Friday, October 24, 2014

Phoenix Hip Hop Star Changes Name For New Release

A New Name, New Style and New Album By Phoenix MC Penny The Great

(PHOENIX, AZ) – What's in a name? Apparently, everything. The rap artist formerly known as MC Pennywise, of the famed AZ hip-hop collective WRITERS GUILD ( is preparing to release his 2nd album with a whole new name and outlook.

“The name 'Pennywise' was given to me during my time in the streets,'” Penny The Great says. “No disrespect to the band Pennywise, but I hadn't even heard of them. I was always very thrifty with a dollar coming up, and I never took what little I had for granted. Even with the name change, the Penny had to remain so I would never lose sight of that.”

Penny The Great's new album “You Can All Die Now” combines hard street beats with melodic vibes and airtight flow, showcasing Penny's diverse upbringing and influences, as Puerto-Rican MC born in the Bronx, NYC, and spending his adult life in the Southwest, through Texas and Arizona.

“I come from a land of greatness,” says Penny, referring to his birthplace, which is the home of so many standout rappers from KRS-One to Fat Joe and the late Big Pun. “This new album is gonna show everybody where I've come from and where I'm going.”

“You Can All Die Now” features production from Slopfunkdust (Beat Fanatic/RappersIKnow), Arza, Hexsagon and many more. Guest artists on the project include Writers Guild members RoQy TyRaiD, Mr. Miranda and Random, aka Mega Ran, and AZ standout Kaliq and several talented MCs and singers.

“You Can All Die Now” will release on October 31, 2014 on iTunes and all major retailers worldwide. The video for “Hotboxin'” will debut soon.

Contact Penny The Great:
Twitter @pennythegreat
instagram: @pennythagreat

Life Is So Much Better “Under The Sun”; New Music Video By Invisible Poet Kings

Ever feel lethargic? Maybe you’re feeling a little blue? You find you have no motivation as you mope around your house searching your empty refrigerator for food, going back to your couch, flipping through the channels on your TV wishing you had something better to do? It feels so cold and empty inside, and it’s not just the house. Well there’s a remedy for feeling low down, and that’s going outside and enjoying life under the sun!

In a world where we are surrounded by so much negativity, where it’s sometimes difficult to find a sense of happiness, the rock band, Invisible Poet Kings demonstrates their vision of positivity by getting outside in the sunshine and enjoying a little time with friends. This is the theme of their new, lighthearted song and music video “Under The Sun”. This cheery, rock tune offers a quirky yet simple philosophy of life… be with the people that make you happy and have a little fun under the sun. But listen closely and you’ll also find that underneath the veil of the song’s light heartedness lies an even deeper, important message of being free to believe, think and love what we want and how we want.

The Music video starts with the leader of the band listening to the radio on his iphone. The light radiates his face as he begins to find his comfort zone; only to be bothered by the fact that he is in his room and using his lamp for light! He decides then that to better appreciate his day, he’ll have to make a few calls and go outside. On his way outside, he hops into his 1971 Volkswagen Bug and begins picking up his band mates, instruments in tow, as they head toward an unforeseen destination. He even picks up his drummer, with drum kit and all!

On the way, the band makes a small detour through a sleepy neighborhood where they notice two girls rocking out solos to the song’s catchy guitar riffs. Then to the dismay of the band, a young boy joins the two girls and shreds the guitar for the final solo. They too cram their way into the little Bug and continue on to a peaceful and serenading beach. During their journey, several scenes to different parts of the world begin to appear and show the band playing from the highest mountain to the peaceful greenery of the forest.

What makes this song stand out is the unique interpretation of having fun wherever you are no matter what is happening to you. The catchy, melodic rhythm of the song perfectly complements the silly antics the band gets into in their music video. A delightfully upbeat song, the video only adds to it’s rock filled charm and depth to the important, yet simple message behind the band’s little slice of life they call “Under the Sun”.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Unusual Music Journey In Today Messy Busy Music World

October 31 marks third anniversary of releasing Silentaria's first studio album; "The Beginning of the End".

With 2 successful released music albums and two singles, former online entrepreneur; Rixa White is a living example to prove that there are different ways to success in music world while entrepreneurship skills are vital to get discovered in crazy busy messy world of music.

