Thursday, February 22, 2018

So Cal Rockers Cockeyed Optimist Release Dynamic New Single 'Into The Night' From Their Upcoming Release Through Orchard/Sony Distribution Worldwide

Coming out of the creative epicenter that IS Southern California, the group COCKEYED OPTIMIST prepares a major new chapter in their creative existence. With the release of the title track from their upcoming album 'INTO THE NIGHT', the band makes a bold musical & lyrical statement to who they are & what makes them tick.

"I feel that "Into the Night" is the first time in a long time that one of our songs represents my thoughts and feelings 100%", states lead singer/songwriter Cynda Renae, "The riffs, the lyrical content...everything about that song speaks to me. I've often thought recently about the lack of togetherness we are experiencing as a people and how closed off we make ourselves. But if there is one thing I've learned in my dark times, it is that the relationships with people you love and care about that make life worth living."

The band, getting comparisons to the best of such female fronted acts as EVANESCENSE & PARAMORE, feels that this is their best & most potent work.

"I believe it is this deep connection I feel to the song that made me very particular during the writing process", continues Renae, "I wasn't the most open to some ideas that were presented. You could say I let my connection cloud my vision of what the song could be. But once just accepted everything and finally saw the big picture I realized we made all the right choices. It's very exciting to have this song out in world for people to hear!"

Joined by Guitarist/Writer Sean Pierce Johnson & Drummer Nick Stone, the band has distilled years of observation & deep thought into the lyrics & musical development on the new album.

Johnson tells us "For me, "Into the Night" is a perfect example of a "new chapter". It's been several years since we released a record and we've learned so much about ourselves during that time. Now, with this album, I feel like we have our best material and our best shot at showing the world who we are and what we are about. We lived our motto: through the darkness, hope emerges. We left our holes and came out into the world stronger and more resilient. This is a very exciting time."

The band has secured the guidance & expertise of INDIEPOWER, the powerhouse marketing & promotion network led by 45+ year industry innovator Jay Warsinske. Jay has been on the cutting edge of breaking bands & developing new music since the golden 70's birth of alternative & hard rock as we know it today. His voluminous credits include helping to launch & break such artists as U2, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Sublime & many others.

"I'm happy to finally release the song "Into the Night", the first song from the album of the same title", adds Cynda, "This is the first song we used a 7-string guitar on so it's a bit heavier in tone. We decided with this our first full length album, to release the songs one at a time over the next two years. This will enable us to keep putting out new music, since our last EP "All That You Were" was released in 2013. I'm especially excited to finally have Nick on a record."

The album is being scheduled for release later this year through THE ORCHARD/SONY & INDIEPOWER, promoting on the final WARPED TOUR, IES – the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT, & marquee events throughout the year. The band's website is

Renae explains the plan "We hope to create a music video for each song as well. The concept of the "Into the Night" music video is that the three of us have gone our separate ways, but not in a good way. The lyrics "What has become of us? We're only into us," sum up the way we live in 2018. We've all become islands that shut reality out. To counteract this, "Into the Night" means that despite our fears, we need to live in the real world with real connections to others and nature."

Cockeyed Optimist is:
Cynda Renae, Vocals
Sean Pierce Johnson, Guitars
Nick Stone, Drums


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Vintage Vibe Electric Piano Featured On New "Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band" Album

Chick Corea and Steve Gadd released Chinese Butterfly today, a 2-disc album on the Concord Jazz label. With masterful playing by two of the most celebrated talents in jazz performing as the "Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band," Chinese Butterfly includes two tracks that feature Chick playing the Vintage Vibe Piano-the record's first single, "Like I Was Sayin'," and the 16-minute epic that closes the album, "Gadd-zooks."

Vintage Vibe created the Vintage Vibe Piano(tm) and Vibanet(tm) as modern takes on two classic instruments, the Rhodes and Clavinet. "We were honored to show Chick our version of the Rhodes," Vintage Vibe founder Chris Carroll says. "He immediately embraced its sound and feel. We built him a Vintage Vibe Piano of his own and adjusted it to his exacting specifications. We're thrilled to hear Chick put it through its paces on Chinese Butterfly."

For his Vintage Vibe Piano, Chick chose extra features that include Vintage Vibe's stereo tremolo preamp and MIDI out with the QRS system (

Chick Corea comments on his Vintage Vibe Piano, "The Vintage Vibe Piano delivers that warm and clear sound I love to use for my electric music. It's a pleasure to have that beautiful feel available for me to compose and play with."

Corea and Gadd push into new musical territory with an inspired band of collaborators on Chinese Butterfly: Benin-born guitarist and vocalist Lionel Loueke, saxophonist and flutist Steve Wilson, Cuban bassist Carlitos Del Puerto, and Venezuelan percussionist Luisito Quintero. The album is the realization of a long-held desire by both Chick and Steve to work together more intensively. "Whenever Chick and I bump into each other, we always talking about playing music together," Gadd says. "After many years of talking about it, we finally set some time aside."

"I've always enjoyed composing music for a band, and hearing what Steve would do with my compositions. When we started playing those two tunes together, it felt so good that we decided to put a band together," says Corea referring to "Like I Was Sayin'" and "Gadd-zooks"-the two songs featuring his Vintage Vibe Piano.

With its team of master technicians, fabricators and assemblers, Vintage Vibe is the world leader in repair and restoration of electro-mechanical keyboards and the only manufacturer of a complete line of replacement parts for Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos as well as Hohner Clavinets. This unique combination of expertise, talent, and resources led the company to begin manufacturing its own electro-mechanical piano designs in 2009, the Vintage Vibe Piano(tm) and the Vibanet(tm) - modern takes on Rhodes and Clavinet keyboards with improved performance, reduced weight, and sleek new looks. Since then, an ever-expanding group of the worlds' top artists have been drawn to use Vintage Vibe instruments for recording and performance.

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