Thursday, July 10, 2014


On July 31, 2014, female-fronted, heavy metal band, Corprit Convict, is taking the message of their debut album, Come Clean, directly to the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building. The message? Remove money from politics. The band will be performing songs from the album, such as "3 Ring", "Applicator" and "Left for Dead", serving, themselves, as protest anthems and calling for change in our country.

"Campaign financing has become the single, biggest problem plaguing our country's political landscape today. But it's also the least discussed problem, because the only people who can effect real change on theses policies, or lack thereof, are the same group cashing the checks. Money talks in Washington and, right now, it's screaming," says singer, KT. "Americans cannot continue to stand idly by as the richest members of our country continue to buy our elections and control our public officials."

In the Spring of this year, the US Supreme Court passed a ruling that will allow individuals and corporations to give up to $6 million to candidates and parties in a 2 year election cycle; nearly 50 times the limit before the ruling.

Supporters for the band can join them on the steps of the Congress on July 31 (last day of summer session).


On April 22, 2014, the band released their politically-charged debut, Come Clean, including the single, "3 Ring".


"When you get a metal band, like Corprit Convict, you get a taste of what Reverbnation says is #1 in that genre....Starting from a 2 piece garage band to a high ranking group is no small feat....No matter what, you should definitely be able to notice the potential these guys have."

- Daniel Morrison, CEO, Hip Rock Magazine


Come Clean is now available for $5 on Bandcamp and the band's website. They have posted 5 songs from the upcoming album. .

Come Clean track listing:

1) Sickening
2) Rattlesnake
3) Applicator
4) Disavow
5) Left for Dead
6) 3 Ring
7) Jackknife
8) Crawl to Learn


For more information, including bios, pics, press, songs, and video:

Please visit Corprit Convict’s website at for more information, including full bios, downloadable jpeg 300 dpi photos and mp3's.

For additional information or to schedule an interview, please contact Evan McEwen | ph (502)655-0742 | email: | website: |

7307 Hempridge Rd | Shelbyville, KY 40065


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hip Hop Star DMC Releases New Single With Grammy Blues Artist

What happens when you put a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Hip-Hop Icon with a Grammy Award-Winning Blues legend together on one song?
The answer is "NEXT LEVEL"!

Masterminded by Super Producer Sonix The Mad Scientist the track is the perfect blend of blazing Blues Harmonica, mighty rap and Sonix' hard-hitting unique sound.


Darryl "DMC" McDaniels is a legendary music icon. Grammy nominated Run-DMC changed music, culture, fashion, language and made American history. In 2009 Run-DMC was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Darryl is also an Emmy Award-Winner for his VH1 documentary DMC: My Adoption Journey.

"Run-DMC took hardcore hip-hop from an underground street sensation to a pop-culture phenomenon." - Rolling Stone

"(Run-DMC)...Greatest Hip Hop Artist of All Time" - VH1

Sugar Blue Grammy Award-Winning harmonica genius has been called the Jimi Hendrix of harmonica. He has played and recorded with Willie Dixon, Prince, Rolling Stones, Stan Getz, Bob Dylan, only to name a few...

" a true genius, his sound transcends genres." - BLURT

" of the foremost harmonica players of our times..." - ROLLING STONE

Sonix The Mad Scientist an acclaimed musician and producer has worked with A-listers David Bowie, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, DMC (Run-DMC), Travis Barker (Blink 182), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), 50 Cent, members of Guns N Roses and many others... "Next Level" is a precursor to his upcoming EP "Reloaded 1378."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Songwriter Duo Releases Album

DamonSongs Media Group and Isle Royale Records announce the release of the new Damon & Matthews album, "Bayside Boats". A ten song collection focused on a sophisticated approach to easy listening material. A little R&B, a Beach Boy style ballad called, "Forgotten Time", (an answer to Dennis Wilson's, "Forever"), and excellent guitar solos on several of the selections.

The album is available at:, and is also for sale at, and is receiving radio airplay worldwide.

REBEAT WALKING DEAD Released 10th August On Champion Records

REBEAT are Danish bornKevin Romerdal and Swedish born Rasmus Bergdahl. They started making music together at the tender age of 15, having both played drums from a young age and stemming from musical families. In 2012 they decided to work on electronic music that could represent the ‘true face’ of their rich musical culture and REBEAT was born.

