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Cultural Ambassador To The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE Headlines A Fan Appreciation Concert With Stonebreed At The VIPER ROOM Tuesday JUNE 6th

Cultural Ambassador to The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE headlines a Fan Appreciation Concert with special guests Stonebreed at The VIPER ROOM Tuesday JUNE 6th 2017

WILLIE BASSE from the metal band, BLACK SHEEP is playing a Fan Appreciation Concert at The VIPER ROOM Tuesday JUNE 6th FREE Concert / 21+ older / Doors 8pm / Prizes & Give Aways / Special Guests / Celebrity All Star Jam

After a year of prayers, meditation and searching, cancer research, doctors, treatments and many serious lifestyle changes, Willie's back with LOVE, Passion and a grateful story of enlightened evolvement.
"I Am a completely new and different human being." says Basse. "I believe in Love and the disease has been a huge blessing. It demands that I change, connect with GOD, Myself and my spiritual values."

Basse's musical lineup features terrifying Italian virtuoso guitarist, PATRICK ABBATE, SCOTT WARREN (DIO-keys), BOBBY PICKETT (Detective-bass) TROY PATRICK FARRELL (The Raskins/White Lion-drums), MITCH PERRY (MSG-guitar, currently on tour with The Sweet)

Also on this concert: STONEBREED and BRITTNEY's RAGE

To book WILLIE BASSE concerts, recording and interviews contact: KELLY McGARRY

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Amsterdam Dance Event Announces Spotlight On Morocco And Hello DeLaMar, ADE Changes Venue

The 22nd edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) takes place October 18th-22nd in the Tolhuistuin, Brakke Grond and Melkweg venues with the Hello DeLaMar Theater taking centre stage.

After 16 years in the Felix Meritis, the Amsterdam Dance Event, an initiative of Buma, will be moving to the Nieuwe DeLaMar Theater this year to allow major renovations to take place in its old venue. The Nieuwe DeLaMar is ideally situated next to the Leidseplein and De Melkweg and will also allow the event to bring previously separately-housed events such as ADE Dance & Brands under one roof.

"Having been sold out for the last seven years, plus with more delegates coming from an ever greater number of countries, especially Korea, China, Africa, India and South America, the renovation of the Felix Meritis offers us an opportunity to try a different venue," ADE director Richard Zijlma, said. "We are excited and optimistic about the new conferencing and networking possibilities that the Nieuwe DeLaMar Theater offers, and we're confident that delegates will find it a spectacular and inspiring space."

New ticketing system
ADE has also introduced a new ticketing system this year that allows delegates to choose between day and night time activities with a 5-day Daytime-only pass now available. The classic 5 Days/Nights passes are also still on offer for delegates who want to embrace the vast range of business and entertainment possibilities that ADE offers each year.

Spotlight on Morocco
The 2017 panel program is coming together with Morocco under the spotlight in this year's ADE Global View. The North African country currently hosts 15 festivals each year including Atlas Electronic, Oasis, MOGA, Transahara and Beyond Sahara that are almost exclusively dedicated to electronic music, plus a range of large events featuring world music (Gnaoua), jazz (Jazzablanca) pop (Vertigo) and sacred music at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. This forward-looking and liberal-minded country also has a healthy club scene with venues specialising in house music (Tamasis), hip hop (555 Marrakech) and techno (Pacha Marrakech, Amnesia) thriving throughout the country.

ADE's conference schedule will also feature We're Calling It Ethnotronic covering the growing electronic scenes in South America, Africa and parts of Asia where musicians are mixing local sounds with dance floor beats, Who's Stealing Our Best Songs?, looking at the land-grab by publishers as IP rights on classic sounds from the 80s expire.

About ADE
Since its inception in 1996, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has evolved into the leading business platform of the global electronic music scene. It is the place to be and spot the latest developments: from musical trends and upcoming talents to the most recent output of dance's pioneers and superstars.

The Amsterdam Dance Event takes place from the 18th to 22nd of October, 2017.

The Amsterdam Dance Event is organised by the Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation, an initiative of Buma.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Release On Bongo Boy Records 13 New Age Compositions By Various International Talented Composers And Songwriters

Artist: Various Artists
Record Label: Bongo Boy Records
Album: "Escape The Mind Volume One"
Release Date: 5.02.17
- W O R L D W I D E -

Bongo Boy Records is extremely excited to announce the release ESCAPE THE MIND VOLUME ONE. A New Age compilation album by Various International Artists which includes active members of the Recording Academy and very talented Independent artists.

Bongo Boy Records is very impressed by the composer’s and songwriter’s skills of all the artists featured on this album. Together they make this release a total delight.

Album Review by Natalie Z World for ESCAPE THE MIND VOLUME ONE.
Have you ever wanted to just escape? Escape from reality, escape from existence, or perhaps easier aspect of the everyday life, escape from the likes of work, school, friends, or even family members, just stepping away from everything and anything within your own life? Well now you can! Well sort of in a way.... with the music by some various artists with an album titled "Escape The Mind Volume One". It's released being through record label Bongo Boy Records. The music in question is one called new age. New age being often instrumental in nature, having elements such as electronica and non-Western instrumentation throughout its course of material.

