Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Katie Garibaldi Premieres Music Video "Lock The Door, Lose The Key"

San Francisco based pop-esque modern folk and country singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi debuts her first official music video for "Lock The Door, Lose The Key" to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of her album Follow Your Heart.

The Deli SF Magazine exclusively premiered the music video on September 2, 2015 at

"I've kind of nicknamed "Lock The Door, Lose The Key" the 'newlywed song' because it's basically about newlywed business. When I go through big life moments, including falling in love and getting married, those subjects infuse themselves into my creative mind and are reflected in my songwriting. I wrote a lot of the songs on my album, Follow Your Heart during the period of my life when I was engaged and newly married. "Lock The Door, Lose The Key" is about that honeymoon phase my husband and I were in when we basically just wanted to lock ourselves away in a blissful nest and forget the rest of the world. It's become one of my favorite songs to perform live from the album because I've noticed how happy it makes people who are listening. It's a really fun story and a staple song off Follow Your Heart that contributes to the record's signature sound, so I chose this song for my first official music video to celebrate the album's one-year anniversary as a celebration of what an absolute blast this past year has been touring with these songs, and as a personal thank you to my supporters."
- Katie Garibaldi on writing "Lock the Door, Lose the Key" (

The video, produced by Bay Area based Optical North Productions, also features local actor Taylor Lambert.

Watch the worldwide premiere of "Lock The Door, Lose The Key" now at

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Antonio "A&R" Richardson releases Let Life Be Like Music

Antonio "A&R" Richardson has not released new music in over two years, leading some to assume that he had given up on hip-hop. However, in a time when artists turn out single after single and albums are scarce, Richardson has been devoted to his craft working on a complete album. For the past three years Richardson has been working on all aspects of his music, from the production to the writing, he poured his soul into his music. This past week Richardson quietly released his project the to world.

This summer Richardson struck inspiration and everything fell into place. "Even though I've been quietly working on this album for a while, the majority of the songs were completed this summer, " says Richardson, "I made tons of songs, but nothing felt complete, and then the past few months everything just came together on it's own."

"Let Life Be Like Music is a very detailed collection of my life for the past couple of years. This was an extreme therapy session, as I've been going through a lot personally," Richardson recalls, "This album was a way for me to endure it all and stay positive." Richardson touches on the very real struggles facing society today with this new album. The album explores racism, gay marriage, religion, homelessness, happiness, fatherhood, relationships, working towards goals, and hope for the people in a very straightforward manner. The songs are meant to start conversations, because Richardson believes our struggles cannot be resolved without conversation and understanding. Richardson hopes his lyrics will bring perspective so we can move to a place of understanding and resolve some of the issues we face in the world today. "Music is a universal language so this is the best way to start the conversation," Richardson says.

Let Life Be Like Music is available for streaming and download on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Tidal.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Piqued Jacks To Open For The Fabulous 'Interpol'

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Piqued Jacks have been making steady progress & going from strength to strength since their humble beginnings sprouting from a little village in Italy they have methodically made their way from obscurity to Austin, Texas, the heart of the indie music scene, performing at SXSW in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and sharing the stage with acts such as Atoms for Peace and Bob Schneider. Their powerful alliance and headstrong vision has resulted in the positive flow of their career, which indicates a confident band gaining serious momentum. One of the strengths of this band is their close bond with one another, something which a lot of bands fail to achieve. This band have grown up together & remain strong, determined & focused. Since returning back home from Austin they have played the Marea Festival, amongst others & performed at a local children's summer camp the band are now are opening for the fabulous Interpol who are playing in Prato as part of their world tour. Piqued Jacks have also recently been featured in the July edition with a front page spread of the very popular indie magazine JAMSPHERE

A HUGE THANK YOU TO INTERPOL for providing the opportunity for Piqued Jacks to open for them.

Also, another one of DyNaMik Records artists Dos Floris is gaining traction having recently joined the label. Her new album "The Widowed Earth" will be released around October 2015 a track from the album "Silence" is now available for purchase on DyNaMik's music glue shop

Check out packshot video for Dos Floris new album

Dynamic Duo Ralphi Rosario Vs Ashley J Debut Collaboration On "Cali" Is A Top 10 Hit On The Billboard Dance Club Chart


"Cali" the first time collaboration between legendary DJ/Producer Ralphi Rosario and Ashley J quickly became a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Dance Club Chart and one of the hottest tracks of the summer. The "Cali" remix Ralphi Rosario vs Ashley J was one of the fastest moving songs on the chart and was the #1 Breakout on Billboard the first week of its release.

Ralphi Rosario, who was founding member of the influential Chicago DJ group Hot Mix 5, knew he had to work with singer/songwriter Ashley J when he first heard her voice on the album version of "Cali."

"When I first hear Ashley doing 'Cali' - I definitely heard a vocal presence! Her performance and all around good feeling is what really drew me to this song. We haven't had a FEEL GOOD, natural vocal dance performance in quite some time! Ashley is a raw, and natural talent that immediately caught my attention," said Rosario.

Ashley J not only brings her natural vocal prowess to the EDM genre but also is an experienced songwriter who has worked with the top names in music. On "CALI" she teamed up with Rashelle Davies (Benny Benassi), and Morten Schjolin (Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Tedder) who also produced the track.

Rosario goes on to explain, "With technology taking over would be singers, and lots of AUTO TUNE STILL getting in the way of the way of natural vocal recordings; Ashley delivered a NATURAL feel good vocal on 'Cali'... I'm a fan of natural raw talented singers. Ashley fits the bill of being one of those great new talents to come!"

Listen to "CALI" Ralphi Rosario vs Ashley J here:

"CALI" Audio Video:

A 15 track EP of "CALI" remixes by the genre's top DJs is available on iTunes and all digital retailers.

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