The duo have formulated their sound and found acclaimed success. Their sound enriches oriental accents, combined with modern electronic influences from the Netherlands and Germany to create a heavy hitting sound reminiscent of The Prodigy or Pendulum. The use of subtle yet gripping vocals over sparse melodic accompaniments have the ability to lift the listener, giving their sound an appeal outside of the traditional EDM realm before the bass crashes back down.

REBEAT’s recent offering, ‘Walking Dead’ has the stirring vocals of Matt Wong that brings an affirmed aspect of soul to the record. Swedish producer Steerner brings a soothing melodic rocky edge to the radio edit. This compliments the vocal incredibly and encompasses a well-defined level of prestige, flinging the listener into a wild ride. This track is seriously original and seriously hard hitting

The bass heavy Calvertron mix is gripping! Utilizing the energy that Drum and Bass gives he launches waves of bass that stretch, grow and shrink. Guaranteed to rattle and vibrate any set of speakers, it’s a pleasure to have this talent reunited with the label. Welcome back sir.

The Future Funk Squad, who have recently remixed for the likes of Coldplay and Moby have put their stamp on the track. Their remix oozes with cool, reminiscent of early naughties breakbeat/garage. Their unique production brings a more chilled aspect in comparison to the original. This doesn’t take away from the low end sub that rolls and rumbles with the kick, appealing to the older crowd with integrity this pushes the record towards a new category altogether.

Tannergaard’s remix packs a mighty punch. It opens utilising a cinematic landscape underneath the vocals that builds into an epic assault of synth stabs before it breaks down and repeats the process all over again. Guaranteed to lift the listener up and crash them back down in equal measure.

Universal Music Publishing Group Selects Moodagent For Music Tagging

When working toward the placement of music in advertising, films, TV and games (aka synchronization), being able to find the right songs for customer needs is a key business strength.

Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), a global leader in music publishing, has taken the next step to index their large music catalog with precise, coherent and automated tagging delivered by the Danish company Moodagent.

“We are pleased to be working with Moodagent, who have developed an impressive technology which we believe will work well with our diverse catalog,” says Michael J. Sammis, EVP of Operations and CFO for UMPG. “Our goal in this area is to ensure that the UMPG catalog is accurately indexed and categorized so we can provide better, faster service to our customers.”

“This system enables our clients and internal staff to find the right music quickly by using natural keywords such as mood or genre,” says Tom Eaton, VP of Music for Advertising at UMPG, and continues: “With this solution we ensure that all newly added tracks are analyzed and indexed immediately, and that the tags are accurate and consistent. We’re confident that this addition to our systems will make our work processes smoother, strengthen our business and help stimulate all parts of our catalog.”

Moodagent is renowned for its accuracy in automated music analysis, playlisting, recommendations and music navigation. Millions of music fans are using Moodagent mobile apps and the highly acclaimed Moodagent app in Spotify every day. The secret behind the success lies in a sophisticated music analysis, which enables Moodagent to capture all the inherent musical and emotional characteristics from each individual recording. Moodagent is built upon a combination of acoustic analysis, artificial intelligence and human musicology, which means that the system is trained to understand music in a truly human way.

The creative metadata that Moodagent captures is invaluable for anyone who administers large collections of recorded music, and UMPG is the latest major player to benefit from integrating Moodagent into their workflow.

“The quality of the information we’re able to extract with the Moodagent technology is unrivalled in the market today,” says Peter Berg Steffensen, CEO of Moodagent. “We’re very excited and proud that one of the world’s leading music publishers has recognized the benefits of using Moodagent to empower search and discovery. Accurate and consistent track level metadata is essential for the synch licensing business, and with our assistance, UMPG can build new powerful tools to strengthen their position as a global industry leader.”

The service delivered by Moodagent to UMPG includes auto-generated metadata tags for all UMPG tracks plus instant profiling and tagging of newly added tracks. This solution will benefit all of UMPG’s offices worldwide.

“Moodagent sees this as the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship, and we’re looking forward to continuing and expanding our efforts,” adds Peter Berg Steffensen. “Universal Music Publishing Group’s continued commitment to new technology and innovation is helping them maintain their market leadership, and our ongoing work with them indicates that the future of music search and discovery could be very rewarding.”