So no it is not electronica as far as electronic dance music goes but more laid back source material. It is the type of music you could hear while doing yoga or meditation. Consisting of those light melodic harmonies and sounds being reproduced by the natural world around us that is what this album is all about from start to finish. It contains 13-tracks of these natural sooth sounding tunes that really take you on a whole another journey or even world of reality.
That said, each track has its own sound to it. It may all sound alike but that is the way this music works. Its ability to keep your mind and body at ease with one another. Having it really work well when playing through the release. Each song has its own source of tone to it. Like "Healing Temple", "Bloom", "No Secrets", and "Full Moon", are the tracks in particular that really stick out the most. These one's really take you in, keeping you at total peace and essence with yourself. It really makes you feel relaxed and calmer than you may have felt before hearing these selections or any of the others for that matter.

In short, this release of material that is called "Escape The Mind Volume One", is chalk full of songs that will likely keep you entertained, enlighten, and be able to feel as yourself. The emotions within just soar throughout your entire body, when listening in to such mystical yet soothing music. – Review by Natalie Z World

Song Titles and Artist Names
1. Healing Temple - Robert Slap 6:02
2. Traces - Deborah Henriksson 2:27
3. Sanctuary For The Soul - Janice Lacy Project 3:47
4. Wings Of Grace - Tom Baker 4:49
5. Bloom - Matthew Mayer 3:26
6. Soulscape -Deborah Henriksson 3:14
7. Sahara - Robert Slap 4:09
8. Maroon Highlands - Charles Brown 4:01
9. Finding You - Lynn Yew Evers 3:50
10. No Secrets - Rob Mullins 4:23
11. Full Moon - Janice Lacy Project 3:23
12. Yangon ft. DJ K-LA - STEEL 3:50
13. New Horizons - Pamela Davis 4:24

ESCAPE THE MIND available as digital album and physical cd - W O R L D W I D E -
iTunes, Amazon, CDBABY and many other online retailers and stores.
Also available as direct-sale at Bongo Boy Records.
Artist Web Site:
Label Web Site:
Sounds Like: Yanni, Enya, Jean Michel Jarre
UPC: 700191991933

"Johnny Gruesome" Theme Song Scored By Robby Takac, Co-Founder Of The Goo Goo Dolls

The soundtrack for the upcoming Red Hill Movies LLC horror thriller Johnny Gruesome, featuring a score composed by Armand John Petri and Joe Rozler, will include an original theme song performed by Robby Takac, co-founder of the bestselling rock act the Goo Goo Dolls. He, Petri, and Rozler co-wrote "Dyin' Tonight," which was recorded at Takac's Buffalo, New York studio, GCR Audio.

Johnny Gruesome was written and directed by Gregory Lamberon (Slime City, Killer Rack), based on his award-winning novel, also called Johnny Gruesome.

Johnny Gruesome tells the story of a murdered high school student who returns from the grave as a vengeful monster. Petri and Rozler signed on to compose the score following their work in the same capacity on Killer Rack, and enlisted Takac to collaborate on "Dyin' Tonight."

"Johnny Gruesome is a rock 'n roll monster, and we needed a score that reflected that vibe," says Lamberson. "Armand, Joe and Robby are among the most talented music pros in Western New York, and since Johnny Gruesome is a Buffalo production, it's fantastic to have them involved in such instrumental roles. Horror fans are going to love this score, it's full and lush, not just synth.

An independent record producer and manager, Petri has worked with the Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, and Sixpense None the Richer. Rozler is a renowned keyboardist and studio musician who has written string arrangements for Manowar and 10,000 Maniacs.

In addition to his Goo Goo Dolls role, bassist and vocalist Takac owns the record label Good Charamel Records and serves as president of the nonprofit Music Is Art Festival. All three have been inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.

Mary Ramsey of both 10,000 Maniacs and John & Mary fame played viola and violin on the score, accomplished conductor Bryan Eckenrode played cello, and Virginia Croft, honored by Miramax Films with their "Music of the Heart" award, plays violin.

The soundtrack for the film also includes songs created by Dean Italiano and Giasone Italiano for the "Gruesome" rock CD released 10 years ago to promote the novel. The film's co-star Aprilann, who portrays Johnny's girlfriend Karen, performed the song, “Not You” for the soundtrack.

Johnny Gruesome is now wrapping post-production, and Lamberson will soon seek distribution. "Dyin' Tonight" will be available on iTunes before the film is released. The "Gruesome" CD by the Italianos is currently available on Amazon and iTunes.

