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SplashFlood, New Talent-Based Music App Now on Android

SplashFlood's new music app is now available on Android. The app, which first launched on iOS in July, allows artists to upload and promote their music for free and for music lovers to discover talent without any monthly fees or ads. A video demonstrating the app is available at:

SplashFlood rewards talent through the app's Influence Builder tool, which is in line with their mission to prove that real talent can come from anywhere. Through this unique promotional feature, every time an artist listens to and rates a song, one of their songs in the app gets listened to and rated by another artist of the same genre. The Influence Builder gives artists the opportunity to get their music heard and validated by other artists, and helps increase their exposure to other listeners. Artists can therefore promote their music without big budgets for promotional campaigns.

Key features include:

- Artists can reach new audiences through the promotional system called the Influence Builder. Every time an artist listens to and rates a song, one of their songs is played for another artist of the same genre to rate.

- Artists receive Splash Points for every positive rating they get. The more Splash Points an artist earns, the more likely one of their songs will make it on one of the app's Featured Channels to attract even more listeners. Songs on the Featured Channels are promoted to all users of the app.

- Artists can become Influencers in their genre and help other artists with their music careers.

Music lovers can discover talented artists and be among the first to stream new music for free.

- There are no monthly fees. Listeners can stream as many songs as they like, with no ads, and artists can upload all their best recordings - for free.

- Artists can choose in which genres to upload their songs so that only fans of that genre will listen to them.

SplashFlood is available on Android on Google Play at the following link:

And on iOS in the Apple App Store here:

For more information:

SplashFlood website:

SplashFlood on Twitter:

SplashFlood on Facebook:

Melissa B. Signs Worldwide Exclusive Publishing Agreement With USA Media Rights

Santa Monica, California (August 13, 2015) – USA Media Rights, a music and media rights company providing a broad range of music business services, has through its BMI affiliate Creative Songwriters Music signed a publishing deal with American recording artist and songwriter Melissa B.

Melissa B., being of Black & Puerto Rican descent, describes herself as an Afro-Latina, born on a Military base in South Carolina to Air Force parents. Singing professionally since the age of 5, Melissa has been pursuing a career in music for almost her entire life.

Her creative strengths sprung from a musical family with noticeable talent including her Aunt, Grammy Award-winning singer and multiple ASCAP & BMI Award-winning songwriter Dawnn Lewis. In addition to her music career, Melissa B. is extremely passionate about supporting young women interested in engineering & technology. This passion was the driving force behind her global non-profit organization “Girl Geek Dinners NYC” which has been sponsored by Google and Microsoft. Melissa B has been highlighted in USA Today and IGN Magazine and at Google NYC in partnership with Society of Women Engineers for her advocacy in engineering.

The Gritty Glam Pop Star is on a fast track to become the Latina hybrid of Whitney Houston and Annie Lennox, creating and sharing great music that empowers women and men everywhere to love one another and themselves again.

“Melissa is a unique talent with amazing vocal chops and songwriting capabilities, and we are thrilled to be her business partners as she is launching her solo career with vigor and integrity,” says CEO of USA Media Rights, Erik Steigen.

Who Is Case On Bass? Mercenary Soldier Now Musician

When I first saw Case on Bass backstage in New York, I was a bit wary. His appearance was somewhere between military mercenary and fashion model. He looked lone wolf dangerous. He gave off a sense of superiority sitting by himself. I immediately didn't like him and had never heard of him anyway (he did zero promotion of his music).

Then I heard him perform on his bass guitar and became convinced he made a deal with the devil. His music was mysterious as hell. I came to find out later the music he was playing was called Bass Tones. I arranged an interview with him.

It was a curious interview. For starters, Case on Bass has at least four different names he goes by. He won't tell me his real name. He also is a chronic mover - he has lived in 10 different places the past 4 years, sometimes in big cities like New York or Seattle, other times in rural Appalachian towns like Athens, Ohio.

But before this nomadic lifestyle, after college he worked as an office accountant for several years and hated it immensely. Not satisfied with the money he was making and the lifestyle he was living, he left his accounting job in 2011 at age 25 and became a mercenary minesweeper in the Caucasus region. (The modern term for this is called a "military contractor", but Case on Bass preferred to call himself a mercenary). It paid over double what he made as an accountant. He worked primarily in the war torn region of Chechnya identifying and clearing minefields.

"The work we did was somewhere between military and humanitarian," said Case on Bass "Neither side had any maps of where most of the mines and booby traps were; they were laid years ago." The work was slow-going and obviously dangerous. "We took no chances. Some people think mine clearing is getting up close and disarming the mine – that is way too dangerous to do on a regular basis. We would stand back and detonate the mines from a distance once we were able to locate them. 80% of our time was just trying to locate the mines; there were a ton of false positives with the mine sweeper because of all the shelling and spent ammo in the area. I know absurd violence had taken place here..."

