Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Eagles Classic "Hotel California" With A New 2012 Twist...

You may remember California R&B singer TQ from his hit single "Westside" or his days as Cash Money's primary songwriter and hook man. Penning such hits as "Way of Life" with Lil Wayne and numerous compositions with Mannie Fresh, The Hot Boys, and the Birdman, TQ is back with a new take on the Eagles classic "Hotel California". The new video which is available on TQ's YouTube channel TQtheTrojan, was directed by newcomer Nathaniel "Sith" Nuon and gives a new twist on this legendary story. "We wanted to go way out on this music video." explains TQ. "After researching the lyrics and the story behind them, we found so many different interpretations that we decided to come up with our own. Sith is a madman as you can see... And this is only part one!" The new single is available for free download for the first week of 2012 across the net. TQ's new label Kado Records is planning a full promotional tour in the US and abroad to support the record which will be going out to radio later this month. TQ is also in the studio creating a new remix for the single which will hit the net in a few weeks and his new album "Legendary" due out later this year. Stay tuned to for release dates. Follow TQ on Twitter @TQtheTrojan. Website: Listen at: The Kado Records Download Page For press inquiries contact

Seymour Duncan Announces the World's Largest Musical Treasure Hunt

The Jarrell Guitars Tone Hunt portion of The Seymour Duncan World's Largest Musical Treasure Hunt begins at 12 noon, Friday January 6th, PST. Join the Adventure at: and The Tone Carta:

Find the answers somewhere hidden in the Jarrell website. Winner will be annouced on Monday January 9th. Prize is a JZS-1 Metal Zebra.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Guitar Virtuoso Dan Mumm in GoGo Pedal Tuner Video

GoGo Pedal Tuner video Release w/ Guitar Virtuoso Dan Mumm

YouTube video

GoGo Tuners new chromatic pedal guitar tuner "The GoGo"

The Original GoGo Tuners is an American electronic tuner company with a range of products for tuning electric and acoustic instruments including clip-on tuners, pedal tuners and keychain tuners. Their products are known for their precision tuning and high definition displays. (800) 464-6817

Song is "They Were As Stone" written and performed by Dan Mumm ©2011 Dan Mumm Music All Rights Reserved

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rasta Revolutionary dr. Israel Rocks 2012 with "Ghetto Defendant" a Free Multimedia Music Release

Brooklyn - 2012 has long been heralded as the era for great beginnings and massive change, the time that a New Earth will emerge. With primal sound acknowledged as an organic catalyst for fresh formations, revolutionary dub technician, dr. Israel is jumpstarting the New Year with the introduction of an original superhero and multimedia project, "Ghetto Defendant." "Ghetto Defendant," serves as the prologue and first installment in dr. Israel's seven part series "The Liberation Chronicles," a rousing selection of short films and recordings telling the tale of the dreadlocked superhero. Ghetto Defendant, played by dr. Israel, is a bold insurrectionist battling an evil post apocalyptic corporate empire. With the EP release available for free download on his website , dr. Israel is defiantly declaring a new day in music, offering not only five potent dub infused, dancehall-reggae tinged, rock and hip hop influenced tracks, but also a multimedia buffet featuring a music video trailer, (co-produced with Brooklyn based director/ film maker Johnny Kraljevich), a teaser for a graphic novella, and a preview of the ebook short story. Guest artists include Killah Priest, Lady K, and Katrina Blackstone, with mixes by Bill Laswell. "Ghetto Defendant" is yet another expansion of dr. Israel's melodious core. An accomplished innovator, his capacity to seamlessly fuse traditional roots and dub with modern elements of drum & bass, rock, hip-hop and electronica have continually forged a distinctive fusion of genres. "Ghetto Defendant" resonantly paints a powerful saga of a vision where the struggle of man vs. machine and revolutionary vs. empire ultimately ends with the victory of creativity and love over politics and violence. dr. Israel explains, "The Ghetto Defendant is a reluctant superhero who exists in a futuristic society where governments have been bought out by a corporation called Omnicore. He's a guy who fights the injustices committed by this corporation. Speaking out against wrongs inspires me. I think 'Ghetto Defendant' is my most realized critique of the way our culture and society is. By creating this superhero character, I'm offering a hopeful alternative." dr. Israel is a Brooklyn based revolutionary artist, with releases on ROIR Records, Wordsound, and MOD Tech, as well as collaborations and remixes with music legends such as Bill Laswell, Mad Professor, Dr No, Sepultura, Rancid, Sublime, Lee Perry, Bernie Worrell, DJ Krush, and many others. He has received accolades from Rolling Stone, Vibe, LA Times, and The Village Voice and has performed on stages throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan and Mexico. Following up on a long and fruitful discography including "Inna City Pressure" and "Patterns of War" as well as vocals and writing on Method of Defiance's "Jahbulon," and Lee Scratch Perry's "Rise Again," episode one from "The Liberation Chronicles," entitled "Love in a time of Violence" will drop in the fall of 2012. dr. Israel invites you to challenge the New Year with music to free your spirit and incite your soul. Check out the music video trailer at Vimeo and download "Ghetto Defendant" for free at now... Viva la revolution! email:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Are You An Undiscovered Musician? Isn't It Time To Get Discovered? Here’s How.

Are You An Undiscovered Musician? Isn’t It Time To Get Discovered? A new kind of competition is beginning for ORIGINAL Musical Artists. All Original Bands, Solo Artists, All Ages, All Genres, All Over The World Are Welcome! This competition isn’t on television and it isn’t on radio or even on the web. This competition is on what most people have with them all the time...their smart phones and mobile devices! Here’s how it works: 1) Musicians submit their original music and information about themselves on (Musicians do NOT need a smart phone or mobile device to enter). 2) People can then listen and vote for and learn about their favorite artists right from an app from their smart phones and mobile devices. The competition is starting on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad platform and will likely be expanded to the Android and other platforms in the future. Hundreds of millions of people currently own iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads and are just waiting to be exposed to new and unlimited music. Again, musicians can submit their music on the website and they do not need any sort of mobile device to submit their music. For complete information visit the website at