As an electronic musician, he compares instrumental music to reading a book before watching it as a movie title. He is not trying to ignore the important role of lyrics in music, but he believes instrumental music releases listener's mind to fly free. Once a novelist wrote him a note after writing non-stop and finishing one chapter of his book listening to his second album; "What's Real?". Listen online at:

His music also is very attached to his poetry and his interest in literature. One of his music pieces titled as "Sabine", after one of the main characters in Romain Rolland's Nobel Prize winner novel, Jean Christophe.

It was not an easy journey and he's had his share of criticism and even being marked as the black sheep between New Age musicians. They told him that his music offer nothing close to tranquility of New Age music and create chaos in beliefs and leads to melancholy instead. Hearing these statements, he quoted from Nietzsche: "You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star". "I am not going to force my audience to relaxation and serenity, when everything is falling apart around them, I encourage them not to fear and experience the life as it is." he added.

His white outfit combined with an emotionless white mask visualizes his quote: "One Mask To Hide Them All" and probably some truth is revealed here, as Oscar Wilde noted: "Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth."

His fans wrote long reviews on his music, even talked about their feeling while listening to each track. No doubt, it is a sign of his successful relationship with fans. As Mike DeGagne, music critics mentioned on reviewing "The Beginning of the End" album: "Who cares about the comparisons, or what other artists their music reminds you of, Rixa White aka Silentaria's "The Beginning of the End" makes for a great escape into the wonders of electronic music, and he gets full marks for making each track distinctive, individualistic, and eccentric."

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

James Hand Releases New Country-Gospel Album Stormclouds In Heaven

Veteran singer/songwriter James "Slim" Hand's newest and sixth album, Stormclouds In Heaven, is now available for your listening pleasure.

Arguably the most authentic voice in country music today, James Hand is back with an inspirational, patriotic, and heartfelt collection of original tunes blending that great southern gospel sound with some country bluegrass for an album that fits in as well at the honky tonk as it does in a Sunday morning service.

Joined by Cindy Cashdollar on steel guitar, Speedy Sparks on electric bass, Kevin Smith on stand-up bass, Jason Roberts on fiddle, and Floyd Domino and Earl Poole Ball on piano, Hand and the band are already getting picked up by country gospel music blogs across the web. Joshua Wallace of Psycho Ramblin' Country says, "I highly recommend this album if you're looking for a great country gospel record. They are rare these days and I cannot tell you the last time I heard this many original gospel tunes in one place."

James Hand began his journey through music at the age of 12 playing local roadhouses with his first band. Four decades and an abundance of experiences later, James has been noticed by the likes of Willie Nelson, Ray Benson, and Ray Price. Since 2006, Mr. Hand has appeared on the radio, performed at the Grand Ole Opry, was featured on NPR's Fresh Air, has toured the globe, and has performed at a pile of Willie's picnics.

Stormclouds In Heaven is honest, old-fashioned, simple, and packed deep with emotion. If you've been searching for that classic country sound in the spirit of Hank Williams, Lefty Frizell, or Ernest Tubb, James hand's new album is ready for your collection.

In the words of Stephen W. Terrell, "few singers around today capture the struggle between faith and hopelessness, fear and salvation as well as James Hand. In the post-Johnny Cash era, it's hard to find country gospel this powerful".

More news and information available at Additional information about the release of this album and the single is available at

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Suburban Mom Indie Musicians Plot To Walk The Red Carpet At GRAMMY® And HMMA Music Awards

Do you have to be 19 and able to twerk in a bikini to receive recognition as a female musician these days?

Solveig Whittle and Elizabeth Butler are proof that you don’t.

These two indie female songwriter-musicians from Seattle, Washington and Houston, Texas, were notified recently that they both have songs and albums up For Consideration in the 57th Grammys and nominated for the 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMAs). The Grammys will be awarded in February of next year, but the HMMAs will be awarded sooner, on November 4th, 2014 at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

The two women have been strategizing for months and working together to promote their music in an industry in which it is notoriously hard to stand out – and one that also tends to favor younger artists. They remain undaunted, however, and now their musical and co-promotional partnership has created some very visible results, such as their Grammy and HMMA nominations.

Like many indie musicians, Whittle and Butler have been hobbyist musicians their whole lives. Only within the last few years, however, have they gotten serious about putting resources and time into pushing their individual music careers forward. By sharing information with each other and honing both their musical and promotional skills, they have proved that collaboration is the new route to success in the music business.

