Friday, June 27, 2014

Melissa B. Exudes Sensuality in her acclaimed Music Video for “What You Starrted”

Up-and-coming Pop diva Melissa B. delivers a dark, electronic, dance tune that makes you think twice of playing with her emotions. A song that is irresistible to dance to, "What You Started" has an accompanying video that is sure to stimulate all of your senses.

Melissa B. exudes her sensuality in this shadowy, grungy film that is raw energy encapsulated in a club friendly song. The story follows a smitten yet provocative Melissa, seamlessly toying with the camera and showing off her dangerous curves, as to serenade you like a siren to a ship. She then blasts her vocals chords onto the pulsating beat chanting, "You’re going to remember" as the video progresses to reveal more of her allure. At times, the video shows the enchanting Melissa B. seated on a white throne in a room full of changing lights, a definite metaphor that she is in charge of her destiny and quite possibly, the outcome of love affairs.

Through secret rooms and dark alleys, Melissa B. is adamant in showing she’s not afraid to cross the line and live on the edge. During the music video, a cameo appearance of B.Howard is present, creating a lingering manifestation of powerful energy, but an impactful force to Melissa B.

What makes the video visually appealing is the apparent "minimalism" which allows for more camera and lighting play. Every scene offers an intriguing use of lights that add to the mystique of "What You Started", notably a warm shift of lights that creates a twilight effect. Another interesting aspect of the video is the use of negative space, using the dark angles of lighting to create a sense of mystery around Melissa B. Her music video is trying to capture the essence of a club, with its dark rooms and fast paced environment.

Melissa B. video’s "What You Started" is a great testament to what club life is, and her fierce approach to music is put on full display. Expect more great music videos from her in the near future with the right amount of compelling energy, with tempting sexuality that Melissa B. brings to her music.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ogre Guitar Kronomaster Delay Pedal Now Available In The U.S.A

After much fanfare at the 2014 NAMM and Musikmesse trade shows, MMG Distribution is now shipping the Ogre Kronomaster Delay Pedal

The Kronomaster is the first of 3 in a series that has been designed to raise the bar of what musicians can expect from their effects pedals. Not just a pretty face, the Ogre pedals have been painstakingly engineered to deliver ultimate tones, function and performance. The Ogre Kronomaster utilizes a ultra-heavy duty aluminum die cast casing which features a functional sliding cockpit head cover to help protect the settings both live and in the studio.

The Kronomaster provides a warm, liquidity and a musical tone with a wide variety of sounds based upon the PT2339 analog chip. Inside the cockpit are the Time/Repeat/Mix control knobs that provide guitarists 40ms to over 550ms delay time offering everything from a tight slap back, subtle textures to the ultimate arena rock solo's.

The units' glowing blue eyes house LED’s to indicate on/off functions, especially great for live gigs. All Ogre pedal are true bypass designed to eliminate any loss of tone. All Ogre pedals come in a variety of grey, vintage gold, red and green colors
(818) 665-8047

Canadian DJ Soulier China Life Tour Through Strawberry Music Festival

On Saturday July 5, 2014, Canadian electronic musician DJ Soulier will perform in one of China's biggest music festivals, Strawberry Music Festival, in Changsha as part of his China tour. During his inaugural China tour, Soulier will be playing in Beijing, Tianjin, and Changsha.

Come and dance to Soulier's music at:
July 1 - Beijing Blue Stream Bar
July 2 - Tianjin 13 Club
July 3 - Changsha Red Live Club
July 5 - Changsha Strawberry Music Festival
July 6 - Changsha 46 Live House

Soulier's gigs in Blue Stream Bar, 13 Club and 46 Live House were booked by MusicDish, which has been developing Soulier's Chinese social media branding and distributing his EP "China Life" digitally in mainland China through its partner R2G. See below for Soulier's Chinese social media pages:

Ryan Hall, stage name Soulier, is the brainchild of DJ, electronic musician and composer. His brand new EP "China Life" will be launched to coincide with the Changsha Strawberry Music Festival, and showcases his unique style of deep trance, deep house, and techno styles. In Soulier's memorable DJ shows, he blends new and retro sounds, melodic vocals, and glitch deep beats. He plays bass, guitar, and keyboards, as well as using digital mediums to create new sounds and beats. Soulier has performed in many cities across Canada, and has recently appeared on CBC radio to talk about his China tour.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Frantic Ginger Releases Debut Album, "inside Your Wasteland"

FRANTIC GINGER is a female, 3-piece rock band based from Los Angeles. Their debut album, "INSIDE YOUR WASTELAND" was released June 13, 2014 on the TSLA label.

@FranticGinger new album is available at iTunes: as well as all digital retail outlets worldwide.

Fronted by bass player/vocalist, NICKI TEDESCO, their main Influence is in 80's - 90's Punk. LEE VING (FEAR), FRANK BLACK (The Pixies), THE PLASMATICS, AL JOURGENSEN (Ministry).

Nicki talks passionately about the early to mid-90's "Riot Grrrl" movement (3rd wave feminism and female empowerment) She wrote and produced the album, engineered three songs on it and says she wouldn't change anything about the album.

Nicki explains, "This album is real, it's about the hard times, life, an emotional roller coaster.. I'm tapping into my own reality."

She has been a hired gun artist, a hired writer and having previous solo releases, her main goal with this album was to find her voice and define herself as an independent artist.

She asked me to mention JASON from Seventh Wave Studios, who allowed her to challenge herself and express her feelings through her art. A sort of Therapy with nothing to lose.

Her favorite song on the album is "Suicide Note" a serious epidemic that is clearly not a solution. In the song, her character of the day writes a Suicide Note, but nobody finds it!

The "Suicide Note" video is currently being shot. "Sick As Freak" video can be seen at

Already recording the next album with over ten songs in the works, Nicki believes anything can happen as long as she is 100% true to herself in who she is.

She also wants direct contact with her fans, doesn't want to be separate, or untouchable. With her TSLA studio, "The Strands LA" she wants to collaborate and help female artists find their voice in this industry. Nicki also plays a residency at the world famous Rainbow Bar & Grill on The Sunset Strip in Hollywood on Wednesday's, upstairs from 10:30pm - 1am

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Get LOUD / Get BUSY The BEST is NOW! @wbasse

Exclusive Video Interview With Stu Block Of Iced Earth

LA Metal Media Remembers A Monumental Metal Show

Exclusive Video Interview with Stu Block from Iced Earth at the House of Blues Los Angeles Show from May 2, 2014 with Allie Jorgen and LA Metal Media. Stu talks about the New CD Plagues Of Babylon, Songwriting, Musical Influences and much more with Allie Jorgen.

Be sure to check the live pictures from the show and live show review at

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Slightly Left Of Centre "Levels Out With New Release"

Hot off the back of selling in excess of 50,000 units and generating over 85,000 downloads worldwide, Australian trio 'Slightly Left of Centre' return to the world stage with some of their most strongest, original and most diverse material to date.

Taken from the bands upcoming album, 'Call Me for the Weekend' is testament to the bands tongue-in-cheek mentality, with soaring hooks and a vibe reminiscent of Maroon 5 meets Daft Punk that will keep you coming back for more.

"We wrote this song to evoke that party mentality, meeting somebody random and having a good time out or in (if you know what I mean)." Mick Pace

Slightly Left of Centre's latest track was self-produced & penned by Adam Spicer, Michael Pace, Vince Iannotti and mastered by Grammy Award winning Tom Coyne (Adele, Pink, Beyoncé, Usher, Maroon 5, One Direction).