Case on Bass did this work for 18 months and saved up $150,000 US dollars – way more than what he could have made as an accountant in the same amount of time. He returned to the US at 26, and then a white hot creative burst began. He started making experimental music with Casebere & Joyner and then his solo Bass Tones series. He has published no less than 12 albums this past year.

Strange for a musician however, is the fact that he does not participate in any social media, saying he doesn't believe in it. That may be detrimental to his career.

And after talking to him, I still don't understand how he created his mysterious music. It sounds like music from another world, with a completely different meaning than most music. I don't know how it relates to his past from what he told me.

"I'm just giving thanks to my Creator," is all he said.

Zaena Morisho Releases New Video "MI NA WE" - FUSING AFRO ROOTS

Zaena Morisho is a singer-songwriter, recording artist, and performer who was born in the DR Congo and raised in Houston Texas. The Los Angeles based Zaena, sings in English, Swahili, Lingala, Nyaja, Shona, and some French. She has just released her latest Music video– "MI NA WE". in English means "Me and YOU"

Zaena, who has received in excess of 1 million views on Youtube for her hit song "Ur Love", released her debut Pop-Afro Pop album "Break the Surface" in 2012 and followed up, toward the end of 2014, with the 6-track Ep, "You Don’t Know".

The afro-influenced tunes like "MI NA WE", MI NA WE" is the Mixture of three Languages French, Swahili, and English. This song is for lovers that goes through a lot but still got strong feeling and love for each other. No matter what they say, Its gonna be "me and you, MI NA WE" forever* Zaena Morisho has now moved into a more sophisticated light without losing her footing on fun and dancing, keeping the grooves coming fast and hard. She also takes on the role of storyteller while letting you float in the smooth sounds of her songs... all with a unique crossover sound that only Zaena Morisho can pull off!

Raph Solo unveils new EP titled 'The Love Capsule' + music video

Raph Solo returns today with all the pop-inspired funk you could ask for on this up-tempo pop themed EP 'The Love Capsule'. Melodic productions are fused with timeless lyrics, and bouncy synths that are fit to get you dancing.

The London-based artist remarks, "In my music, Love is always the message. With this EP, I wanted to start with the man in the mirror. It's about self-love and giving yourself the benefit of the doubt to pursue your dreams, because there's always a chance they may come true if you believe in them. Living in London, I am fortunate to be able to say 'Love is Love' without being discriminated against and although I may not be able to change the world, I am definitely able to contribute in my own small way and look forward to a time when 'The Future is Love' ".

Track list
1. Good Morning in London
2. Last Night
3. Lucky Strike

Come on this journey of futuristic sounds coupled with enticing retro vibes fit for summer! Links for the EP and music video for "Last Night" are below.


Unsigned Artist Jake Aldridge Releases 'Give You The World'

The future is bright for 27 year old Jake Aldridge, who has come a long way from his humble beginnings in the world of music as he announces his new single; Give You The World will have a music video filmed abroad.

Starting out ten years ago with a £12 microphone and a pop shield made from a sock, Jake has had to learn from the roots of the industry as his introduction to his music career came about rather unexpectedly.

After losing his father when Jake was 11 years old, he turned to his diary as a way to cope with his grief. He found he could rhyme words which turned in to short raps that he eventually plucked up the courage to perform in front of his friends.

Jake Aldridge has now racked up 100,000 plays online and has worked with some top names in the industry to write and produce music that has an RnB-meets-Hip-Hop sound.

Jake has achieved national and international radio plays including his latest release, which was aired on Tom Robinson's BBC Introducing Mixtape. His music is now playing on four British television channels as he recently signed a publishing deal with Leopard Music.

Jake is now set for a video shoot in Spain, and despite the release being self-funded; he has defended his decision to shell out for the project.

"It's really not about money for me. I take my music life very seriously but I don't make decisions from a business perspective. I am doing this for the fans, for my core supporters. I put them first when making decisions. Some of these people have followed me since the days of Myspace, they've watched me grow as an artist and I know just how much they would love to see a new music video from outside of the UK."

Give You The World is set for release on Sunday 2nd of August and the music video will follow ONE week later, on the 9th of August.

For more information, please see the following links;
Twitter: @jakealdridgeuk
For more information, please contact Jake Aldridge -

MusicDish Review: Acoustic Juice - "Purple Sky"

Acoustic Juice releases their new single "Purple Sky" which is part of their twenty-seven song catalogue. All of their tracks are recorded in their own studio where they use instruments such as a bucket for percussion, guitar, vocals, and violin.