Both Whittle and Butler released new albums this fall. Whittle’s is entitled Fire and Other Playthings, and Butler’s is Love, & Loss & Stuff Like That. Both artists are on the first round 57thGrammy ballots in Best American Roots Song and Best Americana Album categories. The two albums share a theme of empowerment, something both women have experienced as individuals in recent years and want to pass on to others through their music.

“I submitted my song, A1A (Settin’ Myself Free) for the HMMAs in December of 2013, and was thrilled when I heard it had been nominated for Best Americana Song, “ said Butler. “It’s an anthem for anyone going through a change, and I think it’s struck a chord with a lot of people. Fans really seem to resonate with the subject matter. It’s a little bit Thelma and Louise.”

“Elizabeth and I have been collaborating for over two years now. I was a little hesitant, but Elizabeth encouraged me to submit my work to both the Grammys and the HMMAs,” said Whittle, “The HMMA nomination is my first music award nomination ever, and I plan to make the most of the experience. Would I like to win? Sure, but just being nominated and attending the HMMAs and Grammys with Elizabeth is going to be a great experience.”

Both Whittle and Butler are typical indie musicians: they also have day jobs. Creating and promoting their music is something that keeps them busy late into the night and on weekends. Butler is a registered nurse at a Houston-area hospital, and Whittle is a social media instructor at the University of Washington.

The two women met two years ago through Twitter and Soundcloud. Friendship and professional musical collaboration quickly blossomed via email, text, social media, and the cloud. Whittle was soon providing backup vocals for Butler, and then Butler flew to Seattle to attend Whittle’s 2013 CD release party for a prior album. Whittle subsequently traveled southeast in January 2014 to participate in the filming of Butler’s music video for A1A (Settin’ Myself Free). During that visit, the two began co-writing the lyrics to Light The Fire, which they finished through long-distance collaboration online over the summer. Light The Fire was released on both of their CDs (on Butler’s as a bonus track), and is one of the songs up for consideration for a Grammy.

“When we met, we realized we shared so many life experiences and values – even though we come from different parts of the country and backgrounds. We have a pack of children between us who are adults now. The bottom line is: we’ve been daughters, we’ve been moms, we’ ve been wives. We’ve launched a thousand ships, so to speak. Now it’s our turn. Our musical and personal friendship has given us the support - and that extra push - to pursue our own creative ambitions at this stage in our lives,” said Whittle.

Like Butler’s song A1A (Settin’ Myself Free), Whittle says the lyrics to her song Light The Fire speak to the lightning strike of revelation and transformation that many people feel as they get older, and realize that the clock is ticking but there are still creative things they want to do in their lives. Coming from a background in high tech marketing and business, it took Whittle many years to realize that what she really loved most was writing and singing songs, as she had in college. After that epiphany, she decided to get serious about her music because it meant much more to her than a hobby.

“For every person out there who dreams of releasing their CD, writing their novel, creating that art piece, or making that indie film - just remember that it gets easier after the kids are grown,” said Butler. “Don’t give up on your dreams – we all have so much life experience to share. You can absolutely do it!”

Watch Elizabeth Butler’s music video A1A (Settin’ Myself Free) on YouTube at
Her latest album, Love, Loss and Stuff Like That, is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all major music outlets. Website For booking, licensing, or press, contact Elizabeth Butler at

Watch Solveig & Stevie’s music video Light The Fire on YouTube at
Her latest album, Fire and Other Playthings, is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all major music outlets. Website For booking, licensing, or press, contact Solveig Whittle at 206-619-0646 or

Monday, October 20, 2014

UKULELE JAZZ Virtuoso Abe Lagrimas, Jr. Releases "Rhythm & Uke"

International ukulele jazz and drums virtuoso, Abe Lagrimas, Jr., has given fans of jazz, the ukulele, and the world music community one big reason to celebrate; the release of "Rhythm & Uke" (Pass Out Records). Abe's musical offering showcases his two main tools of the trade, featuring melodic and inspiring solo ukulele pieces alongside light jazz arrangements of ukulele, acoustic bass and drums.

"Rhythm & Uke" is available now on, CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

The release of "Rhythm & Uke" arrives a month ahead of Abe's headlining performances at several major Asian ukulele festivals in Thailand and the Philippines. With eight (8) original compositions and two (2) tasty reinterpretations; jazz standard "I'll Remember April" and the Japanese hit song "Namida No Kiss," "Rhythm & Uke" further solidifies Abe as one of the shining stars and unique voices performing the ukulele. His innovative approach to jazz improvisation on the ukulele is natural, with a personal style that appeals to purists and new fans alike. Abe is an accessible artist, composer, and educator who continues to foster innovation and creativity for the ukulele and its rise to global popularity.