'Call me for the Weekend' will be released to national media on Monday
9th June and available for download through all good online music stores on Friday 6th June 2014.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Noah Francis Johnson Unveils New EP Harvest Tree And Announcement Of New Project

"Noah's voice is in perfect harmony with the integrity and honesty of his songs"
Quincy Jones

"Noah Francis Johnson seems to understand that less really is more, and sometimes the greatest impact can come from the lightest of blows."
Clash Magazine

"One to watch"
The Independent

After the recent release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Noah announces Harvest Tree his new E.P out 18 August 2014 via Last Ten Records Ltd and published by Universal. Following his sold out shows at the prestigious Bush Hall London, Santa Monica in L.A and international coverage including numerous UK radio / national TV appearances surrounding his debut L.P, Life & TImes. Noah is setting the stage for a highly creative multiple release schedule in coming months and Harvest Tree is the prelude to a list of imminent releases. Paul Stacey the guitarist most known for his work with Oasis, Andy Treacy the drummer from Faithless and Chris Kimsey long time producer for the Rolling Stones are among a selection of the contributors on Harvest Tree. Harvest Tree was recorded at Abbey Road studios.

Soundcloud clip to Bleed:

"2014 was always going to be a special year, the year that I would bear my soul and take the blows and the applause"

Noah Francis Johnson was born in Wales, Tiger Bay to a mix race household and had his schooling in the world without the protective shield of political correctness of today, realities were bare and raw.

The collections of songs in the EP are a reflection of Noah's social consciousness. "There is nothing I won't say it's all I've got left you are not taking that away" from song Bleed

Bleed the first track of the EP escalates musically and spiritually to surround the listener with questions, laments and righteous anger delivered with deep soulful passion and an immovable stance "my back is against this wall and you are standing in my way".

Harvest Tree E.P protests, pleads and points to a way, but above all else it's a window to one man's soul and a gathering of beautifully crafted songs with relevance, empathy and love.

The second musical piece, For A Long Time, beautifully and delicately vocalizes new rallying songs for the Conscientious, it points at enforced disparity extending hope and remedies. "In the age of acceptance tolerance has left us".

I Have Been Thinking visits the crossroads of blues posing timeless questions and inviting the listener to a common perspective "blues is a gateway to realisation and drawing strength from shared suffering" Noah

Harvest Tree the title track of the E.P creates a soft cushion of delicate melodies where weary souls can listen intently while Noah guides them through the map of a universal city filled with contradictions and random yet connected observation "did you know there is sisters dying some because of what you are buying".

Harvest Tree E.P is rooted in Noah's wider social views and issues that surround us, punctuating every song with words that echo and reverberate in the listeners very being. Noah transcends contemporary boundaries in genres with depth, richness of spirit and prowess that come straight from the heart.

Noah's E.P opens the gateway to the new album "Tiger Bay" and an invitation by Jean-Michel Bernard the long time music collaborator for Ray Charles, to step into the great man's shoes bringing into fruition a concept album originally penned for Ray.

Harvest Tree is far more than EP It's the start of a conversation with everyone. It's an invitation to reflect and join in the chorus. Additionally we have a press only live event at Abbey Road soon to take place at the beginning of July. If you are a media professional and wish to attend please get in touch.

‘Harvest Tree' Tracklist
Track 1: Bleed
Track 2: For a long time
Track 3: I Have Been Thinking
Track 4: Harvest tree

Last Ten Group:

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For all press, TV and radio enquire please contact:

Name: Michael Eastwood
Company: Mastermind PR
Tel: +44 (0) 7774514581
Address: 141 Cricklewood Lane, London, NW2 1HS

Carrie Lane Announced As The Opening Act On Summer Tour With DELEASA

NYC Pop Singer to Share the Stage on East Coast Leg of the Tour

Los Angeles, CA - Pop singer Carrie Lane has just announced eight new tour dates for her East Coast summer tour, alongside fellow New Jersey artist, DELEASA. Following the successful debut of her single "Found You", Lane was thrilled at the chance to share the stage with such a remarkable musician. "I am so thankful for this incredible opportunity and can’t wait to see everyone on the road," Lane said.