About Moodagent:
Moodagent delivers powerful solutions for leading synch and licensing partners, mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators, online music businesses and streaming music services.
Moodagent provides applications direct to consumers and tools for precise audio analysis on a B2B basis. We help our partners harness our unique profiling capabilities and share this resource with everyone with the need for accurate audio description, recommendation and exploration technology.

We believe curiosity, better navigation and discovery are the means to creating new music services, attracting and retaining users, and increasing revenue.

Moodagent is a registered trademark of Syntonetic Media Solutions, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and can be found online at

Guitarist Randy Ellefson Re-Releases Debut Album, "The Firebard"

Ten years after releasing his debut instrumental album, rock guitarist Randy Ellefson has re-released THE FIREBARD after re-recording virtually all of it. Like the original, he is the sole performer. Ellefson has cited numerous rookie mistakes he wanted to fix to make the album comparable with his subsequent four albums, raising the sonic quality. He served as producer, recording engineer and co-mixed the album.

The list of improvements includes live drums instead of a drum machine, some altered melodies, a new guitar solo on "Chimes of Passion", and occasional use of a 12-string acoustic and a guitar synth for texture. Most of the performances are very similar so that longtime fans won't object to Ellefson's updates. Ellefson also avoids the perpetual stereo rhythm guitars on the original release in favor or alternating that with only one rhythm guitar for better variety. Similarly, he used double-tracked, stereo leads guitars on the original but now sticks with just one lead up the middle, making it easier to hear the intricate riffs he's known for. The mixing and mastering is also vastly improved.

The original release is no longer available. The album's full track listing is:
1. Legends
2. Weekend Warrior
3. Accolade
4. Into the Act
5. Chimes of Passion
6. Still at Large
7. Motif Operandi
8. A Far Cry
9. Epic
10. Journeys

THE FIREBARD is available now via, and iTunes. The first single, "Legends", can be downloaded at this location: More free mp3s can be downloaded by joining Randy Ellefson free fan club online.

Visit for free mp3s, videos, guitar tablature, articles, and the latest news on Randy Ellefson.



Monday, July 7, 2014

Corey Andrew’s “Pride 2014” Mix Will Make You Move No Matter Who You Are

Music has proven to unify and gather all types of people; and this time won’t be the exception. During the summer, there are celebrations for “Pride”, showing support for the LGBT community that has shown resilience over the years, overcoming social adversity and social rights. To commemorate “Pride”, EDM DJ and recording artist Corey Andrew has released his latest effort entitled “Pride 2014”, a vibrant and energetic DJ mix of dance, house, and other EDM genres to celebrate unification.

“Pride 2014” has a slew of tracks that Andrew has meticulously picked out to keep the partying jumping. Aside from his efforts in the mix, he has employed the production of other notable producers and DJs including Moussa Clark and DJ TYNY. However, what makes his mix so unique is the diversity it brings to the ears of the listeners. The common thread isn’t only about being “proud”, but to unify everybody, regardless of who they are, under the power of music.

Corey Andrew’s “Pride 2014” mix has a resounding stamp in his music: big, thumping beats. Every track from start to finish has the same tempo to add continuity and maintain the same level of energy throughout the entire party. Corey Andrew lends his vocals on most of the tracks, as he vocalizes his plea to have fun and always keep the festivities going. His sound is reminiscent of 80’s synth pop, which blends perfectly into the sonic realm he’s trying to bring froth. Through eclectic synthesizers and up-beat rhythms, there’s no denying that “Pride 2014” is a surefire club banger.

Da Phatfunk Clique Releases More Funk Jazz On The Violin!

New album by Da Phatfunk Clique entitled "Phat Jazz" uses funky jazzy vibes with a violin lead to elevate the mood of listeners world wide.

Available on CD and Download, the new album by Da Phatfunk Clique is currently receiving airplay on 50 terrestrial radio stations around the US, Canada, Italy and Japan. In addition, 20 or so on-line stations have added their funky jazziness to their rotations. The current single "For Sake of the Art" was penned by jazz violinist Darrell "D-Funk" Looney and produced/orchestrated by jazz luminary Bob Baldwin. "I am on a constant quest to mature the sound and vibe of my funky jazz on the violin and working with such high level professionals as Bob Baldwin provide the motivation to get there!" says Looney.

This is the fourth CD release by Da Phatfunk Clique which is a band "concept" utilizing talent and creative input from various members around the country, collaborating over the internet. The projects all remain under the musical direction of Darrell "D-Funk" Looney.