To keep things in perspective, the Hawaii-raised Abe is first and foremost a drummer, playing since the age of four. He picked up the ukulele for the first time while attending college at Boston's Berklee College of Music as a Music Education major. His previous full-length ukulele releases were awarded with a Hawaii Music Award and Na Hoku Hanohano Award ("Hawaiian equivalent of a GRAMMY"). As a drummer, he was named a semi-finalist in the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute 2012 drum competition, a breeding ground for the next generation of jazz artists.

Abe's drum endorsements include: Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Canopus Drums, and Beato Bags. He proudly endorses the following ukulele products: Ko'olau Ukuleles, Fusion Bags, and Kaminari cables.

Currently based in Los Angeles, California, another one of Abe's unique skill set is that of a "juggler;" one who can manage his performing duties as an ukulele recording artist, sideman on drums, vibraphone, ukulele, composer/educator/author and musical director.

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International Jazz Trumpeter, Rex Richardson, Releases Two New Albums Today

International trumpeter and Yamaha Performing Artist, Rex Richardson, has given instrumental jazz, blues and classical fans two reasons to celebrate this week; the release of two new albums. The big band, BUGLES OVER ZAGREB (Rex Richardson Productions) and the progressive Jazz BLUE SHIFT (Summit Records) with saxophone great, Steve Wilson.

BUGLES OVER ZAGREB is available now on and CD Baby and will soon be available on Amazon and iTunes.

BLUE SHIFT is available on Amazon and

Richardson will appear on “Virginia This Morning” October 21st and celebrate with a dual album release event at The Broadberry in Richmond October 22nd.

Both instrumental albums highlight Richardson’s personal style, which combines a singular virtuosity with an endlessly inventive approach to improvisation. These releases solidify his status as a world-class trumpet player. Embodying both jazz cool and masterful range, he is an accessible artist and educator who will foster the genre for many years to come.

BUGLES OVER ZAGREB is inspired by a spectrum of musical characteristics from across the globe and recorded live at Croatian Radiotelevision studio Bajsić, the album is composed and conducted by Grammy-nominated Doug Richards; one of the most innovative composers of symphonic jazz today. The first half of the album presents the “INTERCONTINENTAL CONCERTO FOR TRUMPET AND JAZZ ORCHESTRA” and the second half is entitled “DUKAL BUGLES,” written as a tribute to Duke Ellington's best-known trumpet stars, consists of five sections (tracks) unfolding into one continuous movement. The result is an epic, globe trekking treasure highlighting two American jazz masters at work.

BLUE SHIFT is what happens when two world-class jazz musicians, Rex Richardson (trumpet) and Steve Wilson (saxophone), put together a modern jazz quintet with broad influences – ranging from the post-bop shades of Woody Shaw to the country-western inflections of Bill Frisell. BLUE SHIFT’s compositions epitomize the eclecticism of modern jazz, a contemporary shift where bebop and jazz-rock meet. Included in the lineup are Trey Pollard (guitar), Randall Pharr (bass) and Brian Jones (drums).

The International Trumpet Guild says, “Rex Richardson is among the very best trumpet soloists in the world today!” Style Weekly called him, “One of the world’s most engaging and astonishingly versatile trumpeters.” Richardson has performed in critically acclaimed ensembles and orchestras on five continents and shared the stage with countless legendary artists. He has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University since 2002 and served as artist-in-residence or visiting professor at colleges from New York to London. He was awarded the 2011 Theresa Pollack Prize for Excellence in the Arts and named the 2008 Brass Herald Personality of the Year. Yamaha has endorsed him since 1995.

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Young Gifted Releases New Single Called Murda 1

Young Gifted
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Download the new single “Murda 1” on itunes or Reverbnation ( dropping October 14th .

Young Gifted represent the golden age of hip hop. When hip hop was created, it was all about the culture and its movement. Now it’s about the all mighty dollar. Over the years, music has changed dramatically. We feel that artist moved away from developing their talent and lyrical skills. That's why we stayed true to the culture. We are gifted not only in music but in our ways and actions. Some may not understand our view point, but we do this for the culture. The new single Murda 1 is the beginning of the end. It's our way of kicking in the door and off the hinges. Support Young Gifted by downloading the new single Murda 1 on itunes and on our webpages: