement from a man whose music has touched several generations.

"People who've read my book always say, 'I simply could not put it down,' proclaims Wright, "and for this, I am so very thankful".

For more details about Up From Where We've Come, visit or purchase the book on

J'ai St. Laurent-Smyth
Inque Public Relations
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MusicDish*China To Release DJ Sun Junkie Album in Greater China

MusicDish*China announced the upcoming release of Grammy certified platinum DJ Sun Junkie's music in Greater China. His album "Dance, Love, Live" will be released on major digital services in mainland such as Xiami and QQ Music as well as Taiwan, including KKBox and Omusic. The lead track "Piece Of That" featuring Billboard Music Award Winner Cece Peniston and new artist Daiyon has already started charting on Chinese music portal Kanjian, climbing to #30 on its Top 50 song chart.

MusicDish*China has been promoting and touring foreign bands and artists in China since its launch in 2010 at music conference MIDEM. MusicDish recently released albums by Toronto-based alternative power pop/rock trio Ménage and indie folk-rock band Jessica Stuart Few who toured China in November 2015. MusicDish booked bands to several festivals such as OCT-LOFT, Tahui Music, UNITY Festival and SOTX as well as events like Beijing Music Day, Shanghai Formula 1 and HitFM Live Series.

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Grammy certified platinum producer and international VDJ Sun Junkie, is the next generation of upcoming DJ's and producers. Sun Junkie's chart topping produced song "Georgia", performed by Ludacris and Jamie Foxx, was nominated for best hip-hop collaboration at the 2008 Grammy Awards. Sun also has production and writers credits on Ludacris' "Release Therapy" album that won a Grammy for "Best Rap Album Of The Year" at the 2007 Grammy Awards. He also produced songs for Grammy Award winner Harold Lily who wrote "You Don't Know My Name" for Alicia Keys. Harold and Sun's collaboration performed by Ayan appeared in Ushers Movie "In The Mix". Sun Junkie's guest appearances as a DJ and as a producer include BET's "106 and Park", BET's "Rap City - The Basement", "Fox - In The Morning", "UPN's Reality Hip Hop Show", and "Girls Gone Wild Spring Break - South Padre."

Sun Junkie has produced on numerous #1 billboard chart topping albums and was blessed to receive two platinum plaques in his first official year as a freshman in the recording industry. Sun Junkie has been producing and recording since 1994 but some of his recent NRA projects include Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, Chingy, R.Kelly, Reuben Studdard, and a host of others. Sun has done promos and commercials for PIT Records which aired on BET and the 2005 BET Awards Show.

WILLIE BASSE / Rock For Recovery Cancer Benefit Tour

WILLIE BASSE / Rock For Recovery Cancer Benefit Tour comes to The WHISKY in Hollywood Monday APRIL 4 and CONCERT PUB NORTH in Houston, TX. Saturday APRIL 9, 2016

After a SOLD OUT benefit concert in February at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA. featuring GnR / Black Sheep / Velvet Revolver Icon SLASH, the WILLIE BASSE / Rock For Recovery Cancer Benefit Tour hits The WHISKY in Hollywood, CA. on Monday April 4 and CONCERT PUB NORTH in Houston, TX. Saturday April 9.

Cultural Ambassador to The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE who less than a year ago survived heart valve replacement, was diagnosed with a rare skin Lymphoma called MYCOSIS FUNGOIDES. It is in Stage-4, has spread to his bloodstream and covers over 80% of his body.

Basse states, "I had no idea, but I listened to my body which was telling me something was wrong." Little is known about this horrible disease, its' causes and specific treatments. It is believed to be terminal and currently has no cure. Basse comments further, "I insisted on a Biopsy because of the severe itching and flaky dry skin. It came back positive and Blood Tests were consistent with the Biopsy. However, CT Scans and X-Rays revealed the cancer was NOT in my internal organs! I believe with proper nutrition, treatments and exorcise, I will soon be cancer free."

A Go Fund Me donation page has been set up to help fund Basse's cancer treatments and medical expenses. Visit

Every donation of $25 or more will put you on Willie's special VIP Guest List at the concerts.

The WILLIE BASSE music lineup for APRIL 4th at the world famous WHISKY in Hollywood will feature Rock Icons, The Cavazo Brothers - CARLOS CAVAZO of Quiet Riot and RATT, TONY CAVAZO (Hurricane), ALVIN TAYLOR (Little Richard, George Harrison, Billy Preston, Elton John, Ron Wood, Sammy Hagar), SCOTT PAGE (Pink Floyd, Supertramp), SCOTT WARREN (DIO, Black Sabbath, Warrant), MITCH PERRY (Michael Schenker, Edgar Winter, Lita Ford)

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Basse's Special Guests include:
ROY-Z (Halford, Bruce Dickinson), NEIL TURBAN (Anthrax), DAVE NASSIE (Bleeding Through), PHIL & GONZO SANDOVAL (Armored Saint), JP CERVONI (Buddy Miles), BETSY BITCH, MICHAEL OLIVIERI (Leatherwolf) MIKE HANSEN (Steve Vai, Dave Navarro, dUg Pinnick), ANTHONY Tiny BIUSO (TSOL, Doyle, Hed PE), MICKI FREE (Beauvoir/ Free) and many more TBA!

ROCK FOR RECOVERY Cancer Benefit Tour dates are:

Mon April 4 WHISKY A GoGo
Hollywood, CA

Houston, TX

Fri April 15 DEVILS TAIL
Junction City, MO

Fri April 22 THE BACK BAR
Janesville, WI

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