Saturday, July 21, 2012

Introducing Prelude: The First Affordable App For Musicians

Successful acts know how to connect with their fan base. In this day and age, that means more than just a web page, e-mail blitzes and a social media presence. It means providing a connection with fans wherever they are--any time, anywhere.

It means having an app.

But custom apps are expensive and time-consuming. Enter the revolutionary new Prelude for iPad. Prelude is inexpensive and lightweight. Best of all, Prelude will get you in the App store and on an iPad in one month or less.

With Prelude for iPad, artists can bring together news, social media feeds and tour info for fans on the go. Taking advantage of the iPad's revolutionary high-resolution Retina screen, uploaded photographs and video look simply stunning. Most important, music released in-app can be priced by the artist. Once purchased, the app remains with the fan who purchases it, and the artist keeps the profit.

Custom apps are priced way beyond the reach of mere mortals. That's why Prelude has been designed as a framework, which means costs are kept down by providing everything an artist needs without end-to-end customizability. With that said, artists will get an app experience that is as unique as their act. For a modest deposit and a low monthly fee, acts can load Prelude with albums, photos, videos, set lists, logo, colors, social media feeds and tour dates--everything needed to keep fans informed and connected.

Prelude for iPad will be available by the end of July, with further versions for different platforms and devices to appear in due course. Artists and labels interested in getting on board are encouraged to contact Bruce Pegg at for more information.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Yoga Midi Festival 2012 Will Be Held In August In Huaxi, Guiyang

Midi Music Festival announced their first foray into southwest China with the Yoga Midi Festival 2012 being held from August 23rd to 26th in Huaxi Park, Gui Yang province. "Yoga" is a slang used by local residents to express comfort and refreshment, and Yoga Midi Festival will bring you the very same feeling through music!

As one of the most major parts of the 2012 Huaxi Summer Arts Festival, Yoga Midi Festival will be a platform for musicians from all around the world on three stages: "Tang," "Huaxi" and "Yuan." The lineup includes not only three generations of Chinese rock musicians, but also famous foreign bands, with a diverse mix of music genres, including punk, metal, rock, indie, folk, electronic and many other! Even some traditional Chinese music bands and local Guizhou bands will perform at the festival.

As the forerunner of outdoor music festival in China, Midi is always actively exploring Chinese music market and attempting to bring in new music elements. Midi is looking for the perfect combination of music and local culture, and Yoga Midi Festival is a result of this effort.

Miss Diamond DJane Selected As First 'iWantJam Endorsed Artist'

Live music streaming portal iWantJam announced Zurich-based Miss Diamond DJane as the first of three 'iWantJam Endorsed Artists' to coincide with the site's beta launch in August 2012. Miss Diamond is an international superstar in the making, already becoming an in-demand VIP female DJ for VIP guests and with mixes played regularly on radio stations worldwide.

A Cairo-based musician himself, iWantJam founder Moataz El-Gohary commented on what he thinks are the most important qualities to becoming an endorsed musician. "Artists and bands will be selected based on a set of criteria reflecting IWantJam's mission: (i) live music, (ii) touring and (iii) connecting with fans worldwide through social media. Our Endorsed Artists are like iWantJam ambassadors, we want to make sure they reflect our goals and spirit to their fans."

Once selected, the 'iWantJam Endorsed Artist' will receive several benefits for a one-month period, including being featured on IWantJam homepage, having their music played exclusively on IWantJam music player as well as getting exposure through IWantJam social network profiles and connections. In addition, each endorsed musicians will have an opportunity to extend their endorsement benefits for a full three month period.

