Wednesday, August 19, 2015

MusicDish Review: Acoustic Juice - "Purple Sky"

Acoustic Juice releases their new single "Purple Sky" which is part of their twenty-seven song catalogue. All of their tracks are recorded in their own studio where they use instruments such as a bucket for percussion, guitar, vocals, and violin.

In their song "Purple Sky," Acoustic Juice proves to be true to their acoustic rock sound. The contrast between the guitars, drums, and voice is smoothly blended. "Purple Sky" projects well blended down to earth vibes producing a feel good type of sound. In the beginning of the song, one can listen to hints of what will happen in the middle of the song. This comes in the form of an arpeggiated hummed chord. The use of imagery is apparent in lyrics such as "I can taste the colors through the rain." This track is not only part of acoustic rock but it also contains a jazz influence through the use of scatting towards the middle of the song. Everything comes together with the catchy hook of "Woah, the birds won’t fly, until you paint my love a purple sky."

All in all, "Purple Sky" is a great feel good piece. It is so smoothly blended that it goes along well with a nicely blended cup of coffee.

Genre: Pop, Acoustic Rock
Artist: Acoustic Juice

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