In their song "Purple Sky," Acoustic Juice proves to be true to their acoustic rock sound. The contrast between the guitars, drums, and voice is smoothly blended. "Purple Sky" projects well blended down to earth vibes producing a feel good type of sound. In the beginning of the song, one can listen to hints of what will happen in the middle of the song. This comes in the form of an arpeggiated hummed chord. The use of imagery is apparent in lyrics such as "I can taste the colors through the rain." This track is not only part of acoustic rock but it also contains a jazz influence through the use of scatting towards the middle of the song. Everything comes together with the catchy hook of "Woah, the birds won’t fly, until you paint my love a purple sky."

All in all, "Purple Sky" is a great feel good piece. It is so smoothly blended that it goes along well with a nicely blended cup of coffee.

Genre: Pop, Acoustic Rock
Artist: Acoustic Juice

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monster Energy Outbreak Tour - 2015 Electronic Edition - Presents GTA

The DJ Duo will embark on their first headlining national bus tour with support from 2015 XXL Freshman K-Camp & more

(August 11, 2015 - Los Angeles, CA) Monster Energy and Idol Roc Entertainment announce GTA to headline the fall electronic leg of the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour with support from XXL Freshman K-Camp as well as electronic dj/producers Sweater Beats & Wax Motif. The tour kicks off in Charlotte, NC on November 5th at Amos Southend and closes in Los Angeles on November 28th at The Palladium.

GTA is comprised of Miami natives, Julio Mejia and Matt Toth, who pride themselves on being genre-eradicating tastemakers within the industry. Formed after a happenstance introduction on Facebook, the duo's first production together began garnering the attention of EDM heavyweights such as Laidback Luke, Diplo, A-trak and countless others. Since their inception, GTA's development has been constant across all genres in electronic music and now sees them breaking into all spaces of dance, hip-hop and pop music. In 2013, GTA was asked to provide direct support for Rihanna on her 5-month Diamonds World Tour for the European, Australian, Asian and African portions, playing over 60 shows on 5 continents and captivating hundreds of thousands of fans. Seizing the momentum, they were selected to open on the UK Greater Than Tour with dance music titans Tiesto and Calvin Harris later that same year. The duo has also performed at some of the most iconic U.S. festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival, to name a few. Most recently, GTA released their EP DTG(Death To Genres) Vol. 1; and earlier this year dropped collabs with Flosstradamus, Lil Jon & Martin Solveig, respectively.

"We're beyond excited to embark on our first headlining bus tour. Bringing a rapper like K Camp together with electronic acts like our homies Sweater Beats & Wax motif is such a unique opportunity to give fans an amazing experience and really let people see and hear what 'Death To Genres' means to us! Another added benefit of doing a bus tour is we finally get to bring our own custom production and pair the visual aspect of the show with our music in the way we've always envisioned. This tour is really going to be something and we could be happier to with team that's been assembled to bring this life."-GTA

Tour producer Steve Glazer stated "We were fortunate enough to have GTA perform at our first ever house at SXSW and they were easily a fan favorite of the weekend. They embody the Outbreak Tour perfectly by aiming to create their own lane in the industry."

Twitter: @WeAreGTA
Instagram: @WeAreGTA

GTA presents: Goons Take America Tour w/ K Camp, Sweater Beats & Wax Motif


^ with Sweater Beats
# with Wax Motif
@ with Jai Wolf
% with Team EZY

About Outbreak Tour:
The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour has become a consistent tastemaker in music since 2011, discovering and showcasing emerging artists across the College, EDM, Hip-Hop and Rock genres. Eclectic artists such as Iggy Azalea, Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar, The Chainsmokers, 3LAU and Carnage have all been featured on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour platform and subsequently risen to stardom. Rapidly expanding to a multitude of music genres, Outbreak went on to add a Country tour and an event at SXSW this past year. Looking ahead the Outbreak Tour will continue its evolution of this concept by diversifying into various genres and sub-cultures beyond music to continue providing aspirational fans the opportunity to discover what's next. |

About Monster Energy:
Most companies spend their money on ad agencies, TV commercials, radio spots and billboards to tell you how good their products are. At Monster Energy, we chose none of the above. Instead we support the scene, our bands, our athletes and our fans. We back athletes so they can make a career out of their passion. We promote concert tours, so our favorite bands can visit your hometown. We celebrate with our fans and riders by throwing parties and making the coolest events we can think of a reality. ||

For more information on GTA or the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, please contact Casey Garner/Brice Ormesher at or

Thane Drops New International Dance-Pop Single

Toronto Electropop/EDM artist Thane just released progressive pop single "Over" in collaboration with Spanish producer Juan Madrid.

"Over" was released August 6 on all digital stores including iTunes and Beatport through global distributor Symphonic Distribution and the track is gaining momentum on SoundCloud with favourable reviews.

"Over" deals with the regrets and unanswered questions left behind following a breakup in a style defined as soulful electronic pop. Similar sounding tracks include "Happy" (Pharrell Wiliams), "Goodbye" (Glenn Morrison feat. Islove), and "Perfect Symetry" (Keane).