Making use of the connections IWantJam is building will be one of the most crucial advantages to the site, Moataz explains. IWantJam will not only host musicians and their fans, but also music professionals and recording studios and live venues that musicians' can tap to help build their career. "This network aspect of the site is something we are very keen on. It's not just a music site for musicians and fans/music enthusiasts, but a platform to reach and be reached by the music industry pros that might have discovered them through a live streamed."

iWantJam will be launched in August, with exact launch date to be announced very soon. In the meantime, musicians and bands can sign-up for the iWantJam Endorsed Artist opportunity at

Miss Diamond is an international superstar in the making; she's already become an in-demand VIP female DJ for VIP guests and her mixes are played regularly on radio stations around the world. There is no other DJ, female or male, quite like her in the world. Distinctly original, Miss Diamond's strong female sensuality connects with party-goers on a personal level, and explains why they crowd the DJ booth at the end of the night looking for a mix CD, an autograph, or just a moment to be near Miss Diamond.

iWantJam is a brand new type of music site that aims to connect musicians and fans worldwide through live shows, video streaming and social media. Nothing can replace the feeling of a live show, and iWantJam's powerful & easy-to-use platform will bring your favorite band right into your bedroom for free. Artists will be able to connect with their fans on a much deeper level than just a profile page and music button, thus offering far more than a promotional device, but a unique experiential connection. Come and join the online live music experience of iWantJam!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bizarre Or What? Gay Rapper Threatens To Sue Fans If They Refuse To Download Upcoming Mixtape

In an extremely bizarre audio clip preview of his upcoming mixtape, "Zero Percent P---y", controversial East Coast gay rapper Cocky da Homo MC, no stranger to hip hop headlines, took up almost 10 minutes of the mp3 in a manic diatribe, ranting almost hysterically against his haters, a former manager from Florida who "works for PETA yet eats hamburgers," and also his fans, going as far as to threaten to actually sue them if they do not download the upcoming street album. The preview, released earlier today at, shot up almost immediately to the top most streamed music clips of the day.

Perhaps even more shocking in the preview is the inclusion of a song that may just be the very first "pro-snitching" hip hop anthem ever with lyrics such as, "I ain't afraid to snitch, Cocky will (m'f'ing) tell," and "I will call the police, stoop that low dog I will."

The rapper has released the following statement: "I sincerely apologize for the rant, it was ridiculous and everything I said has no basis in reality or fact. Don't sue me."

"Zero Percent P----y" is slated to be released in two weeks, with appearances from Skyy Blue and Josef Eugene.

MusicDishTV Partners With Singapore-based LIVEO

MusicDishTV has partnered with LIVEO, a valuable platform for aspiring artists to get themselves exposed Worldwide. MusicDishTV will source Western music videos, including live shows, interviews and behind-the-scenes, for distribution through LIVEO's broadcast platforms.

"We're excited to work with LIVEO on giving indie artists a new channel to get worldwide exposure, said MusicDish President Eric de Fontenay. "The fact that they are based in Singapore opens a whole new Asian audience that might not otherwise catch some great music because of the 'noise' on sites like YouTube."

Videos selected by MusicDishTV will not only air on LIVEO L I V E! (24/7 streaming video station), as well as being featured on the LIVEO RADIO and LIVEO ROCKS! platforms. Bands distributed will also be eligible for LIVEO ROCKS! GLOBAL, an annual online competition and event that will discover unknown talent in ASIA and Globally.

"Our goal is to help and assist unknown Artists/Bands/DJs to gain more exposure globally via our live broadcast platforms using our own technologies. These talents need help in every way to get their music out there, and we are here to assist. They get rejected by Radio & TV Stations everywhere, but we open our doors and encourage them," said LIVEO Founder doctormix.

LIVEO brings to its viewers an audio & video collage; an array of music and trends, performances, interviews and behind the scenes, designed to captivate and entertain viewers across a variety of cultures.

MusicDishTV has featured over 300 music videos through its channel on over 20 western music video portals from YouTube to Current and DailyMotion, which we promote our videos through social medis, news aggregators, micro-blogs & online forums. Through our MusicDish*China brand, we now distribute music videos to China's leading video portals, including Youku, Tudou, Sina, Ku6 and



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Acoustic Music Awards Kicks Off

The 9th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) kicks off. IAMA promotes excellence in Acoustic Music Performance and Artistry. Acoustic artists in various genres can gain exciting radio and web exposure through this competition. Participating sponsors include New Music Weekly, Loggins Promotion,, Acoustica, The A&R Promo™, NoisyPlanet, SongU, Acoustic Cafe Radio Show, Broadjam, Sonicbids and XM Satellite Radio.

