Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Runway 27, Left: Planned Release Of Third Album 'Triple Story' In Spring 2018

The release of Runway 27, Left lead guitarist Erich 'White Feather' Brandl's German-language autobiography 'So schaut's aus' (in English: 'This is where it's at!') in February 2017 was followed by the blues duo's first-ever performances in Great Britain (in April 2017) and appearances at bigger open-air venues in July (Haslach im Kinzigtal, Germany) and September (Volksstimmefest Vienna, Austria). While on tour in Britain, the duo seized the opportunity of recording for their third album 'Triple Story' due to be released in spring 2018. Eventually, whole-page articles were published on Runway 27, Left by acclaimed magazine 'Blues in Britain' (in October 2017) and on lead guitarist Erich Brandl by employee magazine 'Intern' by MA53 (municipal department) in Vienna (in December 2017).

With critical coverage by German magazine 'Der Folker', playing their first concerts in Switzerland and two of their performances filmed full length by Austrian TV station Servus TV, 2015 was a fairly successful year for Runway 27, Left. Receiving their first award ever, The Akademia Music Award for Best Blues Song in the January 2016 Akademia Music Awards, the new year 2016 saw the acoustic blues duo make a head start. On the winning song, The Akademia thinks that "Aptly titled, 'Tex-Mex Food And Texas Blues' combines easy lyrical stylings with a cool electric guitar riff to create a great anthem for any merry bar scene."

On their current album 'Friends And Catfish', Lukas Weber of Magazine from Vienna, Austria, says that "Half of the album was recorded at historic Sun Studio in Tennessee, the other half in Berlin; the result is something to be proud of (to listen to). Editor's picks: 'Blue Sunday' & 'Talking To Myself'."

Radio personality Josep Palmada of the Red Hot Blues Radio Show on Radio Vilafant from Spain thinks that 'Runway 27 Left from Vienna (Austria) show a very personal approach to the blues. It's a duo consisting of Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer and Erich 'Weissfeder' Brandl, mainly influenced by blues, country, Rock'n Roll, Zydeco and Bluegrass. Their second album 'Friends And Catfish' was recorded in the USA and Europe, and all songs on the album are original songs. It's great work.'

With more than 134 performances from 2011 to 2017 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, acoustic duo Runway 27, Left's first album 'Weekend Warriors' was released on their label 'Weissfeder Records' in March 2012. The harbinger of their first album, radio-only release 'Flawed & Flattened', had already gathered radio airplay in the UK, the USA, Spain, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Austria and Macedonia.

Eventually, April and May 2012 saw their first, brief guest appearances upon invitation by local artists in Memphis, TN, and New Orleans, LA. February 2013 saw them back in Memphis, TN, for recording their first few songs for their upcoming second album at historic Sun Records Studio, further enhancing their strong bond with St. Blues Guitar Workshop, too. The second part of their second album was recorded in September 2013 at Tonbrauerei Studios in Berlin, Germany. In January 2016, Runway 27, Left received the Akademia Music Awards for Best Blues Song for 'Tex-Mex Food & Texas Blues'. Both albums, 'Weekend Warriors' and 'Friends And Catfish' are available on all respective download platforms worldwide.

Highlights of 2016 and 2017 comprised Runway 27, Left's first-ever performances in the UK and bigger open airs in Germany's south-west - like Bräunlinger Strassenmusiksonntag and Festival der Strassenkünstler in Haslach - and Austria (i.e., Volksstimmefest Vienna).

Runway 27, Left is a blues project having former Trans Am/Sun Luca/Run Riot bass player Erich 'White Feather' Brandl and My Other Brother lead vocalist Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer team up.
The musicians (Erich Brandl - guitars, bass, backing vocals and Anthony Kammerhofer - lead vocals, rhythm guitars) try to reconnect with the roots of pop and rock music, calling their style 'In-Blues Entertainment'.

Runway 27, Left's concert schedule for spring 2018:

10 Mar 2018 - Conny's Café – Vienna, Austria
16 Mar 2018 - The Cattle Shed - Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz, Germany
17 Mar 2018 - Jeaneys Live Music Pub - Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany
18 Mar 2018 - Ballroom - Nuremberg, Germany
05 May 2018 - Café Liliom - Vienna, Austria
31 May 2018 - KulturSchusterei - Barmstedt, Germany
01 Jun 2018 - Mobile Blues Club - Hamburg, Germany
02 Jun 2018 - Lindener Tradtionsgaststaette Zum Stern - Hannover, Germany
16 Jun 2018 - Café Liliom - Vienna, Austria
13 Sep 2018 - Mausefalle - Bonn, Germany
14 Sep 2018 - Panoptikum - Lüdenscheid, Germany
24 Nov 2018 - Cafe Adria - Vienna, Austria


Monday, March 5, 2018

MusicDish Review: Vi Stylez' Calypso-tinged "Can't Breathe - We Want Peace"

This is Vi Stylez biggest hit single "Can't Breathe- We Want Peace", which openly addresses the police brutality and misconduct issue within the American society.

The music video starts with an armed man driving his car chasing a man who is running to escape, as it seems to portray the scenes we have so often seen on the news. Throughout the song, the video shows clips of how police have violently acted toward the people, while Vi Stylez sings in a graveyard in memory of those victims to police brutality such as Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and others.

As the video shows heart-wrenching footages, Vi Stylez intensively invokes his beliefs in the chorus and bridges. The chorus remains simple and yet contains the most important message that he wants to deliver. By using simple lyrics "I can't breathe. You see my end zone. I don't shoot. I know justice. I want peace", he combines calypso syncopated rhythms and repetition, which are enhanced a catchy and memorable melody. Although simple, the message of the song is strong and clear. In the bridge, the music becomes calmer and sings "I want what I am. Because we want our voice to be heard", indicating his desire for how police brutality and misconduct can be brought to justice.

During his years performing on the streets of the Virgin Islands, Vi Stylez has encountered several police acts of violence, having been shot by police multiple times, the last time nearly ending his life. The video ends with Vi Stylez persuading the armed man to stay away from making a terrible mistake, as all lives matter.



New Fast Boyfriends Album Announced

After two years of writing and recording new material, cult underground alternative rock band Fast Boyfriends will be unveiling new material in the run-up to Christmas with their third release "No Audience With..."

The new album features the London band's trademark soulful and broody fuzz-driven sound with killer choruses and a hint of weird psychedelia, all lovingly over-produced by the band themselves at Granary Studios in Kent, England.

Anyone with a taste veering towards the eclectic via Pavement, Echo and the Bunnymen, The National, The Bad Seeds, The Modern Lovers, The Wedding Present and the like should head over to the Fast Boyfriends' shop on their Facebook page to snap up the strictly limited CDs while stocks last - for the princely sum of £6 including delivery to UK mainland, with international delivery rates by request.

The album will be available on general release digitally via all major outlets from 22nd December, but for for the full sonic experience on gloriously retro compact disc in a digipack
- order now to avoid disappointment!