Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Antonio "A&R" Richardson releases Let Life Be Like Music

Antonio "A&R" Richardson has not released new music in over two years, leading some to assume that he had given up on hip-hop. However, in a time when artists turn out single after single and albums are scarce, Richardson has been devoted to his craft working on a complete album. For the past three years Richardson has been working on all aspects of his music, from the production to the writing, he poured his soul into his music. This past week Richardson quietly released his project the to world.

This summer Richardson struck inspiration and everything fell into place. "Even though I've been quietly working on this album for a while, the majority of the songs were completed this summer, " says Richardson, "I made tons of songs, but nothing felt complete, and then the past few months everything just came together on it's own."

"Let Life Be Like Music is a very detailed collection of my life for the past couple of years. This was an extreme therapy session, as I've been going through a lot personally," Richardson recalls, "This album was a way for me to endure it all and stay positive." Richardson touches on the very real struggles facing society today with this new album. The album explores racism, gay marriage, religion, homelessness, happiness, fatherhood, relationships, working towards goals, and hope for the people in a very straightforward manner. The songs are meant to start conversations, because Richardson believes our struggles cannot be resolved without conversation and understanding. Richardson hopes his lyrics will bring perspective so we can move to a place of understanding and resolve some of the issues we face in the world today. "Music is a universal language so this is the best way to start the conversation," Richardson says.

Let Life Be Like Music is available for streaming and download on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Tidal.

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