IAMA is open to all independent artists and labels. Unlike other music industry competitions, IAMA focuses on developing new markets for Acoustic artists, labels and with or without CD releases. Past years' winners include Maddy Rodriguez(Canada), David Francey (Canada), Liz Longley, The Refugees (USA), Kate Lush (Australia), Wayne Southards (USA), Larry Pattis (USA), Omega (Uganda), El McMeen, etc. Last year’s winner went to Canadian folk singer-songwriter Maddy Rodriguez who won the overall grand prize as well as the Best Folk Artist. Maddy hit the charts with her winning song "All The Wasted Time". Maddy is the youngest top winner of IAMA at just 18 years old.

Win prizes in 8 different categories: Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group/Duo, Folk/Americana/Roots, AAA/Alternative, Instrumental, Open and Country/Bluegrass. There will also be an Overall Grand Prize winner awarded to the top winner worth over US$11,000, which includes radio promotion to over 250 radio stations in US and Canada. Winning songs will be heard on radio! Winners and runner-ups will be featured on our CD compilation. Also, we feature up to 10 different artists get featured and promoted on IAMA website every month, which provides a review, ratings, CD information and more.

Judging is based on excellence in music performance, songwriting/composition and originality. Winners are selected by a panel of established artists and industry professionals. Winners and finalists of the Awards will be featured in the IAMA website and e-newsletters, read by music press, talent buyers, promoters and other industry insiders. All songs submitted must be submitted must be original and submitted online or via CD, the artist may also perform original material not yet released and written by other songwriters or composers. Cover songs are permitted. Deadline to enter is November 9th.


MusicDish*China Promotes The Orange Piano Tour At China's Great Wall

After performing the heights of the Swiss Alps, Soul/Rock german pianist Stefan Aaron will be bringing his Orange Piano Tour to The Great Wall of China on August 12th near Badaling. MusicDish*China (独立小炒) has been selected to promote and market the tour in China, including PR and social media and distribution in China. MusicDish has tapped R2G as the exclusive online retailer for the tour theme "Doing The Undoable" and has already promoting the tour on popular chinese sites Sina's weibo, Douban and Youku.

In 2011, Stefan dreamed up the Orange Piano Tour concept, to fly his orange piano to unusual and crazy locations he would perform a new pop song, tailored to that location. "I want to put my orange piano, whose color fits the positive energy of my songs, in unusual places and see what happens." He first launched the tour in August 2011 when his funny colored piano was flown to the peak of the 4206m high mountain "Alphubel" in Switzerland, setting an official Guinness world record for the highest piano performance in the process.

Aaron, who began playing piano at age 6 and was influenced by artists like Toto, Supertramp, Tears For Fears, the Beatles, and Coldplay, studied vocals and jazz in Munich before moving to Los Angeles to continue his training in different styles. After learning the art of entertaining in piano bars, joining a gospel choir, and playing in top 40 bands, he returned to Germany, where he acquired the reputation of piano-entertainer.

Stefan Aaron is one of the most sought after talents at Kӓfer's am Hofgarten, Munich's top piano bar. The pianist extraordinaire has played for the Dutch billionaire Marcel Boekhoorn aboard his yacht in Monaco, and plays consistently for German celebrities like Fc Bayern, Boris Becker, Uwe Ochsenknecht, and Michael Kӓfer.


"Doing The Undoable" is available for purchase through iTunes: and

Underground 103 - 28 July 2012 Featuring Four Cool Bands In Hard Rock Cafe, Hong Kong

It may be summer, but it's gonna be winter in July with the kind of cool show we've got lined up for you. We're visiting the sweeter side of the scale with what will be a sprightly romp through vastly different soundscapes. We begin with the airy poppiness of Clementine is My Sunshine, followed by the wonderful punch in the gut that is the thumping, strident indieness that is Kestrels & Kites. Ka Likha follow with their mellow sunshiney mix of tribal elements with rock and reggae. And to close the night we have making their whopping sixth appearance at the Underground, will the ever-popular Brothers of Roadkill to deliver the final KO punch.