Raised in New Jersey, Carrie Lane recognized her passion and musical capabilities at a young age. She grew up performing in musical theater productions and choirs. By the age of eighteen, she was whole-heartedly dedicated to her music and aspirations to make it her career. Currently, Lane is splitting her time between her studies at NYU and working with her team at TMMA Entertainment to create dynamic and fun tracks for her upcoming EP. Her second single, "Fall" is due out later this summer.

The summer tour promises to be an action-packed performance, as Lane will be premiering several unheard songs set-to-be released on her upcoming EP. She will also be showcasing fan favorites like, "Found You." Tickets for the tour are available for purchase through Carrie Lane’s website.

About DELEASA: Mikey Deleasa is a singer-songwriter and reality TV star from New Jersey. He gained notoriety as a cast member on the reality series "Married To Jonas". Earlier this year, DELEASA released the single "Heart of Stone" and followed it up with a Kickstarter campaign for a new EP to be released in July.

2014 Summer Tour Dates:
June 21 Revolution Room Amityville, NY 6 PM
June 24 Jammin Java Vienna, VA 5:30PM
June 26 The Space Hamden, CT 7 PM
June 28 Vibe Lounge Rockville Centre, NY 7 PM
June 29 Dingbatz Clifton, NJ 5 PM
July 16 Planet Trog Whitehall, PA 6 PM
July 24 Knitting Factory Brooklyn, NY 8 PM
July 25 Stanhope House Stanhope, NJ 6PM

For more information on Carrie Lane please visit:

Press Contact:
Amanda Blide - LaFamos PR

New EP Release From HELLGATE

Since the bands' formation in March of 2014, HELLGATE has accomplished a great deal, including an appearance on NBC-TV as well as write ups in a number of local and regional papers including The Lively Times and The Independent.

HELLGATE has already received some national radio airplay and has created a strong web presence in such a very short time as well.

Now, with the release of their Self-Titled Debut EP, the band is ready to go national. The KillHate Tour kicks off July 3rd, and will take the band through MT, WA, OR, CA, and NV. Proceeds from this tour will be donated to NPAP against police brutality.

Haunting grooves, aggressive hooks, and seductive textures describe the organic yet formulaic delivery that HELLGATE has to offer on this 6 song, 24 minute release.

The newly released HELLGATE EP (May 31st) is available for free streaming and download on these top sites:

*Band Camp:


Sound Cloud:



Vampire Freaks:

"Breakaway" Music Video Celebrates Bike Race Season

Hearts in Notes today releases "Breakaway", a contemporary instrumental composition, along with an accompanying music video. The release is the first from Michael Thomas' Hearts in Notes since last year's highly acclaimed "Dusk Song" CD. Said Thomas, "Whether it's the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, or a locally-sponsored event, the spring and summer teem with road races. As an avid biker myself, and who was fortunate enough to witness a Tour finish in Paris, I'm happy to contribute to the racing season with this composition."

The music and sport components in the piece are clear, but less obvious is the role that a painting played. "I bought a painting some years ago by Suzanne Hodes called "Speedway", said Thomas. "It hangs in my studio and depicts a bike racer in a very colorful and dynamic manner. Early in the writing of the song I was looking for a title to best represent the song's sense of action - I glanced at the painting and immediately knew the song and the video would be about a bike race."

That decision put Breakaway in rare company. "I was surprised that there were not more songs and music videos about bike races – I could only find Queen's ‘Bicycle Race' as the only other instance of a song and video about bike racing. So, Breakaway represents a significant addition to that body of work. I also proclaim it to be the only music video in history about a bike race inspired by a painting!"