Johnny Gruesome Facebook page:

Robby Takac/GCR Audio

Robby Takac/Good Charamel Records

Robby Takac/Music Is Art Festival

Armand John Petri:

P.I.C Publishing/Dean Italiano and Giasone Italiano:



Filmmaker Gregory Lamberson's horror films: KILLER RACK now on VOD and DVD
Amazon Author Page:

Daja Marie Releases Single & Announces Tour Dates

Stepping to center stage after years of ghost writing and inspiring on some of the songs you love most, the multifaceted Daja Marie re-embarks on her musical journey with new release "Raindrops." Daja Marie's newest single is an ode to love that hits on all levels of life, not just affairs of the heart.

Stream "Raindrops" here:

Daja Marie spent her unofficial hiatus from music to fulfill her duties as Fashion Editor for the Award winning lifestyle and entertainment publication The Hype Magazine. She's broadcast and appeared on fashion event red carpets across the country.

Having earned her place in the fashion and beauty industries, Daja Marie returned to her other main passion which is making great music...this time for herself. Her incredible mastery of timbre; her soulful delivery as a songstress; and her wordplay as a rapper have opened quite a few doors in just a short time.

In support of "Raindrops," and her previous single "Bankrolls Like Monopoly," Daja Marie is co-headlining the "Go Hard or Go Home" national tour which launches June 26, 2017, in New York, NY. She joins Love and Hip Hop New York's, Moe Money and Sexxy Lexxy aka BBOD and Stone Mountain, GA crew Cool Amerika (in select cities).

"Raindrops", now available at all digital retailers and streaming services, will impact radio in late April as a lead into the Go Hard or Go Home tour.

As a bonus, The Hype Magazine #MediaStop series will document what it takes to take the world by storm; from the inside out. The touring campaign will include live broadcast segments via the magazine's digital channel, of Daja Marie and the tour cast as they move about the country.

Tour Dates:

June 17 - ATL Birthday Bash (Media Stop)
June 27 - New York (Go Hard or Go Home Tour) @ Toshis Living Room
June 28 - Stroudsberg/PA (Go Hard or Go Home Tour)
June 30 - Cleveland/OH (Go Hard or Go Home Tour)
July 1 - Canton/Ohio (Go Hard or Go Home Tour) @ El Galeron Grill & Mexican
July 3 - MD (Go Hard or Go Home Tour)
July 4 - Washington/DC (Go Hard or Go Home Tour) @ Uniontown Bar & Grill
July 6 - Richmond/VA (Go Hard or Go Home Tour) @ Bunker Sports Café-
July 7 - Atlanta, GA (Go Hard or Go Home Tour) @ Halftime Sports Bar & Grille and Empire Sports Bar
July 8 – Race Track in North Carolina @ Outter Banks Dragway
July 14-15 Indianapolis, IN (PDRA Tour) @ Lucas Oil Raceway
July 21 22- Raleigh/NC (**Annual Fleet DJ Music Conference**) Hilton Garden Inn-Raleigh
August 11-12 – Tulsa, OK (PDRA Tour) @ Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park
September 8-9 – Benson, NC (PDRA Tour) @ GALOT Motorsports Park
October 20-21 – Dinwiddie, VA (PDRA Tour) @ Virginia Motorsports Park
October 4-8, 2017 - AC3 Weekend Atlanta, GA (Media Stop)

More about Daja Marie
Daja Marie has been told that she looks like Jasmine Sullivan, raps like Snoop Dogg with a mixture of Gucci Mane and sings like an old soul. Most industry execs say that she can handle a broad range of genres. They just can’t put her in a box. Daja Marie would like to think that her style is bipolar and she has no box.

Growing up in a place like Indiana, one has a lot of opportunities for education, but entertainment industry outlets just aren’t there. So, in 2015 the young lady decided to break her lease and move to Georgia where doors have opened that would still be sealed shut in Indiana. She likes to think that her city is a consumer town full of creatives and at some point, you have to branch out; And, that she did!

Follow Daja Marie:

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DEVIN SANTI Debut's Sour Candy EP & Premiers The Entire Album On Radio

Devin Santi is a singer, songwriter, producer from Jackson NJ. Blends together elements of Pop, Rock, and Electronic Music. Devin is a fan of multiple genres of music, he blends the genres into the songs he writes. With previous songs like Days To Remember Devin displays his rock side.

In the new EP "Sour Candy" the song "Hurricanes" hits you like one offering the Devin's Pop / EDM flavor. It's not just the music, it is Devin's golden voice that will capture you.

Music started 11 years ago for Devin as a young kid who start writing songs his own songs like the bands that inspired him, Greenday and Lincoln Park.

With a short bio of a music past, Devin is about to create a new one, with a budding career in music and youtube, Devin is just getting started almost a 1,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 8,000 fans on Facebook you can say he is here to stay. Devin recently appeared on WNTI Centenary College Radio for an interview where he premiered his entire EP Sour Candy for the world to hear.

Upcoming Events
Radio Interview on 90.3 The Core May,1st
Spotswood Carnival June 15.

Booking contact