We're also making a return to Central as we have our first ever numbered show at the Hard Rock Cafe and Beck's will be there to welcome us. So, get to weaving and double-dog-mark down the night, 'cause it'll be a good one!

Underground 103
Saturday 28 July 2012
@ Hard Rock Cafe, LG/F, LKF Tower, 55 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
8:30pm - 11:30pm
Bands: Clementine is My Sunsihne, Kestrels & Kites, Ka Likha, Brothers of Roadkill
HK $100 (Includes a Beck's beer)
Hotline: (852) 9486 4648

Monday, July 16, 2012

99% Released

Independent Vancouver artist Norine Braun releases a new single, Ninety Nine Percent. The gritty, progressive sound of 99% has edge, sonics and is full of adult alternative hooks that AAA audiences understand. Braun recruited a killer collection of local roots rock, soul and blues players for the single and upcoming album including: Juno nominated producer/guitarist, Adam Popowitz, drummer/percussionist Elliot Polsky, blues harpist Andrew “Huggybear” Huggard and pianist Alice Fraser. Using 99% as a muse, Norine is currently writing the material for the next album due out in 2013.

Following on the heels of last year’s release No.8, Braun intensifies the moxie with 99% giving more than a nod to alternative feels and urban blues, a la Black Keys, Kings of Leon and The Pretenders. The song pays tribute to the unifying slogan of how the 99% are paying the price for the mistakes of a small minority. Braun has pledged 1% of the net profits of 99% to be donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the planet.

Hard working DIY indie artist Norine Braun has an impressive and prolific catalogue of 8 albums. The recipient of awards like Songs Inspired By Literature international songwriting competition and the prestigious ‘Female Singer-Songwriter of the Year’ at the Independent L.A. Music Awards, Braun, even as a newcomer, has dazzled her critics as “a rare find,” according to The Best Female Musicians Magazine.

Singer, Performer, Songwriter Frank Anthony To Release “Sixty8 Comeback” The Mixtape On July 24th 2012

Singleton Entertainment announced today that the Frank Anthony music project Sixty8 Comeback is on target for the scheduled release date of July 24TH, 2012. This upcoming Frank Anthony release highlights some classic songs from 1968 and other years leading to the explosive energy heard in mainstream Hip Hop and R&B sounds today. The mixtape release will be available from Frank Anthony’s website at

Hailing from Toronto Canada, singer-songwriter Frank Anthony has quietly built a global audience of fans who love his music. “Music has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember,” says Anthony, “my father’s love and passion for music (a singer and performer himself) exposed me to a wide variety of music. Growing up in the 90’s got me hooked on Hip Hop and R&B which are influences in my music today. But, I am still a big fan of that 50’s sound and the sound of the Italian greats like Pavarotti, Dalla and Ramazotti.” Frank’s Italian heritage has also found the young artist a growing fan base in Italy.

“Brainstorming and we decided that we would showcase some of my favorite songs from then and now, of course with my own twist.” says Anthony. When we reviewed the music of the 60’s and started looking at the years of hits, 1968 was one of those years that had so much of what I call . . . change music. It was music that had meaning, communicated and connected with people . . . made them smile. And to this very day, the music from that time still has that same kind of effect on people. I want people 30 years from now feeling the same way about my music.”

Sixty8 Comeback showcases Frank’s talent, adds that R&B - Hip Hop feel along with the richness of Frank’s favorite time periods of music. The upcoming release also includes some of Frank Anthony’s favorite recent releases. Rappers Kendrick Lamar from Black Hippy, Tyga from the Young Money Entertainment camp and Pooh Bear’s new artist Jazz are also featured on Sixty8 Comeback.

“Our goal with this release is to expose the World to Frank Anthony’s diverse talent” says Ernie Singleton, President of Singleton Entertainment and former President of MCA Urban Music. “Frank is a talented singer, a compassionate songwriter and an instrumentalist. He’s also done very well connecting his global audience with his music and events through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The music industry is forever changing, but great artist and great songs will always be in fashion. I think people will always love what artists like Frank Anthony have to offer.”

Reach Frank Anthony:

About Singleton Entertainment: Music/Media/Marketing/Entertainment
Contact: - 818 774-0818