Monday, March 5, 2018

New Fast Boyfriends Album Announced

After two years of writing and recording new material, cult underground alternative rock band Fast Boyfriends will be unveiling new material in the run-up to Christmas with their third release "No Audience With..."

The new album features the London band's trademark soulful and broody fuzz-driven sound with killer choruses and a hint of weird psychedelia, all lovingly over-produced by the band themselves at Granary Studios in Kent, England.

Anyone with a taste veering towards the eclectic via Pavement, Echo and the Bunnymen, The National, The Bad Seeds, The Modern Lovers, The Wedding Present and the like should head over to the Fast Boyfriends' shop on their Facebook page to snap up the strictly limited CDs while stocks last - for the princely sum of £6 including delivery to UK mainland, with international delivery rates by request.

The album will be available on general release digitally via all major outlets from 22nd December, but for for the full sonic experience on gloriously retro compact disc in a digipack
- order now to avoid disappointment! 



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