Official release party for "Over" takes place August 27, 2015 at Tota Lounge in Toronto, Canada.

Thane is an electronic dance music artist with support by Paul van Dyk, H&M, Dr. Kucho, Andi Durrant and Flash Brothers. Listen for his music on dance radio stations across the globe.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cashavelly Morrison Addresses Women’s Rights Issues with New Video for Debut Single 'Long-Haired Mare'

Americana folk singer and songwriter Cashavelly Morrison has released a video for her first single "Long-Haired Mare", released in June. The video, which is directed by Celia Rowlson-Hall of HBO's Girls, and features Mary Jane Ward, can be viewed here:

The soft colors, painting-like seaview, and the slow phase of the video complement the sorrowful atmosphere of the song. The female characters, one lying down in the sand and the other dressing up in a coat, draw from the tragic lyrics. According to Cashavelly Morrison, the lyrics tell a story of a woman who wants to save her daughter from abuse but is ultimately punished for it. The singer-songwriter explores family roles and women's and children’s rights in her songs. Together, the video and the song form an aesthetic and artistically profound combination addressing important social issues.

Cashavelly Morrison is currently working on her debut album The Kingdom Belongs to a Child, which will be out in September.

Crazy Town Release New Single "Born To Raise Hell" Featuring J. Angel & DJ AM

Crazy Town have released their new single "Born To Raise Hell" feat. J. Angel & DJ AM online at The track features one of the last recordings DJ AM who tragically passed away in 2009, and was a member of Crazy Town until 2001. Crazy Town are set to make their triumphant return with their new album "The Brimstone Sluggers" on August 28th, 2015 via Membran/The Orchard. "Born To Raise Hell" is currently available as an instant download for fans that pre-order "The Brimstone Sluggers" on iTunes and other digital platforms at

"The Brimstone Sluggers" was produced by Bret "Epic" Mazur, and is stylistically a follow up to Crazy Town's platinum debut, "The Gift of Game", which featured the #1 single 'Butterfly'. The album is set to feature guest appearances by Tom Dumont Of No Doubt, DJ AM, and Madchild.

Spearheaded by a team of Seth "Shifty Shellshock" Binzer and Bret "Epic" Mazur, Crazy Town combined hip-hop's lyrical attitude with the grooves of an alt-rock record. The combination yielded the group a number one hit in 2001, when "Butterfly" topped the Billboard 100 and helped push the band's debut effort, "The Gift of Game", to platinum status and main stage slot at Ozzfest. The group's sophomore effort "Dark Horse" was released in 2002 and produced the rock hit "Drowning". Most recently Crazy Town frontman Seth Brooks Binzer (aka Shifty Shellshock) has garnered widespread attention for his appearances on VH1's Celebrity Rehab and Sober House reality shows.

Liza Fox And DJ Jus Grata Release New Album "I Am Not I" Today

Today Billboard-charting singer Liza Fox and DJ Jus Grata release their new album "I Am Not I".

Each of the six songs in the album is a unique intertwined story that reveals a facet of the singer's multidimensional personality: A fighter in "I Am Not I", a clubber in "Coffee Face," an avenger in "Love Gun," a romantic in "Seize the Moment," a flirt in "Super Jazz," and a go-getter in "Unlimited".

The album and the title track have received rave reviews including:
"The true epic of Liza Fox" - MusicDish
"It will surely become a rage in the EDM circuits." - ACM Computers in Entertainment
"A marvelous pop/dance affair of the highest order." - DJ Robert Scott
"An original that immediately draws you in to its catchy vibe." - DJ Bob Felton
"Oh yes yes yes!! This really is one uplifting tune." - DJ Sinner

To top it off, candid interviews with singer Liza Fox have been scheduled to appear in:
1. Hollywood Weekly (Summer Issue, August 25)
2. College Underground Magazine (Fall Issue, October 1)
3. The bp Magazine for Bipolar (Fall Issue, October 4)

The album is available on iTunes and Amazon:
Mastered for iTunes (MFiT):

American singer-songwriter Liza Fox has one song on the U.S. Billboard chart and two songs on the U.K. Music Week chart. Producer and DJ Jus Grata has 11 songs in the Top 10 radio charts in Europe, including five songs at number one.
Twitter: @LizaFoxMusic
Instagram: lizafox_

Hollywood Weekly is a monthly digital and print lifestyle magazine that caters to affluent consumers in 60 countries worldwide. The "No Gossip, Strictly Entertainment" editorial focuses on the arts, fashion, film, and music.

College Underground Magazine is taking College Underground Radio’s popular platform geared towards unsigned independent artists to print and to the web.

bp Magazine strives to increase the awareness of bipolar disorder and to provide hope and empowerment to those in the bipolar community — people with bipolar disorder, along with their families, caregivers, and health-care professionals.