Stunning New Age "Winds Of Samsara" From Award-Winning Indian Producer Ricky Kej And Award-Winning South African Flutist Wouter Kellerman Pre-Order

"Winds of Samsara" (, the first collaboration between world-renowned South African flutist Wouter Kellerman and Indian Composer/Producer/Artist Ricky Kej is now available for pre-order on ( and ( )prior to its worldwide debut July 15, 2014. Two years in the making, the boundary-breaking New Age album spotlights the musical, cultural and political connections between India and South Africa from Mahatma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela. It boasts performances by more than 120 musicians from five continents and pushes the boundaries beyond what the New Age genre has ever produced. Winds of Samsara Mastering Engineer is 3-time GRAMMY® winner Gavin Lurssen (including 2001 Album of the Year for O, Brother Where Art Thou? and 2008 Album of the Year for Alison Krauss & Robert Plant's Raising Sand). A deluxe edition will be available later this year and includes a 5.1 HD Surround Sound mix by GRAMMY®-winner P.A. Deepak (2009 Best Sound Track Album Compilation from Best Picture Oscar® Winner Slumdog Millionaire). "Winds of Samsara" is distributed by Listen 2 Africa, a global company founded by GRAMMY®-winning producer and recording industry veteran Dave Love. Artists such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Miriam Makeba, Oliver Mtukudzi, Hugh Masekela and other top talent from this musically and culturally rich region of the world are a part of Love's ongoing commitment to southern Africa. For more on the label:

"Inspired by cultural connections, messages of world peace and positivity ring true from the core of the collaborative process. What bound us together was the desire to create ground-breaking music that could help affect positive change in the world, and we hope people are moved by it," said Kellerman and Kej.

About "Winds of Samsara"
What do Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, an Indian composer of timeless melodies, a vivaciously virtuosic South African flutist, and more than 120 spirited musicians from five continents all have in common? Discover the answer by pre-ordering "Winds of Samsara" today before it streets July 15, 2014.

A truly global effort, this album is the manifest dream of Wouter Kellerman and Ricky Kej, an unlikely but star-matched collaborative duo. Drawing from disparate cultures, the pair has melded their creative influences into the unique and wonderful sonic gumbo contained within this album. Winds of Samsara speaks to themes of peace and positivity, spinning together forward-moving harmony, progressive composition, and technical prowess with a verve and passion never before attempted in the New Age genre.

About Ricky Kej
A true wizard of the keyboard, manuscript page, and recording studio, Kej has earned multiple awards and honors for his composition and production exploits. His projects include creating music for five feature films, twelve albums released by Universal Music, and over two thousand commercials seen by audiences around the world. A student of both Western and Indian classical music, Kej composed original works for the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup 2012, held in Dhaka, India; the ceremony was telecast to more than 200 countries and widely heralded for its artistry and execution. For such efforts, Kej was declared an "India Rules Artist" by VH1 in 2013. Kej was nominated for a Cannes Advertising award for his Nike Jingle, and his previous album Shanti Orchestra was nominated for a ZMR Award (New Orleans) and a Hollywood Music and Media Award (LA).

Combining a keen sense of culture-jumping harmony, melody, and pacing, Kej synthesizes cutting-edge music technology and traditional instruments of both Indian and European origins into his work, both within the new age genre and beyond. He currently runs two state-of-the-art studios in Bangalore, the Raveolution Studios, where much of Winds of Samsara was developed from spark of an idea to finished album.

About Wouter Kellerman
Globe-trotting flutist and composer Wouter Kellerman's album Two Voices won the 2011 South African Music Award (the nation's equivalent to the Grammy Awards in the United States) for Best Instrumental Album, reinforcing the artist's standing as one of his home country's most innovative musicians. Whether writing intricate instrumental compositions or delighting audiences with a magnetic alchemy of warmth and technical mastery, Kellerman finds his inspiration in the spaces between cultures and countries, genres and disciplines. He thrives on experimenting with the shades, textures, and colors that his flute can bring, pushing the instrument into new planes of creativity.

The last few years have seen Kellerman performing in Berlin, Shanghai, New York, Sydney, and beyond, including an appearance in front of 700-million people as part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Ceremony. Amidst such fun, Kellerman simultaneously channeled his musical and life experiences into collaborations with renowned Indian composer and producer Ricky Kej, often working with his partner digitally, from oceans apart, to sculpt the beautiful musical journey of Winds of Samsara.

Kellerman and GRAMMY-nominated pianist Vincent Lyn will be performing at New York's famed Carnegie Hall on October 4, 2014. For more information, visit